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What Is Crypto Gaming?

The gaming industry is constantly evolving, so it sometimes takes work to keep up with new concepts. In the case of crypto gaming, the idea is simple: these are games where you can bet using crypto and earn assets by playing games, like a bitcoin casino, with a little extra. It sounds pretty straightforward until you try to differentiate blockchain from crypto gaming. The two terms have been floating around in the last few years, and many people need clarification about the difference between them. Both notions are related to games and gaming, but their main focus is different, so let’s find out what the difference between them is, which games use them, and which benefits they both offer.

Blockchain vs. Crypto Gaming

Blockchain gaming is a decentralized system that operates without the need for an administrator. The goal is to create games that are not subject to censorship and can provide more in-depth gameplay. Cryptocurrency gaming, on the other hand, focuses on monetization by allowing players to win money in crypto or NFT form and trade in crypto. For blockchain gamers, the most crucial thing is ownership of their gameplay data. Having the freedom to take their hard-earned assets to other networks is paramount. The opportunity to trade or sell weapons, XP (Experience Points) and skins in different marketplaces ensures the possibility of getting the most out of the time and money you spend in a game.

Can You Win Money Playing These Games?

Play to Earn (P2E) game developers fund their projects by offering initial token sales so that players can buy game tokens cheaply and, once the game is launched, trade them or sell them for a higher value. Plus, these games offer players the opportunity to win real money in crypto and NFT assets by defeating enemies or trading virtual land, hence interacting and collaborating with the progress of the game’s plot. Another way to get more rewards with P2E games is by looking for tournaments or low-key battles that offer prizes beyond the tokens earned by playing. Most games will allow you to enter more lucrative events after you reach higher levels. Now that we have gone through the most profitable ways to earn money through gaming, let’s briefly go through the best Play to Earn games available right now:

Axie Infinity: Launched in 2018, this is the most popular NFT game at the moment. You can trade, breed, and battle with Ethereum-minted NFTs called “Axies” and take advantage of tons of customization options.

Decentraland: This is a virtual reality game where you can build a 3D world based on the Ethereum Blockchain. Players can use MANA, the game’s native asset, to buy and sell items and join fun activities.

The Sandbox: This is a user-generated metaverse with a similar blockchain-based concept to Decentraland. The particularity of this 3D virtual universe is that the items and the landscape are designed in blocks.  The players use the utility token SAND to build houses, trade, and travel on quests.

What Is the Best Gaming Crypto Coin to Buy?

During 2021 the number of blockchain games doubled, and that growth went hand in hand with their native crypto coins. There are several aspects to consider when ranking the best crypto coins. Some gamers look at them in terms of in-game functionality others consider trading characteristics as market capitalization. Below, we share with you a list of the overall best game crypto coins to invest in the current market:

RobotEra (TARO): As well as being the top metaverse crypto to invest in, RobotEra’s roadmap offers P2E (play-to-earn) and PVP (player vs. player) gaming. TARO is the overall best Gaming Crypto Coin to buy.

Tamadoge (TAMA): The Tamadoge is a meme coin with utility that allows you to create, breed, care for, and battle your Tamadoge pets. It might just be the top new meme token to invest in right now.

Battle Infinity (IBAT): As part of an ecosystem, Battle Infinity hosts multiple P2E battle games integrated with the Metaverse world called ‘The Battle Arena.’ IBAT is one of the most popular gaming crypto coins in the market.

Lucky Block (LBLOCK): Lucky Block is the market-leading NFT competitions and prizes platform. By holding non-fungible tokens and entering competitions, players can earn LBLOCK tokens as rewards.



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