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What is Financial Literacy and Why is it Important?

Table of contents:

Why is financial literacy important for college students?

The foundation of financial literacy

Financial education for college students in 2021

The bottom line

Why is financial literacy important for college students?

Financial literacy is being introduced as a new subject in colleges and schools. Every day we hear about the importance of studying this subject, but what is the need for it and the reason for such attention to how the younger generation treats money?

Firstly, it is the parents who are the example of behavior for their children and the way they handle money is most often adopted by their children.

However, not all adults know how to properly manage their spendings. Competent economy, savings, investments and at the same time a comfortable standard of living – it seems difficult to provide. Indeed, everything here depends on income, but a person, regardless of the level of income, can set financial goals, save or invest. Financial literacy is necessary so that everyone can learn to handle money regardless of income.

Even Forbes in its articles states that it is now more essential than ever before.

It is always important to use reliable sources in the learning process. For example, when writing paperwork – with such tools that do not even make you doubt that essay services are legal. When learning the basics of financial management, it is also important to find the right source of knowledge.

Let’s go over the main topics that a college student needs to study in order to learn how to properly manage their budget.

The foundation of financial literacy

Here are the most basic topics that are important to learn in order to properly manage your finances. The study of these topics will help students learn and already in practice begin to apply their knowledge.

Using credit cards

For many, opening a credit card is almost a routine matter. It is important to limit the number of credit cards you have and be smart about the amount you borrow. This will help you pay off your debt on time and avoid interest charges and fines.


Learn the basics of opening an account both electronically and non-publicly. Learn to use savings accounts. Also, learn how to use credit and debit cards and how to manage funds in these accounts.


Tax legislation is one of the most important pieces of legislation that needs to be studied. You need to understand what income is taxed and in what percentage.


Investments are a very popular and hype topic lately. Investments have become much more affordable, but that doesn’t make them easy. To receive income from investments, you need to understand how the market works and the companies or conventional currencies in which you invest.


Learning to set the right financial goals and save your budget is essential. Calculate the correct percentage of income for savings, understand what you can save on, and where to get cashback. Also, it is important to master exactly how you will store your savings.


Cost planning and prioritization are what many of us need to learn. Indeed, it is worth understanding and planning costs based on your budget.

All of these topics are the basis for learning. They are the ones that students need for the right start of their most active financial life. It is impossible not to underestimate the need to study these topics because these are the fundamental foundations of financial literacy.

Once you master the fundamentals of finance, you can move on to studying topics such as investing in stocks, bonds, bitcoin, etc. If you already want to know more about this, then more information here.

Financial education for college students in 2021

Financial literacy education is now more accessible than ever.

There are many apps and programs available to help you learn the art of managing your funds wisely. Using modern technologies in teaching, you can customize individual programs. Based on needs and knowledge gaps, they pump your weaknesses. This is especially important for students because these are modern approaches to education that captivate and interest.

All the knowledge gained in the course of studying can be immediately put into practice. This is where financial literacy differs from many theoretical subjects in college.

The process of gaining knowledge is also fascinating because it uses gamification. It is the process of learning a new skill through play. There are many teaching possibilities that can be realized through the gamification process. For example, setting a financial goal and exploring options and tactics to achieve it.

Setting a realistic financial goal based on income and necessary expenses.

The bottom line

Financial literacy is one of the most important subjects for college students to learn. This is the basis for competent budget management and knowledge that will be useful to you more than once in your life. This is a skill you will have to use every day.

Students who have received the wrong patterns of dealing with finances from their parents can acquire new knowledge and improve their standard of living in a fundamental way. That is why financial literacy for students is fundamental knowledge.

Jeff Campbell