What is HiPP Dutch Formula?

HiPP Dutch is one of the number one selling organic European baby formulas. HiPP Dutch is manufactured in Germany, by the HiPP family company.

The company HiPP was founded by Joseph Hipp in the 1800’s, when his wife Maria was having trouble breastfeeding their twins. They started making formula in 1970, when Joseph Hipp’s son George had his own business.

In this article, we are going to go over all the reasons HiPP Dutch is considered one of the cleanest formulas available from Europe. Also why European formula, especially organic European formulas, are better than American formulas.

Why Are European Formulas Better?


Formulas made in Europe have stricter guidelines for their formulas, where in the U.S. we have more lenient regulation on what can be added to our formulas. This doesn’t just pertain to HiPP formulas, but other well know formulas like Holle and Kendamil.

In order to be certified by the EU they have to contain no GMOs, no added hormones or steroids, and only used antibiotics to keep animals healthy.

Plus, they must have a minimum of 95% of organic ingredients, cows and goats are fed a 100% organic diet. Lastly, no synthetic additives or preservatives can be added to the formula. Every can of formula goes through multiple quality checks for every step of the process.

Every year the standards for baby formula are reviewed with the latest advancements in technology and medicine and every four years the regulations are updated with the latest information available.

This ensures babies are given the absolute best based on the most advanced research, and all baby food companies must comply.

With American formula, the FDA allows formula manufacturing companies to use chemical processes, fillers, and unnatural preservatives as main ingredients. Not all American organic formula has to be certified by the USDA. The only formulas that are organically certified are the ones labelled certified by the USDA.

Lastly, European formula comes in stages to meet the nutritional needs of the baby at each stage of development.

American formula is designed as a one size fits all for all stages of development. As a parent, you can clearly see how different your newborn is from your 6 month old, as well as your 6 month old from your one-year-old. In the EU, they recognize these different growths and understand the nutrition needed in each of these developmental levels varies as well.

You’ll notice European formula has stage one for those first six months, stage two for the 6 month to 10/12 month mark, and then stage three for the toddler age. As such, this helps your baby take in the most accurate amount of nutrients for their level, not too much or too little, like American formula often does.

What Makes HiPP Dutch a Clean Organic Formula?

  • Uses lactose (milk) from cows that are grass feed in fields that are free from pesticides and other chemicals.
  • They believe in “The best of nature. The best for nature” mindset. Only the cleanest ingredients go into their formulas
  • Made only with organic ingredients like whey, skimmed milk, and vegetable oils
  • No additives like GMO’s, corn syrup, wheat, soy, nuts, hormones, antibiotics, and gluten
  • All ingredients are natural and not artificial


HiPP Dutch formula is one of the cleanest organic formulas on the market. They use ingredients that are found in nature and also naturally found in breast milk.

The fact the HiPP Dutch is so close to breast milk makes it a great alternative for when you are unable to breastfeed. The clean ingredients also make this formula better for your baby than a formula that you would find on a shelf in America.

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