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What Makes Raising a Boy or Girl So Special to You?    

Becoming a parent and raising children is one of the most demanding and fulfilling jobs simultaneously. So if you are a new parent browsing through one parenting blog after another, know that you are not alone.

Why is your baby crying? Why is your baby not pooping? Or why does your baby keep pooping? What to feed them? What not to feed them? Parenting is a continuous learning process; you learn from your kids as much as you teach them. And this makes raising a boy or girl so special.

Having a Bundle of Joy Around

Looking after kids could drain your energy. But seeing your kid smile their big toothless smile just because you made a funny face or sang in an animated voice, that feeling is priceless. Your baby adores you. Having their laughter fill up the whole house makes for special memories every day.

Setting Your Priorities Straight

As parents, you start getting things done. With a baby around, one needs to begin meticulously planning their day. It is not about completely giving up your time in life, but more about making the most of the hours in a day for the things that matter to you.

A baby surely does help shift your focus from societal obligations to working towards goals that work best for yourself, making your family the happiest.

Understanding that Parenting is a Learning Process

Well, everyone does like to think of parents as superior beings that have it all figured out. But as you go through one article after another on a parenting blog, you realize all parents are trying the best they can.  

Raising children is not a cookie-cutter job. Every child is unique in their sense. So what advice may work for one parent may not always work for you. But this is the time you take a deep breath, step back and listen to your child. What do they want? How can you work together?

Do not pressurize yourselves; you do not have to be super parents all the time. You keep learning as your child grows. Cut yourself some slack and plan some date nights in your efficiency calendar.

Spending Quality Time with Your Children

Helen Pearson, the author of the book ‘The Life Project,’ states raising children is not rocket science but a culmination of simple parent behaviors. 

When spending time with your baby, you could indulge in simple activities like reading to them, talking to them, teaching them numbers and alphabets, taking them on excursions, or being emotionally available to them. 

The whole experience you share with your child is memorable because they learn the most, and they connect with you the most in the quiet moments when you listen and talk to them.

Building a Family

Raising a boy or a girl is special because you are not just raising them but building a family together. The sense of belonging that a family gives you is unparalleled. You surely are an individual, but you are also a part of a team. 

You look out for each other, lend a helping hand or seek a shoulder when you feel you are up against a wall. You are there for each other. Families can sometimes get on your nerves, but at the end of the day, all you want to see is their happy, smiling faces. 

And that is why it is not just about raising the baby but growing as a family together.  

The role of being a parent is one of the most challenging responsibilities you can take on. Today, there are tools such as a parenting blog, forums, and community groups available to answer any queries you might have. Remember, parenting is a continuous learning process. Enjoy the simple and wholesome moments with your kids, discover and grow together.

Jeff Campbell