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What Technologies Should You Expect Your Movers to Use?

With technology developing at a faster pace, the packing and moving industry have taken great effects from the transition. More and more movers are now using advanced technologies to make their services more customer-friendly and useful. The latest technological advancements are helping moving companies engage their level of services and the satisfaction they offer to the customers.

If you are planning to move to a different state, you must look forward to collaborating with a mover that harnesses the useful tech developments affecting the industry on the whole.

So, what are these technological aspects that your moving company must be using? Well, by the end of this blog post, you will have a clear understanding of what technological changes you can expect from your moving company when engaging in interstate moving services.

Smart packing

If you are a business, this is of great importance to you.

However, residential moving service clients can also benefit from the feature equally. Advanced moving companies now use smart packing technology that makes safe and damage-free transportation easier.

For long-distance relocation, movers pack valuable items are packed with packing material that has built-in concealed RFID (radio-frequency identification) codes.

This type of packing makes it easier to keep a track of the inventory during transportation and enjoy peace of mind. The technology not only helps in preventing thefts during transportation but also informs about the current location of the package during the moving process.

GPS for easy tracking

When you engage with a moving company, you trust them for safekeeping your belongings and damage-free delivery. GPS (Global Positioning System) is an incredible technology that is widely accepted by the moving industry players and is proving its worth in accentuating the quality of services.

GPS technology allows moving service clients to track their orders with ease and know the location of their shipment. This helps them have a clear idea of the delivery date and plan future actions accordingly. GP technology is particularly helpful for long-distance moving.

With more dependability on GPS technology, the movers can create a transparent environment to operate where the clients have full trust in their movers.

Online availability

As most businesses are done digitally nowadays, movers need to have a prominent online presence.

The first thing that the movers must have is a website that makes their permanent online address. Moving service clients can reach out to the website to get information about the company and also enquire about things from time to time.

Also, the company must offer online services such as virtual moving quotes. With the world under the pandemic spell, it is crucial to offer no-contact services and virtual moving quotes make moving service transactions safer.

With online web portals, moving service clients can choose the services they want as well as learn about various options available without having to visit the movers physically.

Moving apps

The level of services offered by a moving company can be assessed with their ability to offer value to the customers.

If you are partnering with a moving company, you must check the ease of accessibility that the company offers. With moving apps, a moving company can ensure that they are well within the reach of their customers. The clients can reach them without any hassle through the app and get their queries resolved.

Moreover, with mobile apps available, the operations can be maintained in an organized manner which saves efforts and resources at both ends.

Digital Payments

Payments are a crucial part of the entire process and movers expect you to pay them in time just like you want timely services and delivery.

To make transactions smooth, the movers must accept digital payments. With internet banking, it is easier to pay without any physical contact with the movers which further makes your transaction safe and easier.

However, along with digital payments, the moving company you choose must accept all other types of payment options such as credit cards, debit cards, cheques, and cash.


You may need assistance with your moving process now and then. Especially when you are moving for the first time, you must have handy support from the movers.

The use of Chatbots makes it easier to reach out to your movers at any time. The chatbots make the movers available for contact 365 days, 24/7.  The chatbots do not give you an alien feel as they have a human touch to them so you feel like getting the best answers to your queries.

Credible Moving services are important when moving interstate.

You need to prepare yourself for the move and your moving company is the one to help you in the best way possible. Technology should be a core aspect when choosing a credible interstate mover.  If you choose a moving company that is technologically advance, you will be able to enjoy a hassle-free and smooth relocation experience.

Jeff Campbell