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What to Avoid When Purchasing a Dry Herb Vaporizer

Before we delve into this, to get a bigger picture of what we’re dealing with, let’s start off with the fact that the legal cannabis industry is projected to be worth more than $70 billion by 2028. With over 147 million worldwide cannabis users, the industry and its methods of consumption are evolving daily. If you’re anything like me, the first question on your mind probably is what on earth are dry herb vaporizers?

Due to its legalization, stigmas surrounding the use of marijuana have slowly dissipated, and more and more consumers have become open to new methods of consumption. Dry herb vaporizers are extremely popular among those who want to enjoy the benefits of smoking cannabis but without the smoke. They are specifically designed for herbs only.

There are however silly traps that you can fall into when purchasing one, and in this article, we will highlight a few mistakes that you can avoid.


A dry herb vaporizer needs to be well-suited to your needs and lifestyle.

Choosing a vaporizer can be tricky, and there are two varieties to choose from. A desktop vaporizer is ideal for home or laid-back use, while a portable vaporizer is more well-suited for those on the go, especially because of its discretion.

Because of their smaller size, they are portable, can be used at any time, and shouldn’t involve complicated assembly. To get an idea of the different types, you can find dry herb vaporizers here from the large range available at DankStop. In addition to this, vaporizers in general produce much less smoke without a distinct smell but maximize flavor when used at the correct temperature. We will discuss this in a little more detail below.

Battery life

Most portable devices require batteries to operate, and you’d want to look for a vaporizer with lithium-ion batteries since these are rechargeable. Most trendy vaporizers come with USB cables for ease of charging.

A fully charged vaporizer run on a powerful battery should last through the day unless you vape more than Snoop Dogg of course. The last thing you need is to set your vaporizer up, prepare for a smoke, inhale on the mouthpiece, and bam – nothing happens except perhaps a mouthful of herb. Be sure to invest in high-quality batteries that won’t leave you inhaling just air.

Skimping on quality

This is a cardinal sin that no seasoned veteran or newbie wants to make, yet is so easy to do given the large array of features. What you should look for in a quality vaporizer firstly is portability.

Decide whether you’d want something for home use, or if you’re looking for a vaporizer that can discreetly move around with you. When looking at quality, the rule of thumb is to read reviews, since many over promise and under deliver. Make sure you buy only licensed, safety compliant, approved products because you definitely don’t want this blowing up in your face.

Your vaporizer should be durable and designed for longevity. The design of your vaporizer is based on preference, but again, it helps to read reviews and look for one best suited to your needs.


This is where it does get a bit tricky. Temperature control is extremely important, and while some vaporizers have customizable settings, others are standard.

The secret lies in knowing how to use temperature control, as this will affect the overall quality of your smoke. The terpenes in cannabis are the chemicals that contribute to each distinct aroma and flavor, and each terpene has a different heating point. Burning your herbs will no doubt be a travesty!

On the flip side, having too little heat will reduce the quality of your dry herb, and result in a bland smoke. A general but safe recommendation is to keep your setting at 420°F.

While the numbers of cannabis consumers are increasing daily, opportunities for lower-quality vaporizers that can be unsafe and highly unsatisfying are everywhere.

It pays to do a little research before diving in, with focus placed on things such as quality and battery life before you end up with a grudge purchase. One thing is certain though. The intense flavor and aroma combined with discretion and smoke reduction make dry herb vaporizers the perfect way to transition from smoking to vaping.




Jeff Campbell