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What To Know Before Renting a PODS Moving Container

Are you considering hiring a PODS container for your next move? If this is the case, you will undoubtedly save money as compared to hiring a professional moving company. Indeed, renting a portable moving container for moving pods for an interstate relocation would cost you less than a fourth of the price of hiring a full-service moving company, while simultaneously offering safe storage space for your belongings. This article will offer an overview of how the pods operate, how much they cost, and the many container sizes available. But first, the fundamentals. 

What Exactly Are PODS?

“PODS” stands for “Portable On Demand Storage,” and the PODS corporation has been a well-known brand for moving and storage containers in the United States since the 1990s. The storage pods themselves are seven, twelve, or sixteen-foot steel box crates with a roll-up, locked, ground-level entrance and weather- and impact-resistant cladding. Once you’ve packed your PODS rental, the firm will physically move it for you. They provide both local and long-distance moving services. Whether you’re a corporation or an individual, they’ll pack and relocate your belongings. 

How to Rent a PODS Container

As previously said, the rental procedure is simple and straightforward. The following are the procedures to take to get the most out of a PODS container.

Decide when and for how long to employ PODS services: You must first determine what to do with all of your possessions. Do you wish to keep them in the neighborhood where you previously resided? Or do you want to transport the whole contents of the container to your new home city?

If you choose the storage option, you will be presented with a new choice. You must decide whether to store the PODS container in your own space or at the dedicated PODS storage facility, which is next to several other storage containers.

The next choice is the rental duration. You may hire a PODS container on a short- or long-term basis, depending on your relocation plans.

The delivery address, the date, and the item’s size are as follows: 

The next step is to notify PODS of the location to which you want to have the container delivered. If we’re talking about relocation or storage, you must inform them of the location. Simultaneously, you must determine the date by which the container is required and the appropriate size.

After the container is delivered to the place and date indicated by you, PODS will leave it in your care. It is your responsibility to load your goods. You must organize them as ergonomically as possible to maximize the use of the container’s interior storage capacity.

It is totally up to you how you do it, how you move heavier furniture, and how long it takes. Container pickup and delivery to final address: If you opt to transfer the container to a new residence or PODS storage facility, they will come to pick it up on an agreed-upon date.

PODS is responsible for the container’s safe delivery to the final destination specified by you. 

Rental Fees for PODS Containers

The cost of a PODS container is determined by the size you choose and the purpose for which it is used, such as moving or storage.

The cost is determined by the size of the container, the rental time, and the distance traveled. You should expect to spend less if you rent for a few weeks in the same city or state. Prices start around $800 for long-distance moves across the nation. The longer the rental duration, the more your ultimate fee will increase. Despite this, you’ll spend far less than you would if you hired a professional moving company.

How Much Does It Cost To Rent A PODS Container?

How much do PODS cost, then? The cost of relocating using a PODS moving container is determined by the size of the container hired, the rental period, and the distance traveled. According to the firm, PODS fees vary depending on the location of your move. Long-distance transfers begin at $800 and increase in price depending on the number of miles traveled and the number of months of storage required. A local relocation, according to PODS, is often less expensive. In any case, you’re saving money by using PODS instead of a full-service moving firm. 

Container Storage Rentals

Customers may keep a PODS container on their property or at a PODS storage facility. According to the firm, monthly storage fees for a 12-foot PODS container start at $110 for a 12-foot container and $120 for a 16-foot container. Monthly rental fees, on the other hand, vary according to storage period, container availability, and location. 

Container seven feet in length

The dimensions of the PODS 7-ft container are roughly 7’x7’x8′. The container is “ideal for small-volume moving and storage,” according to PODS, and is often utilized as a shipping container or storage unit for apartment and studio relocation. The container inside has 385 cubic feet of packing space and can accommodate a whole room’s worth of furnishings. The 7-ft. moving container, according to PODS, is similar to a 10-ft. rental vehicle.

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