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Which Auto Insurance Provider Is Best For You?

There are many factors to consider in an auto insurance provider to determine whether they are a good match or not. They include the insurer’s promptness in responding to claims, customer support, coverage, and more. 

Some companies such as USAA, Progressive, AAA, and others have created an impressive reputation in this area. USAA tops the list, but because it is only available to military personnel, Progressive takes the first post for ordinary citizens as the best auto insurer. You can get a sneak of the service through the Progressive insurance reviews from customers online from different, independent third-party platforms. Let us see other reasons why Progressive is the best insurance provider for you.


The insurance is suitable for all drivers, young adults and seniors. It does not refuse service to those with a speeding ticket, DUI record, and a history of causing accidents. After USAA, Progressive has the best and the most affordable policy for high-risk drivers. 

When you insure your car with this provider, you get to enjoy perks such as:

  • Property damage liability and bodily injury: This covers deaths, property damage, and injuries that can occur from accidents caused by you.
  • Collision coverage: It covers all the expenses of damages from traffic-related accidents. Whether or not you cause the accident doesn’t matter when on this policy.
  • Comprehensive coverage: It covers damages caused by things you cannot control. Such include natural disasters, theft, vandalism, or hitting animals that randomly appear on the road as you drive. 
  • Uninsured or underinsured motorist coverage: This policy covers damages if you are involved in an accident with a motorist with little to no insurance. Property and medical costs are covered.

You can customize your coverage and add other items to include:

  • Custom parts and equipment value
  • Roadside assistance
  • Rental car reimbursement 
  • Rideshare coverage
  • Loan/lease payoff
  • Pet coverage
  • Gap insurance

For teen drivers, insuring your car with this provider can be a bit pricey at 41% more than the national average for the ladies and 35% more for the gentlemen. However, the coverage remains extensive for both.

The provider is also available in many regions to ensure they are close to their customers. No matter the state you are in, you can always find a Progressive insurance outlet. 

Customer Complaints

With thousands of customers to serve across the country, it would be a stretch to claim that the company has no customer complaints. Progressive gets its fair share of complaints, but the professional support team handles them quite well.

At least 76% of the customers feel satisfied with how their complaints are handled. Although the percentage is below the industry average, the company has proved professional in handling complaints with an excellent product knowledge base.


How a company responds to claims largely determines your satisfaction and the possibility of referring others to its services. When you get auto insurance from Progressive, you are likely to refer your friends to the company.

While most companies make filing a claim an almost impossible task to dodge the compensations, Progressive has a different approach. They have made the process accommodating and pays over $35 billion in claims annually. This can be credited to its long time in service, giving it financial stability. 


We all love discounts when shopping for different goods and services—and Progressive knows the things that make customers happy. The company offers discounts to its customers for reasons such as:

  • Automatic payment
  • Safe driving behavior
  • Continuous insurance
  • Multi-car
  • Online quote
  • Paperless
  • Good student
  • Teen driver, etc.

The company has an app with a Snapshot program where they monitor a driver’s behavior. If your track shows good behavior, you get a discount of up to $146. While using this tracker, focus on your driving habits since it also records when you drive carelessly. And instead of saving, you can end up paying more for your premiums. 

These discounts make your premiums more affordable. 

Accident Forgiveness

It cannot be categorized as a discount because accident forgiveness happens under specific conditions. When you have insured your car with Progressive, you become eligible for this offer. There are two types of accident forgiveness offers from the company. They are:

  • Small accident forgiveness: When you make claims below $500, the insurer does not raise your premiums.
  • Large accident forgiveness: You receive this offer if you have insured your car with Progressive for a minimum of five years. If you have had no issues in the first three years and have not made a claim, the provider does not raise your premiums. Even when you are involved in a large accident, your premium remains the same.


Insurance costs are determined mainly by your age, gender, credit score, driving history, and the type of vehicle you want to insure. So, it’s common to find customers getting different quotes for the same car model.

With Progressive, you can expect to pay anywhere between $116 and $214 monthly based on these factors. If you have had no issues with your history and have good credit, your premium rate will be cheaper than a driver with some issues. 

But compared to other providers, Progressive has the best prices for drivers with previous history and poor credit scores. If you pick this company to insure your vehicle, you can save up to $450.


Sometimes, visiting an insurance provider’s office just to get a quote for your car can be time-wasting and tedious. Progressive has a super responsive website where you can get a quote for your car. All you need is to enter your location, age, gender, and car model.

You can also receive these services from a virtual assistant through the company’s Facebook Messenger or Flo Chabot.

Choose the best insurance provider that will not disappoint you when you want information or after making a claim. Progressive auto insurance provider is a good pick. Thanks to their financial stability, they will settle your claims and handle your complaints in a reasonable time. The provider also has a broad and customizable coverage to ensure you are confident about the insurance. 


Jeff Campbell