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Which Bitcoin Wallet Should You Choose To Keep Your Bitcoin? – A Comprehensive Guide For New Investors!


By now, almost every person is aware of the fact that bitcoin is the digital currency. Since it is a digital currency, it needs to be stored in a digital wallet. The bitcoin wallet is the application or software used for receiving, sending, and securely holding bitcoins. There are so many kinds of bitcoin wallet available that might differ in terms of convenience, accessibility, functions, and many more, so you need to make sure that the bitcoin wallet you will choose offers you the high-end services or not.

Different types of bitcoin wallets!


  1. The people who are using bitcoin daily for buying goods and services or to trade the bitcoin, then using the mobile bitcoin wallet is the best option. This bitcoin wallet is an app that you need to install on your smartphone. It stores your private keys, and it also allows you to make bitcoin transactions effortlessly.
  2. The payments made from mobile wallets are quite simplified because they use simple technology for verification. You need to know that the bitcoin mobile wallet is prone to malware attacks and hacking issues. You should make sure that your mobile bitcoin wallet has the feature of two-factor authentication to secure your bitcoins. There are so many people out there looking for the opportunity to steal your bitcoin, so you should make sure that you have secured your mobile wallet with the correct measures.
  3. If you want to know more about it, then you should try Bitcoin Billionaire Bot. It is highly advised that you keep only a tiny portion of your bitcoin in this wallet and store the other bitcoin in the hardware wallet or the cold storage wallets.


  1. As you can know about this wallet from its name itself, this is the web wallet that stores your private keys on the online platform, which is available 24 x 7 and is operated by a third party. The different kind of services offers different sort of features to the individuals from which some can be performed by the mobile while other can be operated from the desktop.
  2. Web wallets are also much similar to mobile wallets. It means that it allows the users to have access to their bitcoin even on the go from any device which has a good internet connection. You need to know about the thing that the organization which is running the web wallet can easily have access to your private keys, which means that they can control your bitcoins.
  3. Some of the cases have been heard in which the web wallet is operated on the exchange, which shut down and steals the funds of the users. So, you need to beware of such fraudulent attacks since it is always connected to the internet, so the risk of this wallet is much more than the other type of bitcoin wallet.


  1. The hardware wallet is the one which is a unique kind of bitcoin wallet. This is the bitcoin wallet in which the private keys are secured in the physical device. You will be highly impressed to know that the hardware wallet is considered the most secure type of bitcoin wallet for storing your bitcoins.
  2. They can be used in a certain way without any issues. The best thing about hardware wallet is that they are really safe from the computer viruses, which mean your funds will be stored in a very safe way. Most of the hardware wallets consist of an OLED screen which can be used for verifying as well as displaying the essential details of the wallet. The only thing that you need to keep in mind is that you should always purchase the hardware wallet from a trustworthy platform so that you can buy an utterly authentic device.
  3. You should make sure to check the reviews of the customers before you choose a platform for purchasing a hardware wallet because it is a pretty expensive wallet, so you need to be cautious before buying them.


Jeff Campbell