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Which Indoor Plants Are the Easiest to Take Care Of?

Adding indoor plants to your home is a great way to improve the quality of the air and to add some color to an otherwise bland room. However, having plants means taking care of them. The good news is that some plants do most of the work for you.

Of course, you just need to choose the right plants! Ideally, you want ones that need watering occasionally, this will help them to survive if you forget to water them. Plants also need nutrition. Again, it is best to choose indoor plants that need minimal nutrition and can take it from the soil as well as the fertilizer/plant food you occasionally remember to give them.

In addition, you will need to consider the position of your plants. Indoor plants generally like 5-6 hours of sunshine a day but they don’t all like direct sunshine. It is important to position them where they can get plenty of indirect light. This will help them to flourish, your place to look great, and you to feel positive about your ability to look after plants.

Aloe vera

This plant is very easy to look after as it is a succulent. That means it is very good at holding water, allowing it to be forgiving when you forget to water it. It does like warm spots and plenty of sunlight. Position it correctly and give it a little water every week, it will flourish.

Ming Aralia

The ming aralia is a surprisingly pretty plant designed for indoors. It has stunning green leaves that look a little like feathers and gives a slightly tropical feel to your space. The good news is that it doesn’t like too much sunlight and is very forgiving when you forget to water it!

Snake Plant

This plant is often referred to as Mother In Law’s Tongue and it is very robust. It can handle a lot of abuse and still look good. Again, it holds water well, allowing it to survive when you forget to water it.

Spider Plant

The spider plant looks a little like a spider as it has long stems like spider legs. It is usually two shades of green and is a surprisingly pretty plant.

It can survive with very little water but is also surprisingly tolerant if over watered. Its tolerance for humidity makes it a popular choice for bathrooms.

Peace Lily

Most Lilies can be hard work to look after but this is not one of them. The Peace Lily is a stunning-looking plant, the flowers are either white, purple, or pink and it does prefer moist soil. That means you’ll want to check the soil is moist every other day; set your alarm!

Providing you keep the soil moist it needs very little else.


No list of easy-to-look-after house plants is complete without mentioning cactus. There are many different varieties but all are accustomed to living in the desert and surviving for long periods with minimal water. Try them for yourself, they are easy and surprisingly fun to have at home.

Jeff Campbell