Top 10 White Kratom Strains for Increased Sexual Performance

Kratom is a very versatile herb. Depending on what strain consumers choose and how much they take, it can act as either a stimulant or a sedative. White strains, in particular, are known for their powerful stimulant properties.

Strains like White Maeng Da Kratom don’t just give users the energy they need to power through tough workdays. They also boost stamina and sexual performance. Red strains and green and gold varieties known for their sedative properties are poor choices. They contain higher levels of 7-hydroxymitragynine. This alkaloid is known for its relaxing properties, but it won’t do anything to boost libido.

Want to find out which strains will work best to enhance sexual performance? Learn about ten of the most popular strains of white vein kratom known for producing this effect.

  1. White Maeng Da

White Maeng Da is a potent strain created by blending multiple other white strains. It’s a favorite among Western kratom users, especially those who want to enhance their sex lives. There are a few factors that make White Maeng Da perfect for this purpose.

First, like most strains of kratom, White Maeng Da offers a powerful energy boost. It’s also known to improve endurance and enhance focus. To add the cherry on top, White Maeng Da has greater euphoric effects than most white strains.

  1. White Ketapang

White Ketapang isn’t one of the best-known strains in the West. That being said, it’s rising quickly in popularity as more vendors get it in stock. Those who have tried it report increased energy and focus and improved mood. It’s also good for mild pain relief.

This combination of factors makes White Ketapang a powerful sexual stimulant. Men can expect to become more aroused more easily and perform better in bed for longer periods. Just make sure to take it around half an hour in advance to maximize the effects. Capsules take longer than powder to take effect, so err on the side of caution when using them. Try to take them an hour early.

  1. White Thai

White Thai is a classic strain. It offers a pleasant mix of increased energy and strong euphoria. It’s known as a more euphoric strain than just about any other white strain. It can also provide enhanced focus and is known for its long-lasting effects.

This strain is also excellent for men who suffer from social anxiety. They can take a small dose before a promising date to feel more confident. The effects will last long enough that if the date goes well, they’ll also appreciate the strain’s stimulant powers.

  1. White Horn

White Horn Kratom is considered a rare strain. It’s grown and harvested in one specific area of Indonesia, the West Kalimantan forests. For those who can get their hands on White Horn, it’s a good choice for boosting libido and sexual performance. This rare strain has spiked leaves known to have higher alkaloid concentrations than traditional strains. It’s more potent than many of the most popular white vein strains as a result of those increased concentrations.

Men can take less of it to get the results they want. As with other white strains, those results include increased energy, stamina, and focus and improved mood. Note, however, that it is not known for its pain-relieving properties. For most men looking to boost sexual performance, that’s not a problem.

  1. White Indo

White Indo kratom is perfect for men who have never used this herbal supplement before. It isn’t as strong as some white strains, which means there’s no need to worry about side effects. Just start with one gram of White Indo per 100 pounds of body weight.

Those who have never used kratom in their lives may want to use it discerningly at first. Choose a trustworthy partner who doesn’t have a problem with natural supplements. Newcomers to kratom may prefer to use White Indo or another strain alone a few times before trying it out. This gives them the chance to figure out the right dosage.

  1. White Bali

Unlike most white strains, White Bali provides only a gentle energy boost. It’s a good fit for anyone who has had trouble with other stimulants in the past. Unlike pharmaceutical stimulants and other popular natural ones, like caffeine, it takes the edge off without causing the jitters.

All Bali strains also offer a healthy dose of euphoria. Men who have open-minded partners may even want to use it with their dates before getting down to business. Using White Bali kratom is a great way for a new couple to feel closer to each other. It also comes with the added benefits of boosting men’s sexual performance and both partners’ libidos.

  1. White Borneo

White Borneo’s biggest benefit is its ability to induce euphoria and boost mood. It also offers a healthy energy boost and helps with stress relief. All of these properties make it a pleasant addition to any sexual encounter.

One thing that’s worth noting about White Borneo is that its effects don’t last as long as some strains. Expect the effects from a normal dose to last from three to five hours. Men who want to get more from their kratom can also use kratom potentiators. Take it with lemon juice, turmeric, or ginger to help the kratom work faster, better, and longer.

  1. White Elephant

White Elephant is a relatively recently developed strain. It’s characterized by wide, floppy looking leaves that look like the ears of an elephant. Those large leaves are believed by some to give this recently developed by genetically stable strain extra potency.

This large-leaved strain produces similar effects to other white strains. It boosts energy and mood, increases focus, and confers a mild euphoria, to boot. Just keep in mind that it’s not the best option for newcomers to kratom because it’s so strong.

  1. White Dragon

White Dragon is another relatively rare and recently developed strain. It was combining White Maeng Da and White Elephant. This popular strain offers all the benefits of its two predecessors.

When taking White Dragon, be careful not to go overboard. Try experimenting with it first to find the proper dose. Taking too much will reduce the supplement’s stimulant effects and increase its sedative effects. That’s not what any man wants to prepare for a sexual encounter.

  1. White Malay

White Malay was originally developed in Malaysia. It’s now a well-loved strain all across the world. It has a well-balanced alkaloid profile perfect for both new and experienced users.

  1. Can Kratom Help Your Sex Drive?

When taken in the right amounts, strains like White Ketapang Kratom can help men suffering from low libido. It can also enhance sexual performance. Recent scientific evidence indicates that most noticeable impacts are seen in long-term users.

  1. Find the Right Strain

There’s an easy way to find the right strain of kratom for increased sexual performance. Choose one of the strains listed above, then select a reputable online vendor that sells it. Just make sure to avoid red vein strains of kratom before a big date. They tend to produce more sedative effects, so it’s better to save them for after the big event.


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