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4 Surprising Reasons Why Marriages Fail

Is your marriage on the rocks? Or, have you noticed that a lot of people around you are suddenly getting a divorce?

It’s not in your head.

Roughly half of all first marriages end in divorce And, the statistics get way worse as you tie the knot for the second and third time.

If those statistics make you nervous, this is an article that you absolutely must-read. Stick around for all that you need to know, including the answer to an age-old question – why do marriages fail?

Why Do Marriages Fail?

As you read this list of reasons for a failing marriage, there’s one thing that should jump out at you right away. Nearly all of the issues that tear couples apart existed before they took the plunge.

That’s why so many marriages fail within the first five years!

If you’re reading this as a newlywed, take note. The first year of marriage is hard, but if you take action now, you can still potentially save your failing marriage.

1. Debt and Other Financial Woes

Plenty of failed marriages have finances to blame. Often, one partner enters the relationship with significant debt, for example, from student loans.

But, this isn’t always the case. Financial infidelity and secret spending can kill even the happiest of partnerships!

2. Religious or Political Differences

When couples say that they are splitting over ‘irreconcilable differences, these are often the types of issues that they are talking about.

If one partner is drifting in a radical or different direction, it can cause friction. Likewise, a spouse who agreed to adopt a new religion or lifestyle for their mate may eventually find it exhausting or unfulfilling.

3. Issues With In-Laws

Is your partner’s family driving you crazy? Feeling that your in-laws are unfriendly or controlling can put a major strain on a relationship. And, it can force a partner to defend their family, often pitting them against the person who they love most.

If you’re dealing with major issues that aren’t resolving on their own, consider family counselling. Or, at least set out some specific ground rules and codes of conduct when dealing with the offending family members.

4. Growing Apart

This is one of the leading signs of a failing marriage – and it’s one of the top causes, too!

If you’re losing interest in affection or paying less attention to your partner, or feel that they are, you should act quickly. Couples grow, either together or apart. And, you might not have long to act!

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5. Household Duties

Another main reason why marriages succeed or fail is an imbalance in the home. This includes duties like chores and childcare, as well as other routine responsibilities.

Even if one partner is working more than the other, it’s essential to keep things equitable. Otherwise, you run the risk of dealing with anger and resentment later on.

Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late!

Our final word on why do marriages fail? Because couples let them!

But, you have a choice. Don’t become part of the statistic. If some of the points in this article hit a bit too close to home, it’s time to talk with your spouse.

While this might feel scary at first, having a hard conversation or two is far better than the alternative. And, working through your issues will make you closer as a couple!

If you found this blog post helpful, stick around. Our homepage is loaded with helpful tips and advice on relationships, parenting, health, and so much more!

Jeff Campbell