Why Is It Still Important to Send Handwritten Thank You Cards

A person with a good character knows how and when to express gratitude. Saying “thank you” in any form implies humility. Appreciation towards other people is a nice gesture that can be expressed in various ways but a handwritten thank you card goes beyond the usual casual expression.

In today’s world that heavily relies on technology and digital products, the art of handwriting is something unusual. It’s not only the Gen Z’s and the millennials that are hooked in instant messaging apps, but also the older generations for as long as they have mobile devices and internet with them. The few keystrokes via apps have replaced the polite gesture of sending thank you cards. We can’t deny the fact that because of the convenience technology brings to the way we communicate, we are slowly losing personal connections to people that matter to us.

In this technology-driven world, is it still important to send handwritten messages?

To make a lasting impression. First impression lasts and it also applies when sending a handwritten thank you card. Sending something that you personally crafted will always catch anyone’s attention. Not only It will appeal to the eyes but it will surely touch the heart of the receiver, thus making your presence felt and creating an impact that would be memorable to the recipient.

To Genuinely express appreciation. Giving importance to the receiver goes beyond sending automated thank you messages. When you send handwritten thank you cards, it clearly equates to genuine appreciation because of doing the extra mile. The time and effort you would spend in sending handwritten messages would never be as valuable as saying thank you over email or a messaging app. If you want to show more sincerity, then you might want to add a personal touch with your handwritten card.

To create better, stronger personal connections. One of the best ways to personally connect with someone is to show a thoughtful gesture. Sending handwritten thank you cards whether for personal or business purpose, is a good step in building stronger connections. Handwritten messages always bring warmth and lovely thoughts to the recipient. Anything crafted by the hands are more valuable than the digital products. In this fast-paced world where a lot of people long for personal connections, a handwritten thank you notes, cards or letters are more than enough for them to feel that they are valued.

Digital expressions can’t match the power of every handwritten thank you messages. The personal quality of your handwriting is unique and is a great way to demonstrate exactly how you feel. Sending thank you message on ink and paper instantly creates memories and connection between the sender and the receiver no matter how distant they are from each other. Handwritten notes aren’t something that can be easily erased. In fact, they can be immortalized so the beautiful thoughts and inspiration that they created can be passed on to the next generations so they too, will realize how powerful and important personalized handwritten notes are despite the many innovations science and technology has brought to the world. Indeed, some things can’t be easily replaced like the art of hand writing.

Jeff Campbell