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Why Tattoo Wedding Rings Are Becoming So Popular

Ever since we were children, we have heard the same thing that diamonds are forever. Have you ever thought about other things that might be more permanent than diamonds? Well, with the ongoing advancement in society and the trends that are changing on a daily basis, people have started shifting from wedding bands and diamond rings to tattoo wedding rings. This wasn’t until a few celebrities like David Beckham, and Ariana Grande opted for tattoo wedding rings.

Traditional wedding rings revolve around diamonds and their setting. Like them, a lot of time is spent deciding every little thing about the wedding. Tattoo wedding rings need a lot of time and an intricate thinking process, just like simple wedding invitations. Many things might come to your mind, given that not many people have been seen wearing a tattooed wedding ring.

Here is your complete guide towards the uncertain world of tattoos and changing them into permanent wedding rings.

Tattoo wedding rings    

  • You might be thinking if these wedding rings are a viable option for you or not. This concept basically revolves around the concept of your own imagination. Like people spend a lot of time choosing the setting of the diamond and band type, you can spend that time choosing a perfect design that will go well on your partner and your fingers.
  • Wedding rings have been exchanged as a symbol of love for the past 3000 years. The world has changed since those times and now that people have become more modern, if you want a wedding ring tattoo instead of a wedding ring, you are free to do it.

Should you consider getting a tattoo wedding ring?  

A tattoo ring might be one of the easiest ways to get out of the hassle of finding a wedding ring. There are multiple other reasons why people are opting for tattoo wedding rings as an alternative to real diamond wedding rings.

It’s important to keep in mind that tattoo fading is a natural process, and over time your tattoo wedding ring may require touch-ups to maintain its appearance.

Here are some reasons you can also consider buying a tattoo wedding ring.

  • Budget-friendly: It is pretty evident that opting for a tattoo wedding ring will be friendly on the pocket. Instead, an average wedding ring costs $5000-$6000 on good days when you can find a set of your own choice.
  • Can’t lose them: Having an expensive wedding ring around your finger means you have to take care of it every step. There might be different fears in your mind that you might lose it somewhere, or it might go down the drain as you are washing your face, but when it comes to a tattoo wedding ring, it diminishes that fear of loss and you can go about your day feeling content.
  • Durability in the longer run: Diamonds are precious stones that cannot be destroyed, but there are some other factors you might need to pay attention to when buying a wedding ring. What if you lose weight in the future? The ring might slide off your finger and fall somewhere. People who buy expensive wedding rings have a rather large chance of getting their belongings stolen. Tattoo wedding rings have put an end to all those fears.

In the wake of the modern world, there are many alternatives to countless things in the market. Before opting for a pricey diamond ring you might want to spend some time looking at designs for tattoos that you can show off on your boho wedding invitations in the longer run.

Jeff Campbell