2023 Fashion Trends to Watch

Now that we’re well and truly into the new year, you might be keen to investigate your wardrobe and update it for a fresher, more modern look for the rest of 2023. One way to do this is to consider investing in one or more fashion trends that are having an impact right now.

You can do this gradually on a budget, so don’t feel you need to outlay too much money on creating a new look. Keep an eye out for the latest men’s sale clothing throughout the year to top up your wardrobe, and sign up for your favorite brands’ newsletters and social media accounts for news of top deals. Many of the below trends can be incorporated into your closet without too much fuss or expense.

Brand Name Statement Shirts

Many well-known designers are releasing bold, statement-style shirts right now that help to add more oomph to an outfit, especially when paired with simple jeans or pants. Look out for graphic options from Amiri, Louis Vuitton, and others, but note that more affordable choices are also available from less expensive brands. Pick out tops covered in logos if you like that look, or bring more color to your wardrobe with intense color-blocking tops.

It’s generally best to let these tees and shirts do all the talking by keeping the rest of your outfit simple, but if you like to create a “color story,” you can also match hues from top to bottom and put together a one-toned outfit from head to toe.

Pearl Necklaces and Chunky Chains

If you check out reality TV shows or pay attention to the style on the streets around you, you may have already noticed how many guys are wearing pearl necklaces lately. These jewelry products are no longer the domain of women; instead, men are blinging up their necks with pearl necklaces, whether dainty designs or more noticeable accessories.

A necklace like this works with various outfit styles and shades, so it’s versatile. You can pair one with a t-shirt and jeans, tailored shorts and a button-down, trousers and a blazer, or other options. You can also wear a single strand or layer several pearl necklaces together for an edgier vibe. You can complement it with schoolhouse rock t-shirts from schoolhouse rock tshirt.

On the other hand, you might prefer to go down the chunky chain route. If so, you’ll be pleased to know this is another 2023 fashion trend for men. Give yourself a little gangster style by wearing this versatile accessory with any outfit you want to dress up and give a twist to, from casual to high-fashion ensembles.

Many guys like a chain that features multiple shades, such as a cluster of entangled silver in slightly different hues or even black and silver or black and copper designs. Alternatively, stick with a simpler silver or gold chain. You can pair these simple chains with luxury watches for a more classy look

These jewelry trends work year-round, too, so you can get plenty of wear out of your purchases.

Bright, Look-at-Me Knits

If you live somewhere that will remain chilly for a few months yet, you might like to stock up on some colorful knits to keep you warm and add more flare to your wardrobe. Right now, there’s a big trend for bright, look-at-me knits in outerwear that’s anything but neutral. Be on the lookout for snug sweaters, light-knit cardigans, and other options that are bright and bold, in colors like yellows, greens, blues, and oranges, among other shades.

These clothes are easy to pair with jeans or trousers in winter or even simple tailored shorts when the weather starts to warm up a little. The outerwear is so fun that you’ll want to get as much wear out of it as possible!

Use of Plaids and Checks

While plaids and checks never really get removed from fashion, they are increasingly popular in 2023. You can add more style to your outfit aesthetic by selecting designs in anything from chunky plaids to classic houndstooth styles and checks in graph, buffalo, and windowpane designs, among others.

You might also like to feel a little Scottish by wearing argyle plaids or specific clan designs, and you can find all of these patterns incorporated into clothes such as shirts, trousers, jackets, tees, and more. They work beautifully for cooler months of the year as they suit darker shades like bottle green, denim, and navy, but they can also add flair to summer outfits if you’re keen to use some pattern year-round.

Some other significant fashion trends you might be interested in exploring this year are pants that flare, cream pinstripe suits, and gender-neutral clothing. Plus, you could wear short shorts, silk scarves, or mesh or metallic tops to be fashion-forward. Play around with these trends to see what works for your aesthetic, and change up your style as you go.


Jeff Campbell