Hi. I’m Jeff Campbell, husband, father of 3, music and movie nerd, and much more.

At the end of the day, this blog has nothing to do with me; it’s about you and I coming together and growing stronger; finding solutions to problems a Middle Class Dad might face every day.

That being said, why listen to a guy like me?

Allow me to introduce myself.

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My name is Jeff Campbell.  I’m in my early 50’s and live in Wimberley, TX (outside of Austin).

I’ve lived all over the country but we moved to Austin when I was 10, so I more or less consider that home, but I’ve also lived on both coasts and in the deep south.

I am very happily married and have 3 daughters approaching their teenage years.

My work life and career

I work running the business end of a large martial arts school with 2 primary and a few satellite locations and have been doing that since 2013.

We have over 500 students all locations combined, so I have between my being a Dad and running the school, I have become an expert on parenting and interact with hundreds of parents and kids each and every week.

My 2+ decades with Whole Foods Market

Prior to that, for most of the past 25 years, I worked in mid-level leadership positions for Whole Foods Market.

Over the decades with Whole Foods, I learned an enormous amount not only about running a large multi-million dollar business, but also all aspects of running a large facility; from hiring, firing, customer service, and detailed financial reporting.

But on top of that, I also learned a great deal about health, healthy eating, and food in general.

I know Whole Foods seems like a huge multi-national corporation now (especially since Amazon bought them), but believe it or not, there were only 5 stores in the company when I started.

How I spend my time outside of work

Outside of work, I like to spend time with my kids and prior to the dawn of 5th grade, I often spent hours each week helping in their classrooms.

I try and keep up with the minor repairs on our home, go to church on Sundays and help out a lot around the house since my wife not only takes care of our newest addition born in 2017 but is working on her college degree at night.

My personality and style

We lead busy, but fulfilling lives.

Our time is short, so we try and make the most of it.  Being in my 50’s, it’s important to stay healthy.

After all, I want to be around this world for a long time, so I eat healthy, train in martial arts 3 times a week and, most importantly, try and maintain a positive outlook on life and not let stress control me.

Remember the John Cusack character in High Fidelity (click to grab the DVD on Amazon)?

That’s me (kind of).  I’m just a bit sunnier (a lot actually), don’t smoke and am nerdier, but I am a walking bastion of useless music and movie trivia nonetheless.

If it weren’t for the sports section, I would rule Trivial Pursuit!


  1. Star Wars (virtually all of them, but not so much the prequels, especially Phantom Menace). Rogue One & Solo rules!
  2. Vertigo (Alfred Hitchcock made some great movies, and Jimmy Stewart is always great, but this one is exceptional)
  3. So I Married An Axe Murderer (A little obscure, I know, and certainly not Mike Myers best-known movie, but so great and so quotable.  Much to my wife’s chagrin, I included some samples of Myers’ father character in our wedding reception playlist!
    And of course, I wore a kilt!)

    Careful with that kilt son!


  1. The Ramones (loved ’em since I was in 10th grade and lucky enough to have seen them twice in their heyday)
  2. The Jam/Paul Weller (I know, a little obscure for someone from the US, but again, I heard The Jam in high school and have been a fan ever since)  Weller (lead singer) has had a brilliant solo career ever since.  I never got to see The Jam but I’ve seen Weller about 7 times; always brilliant!
  3. The Pogues (I know, another bunch of “old guys”.  “Where’s the new(er) artists?” I hear some of you say?  I do actually listen to a lot of new stuff and I like an extraordinary variety of music (as I like to say, “everything but new country and smooth jazz”), but The Pogues have been a favorite for more than 25 years and thankfully I’ve seen them twice and they always cheer me up!


I have dabbled in Martial Arts my whole life, but always very sporadically and without true commitment.

I did karate when I was a kid & judo when I was in my 30’s, but it wasn’t until I found myself in need of a new job/career in 2013 that I really unleashed my passion for it.
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