Hi I’m Jeff Campbell, creator of Middle Class Dad

If you’re a Middle Class dad or a parent and sometimes face challenges with parenting, relationships, personal finance, your health, or projects around the house, then my site is for YOU!

I believe in sharing great tips, sharing my experience and the experience of others and helping folks like me learn and grow in the hopes that in the process we all get better in these areas.

I’m a dad, a husband and currently am the Academy Director for Life Ki-do Martial Arts in Austin, Texas.  We have 2 primary locations and a few satellite locations and train hundreds of students from ages 3 to 67!

Prior to coming to this awesome company, I was in leadership positions for over 2 decades with Whole Foods Market, prior to them being bought by Alexa.

In that capacity, I worked in over 10 stores in 4 states largely in the capacity of a General Manager. I won many of their awards including Top 10 Store (out of hundreds) 3 times, National All-Star and was a Gold Pen Winner (basically the top store manager for the year in that region).

I won a lot of those awards because I knew how to drive sales and profits while keeping the customers happy and making sure I was taking care of my team members (our employees). It’s not always easy to balance those 3 things and I’m far from perfect at it, but many leaders lose sight of how much impact on customers and profits an unhappy team has.

I’m married to an amazing woman who somehow manages to balance being a Teacher’s Assistant working with high school age kids with autism while finishing her degree at night and still managing to help raise our 3 daughters!

My older 2 daughters, on the other hand, are on the verge of being teenagers and are excited to be joined by their new baby sister.

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Who is Middle Class Dad?

As I said in my very first blog post (which you can see HERE), I’m a guy probably a lot like you (but by no means is my blog only for Dads).

Sure, society puts a lot of labels on us and many of those end up dividing us; race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, income level, political affiliations, etc., but at the end of the day, we’re really all a LOT more similar than we are different.

And just so I’m clear, my blog isn’t here to talk about ANY of the above differences or labels.

I’M HERE TO HELP IDENTIFY CHALLENGES that cut across dividing lines to find solutions together!

I know I cover a lot of ground in my posts.

I’m a husband, a father, a son, an employee and many other things and I figure that topics that interest or challenge me, might interest others like me.  But naturally, some topics I write about might resonate with you more than others.

So here are my most liked (based on Facebook and Google Analytics) posts in my main categories.  I’ll add or change these over time as my blog and following evolve.

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Overall my most popular post defies categorization. It’s about my childhood, but it’s not exactly a parenting post. It covers my Dad’s story but it’s not really about his relationships. Anyway, it is by far one of my most read posts, so check out . . .

Growing Up With a Gay Father – Confessions from a Straight Son

The following popular posts are more neatly categorized:






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My goal with this site is to provide:

  • information
  • insight
  • the benefit of my experience (including my failures!)
  • occasional product recommendations for things I love, use and trust.

Down the road, I also plan to offer things for sale such as courses or e-books, but for now, I don’t want anything other than your connection, feedback and if you like what I do, I would love your shares on social media.

Thank you for being here and being on this journey with me!

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About my ads

I hate those websites where you’re inundated with ads and pop-ups. Some have so many that it takes forever to load. As you’ll see, I do have a small number of ads on my site. But hopefully, you’ll agree that they aren’t too over the top or intrusive.

I also try and only pick products to promote that I like and that are geared towards the type of person reading that particular post.

All of the ads you see will pay me a very small commission if you click the link and then buy that product, but fear not – it doesn’t cost you any extra whatsoever! In some cases, I may also recommend products as an affiliate.

Make no mistake; I never recommend a product I don’t truly believe will help.

Many times I recommend things that aren’t paying me a commission. However, some of those product recommendations are affiliated with me, so I want to be clear about that. You can read more about my Affiliate Policy if you’d like greater detail.

An added bonus is that if you click one of my Amazon links, anything you add to your cart they will pay me a commission on too!  It’s a great way to thank me if you enjoy my posts and it costs you nothing extra.

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Comment on my posts anytime, follow and comment on any of my social media channels or email me anytime!  I’m here to help!

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