Creative Vision Board Ideas for Your Inspiration

Are you seeking creative ideas for a vision board? Look no further! This comprehensive guide will help you tap into your aspirations and visualize your goals in a fun, inspiring way. So let’s dive into some amazing vision board ideas!

Whether it’s your career vision, a dream home, fitness goals, or just pictures that spark joy, we’ve got you covered with innovative vision board ideas.

Plus, we’ll show you how to make vision boards work for you, digital vision board options, and even how to host a vision board party.

Ready to embark on a journey of self-discovery and goal-setting? Let’s dive in and start creating your vision board!

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What Exactly is a Vision Board?

A vision board serves as your personal motivator, harnessing the power of visualization to keep your dreams and ambitions at the forefront of your mind.

Functioning as a tangible representation of your aspirations, a vision board can encompass everything from career goals to personal growth objectives.

The creative process of assembling a vision board can often spark fresh vision board ideas, resulting in a unique, inspiring roadmap to your desired future.

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What Can You Put on a Vision Board?

With a wide array of vision board ideas at your disposal, you can incorporate everything from images, photographs, drawings, and quotes to personal affirmations and future goals.

Want to manifest your dream home?

Cut out an image of your ideal house. Or use multiple images to show the inside and outside making sure to highlight all the features that would be in your dream home.

Planning for career growth?

Include symbols representing your career ambitions. That could be a specific company or position. But it could also be changing careers or learning new skills.

The power of your vision board lies in its personalization – the more it reflects your aspirations, desires, and dreams, the more potent it becomes in motivating you toward achieving them.

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Vision Board Template Ideas

When planning vision board templates, consider incorporating visuals that align with your goals. Now, go ahead and manifest your dreams into reality.

1. Use Polaroid Goals – Goal Board Template from PicMonkey

Harness the power of the Polaroid Goals template from PicMonkey to bring your visions to life.

This template allows you to create an engaging vision board, packed with innovative vision board ideas. Create a visual journey through your ambitions, placing snapshots of your dreams in a Polaroid layout.

This template makes it easy to customize your vision board, keeping you inspired and focused on your goals.

It’s a popular choice for anyone seeking a fresh, creative way to visualize their aspirations. So, let your creativity soar and make your dreams come true with the Polaroid Goals template.

2. Use Our Family Vision – Vision Board Template from PicMonkey

Let PicMonkey’s Family Vision template guide you in crafting a vision board that resonates with your family’s aspirations.

It’s an excellent tool for showcasing your collective dreams and goals, fostering unity and collaboration. Perfect for vision board parties or family bonding sessions, this template offers a fun and interactive way to visualize your family’s future.

Packed with vibrant vision board ideas, it helps each family member contribute to a shared vision. So, why wait? Start your family’s journey towards your shared dreams with PicMonkey’s Family Vision template today.

3. Using Canva for Your Digital Vision Board (or just for ideas)

Let’s explore how to maximize Canva‘s potential in crafting your digital vision board.

With its diverse library of templates, fonts, and images, Canva provides a flexible platform for manifesting your vision board ideas.

Whether it’s for personal growth, career advancement, or just for fun, Canva’s intuitive interface makes the process seamless.

Personalize with pictures and quotes that resonate with your goals, and watch your dreams take shape. Canva’s digital format also allows easy editing and updating, keeping your vision board relevant and inspiring.

4. Print Your Own from Develop Good Habits

Unleash your creativity and print your own vision board from Develop Good Habits.

This way, you get to personalize every detail and tailor the board to your unique aspirations. From career progression to personal growth, you can populate the board with images, quotes, goals, and anything that stirs your soul.

The tactile experience of physically assembling your board can also strengthen your connection to your aspirations. So, dive into vision board making with Develop Good Habits, and watch your dreams take shape.

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How to Create a Vision Board Step-by-Step

Crafting a vision board can be a rewarding journey, full of exploration and discovery.

Before you start, gather all your vision board supplies, such as magazines, stickers, markers, and a poster board. Now, here are the steps to make your vision board.

Digital Vision Boards

Crafting a digital vision board can be an inspiring endeavor.

Utilize platforms like Canva or Pinterest to put together a collage of images, quotes, and symbols that represent your dreams.

As you select elements for your board, consider your personal and professional goals. Infuse your board with fun and unique vision board ideas to keep your motivation high.

Transform your dreams into a beautiful, visual layout and observe as your aspirations turn into reality. It’s a powerful tool that keeps your ambitions in sight and your motivation high.

Physical Vision Boards

Taking a more tangible approach to capturing your dreams and aspirations, crafting a physical vision board can be a rewarding experience.

Start by identifying a particular area for your vision, like career growth or personal wellness.

Choose a prominent location in your home or office to display your completed board, ensuring you’ll see it daily. With a clear focus in mind, establish up to three precise goals within your chosen area. Assemble your materials, which may include magazines, photos, stickers, or markers.

Finally, arrange your selected items on a cardboard or poster board, creating a visually stimulating representation of your ambitions.

Step 1 – Pick an Area for Your Vision (love, money, travel, etc)

Selecting a focus for your vision is the first step in bringing your dreams to life.

This could be anything that drives your passion; from love and relationships to financial prosperity or wanderlust. Your selected area will serve as the foundation for your vision board.

Keep in mind, this is not a one-size-fits-all process. Your chosen focus should resonate with your personal aspirations and life goals.

Once you’ve established your focus, you’re ready to begin curating a collection of images, quotes, and symbols that truly encapsulate your vision board ideas.

Step 2 – Decide (if physical) Where Your Vision Board Will Go

After pinpointing the focus of your vision board, it’s time to determine where you’ll display your motivational masterpiece.

The location of your board plays a significant role in maintaining your inspiration. Should you choose a physical board, consider a spot that’s frequently in your line of sight – perhaps your bedroom wall or office space.

The idea is to have your dreams and ambitions consistently remind you of your goals.

This is a crucial part of the vision board-making process and one that can greatly impact your drive toward success. Remember, great vision board ideas are not just about content but placement too.

Step 3 – Set Up to 3 Goals Within That Area (Be very specific)

Moving forward in the process, you need to pinpoint up to three very specific goals within your chosen focus area.

Let’s say you’ve chosen career growth, your goals could be, earning a promotion, switching jobs, or starting your own business.

For a personal wellness focus, your goals might include losing weight, practicing daily meditation, or running a marathon.

These goals should be precise and measurable, providing a clear path for your vision board ideas. Remember to keep it realistic, and achievable yet challenging enough to spur you into action.

Step 4 – Get Your Supplies

Having chosen a focus and set specific goals, the next stage involves gathering the necessary materials for your vision board.

Gather a collection of magazines, photos, stickers, and markers that resonate with your goals. Also, have a poster board or cardboard where you can creatively arrange your clippings. Be open to any vision board ideas that come your way during this process.

This step is about creating a tangible representation of your dreams, so feel free to include anything that inspires you toward achieving them.

Step 5 – Create Your Vision Board

The time has come to bring your dreams to life on your vision board.

Dive into the pool of creativity and start with the selection of images that align with your aspirations.

Don’t limit yourself to just pictures, incorporate inspiring quotes, and symbols that resonate with your goals. While arranging your selected items, let your imagination run wild. Each piece you include should serve as a stepping stone toward your goals, acting as a constant reminder to stay motivated and focused.

Truly, the sky is the limit when exploring vision board ideas.

a group of people sitting around a table creating vision boards

Hosting an Inspiring Vision Board Party

Throwing a party that cultivates inspiration may seem daunting, but with the right vision board ideas, it becomes a fun and motivational experience.

To host an engaging vision board gathering, you’ll need a good mix of magazines, scissors, glue, and poster boards for your attendees.

Enhance the ambiance with soothing music, aromatic scents, and delectable refreshments.

Throw in a few themed ideas like dreaming about travels, manifesting love, or visualizing career changes to give your guests a starting point.

It’s a fun, interactive way to visualize your goals and manifest your dreams.

Essential Supplies for Your Vision Board Party

To kickstart your vision board party, ensure you’re well stocked with crucial supplies.

A generous collection of magazines provides a vast pool of images and phrases to choose from, while scissors and glue are must-haves for cutting and pasting your dreams into reality.

Don’t skimp on poster boards either; they’re the canvas for your guests’ ambitions.

And what better way to foster creativity than with a relaxing atmosphere? Soothing music, enticing scents, and enticing refreshments go a long way in setting the mood.

Remember, these gatherings are all about fun vision board ideas, so ensure your supplies evoke inspiration.

Vision Board Party Ideas

Here are some intriguing party concepts to get you started:

1. Career-Change Vision Board Party

If you’re looking to shift your professional path, why not arrange a gathering focused on career-change?

This event can be a fun and inspiring way to explore new professional opportunities through vision board ideas.

Invite friends or colleagues who are also contemplating a career move. Everyone can bring along images of their dream job, inspiring quotes, or even photos of role models in their desired field.

As you all piece together your boards, you might find you’re not just creating a collage, but also mapping out a future full of potential.

a group of people looking at posters of vision boards they made

2. Travel-Inspired Vision Board Party

Embarking on a journey around the world is often a dream for many, and what better way to bring that dream closer to reality than through a globetrotter-themed vision board gathering.

This party idea encourages participants to showcase their wanderlust by incorporating travel-themed vision board ideas into their boards.

From images of exotic destinations to symbols representing different cultures or travel quotes, the choices are endless.

This event could even inspire attendees to plan their next adventure, turning their vision board dreams into tangible travel plans.

3. Manifesting Love Vision Board Party

Inviting love and positivity into your life can be as simple as hosting an event centered on manifesting affection and warmth.

This type of gathering focuses on cultivating vision board ideas that revolve around love – be it self-love, romantic love, or platonic affection.

Participants can bring pictures, quotes, and symbols that represent love and relationships to them.

As you and your guests assemble your boards, you might find yourselves not just designing love-infused collages, but also fostering heartfelt connections and nurturing the seeds of love within your lives.

4. Wealth-Inspired Vision Board Party

Setting your sights on financial prosperity?

Consider hosting a gathering that centers on wealth and abundance. This event can feature vision board ideas that encourage participants to visualize their monetary goals.

Perhaps you aspire to pay off a mortgage, save for a dream holiday, or maybe you’re venturing into a new investment.

As everyone pieces together their boards, the room will buzz with powerful, positive energy, turning monetary aspirations into tangible plans.

5. Health and Physical Appearance Vision Board Party

Focusing on health and body positivity can take center stage at your next vision board gathering.

This type of party promotes the creation of vision board ideas that inspire wellness, fitness goals, and a positive body image.

Whether it’s cutting out images of healthy foods, fitness routines, or uplifting quotes about body positivity, attendees can create a visual representation of their health and body goals.

As everyone assembles their boards, the atmosphere will radiate with a shared commitment to self-care and well-being.

a group of women sitting at a table writing on paper at a Vision Board Party

How to Set and Achieve Goals With Your Vision Board

To actualize your aspirations with a vision board, consider first mapping out clear, achievable objectives.

Be concrete and precise, specifying what you wish to accomplish.

Once you have your goals, start collating images, quotes, or symbols that represent these objectives for your board. Implementing vision board ideas is an effective method to keep your motivations front and center.

Regularly viewing your board can provide a consistent reminder to take steps toward your goals.

For instance, if your board includes digital vision boards of your dream vacation, start setting aside a small amount each month. Or, if your vision board material includes images of a healthier lifestyle, make small changes to your diet or exercise routine.

Remember, a vision board’s power comes from consistent engagement, so place it somewhere you’ll see daily.

And, revisit your goals regularly to track your progress and make necessary adjustments. It’s not just about making a beautiful collage; it’s about creating a visual road map to your dreams.

How Vision Board Meditation Enhances Your Experience

Enhancing your journey towards your dreams, the practice of meditating with a vision board can offer a transformative experience.

It’s a profound way of using vision board ideas that deepens the connection between your conscious and subconscious mind.

This practice not only bolsters your focus and mindfulness but also intensifies your emotional attachment to your goals, making them feel more attainable.

In essence, vision boards work by infusing your aspirations with a sense of reality, making them resonate within you on a deeper level.

a woman looking at a vision board sitting outside in late afternoon


Creating a vision board is a powerful exercise that can unlock your imagination and steer your focus towards your dreams and aspirations.

With visions, goals, and possibilities, your board can be a beacon of inspiration guiding you toward your life’s purpose.

Remember, it’s not about creating “just another board”; it’s about designing a roadmap that aligns with your deepest desires and highest intentions.

Whether you decide to host a vision board party or create one in the solitude of your own space, the process itself is sure to ignite a spark of motivation within you.

From career changes to travel aspirations, and love manifestations to wealth inspirations, every vision board holds the potential to shape your reality.

So, harness the power of visual affirmation, and let your vision board become the catalyst for your personal transformation.

Remember, a vision board alone cannot guarantee success.

Vision boards work when paired with deliberate action and unwavering commitment, they can serve as a potent tool for manifestation.

So, set your intentions, create your vision board, and step into a future filled with endless possibilities. Here’s to a future where dreams are not just dreamt but lived…

How to Manifest Your Ex Back Using the Law of Attraction

Can the Law of Attraction help you get back together again after a breakup? Manifestation is a tool with scientific roots that allows us to get more of what we want by focusing on it. So here’s how to manifest your ex back:

To manifest an ex back using the law of attraction, follow these steps:

  1. Positive Visualization: Imagine a loving reunion with your ex – visualize the details and emotions.
  2. Affirmations: Repeat affirmations like “I am deserving of a loving relationship” to reprogram your mindset.
  3. Letting Go: Release attachment to the outcome and trust that the universe will bring what’s best for you.
  4. Self-Improvement: Focus on personal growth to enhance your attractiveness and boost your confidence.
  5. Gratitude: Express gratitude for past experiences and for the love you shared with your ex.
  6. Positive Energy: Surround yourself with positive people and activities to attract positive energy.
  7. Detachment: Allow space for your ex to miss you by not chasing or obsessing over them.

It might sound like a far-fetched idea, but thousands of people have claimed success in rekindling their romantic relationships using manifestation techniques.

If you’re curious about the process and wondering if it could work for you, keep reading.

This step-by-step guide will guide you through the steps on how to manifest your ex back using the Law of Attraction, along with some alternative approaches and tips for maintaining a healthy relationship post-manifestation.

Remember, the key is to approach this journey with an open mind and a positive attitude. Good luck!

Short Summary

  • Manifest a specific person back into your life with positive energy and self-reflection.
  • Follow the five steps of clarifying intentions, eliminating limiting beliefs, using affirmations, visualizing the desired outcome & trusting the Universe to increase the success rate.
  • Realize that maintaining a healthy relationship post-manifestation requires setting boundaries & focusing on self-improvement.

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Understanding the Power of Manifestation to Win Back an Ex

Manifestation is the process of making your desires a reality using the Law of Attraction, which states that like attracts like and is always working in your favor. It’s a great way to focus your thoughts on positive outcomes.

Your thoughts and beliefs play a key role in achieving your desired results.

Align them with what you want to achieve, and you can attract the outcomes you desire. However, negative energy can be a hindrance to manifestation. To manifest your ex back, it is crucial to send out positive thoughts and high-vibe energy into the Universe, as it always responds to your energy.

Negative energy and negative thoughts will undoubtedly lead to negative outcomes.

Although manifesting an ex-back can be challenging, it is possible with introspection, self-awareness, and deep inner work. By focusing on the love you have for each other, you can create a powerful magnet that attracts your ex back into your life.

Remember, the key to a successful manifestation is to maintain a positive attitude and higher vibrational energy to attract the best possible outcome.

The 5-Step Process to Manifest Your Ex Back

To manifest your ex back, it’s a good idea to follow these five simple steps below.

Make a positive statement, and avoid dwelling on negative emotions. The subconscious mind will always give us more of what we focus on.

So if you want to get them back and have a better relationship than last time, one of the most important things is to find the right vibrational frequency, use affirmations, and really envision the kind of relationship you know you could have.

By following this process and staying committed to your goal, you can increase your chances of successfully manifesting your ex back. Let’s dive deeper into each step.

Step 1: Define Your Intentions

The first step to manifesting your ex back is to clearly define your intentions.

Gaining clarity is incredibly beneficial when setting intentions for manifestation, as it allows you to tap into the power of the “like attracts like” principle and manifest experiences that match your thoughts and beliefs. To ensure your reasons for wanting your ex back are rooted in positive energy, focus on creating a loving relationship filled with happiness and joy.

To help you gain clarity, try writing out your intentions by hand, as this can jumpstart the manifestation process. Be specific about what you want in your relationship with your ex and envision the positive aspects you want to attract. The more precise you are, the better the Universe will be able to deliver your desired outcome.

Step 2: Overcome Limiting Beliefs

Limiting beliefs are negative beliefs that can hold you back from reaching your highest potential and prevent your Law of Attraction powers from propelling you forward toward positive energy.

To manifest your ex back, it is essential to recognize and overcome any limiting beliefs that might be standing in your way. By acknowledging these beliefs and understanding that they are not true, you can take action to transform them into empowering beliefs.

Common limiting beliefs that might hinder your manifestation process include thoughts such as:

  • “I’m not good enough”
  • “My ex will never come back”

To overcome these beliefs, focus on self-care, personal growth, and positive affirmations that reinforce your self-worth and the possibility of rekindling your relationship.

Remember, the more you trust and believe in yourself, the more likely you are to manifest your ex back.

Step 3: Utilize Positive Affirmations

Positive affirmations are powerful and uplifting statements that replace negative thought patterns.

By frequently repeating these affirmations throughout the day, you can invigorate your brain and replace negative thoughts with encouraging ones. This helps create an abundance of high-vibe energy that can attract your ex back into your life.

To create empowering affirmations for love, focus on the positive aspects of your relationship and the feelings of joy, gratitude, and love that you want to attract.

For example, you might say:

  • “I am worthy of love and happiness”
  • “My ex and I are growing together in our love”

The most powerful affirmations are the ones you write for yourself, so take the time to craft statements that resonate with you and your unique situation.

Step 4: Embrace Visualization Techniques

Visualization is an incredibly powerful tool for manifesting your desired outcomes. By confidently visualizing positive things and the outcome you desire, you can align your energy and vibration with the Universe to attract your ex back into your life.

The fourth step of the five-step guide to manifesting an ex-back involves using visualization techniques to imagine yourself happily and lovingly spending time with your ex. To enhance your visualization practice, try using meditation or creating a vision board that represents the relationship you desire with your ex.

You can also write out stories in a manifestation journal like this great one on Amazon that detail your ideal relationship with your ex, which can help you maintain a clear and focused vision of what you want to manifest.

Remember, the more vivid and detailed your visualization, the more powerful the outcome.

Step 5: Trust the Process and Release Control

The law of attraction states that you need to trust the process and release control of the outcome.

Having faith in the ultimate outcome is the most critical factor in manifesting your ex back. By trusting the Universe to deliver your desired outcome, you can remove barriers and reduce stress and tension, making it easier for you to manifest your ex back.

Letting go of control is a challenging but essential aspect of manifestation.

Instead of trying to control the situation, focus on creating the best possible version of yourself and maintaining a positive attitude. Believe in the power of the Universe to bring your ex back to you, and remember to stay patient and trust the process. The more you trust and believe, the more positive the outcome will be.

The Limitations of Using the Law of Attraction to Get an Ex Back

While manifestation can be a powerful tool in attracting your ex back, it’s essential to be aware of its limitations.

Manifesting an ex-back might not always work, especially if your intentions and energy are not aligned with the highest good. It’s important to remember that the Law of Attraction is not a guaranteed solution to rekindling a relationship and that there may be factors outside of your control that prevent your ex from returning.

Additionally, it’s crucial to consider the ethical implications of using manifestation to get an ex back.

While the process can be helpful in attracting positive outcomes, it’s important to approach this journey with an open mind and a genuine desire for a loving and healthy relationship. Manipulating someone’s feelings or trying to control their actions through manifestation is not an ethical or sustainable approach to rekindling a relationship.

The Science Behind Manifestation and Attracting People

While many people have claimed success in using the Law of Attraction to manifest their ex back, it’s important to note that there is limited scientific evidence to support these claims.

Manifestation is a concept rooted in spirituality and personal growth, and its effectiveness in attracting an ex-back may vary from person to person.

Ultimately, the best course of action for rekindling a relationship is open communication and addressing any issues or concerns that led to the breakup. It’s also worth considering that using the Law of Attraction to manifest an ex-back might not be the most ethical or sustainable approach to rebuilding a relationship.

After all, what you want is for them to come back from their own free will and because they genuinely miss you and want to reconcile.

Instead of focusing solely on manifestation techniques, it’s crucial to work on personal growth, self-improvement, and open communication with your ex to create a strong foundation for a healthy relationship.

Alternative Approaches to Reconnecting with Your Ex

If you’re struggling with the manifestation process or find that it’s not working for your specific situation, there are alternative approaches to reconnecting with your ex. One of the most effective ways to rekindle a relationship is to reach out to your ex for a conversation and work through any problems together in a constructive way.

This can help both of you gain clarity on the issues that led to the breakup and provide a platform for open communication and healing.

In some cases, it may be best to accept that the relationship has come to an end and focus on moving forward. This can involve letting go of any negative emotions associated with the breakup and embracing the opportunity for personal growth and self-improvement.

By focusing on your own well-being and happiness, you can attract new relationships and experiences that align with your highest good.

Tips for Maintaining a Healthy Relationship With Your Ex Post-Manifestation

If you’ve successfully manifested your ex back into your life, it’s important to focus on maintaining a healthy relationship moving forward. One essential aspect of this is setting boundaries with your ex post-manifestation. Take the time to process the end of the past relationship and ensure that both of you have moved on before pursuing a friendship or any other type of relationship.

Another crucial aspect of a healthy relationship with your ex is open communication and trust. By discussing your feelings, concerns, and expectations with your ex, you can better understand each other’s needs and work together to create a strong foundation for your new relationship.

Additionally, focusing on self-improvement and engaging in activities that bring you joy and help you reach your full potential can contribute to a healthier and more fulfilling relationship with your ex.

Real-Life Law of Attraction Ex-Back Success Stories

There are countless real-life Law of Attraction ex-back success stories available online, with people proudly sharing their experiences of manifesting their ex-back using the Law of Attraction. These success stories demonstrate that manifestation can work when done correctly and with the right intentions.

However, it’s essential to remember that every situation is unique, and what works for one person may not work for another.

The key to successful manifestation is having faith in the process and putting in the effort and dedication required to achieve your desired outcome. By following the steps outlined in this blog post and approaching your journey with a positive attitude, you can increase your chances of manifesting your ex back into your life.

Remember, the Universe is always working in your favor, and with patience and perseverance, anything is possible.


In conclusion, manifesting your ex back using the Law of Attraction is a fascinating and potentially life-changing journey.

By following the 5-step process outlined in this blog post and focusing on maintaining a positive attitude and high vibrational energy, you can increase your chances of successfully attracting your ex back into your life.

However, it’s essential to be aware of the limitations and ethical concerns associated with using manifestation techniques to rekindle a relationship.

Ultimately, the best approach to rebuilding a healthy and loving relationship is open communication, personal growth, and a genuine desire for happiness and fulfillment for both you and your ex. So trust the process, believe in yourself, and let the Universe guide you on your journey to love and happiness.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I manifest my ex back in my life?

Yes, you can manifest your ex back in your life if you put in the right work. Start by believing that it is possible and creating a positive outlook. Take steps to improve your own life, reach out if necessary, and forgive any hurt your ex may have caused. With patience and determination, you can make it happen!

Oct 21, 2022. Believe that it is possible and use positive affirmations to fuel your desire. Take steps to improve your life and reach out to your ex, if needed. Forgive them for any hurt they caused and have faith that you will find a way to reconnect.

With commitment and resilience, you can achieve this goal. Just keep a look out during this time for the signs that manifestation is working to bring them back to you.

How do you manifest someone to come back to you?

To manifest someone back into your life, focus on what you want, keep positive emotions and energies close to you, raise your vibration, and take inspired action with patience. Believe that it is possible, and visualize your desired outcome – your manifestation will come to be!

Focus on what you want and keep positive emotions and energies close to you. Raise your vibration and take inspired action with patience. Believe that it is possible and visualize your desired outcome. Your manifestation will come to be!

How do I manifest my ex to contact me?

You can manifest your ex to contact you by following simple steps:

  1. set an intention for what you want
  2. visualize them reaching out to you
  3. create a plan of action
  4. believe in the manifestation process
  5. affirm that they will contact you soon

With an optimistic attitude and faith in the power of the law of attraction, you can manifest them to text you.

How do you make your ex want you back more?

Taking time apart and working on yourself can be the best way to make your ex want you back. Show your ex that you have made positive changes in your life by being a better version of yourself, and use positive language when speaking with them.

Stay optimistic and things may just work out in the end!

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19 Easy Steps to Manifest Someone to Text You Instantly

Humanity has been blessed with an inherent power of manifestation. You can use the power to manifest anything from a new job to a whole new dream life. You can also manifest other things like making someone text you. So, here’s how to manifest someone to text you.

The main action steps for manifesting someone to text you instantly:

  1. Enhance focus power and attention span.
  2. Form clear intentions of an exact message.
  3. Visualize getting the text on your phone.
  4. Feel as if you have already got the message.
  5. Use positive affirmations and other techniques.

These are only the major steps. The whole thing is a 19-step process. Read the entire process until the last step; as for manifesting the text instantly, the last step is the most important.

manifest someone to text lg

Now let’s review the . . .

19 Easy Steps to Manifest Someone to Text You Instantly

1. Build your focus power

The first step is to improve two fundamental mind powers that you have – focus and attention. With enough focusing power, you can even manifest a phone call instead of a text. So, enhancing these powers is the only way forward.

The more focus power and attention span you can generate, the more powerful and extended your visualizations will be to manifest what you want. Greater control of your focus power will also enable you to easily deal with negative thinking.

2. Craft the exact text you want

The next step is clearly defining the object of your focus and attention. In this case, the object is the text message from that specific person.

Have a clear idea of the exact kind of text message you want. Then craft a couple of samples. Create a mental image and clear intention of receiving the exact text. How will it look on your phone in real life? And how will you feel after getting it?

3. Visualize receiving the text

Visualization is the best way to manifest anything. Don’t take this lightly, as I have listed this on the third step. It’s actually the most important step. The first two simple steps were only preparatory steps leading to this one.

Visualize getting the exact text message you want from the specific person. Close your eyes and imagine receiving and reading the text on your phone screen.

Try to make the visualization as vivid and lucid as possible. Repeat the visualizations for longer periods of time with each iteration.

4. Feel like receiving the text

Along with visualizing getting the text, you also have to put equal emphasis on the feeling aspect of your imagination. The visualizations must always accompany the actual positive feelings of receiving the text.

To replicate the feeling of receiving the text on the phone screen, you can save your phone number by the name of the person and send the message to your own number. It’s a very useful phone visualization technique.

Are there any chances that the person is your soul mate? To make sure, read this blog post on my site on proven soulmate manifestation signs!

5. Write down the text on the manifestation journal

Using a manifestation journal is essential for speedy manifestations. The best part is that by writing down your desires and visualizations on a piece of paper, you are already turning them into a reality in the form of written text.

Also, writing down the text messages you want to get and your feelings about them will immensely help your visualization techniques. It will make you more detailed and focused. You will also find it easier to remember your visualizations and repeat them properly.

6. Print the text and pin it on a vision board

Here’s another very powerful manifestation tool – the vision board. A vision board turns your desires into a visual reality, which creates a very powerful feedback loop. Whenever you will see the board, positive emotions will fill your heart, which in turn, will strengthen your manifestation power.

So, print out the desired texts, ideally as an image showing how they will appear on your phone screen, and put them on a vision board. You can also display images of the particular person and other images emitting positive vibes.

7. Use positive affirmations

Positive affirmations is another essential step for manifesting anything. Use affirmations containing the outcome of your desires — such as:

[Name of the person] just messaged me!

I just got a message from [Name of the person] and I am very happy!

[Name of the person] texted me [you desired message].

Uttering positive statements in the present tense, as if already happened or happening, is the most powerful way to mobilize the power of your thoughts. Positive affirmations have enough power to literally manifest someone to be obsessed with you. Click the link to read how you can do that on my site!

8. Practice meditation

Meditation is the only thing that helps and strengthens all the other steps of the manifestation process. It works like a strong base that holds your fort of manifestations. Most importantly, meditation enhances your visualization exercise and positive affirmations.

On the other hand, meditation is a powerful tool to foster high vibrations and positive experiences in life. Meditating in a quiet place before and after sleep is a very good thing for your manifestation journey.

9. Cultivate mindfulness and intuition

Mindfulness and intuition enable you to transcend negative experiences and negative things by being firmly grounded in the present moment. Also, by being mindful and intuitive all the time, you often get urges to take inspired actions that lead you to your desired outcome.

That’s why these two states of mind are considered powerful law of attraction states. To cultivate these states, meditation is the best tool out there. Also, trying to maintain these states consciously all the time helps a lot.

10. Stay joyful to vibrate on a higher frequency

Joyfulness and blissfulness are the highest forms of positive energy vibrations. The higher the vibrational frequency you have, the stronger your manifestation power becomes. And positive things start to happen in abundance.

Always entertain positive thoughts and run away the moment you see any negativity rising in your mind. A great way of running away from negativity is to shift your focus to something positive or something neutral. You can simply be aware of your breathing and start taking deep breaths. This will instantly take you to high-vibe energy.

11. Dispel negativity

A positive mindset is the best weapon in your manifestation arsenal. To be able to sustain positivity within you is perhaps the greatest of all skills one can have.

That’s why it’s imperative that you stay away from negative thoughts, negative emotions, limiting beliefs, or anything that breeds negative energy in you; especially when engaged in any energy work like manifestation. With low-vibe energy, manifestation won’t simply work.

Just remember – the first thing to know about negative beliefs is – deep-seated common limiting beliefs reside deep in the subconscious mind. You have to be extra careful to stay alert against these self-sabotaging beliefs.

12. Strengthen trust

Without bulletproof trust in the manifestation process, you won’t be able to manifest anything instantly. And, with complete trust, you can even dodge plenty of bullets. So, indulging in doubtful thoughts surely is a bad idea.

If you are struggling with lingering doubts about the manifestation process, I suggest you read the true law of attraction success stories of people just like you and me. Also, starting with manifesting easy and small things can gradually help build trust.

This way, you will soon be ready to even manifest a boyfriend or girlfriend quite fast! Click to read the guide on my site.

13. Bump into them in unexpected places

Bumping into each other in different ways is a good idea when you are trying to manifest someone to text you instantly. Physically being in contact will enable the positive energy you have been building within you to affect them strongly.

As a result, the thought of making a move toward you, most likely in the form of the text message, will cross their mind. From then on, you just need a bit of push from the universe, and instant magic will unfold.

14. Get noticed on social media

Another less physical but equally effective way of bumping into each other is social media. For best results, you should keep trying both options.

Get connected with their best friend or a family member and comment on their posts to get noticed by the specific person you are trying to get the text from. And, if you can manage to get noticed both offline and online, they will start to take this as a hint from the universe to approach you.

15. Use the whisper method

Many manifestation practitioners have found the whisper method to be a powerful method for their practice. So, you should also try this out for manifesting someone to instantly text you.

Essentially, it’s a very specific visualization technique. To carry this out, you have to imagine walking up to that person in your mind’s eye and whispering into their ears what you want them to do. In this case, sending you the exact message that you want.

For best results, repeat this visualization, imagining them as both awake and asleep.

16. Deploy pillow method

The pillow method is also a very popular manifestation method used by many practitioners. This method complements the positive affirmation step described earlier.

To practice the pillow method, you have to pick the most potent affirmation – the one that makes you feel the most and write it down on a piece of paper. Now, simply put the paper under your pillow when you go to sleep. Also, make sure the affirmation is the one you utter before going to sleep.

17. Implement two cup method

Here’s another useful manifestation technique that you can use. It’s called the two cup method.

To deploy the two cup method, you will need two cups – one filled with water and the other empty. Now, label the water-filled cup as “current reality” and the empty cup as your “desired reality”.

Under the desired reality empty cup, put a piece of paper with your desires written on it. In your case, the text message from the specific person. Now, pour the water from the current reality into the desired reality cup.

This practice creates a beautiful symbolic representation of your current reality turning into your desired reality right in front of your eyes.

18. Let go of the attachment

Best things start to happen the moment you let go of them, as strong attachments bring negative results like worry, anxiety, and stress in the first place.

So, if you are holding on to the desire of getting the text message from the specific person too strongly, it’s time to simply let go and surrender the desire to the universe. Let the universal energy take care of it for you.

After manifesting the text, the next step is to manifest the person in your life. But how would you know when they are coming? Read the law of attraction specific person signs on my site!

19. Become an expert manifestor

Although I have enlisted this as the last step, this is the most important step for manifesting something instantly.

Manifesting something can take a long time in the beginning, especially when the free will of another person is involved. To manifest anything instantly requires almost a magical level of dynamism. Becoming an expert is a must and the final step for this kind of successful manifestation.

But the good news is that keep repeating the easy steps detailed above from now on, and it won’t take much time for you to become an expert manifestor to manifest your desired text message instantly.


No matter what’s going on in life, always keep your energy level high and mindset positive. High energy and positivity are the lifeblood of manifestation. From then on, manifesting starts to become easy. Know exactly what you want, keep visualizing the dream life, meditate, be mindful, and use positive affirmations daily.

The law of attraction manifestation methods is a gift to us humans from the universe. Through manifestation processes, we can take control of our lives in our own hands. I hope the easy ways outlined above help you to get what you want.

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25 Proven Law of Attraction Specific Person Signs

Manifesting a specific person, a soulmate, or a twin flame in your life using the law of attraction can take some time due to the dynamics of free will involved. So, looking out for positive signs is a good way to stay motivated. To ascertain you are in the right direction, keep an eye on the law of attraction specific person signs.

Here are the major signs the specific person is coming:

  • Vivid, life-like visualizations
  • Hopeful dreams
  • People connected to the person enter your life
  • Your doubts begin to fade
  • You let go of the attachment to outcome
  • You become your best version
  • Synchronicities abound

Relying only on the major signs might result in a false positive.

So in this article, we’ll review a lot of signs! Any one of these on their own might not mean much. But a few (or several) of these in conjunction with each other can very easily mean that your manifestation efforts to connect with someone in particular are working!

And when something is working, keep doing more of it!

LOA specific person lg

So, read on to know all the . . .

25 proven law of attraction specific person signs below!

1. Visualizations getting more vivid, clear, and life-like

Visualizations are what make the law of attraction work. So, more vivid and clear visualizations simply indicate you are very near the specific outcomes.

If you are visualizing having a specific person in your life and the visualizations are getting surprisingly lucid, it’s a sure sign that you are getting the person in your own reality very soon.

Visualizations are the first step toward any manifestation. With proper visualization, you can even manifest a romantic partner being obsessed with you!

2. Seeing the particular person in dreams

Dreams are an important companion of your manifestation journey. Dreams are the easiest way for the subconscious mind or the higher power to communicate signs to you.

Pay close attention to what you are dreaming while using the law of attraction and other manifestation techniques. In the case of manifesting a particular person, when the manifestation is near, you are likely to see that person in your dreams pretty regularly.

3. The dreams are positive and filled with hope and positive emotions

Not only will you see the person more in your dreams, but the dreams themselves will also fill you with intense positive energy and confidence.

During the early stages of manifestation, the dreams usually accompany negative or neutral shades of imagery, feelings, and emotions. However, when you near the completion of attracting something in your life, your dreams start to become outright positive and almost imbue fairytale-like uplifting energy.

To help with tracking the feelings in your dream, start using a dream journal the next time you dream something. Also, while you are basking in the bliss of your positive dreams, here’s a powerful trick – try to make them dream of you as well. This can hasten the process of their arrival in your life manifold!

4. Yearning for that person becomes more intense

The amount of attraction that you already have for the person might seem overwhelming, but when the person is about to come into your life, the intensity of the yearning will surpass your wildest dreams. However, there will not be the torment of desperation that your initial cravings used to have.

Increasing the intensity of your strong urge for true love in a positive and fulfilling way is the best way for the universe to channel more high vibrational energies within you. This yearning will take you to the next step of realizing your dream of living with the person.

5. Feel driven to take inspired action

Getting inspirational or intuitive impulses to take certain actions related to or towards the person you are trying to attract is another important sign indicating something pivotal is happening in the universal creative dynamics in your life.

Usually, the actions are likely to be very small but powerful, like the sudden urge to send a text message or a bunch of new, inspired positive affirmations that start to come out of your mouth. Some higher power is in play here.

6. People connected to the person enter your life

New people or mutual friends who are connected with the specific person enter your life for the first time. This is another clear sign. It is also a bridge event that connects your current reality with your desired reality that’s approaching fast.

It can be a family member or even an old friend. This not only means they are coming into your life but also indicates that you have already got into the person’s life via mutual contact.

7. You suddenly bump into that person at unlikely places

Bumping into the person you are trying to attract into your life in unexpected places is a very good sign. It can be at a grocery store or simply while taking a stroll down the road.

These kinds of surprising meets are there to flare up the love possibilities between you two. The unexpected bumping into each other also indicates the vibrational frequency is getting matched.

So, it’s important that you stay mentally and physically prepared to get in front of them all the time.

8. You become calmer and more confident with time

Here’s something you might not have heard before – when you are near receiving something you have been passionately desiring for quite some time, your inner being becomes aware of it coming much before your surface being.

That’s why it’s another sure sign that the person is coming into your life if you are feeling calmer and more confident these days. Most of the time, you will feel grounded in the present moment.

9. You start to know for sure they are coming into your life soon

Gradually, the inner knowledge starts to appear in the surface mind as intimations or a vague perception of something good happening. You start to know in your heart that the love of your life is almost there.

With time your surface consciousness also becomes very much certain. It’s as if you know for sure their arrival is imminent.

10. You start to let go of the attachment to outcome

It’s a common sign that precedes manifestation. Just before specific goals materialize, the attachment will no longer be the torment or desperation it used to be.

This is also a result of the inner and surface certainty that I explained in the above signs. The attachment will subside in such a manner that you will feel empowered enough to remain happy and content, even with or without the specific person.

11. Your worry, anxiety, and desperation decrease

Another beautiful thing happens when you near the completion of manifesting your loved one – Negative thoughts start to subside significantly. They start to get replaced with positive thoughts.

The certainty and letting go of the attachments enable your mind to be free of the tormenting burdens of worry and anxiety that used to accompany you like ghosts. And, you start to feel more deserving – that’s the next sign.

12. You start to feel more worthy of getting that person in your life

Another crazy thing about the law of attraction is that it makes you get rid of your limiting beliefs by keeping you in a positive mindset. So, when you are trying to attract a specific person into your life, naturally, any damaging beliefs about your self-image will go away when your desire is about to become real.

Once you start to own the truth inside you, the physical reality starts to respond likewise.

13. Your self-love, self-image, and mental health improve significantly

As the negative energy and limiting beliefs dissipate, some consequent big changes follow. Traumas from past experiences are not prominent anymore. Above all, your positive mindset becomes a new normal on a daily basis.

As a result, your overall perception of yourself, such as self-image and self-love, improves significantly. All this combines to greatly multiply your law of attraction power.

14. You are becoming the best version of yourself

As you can clearly see from the above signs, a lot of new positive changes will start to occur both in your inner and outer worlds. All areas of your life will feel an undeniable improvement.

Overall, you will start to reach the pinnacle of your human potential. This happens because manifesting a living human into your life is a pretty big feat to achieve. The universe must turn the best of you on to make it happen.

15. Your meditation starts to become deeper

Meditation is an important thing for the manifestation process. Meditation helps to strengthen all the essential mind power required to make the law of attraction work for you. Such as, both the pivotal visualization and affirmation powers get a tremendous boost from a daily meditation practice.

So, if you are working with the law of attraction, it’s likely that you are meditating as well. And guess what? Your meditations are likely to become very deep when you approach the completion of manifesting something as big as a person in your life.

16. You literally feel like they are by your side

It’s an undeniable sign of reality changing right in front of your eyes. You will notice this sign when the manifestation is very near.

It could be like you are all by yourself in the room or walking all alone in the park, but suddenly you feel like they are by your side. It’s not imaginary. The feeling will be very much palpable.

You might even start talking to them, completely unaware that they are not actually there. And only after you get no reply do you realize they are not there yet.

17. It feels like they are calling you from a distance

It’s another variation of the feeling of presence described above. This time, it’s in the form of an auditory vision.

When the specific person is almost there in your life, it can happen that you often feel as if they are calling you from a distance. It’s your subconscious mind playing tricks but at the same time indicating their imminent arrival.

18. You see their face in the crowd

Here’s another sign belonging to the same sign family – seeing their fleeting image in real life.

This usually happens when you are in a crowded place with lots of people around. You will suddenly feel like you just saw the person somewhere in the crowd, but when you look back again closely, you won’t find them there. This is also a meaningful trickery of the subconscious, like auditory visions.

19. They are interacting more on social media

When the power of the law of attraction is working its magic in pulling them toward you, there’s a very good chance that they will try to interact with you in different ways as a precursor to their full arrival in your life. And social media is a very easy way for them to do this.

If you are already connected on social media, you will start to notice more likes, comments, shares, etc., from them. If you are not connected, you might end up getting a follow request from them.

20. Level of synchronicities increases in life

Here’s another magical effect of the law of attraction – when it starts to work in your life, the very life becomes magical. One of the ways the magic works out is through synchronicities.

Such as, you will just be in the right place at the right time for the dream job or new opportunities. Even your unintended actions will produce a positive impact. Subtle changes might lead to great incidents in mysterious ways.

21. Your other manifestations become real

Whenever you are using the law of attraction to manifest someone, or something special, it’s natural to practice the law for all the other things that you want in life. It’s standard practice, and most practitioners do this by default.

What is interesting about this fact is that when one of your manifestations starts to become true, automatically, you become much more powerful to manifest even more. So, it’s definitely a sign that your big desires are coming true sooner than later if your other manifestations are becoming real.

22. Subtle signs from the universe

There will be an increasing number of subtle signs indicating in different ways that you are on the right path. Signs such as angel numbers, seeing the person’s name everywhere, a white feather, etc., indicate your spirit guides are sending your way.

So, it’s a good idea to pay close attention to these telltale signs. Keep an eye on anything with numbers and digits, like a license plate or employee nameplates. Also, notice if you are getting 11:11, 10:10, 10:01, etc., whenever you look at your phone clock.

23. They call or text you

A phone call or a text message is among the clearest signs that they are almost in your life. So, if you get any of these from the person you are trying to manifest, be sure that you are almost there.

Just put forward the best self that you already are and stay positively playful. The universe will take care of the rest for you.

On this note, if you want to specifically focus on getting a text message first from the person you are manifesting, click the link to read the guide on my site!

24. Psychic professionals confirm

If you believe in spiritual awakening, then you must also lay trust that there might be people who truly are psychics. You can also get signs of manifestation from a psychic source, like numerology experts or a professional psychic artist.

Tarot cards reading for your love life could also be a good idea to get the signs. Have an open mind and take the services of these esoteric experts whenever you come across them.

25. Positive things happen more often

Using the law of attraction is a spiritual journey. And the good news is that when you become adept in the process, good things will start to happen more frequently in your daily life. It can be a new job, a new car, or making new friends.

When you are nearing the completion of a major manifestation, the impact also spreads into other areas of your life. Even your other relationships improve.


Manifesting something as big as a specific person can take a long time sometimes, but knowing the proven signs is a great way to stay motivated and on the right track.

I hope the signs that I have gathered here from my years of experience in manifesting things help you understand your current situation better. No matter where you are currently on your journey, I strongly urge you to continue working on your dreams with positive thinking. Things might occasionally seem hopeless, but a little push to go past this phase could be enough to make the magic happen!

Image by Enrique Meseguer from Pixabay

Manifest Your Ex Back (Law of Attraction Success Stories)

Manifesting your ex back using the power of the law of attraction may seem too good to be true sometimes. But hearing the success stories of others also help to boost belief in the manifestation process. So below, I’ve compiled some great law of attraction getting an ex back success stories.

The law of attraction getting an ex-back success stories often involve the powerful tools of creative visualization, maintaining a positive attitude and thoughts, reciting positive affirmations daily, removing negative beliefs, and learning to let go of attachment to outcome.

Really knowing this can and will happen is crucial for manifesting it!

So in this article, we will highlight a few easy and inspiring law of attraction stories about getting an ex back that exemplify the use of these very powerful laws of the universe so that you can get inspired and use them to get your ex back.

But beyond the stories, I’ll also give you some simple, actionable tips about exactly how to go about manifesting your ex back. And I’ll also cover a few pitfalls to avoid!

Let’s dive in!

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Table of Contents:

LOA ex back stories lg

How to visualize manifesting a specific person

Visualization is the best way to manifest anything. If you read the law of attraction success stories below, you will see all of the stories have one thing in common. They all have used visualization practices to feel exactly how they would have felt if their ex actually came back.

To manifest a specific person, you have to visualize a life with that person using the power of imagination, focus, and attention.

The first thing you need is a clear perception of the person. How do they look? How do they smile? How do they walk? What are their characteristics? How would you feel living with that person?

Once, you have a clear mental image of the person and their personality, it’s time to deploy them in your visualizations. Imagine both of you living the dream life and enjoying all the stuff you would like to do with them.

It can be everything from watching a movie together, having breakfast, sleeping together, having an exotic vacation, and everything else that you want to do together. The most important thing is to generate the exact intense feeling during visualizing as if you are actually living in that reality of your imagination.

Repeat these visualizations as often as you can and for as long as you can. Gradually, you will notice that your visualization is getting more and more vivid. The more vivid they become, the nearer the manifestation.

Using a vision board and a manifestation journal is a great way to aid the process of visualization. With a vision board and scripting on the journal, you will be able to add an extra layer of reality to your visualization process.

Annie’s story of manifesting their ex back

Here’s a story that very easily demonstrates how detailed, vivid visualization can get an ex back like a charm.

Annie shares her story on Reddit. It’s a fascinating story of how joyfully you can approach the manifestation process and make anything you want into a reality.

Annie simply relies on the very intense feelings of already having what she wants. “I imagine how good it feels to have what I want,” she says.

She goes on to say, “I imagine myself with the person I’m manifesting and I imagine exactly what we do, how we do it, where, etc.” Notice her emphasis on detailed visualization.

She wanted to manifest her ex back and live a dream life on the beach. So, she started visualizing life on the beach.

“I’ll get cozy, close my eyes in bed, and open my mind up to a beautiful scene where we’re sitting on a beach, laughing about something, I’m holding his right hand and I’m smiling and I feel the salty cold air on my face. I take a deep inhale of the fresh ocean air and when I look over, he’s smiling at me, and I’m appreciating how handsome he is, and that makes me smile.”

Isn’t it fascinating how clear and detailed the visualizations are? She is feeling the salty cold air on her face and even knows exactly which hand she is holding. Just reading her story makes you live the moment. And that’s the right way to do it!

Her story also points to another crucial element – gratefulness. Annie also felt a deep sense of gratefulness for living the moment as if she is not living it in her imagination but in real life. “So, the whole scenario is very enthusiastic and satisfying and brings me gratefulness,” she says.

No wonder she has success every time she wants to manifest something. With strong enough manifestation energy, you can even manifest a new partner to be obsessed with you! Click to read how you can do that on my site!

The power of scripting to manifest someone

Earlier, I mentioned scripting in a manifestation journal to help you visualize more effectively. Let’s shed more light on the power of scripting to manifest someone, as it can really be an effective way to success.

  • Scripting makes it real. By scripting, you are making your desires a little bit more real by putting them on paper. Now, your visions are not only living in your mind, but they are also very much real on another plane. So, it’s a massively powerful tool.
  • Scripting helps you to be detailed, specific, and realistic. While writing your desires and visualizations down, you will automatically see the gaps and feel the need to be more detailed and realistic.
  • More vivid visualization. While writing down your visualizations, you will also enact the visualizations more vividly in your mind and start to feel the reality of your desires a bit more intensely. It’s also natural to feel goosebumps while writing down your dream life.
  • Scripting will also keep you on the right path by not letting you forget your most important visualizations and elements that give you more potent feelings.
  • Positive energy reinforcement. By writing down your affirmations, gratefulness, and positive statements, you get to reinforce the positive energy and good luck that multiplies your power to manifest.

So, you should, in no way, take scripting lightly when you are manifesting your ex back into your life. And I strongly suggest you use a pen and paper version manifestation journal instead of any digital notebook.

Ally’s story of manifesting their ex back

This is a story that demonstrates how scripting really is a good idea. What truly helped Ally was scripting, affirmations, meditation, visualizing, and living in the end. Let’s hear her inspiring true story of getting her ex back using the law of attraction techniques!

Ally went through a horrible breakup with her boyfriend last year. It was so heartbreaking that she couldn’t even get her to share the details of the breakup. It really took her to a bad place internally. Then, there was a no contact period of three months.

In the meantime, she was learning about law of attraction from a relevant YouTube channel. She tried all the most important things, from scripting to visualizing, but nothing seemed to be working. She also used to have occasional anxiety attacks.

Although she manifested things before, she was having a hard time as she considered getting her ex back as a very big manifestation. Which it is, and it can take a long time. But it’s important to keep working on your dream love life.

To break out of the cycle of anxiety and frustration, she started to live in the end and completely disregarded the breakup. She continued her practices of affirmation, scripting, and visualizations.

She shares:

“I would tell myself that he is obsessed with me, that he’s constantly thinking about me, and obviously I am a goddess, everyone wants to be with me,”

Gradually, she started to become more and more confident and have good feelings about it. She even put a date on when her ex would text her.

Do you want to know the good news? It happened on that exact date!

And a few days later, she got the messages from him saying exactly what she affirmed to herself. Isn’t it wonderful!

“Don’t give up, you already came so far, believe, live in the end, tell yourself that it’s happening, set an intention that it’s happening. I even put a date when he’d be back, and just let it be.” She says.

How to let go of attachment to outcome to draw people’s attention

Another very intriguing common thread that many of the successful law of attraction stories have is that it started to manifest when they could let go of the attachment to the desired outcome. It sounds counterintuitive, but it has a deeper truth ingrained within.

When you stay too attached to the outcome, you become more driven by the feeling of lack instead of feeling like already having the desired thing. But that’s exactly what creates negativity and bad things.

For successful law of attraction states, you need to feel the presence of the thing you desire, not the lack of it.

When the thing is already with you, there’s no attachment to the outcome, there’s only peace, calm, and bliss. That’s why you have to learn to let go of the outcome when you are trying to manifest something.

In the case of manifesting your ex back using the law of attraction, it’s easy to get lost in the intense attachment to your romantic partner. Staying away from them can simply be so tormenting that the desire to get them back become like a fire burning. But this is a hotbed for all negative energy, thoughts, and emotions.

To fix this, you need to let go of the outcome in the first place. You have to accept happiness with or without your ex. You need to learn to love yourself enough to be calm and collected. That’s the only way you will be able to start to feel the joy of already having them in your visualizations and imagination. Soon, you will start to live in the end result in your real life even though they are not here yet.

Robert’s story of manifesting their ex back

This story I’m about to tell you perfectly explains why strong attachment bars the law of attraction from working in your favor and how letting go is the best thing to do.

Robert’s ex girlfriend broke up with him as he was an alcoholic and hid the fact from her. When she found out, she became furious and broke up with Robert.

But Robert knew he did a mistake by not being honest with her. He started to improve himself. “I don’t blame her. I put myself in detox and haven’t drank since,” he states.

He also tried the no contact rule for 30 days but couldn’t resist contacting her for more than 21 days. But breaking the no contact worked against his favor. She got even more furious.

Out of desperation, Robert even contacted her dad and best friend, which made the matter far worse. It seemed as if it was the end of his loving relationship forever, and his soul mate would never come back to him.

But then, he started to practice law of attraction. He did meditation, affirmation, and visualization by watching many related videos online. But it all started to work only when he could manage to let go of the strong attachment to the outcome.

“I realized I needed to be happy for myself with or without her.” He says. And that’s exactly when the magic started to unfold. Letting go was the right thing that truly made everything work.

During this time, his ex’s brother decided to visit Robert. This was a bridge to the ultimate manifestation for Robert.

Although he was totally convinced that she would never write him again and thanked god for having her in his life for whatever time he had her, the very next morning, he gets reconciliatory text messages from her. And the long story short, he becomes certain that she is coming back for a better relationship this time!

If you are also someone like Robert manifesting for the first time and want to start with small manifestations, I suggest starting with manifesting a text message first. Click the link to read the comprehensive guide on my site!

How To Manifest Your Ex Back (step-by-step)

So, from the above success stories of getting an ex back using the law of attraction, we can definitely create a solid step-by-step plan.

Here’s what a standard step-by-step entire process to manifest your ex back looks like:

Detailed and specific visualization is the first step. You have to have a clear idea about the person and how your life together will look like and visualize that to make it a reality.

Feeling or living in the end. While carrying out your visualizations, it’s of utmost importance that you feel like already getting your ex back. You must always feel as if you are together again in a new relationship.

Removing negative thoughts, beliefs, and emotions. Negative thoughts like anxiety, worries, and other negative emotions are very detrimental and slow the process down heavily. It can also produce negative outcomes. You must stay away from these as much as possible.

Positive affirmation in the present tense. Uttering positive statements in the present tense exudes positive energy, takes you on a higher frequency, and suggests your subconscious mind to attract the reality you want.

Scripting and vision boards. Another very important step is to write down your visualizations, desires, and daily affirmations to make them a reality. You should also design a vision board as a direct visual representation of your desired outcome.

Above all, learn to let go. Letting go is of paramount importance for manifesting your ex back. If you can’t let go of the strong attachment to the outcome of getting them back, you will be in the lack-consciousness. By letting go, you allow yourself to be in the have-consciousness.

Ruby’s story of manifesting their ex back

Here’s another great success story that explicitly shows how Ruby manifested her ex back using all the steps described above.

After being in a happy relationship with her boyfriend, things started to drift on different frequencies due to Ruby’s thoughts of unworthiness and fights with her boyfriend in her head. Gradually, her negative thoughts started to manifest in reality, and they experienced a breakup.

As she had previous experiences with the law of attraction, she knew she had to take control and do something about her situation.

For the first two to three weeks, she completely focused on herself, her self-concept, and generating a strong belief that she is the source of everything going on in her life.

Then, she decided to work on her beliefs about her boyfriend and their relationship. She went on a strict mental diet to get rid of all the negative emotions, beliefs, and thoughts. She practiced deep visualizations for her desired outcome before going to bed every night.

After about two weeks, things started to manifest. Her boyfriend reached out to her, although not entirely as she imagined, as two weeks is really not that much time.

So, she decided to take things with caution. She replied politely and ignored that version of him as she was being shown. She wanted the perfect image of a relationship that she was trying to manifest.

A week later, he asked for a date, told her how stupid he’d been and how much of an idiot he was. He also professed his love for her very dearly. Now things were getting closer to the exact reality Ruby was trying to manifest.

She shares in her story:

“It actually freaked me out at one point, as on one evening, he kept repeating all my affirmations and lovely things I’d said to myself,”

Even after that, she didn’t stop there. She continued to use the law on herself and always wanted to move in with him. So that’s what she continued to imagine and visualize having a great time.

And guess what? The very next Christmas, she finally finished moving all her things into his house! She has had a good time with him since then.

“It all happened so fast when I really focused on the reality I wanted in my head and ignoring everything else that was in my current reality,” she says.

Signs from the universe that your ex is coming back

Now that you know how to manifest your ex back into your life and are inspired enough by all the success stories, it’s time to prepare for the future. You should also be aware of the signs to look for when manifestation is working, and your ex is coming back.

Here are the major signs that your ex is coming back:

  • Your imaginations and visualizations are getting more vivid, clear, and life-like.
  • You are seeing your ex more in your dreams.
  • The dreams are positive and fill you with renewed hope and positive emotions.
  • Your yearning for romantic relationships starts to become more intense.
  • You are driven to take inspired action toward them, like sending a text message.
  • New persons or mutual friends who are connected to your ex enter your life.
  • You suddenly bump into your ex at unlikely places.
  • You start to feel more and more calm and confident.
  • You start to know for sure that they are going to come back to your life soon.
  • You start to let go of the attachment due to your certitude in the desired outcome.
  • You start to feel more worthy of getting your ex back into your life.
  • Your self-love, self-image, and mental health improve significantly.
  • And the last thing, your worry, anxiety, and desperation for getting them back start to make way for the best version of yourself.

Now, start your journey of manifesting your ex back into your life with full confidence and positivity. Also, read this complete article on my site on how to manifest someone back to solidify your knowledge and a few more tips on the most powerful laws.


Good things come to those who believe in it. That’s right! If you believe you can get something, you will surely get it sooner or later. Just have to keep at it with all your positivity and hard work.

Follow your heart, dream big, and throw all your energy into achieving it. Constantly express gratitude for all the positive things you have and get rid of the negative self-talk at the back of your head trying to bring you down.

The stories above are a strong testament to the fact that by staying on course with a positive outlook, human beings can conquer any mountain that bars their way from true love!

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Image by Yassay from Pixabay and Image by StockSnap from Pixabay

Manifest Someone to Dream About You (Law of Attraction)

Believe it or not, by following a few proper steps, anyone can learn to manifest anything. But manifesting a person to fall in love with you seems different than manifesting an object, right? Not really. So, here’s how to manifest someone to dream about you:

The most important steps to manifest someone to dream about you are 1. Be specific about the person and the dream, Visualize the dream and send it to them in your mind, Use the whisper method, and meditate regularly to strengthen focus.

But is it really just that simple?

Be it a new job, a new car, or the love of your life, you can attract all the positive things in life. Intrigued to know more about the process of manifestation?

In this article, we’ll break down manifestation and the law of attraction in simple, actionable steps that anyone can take; no psychic powers required!

Read on to get yourself some serious knowledge!

manifest someone dream lg

What does it mean to manifest someone?

Manifesting someone means bringing someone into your life through law of attraction, power of positive thinking, few manifestation techniques, and inspired action.

You can manifest anyone. It can be a friend, a good business partner, or obviously, a romantic partner.

The process involves following the three dictums of the law of attraction:

  • Ask
  • Believe
  • Receive

Asking involves precise formulations of your intentions and visualizing exactly what you want.

The believing part involves believing so intensely and surely that you feel like already having the thing you desire. And, to receive, you simply have to be open and take any actions that intuition or inspiration leads you to.

The whole process works on the core principle of the law of attraction that states – the like attracts the like.

So essentially, it’s all about creating or reshaping your inner environment and mental attitude to match the vibrations of your desires.

All the manifestation techniques and actions are there to help you achieve that high vibrational energy within you that will attract the things you want.

If you can make yourself vibrate at a frequency by feeling like it, you will eventually end up being like it.

So, if you can vibrate at the frequency at which people usually vibrate while living with a loved one, you are likely to attract a loved one into your life.

With enough matching vibrations, you can even manifest someone to be absolutely obsessed with you! Want to know how you can do that? In that recent article, I have laid out exactly how to do that.

Click to read on my site!

Signs you are being manifested

Just like you are capable of manifesting someone in your life, it’s very much possible that someone else you know might be trying to manifest you in their lives right now.

If that’s the case, how would you be able to know beforehand?

Well, there are certain signs that you have to look out for:

  • You are feeling a yearning for true love or a romantic partner recently. This might indicate someone is trying to romantically attract you.
  • Your best friend or a family member suddenly starts to talk about you getting into a relationship. It’s the universe’s way of nudging you in that direction.
  • You are having more than usual positive feelings lately. It means you are starting to vibrate toward a more romantically inclined nature.
  • It feels like you are on the right track in life and finding yourself in the right place at the right moment.
  • Someone has been trying to connect with you on social media more than usual. It’s one of the outward signs indicating the specific person might be trying to manifest you in their life.
  • You are meeting a lot of new people. This indicates the universe is trying to get you to meet new people so that eventually you meet the person who is manifesting you.

Have you been noticing any of these signs lately?

It’s a good chance that you are being manifested by someone. And, if you are also in a position in life where a new partner would be beneficial, joining in on the manifestation process can save both of you a ton of time by hastening the process manifold.

How long does manifestation take to work?

More often than not, successful manifestation takes a bit of time to happen. As I mentioned just above, if both persons are trying to manifest each other at the same time, then it can happen with magical speed.

But such instances of mutual attraction are rare.

So, simply put, there are no specific answers to this question. It depends on many factors:

  • How adept are you at working with manifestation energy? By doing it more and more, you can make your manifestations faster.
  • Have you manifested stuff before? The more you manifest things, the stronger your faith becomes. Palpable faith works the fastest.
  • How big is the thing you are trying to manifest? Are you trying to manifest love or a dream job or a text message from someone?
  • How are the factors of good luck and free will working in the process? You should remember that in the case of manifesting a person, there’s always the extra dimension of that person’s free will and whether it is aligned with your will.
  • Are you using the right tools in the right manner? Using tools like visualization, positive affirmations, meditation, manifestation journal, etc. with the right mindset makes the process faster.
  • How much burdened are you with negative beliefs? Subtle yet deep negative thoughts can easily sabotage your manifestation efforts by delaying them.

A lot of people find it very difficult to manifest, while for others, it comes naturally. However, with practice, anyone can tap into this universal energy available equally to all.

Manifestation experts suggest starting with something small at the beginning to gradually boost confidence. Manifesting a text from someone can be a suitable target at this stage.

I strongly recommend that recent article on my site that would enable you to start small with your manifestations.

How to visualize what you want to manifest

Creative visualization is the best way to manifest anything.

By visualizing your dream life, you can make yourself feel like you are living the dream. As a result, your inner vibrational frequency becomes closer to that reality and starts to attract everything required to make it happen in real life.

Here’s how to effectively visualize what you want to manifest:

  • The first thing to know about visualization is the power of focus and your attention span. The stronger your focus and greater your attention span, the more sustained visualizations you can have.
  • The next step is to have a clear intention in as much detail as possible about exactly what you want. Having a crystal-clear intention and image of your desired outcome makes visualizing them easier and more effective.
  • While visualizing your desires, always give emphasis to the feeling aspect of it. Along with seeing your visualization with your mind’s eye, you also must feel exactly how you would have felt if it was happening in real life.
  • Using positive statements or affirmations is another great way to strengthen your visualization and turn on the feeling buttons. State your intentions and visions out loud in the present tense while feeling like living the reality of your statements.
  • Another similarly powerful tool is a manifestation journal. Along with saying your affirmations out loud, writing them down turns them into physical realities on a piece of paper. So, instead of using a digital version, get a  manifestation journal like this great one on Amazon, and always use the paper version.

Above all, when you are practicing creative visualizations, it’s immensely helpful to maintain a positive mindset throughout the process.

How to manifest someone to dream about you in 7 simple steps

Now let’s start the main part of this article – simple steps to manifest someone to dream about you. Let’s make the person of your dreams dream about you by using only seven action steps!

1. Be specific about the person and the dream

The first step is to know about the specific person and the kind of dream you want them to have in as much detail as possible.

  • What type of person are they?
  • What are their good qualities?
  • What are their bad habits?
  • What type of relationship do you want to have with them?
  • Are they your dream partner?
  • What is your vision of an ideal life with the dream partner?

Try to find out answers to such questions and as many more as you can think of.

Finally, craft the perfect dream that you want them to have about you based on all the answers to the questions above.

After forming the intention of sending the dream to the person, if you end up wanting them more closely in your life, I have written a recent article for you. Click to read on my site about how you can manifest your romantic partner!

2. Visualize the dream and send it to them

This is among the most important steps. Now, it’s time to visualize them having that exact dream you crafted in the first step.

The easiest way to visualize it is by seeing that person sleeping peacefully, but occasionally moving their arms and legs slightly. This means they are in their REM sleep when vivid dreams occur.

Now visualize yourself getting access to their mind, and you can see the exact dream they are having. Now, you feel very good that they are dreaming about you.

3. Use the whisper method

This third step is a manifestation tool that would be especially suitable for making someone dream about you.

This is a simple yet powerful tool. To carry out the whisper method, you simply have to imagine that the person is sleeping and you are walking up to them and whispering into their ears. You are telling them to dream about you.

Visualize you are narrating the whole dream to their ear with all the relevant passion and feelings.

The whisper method is also very effective in manifesting someone back into your life. If you have recently broken up with your loved one but desperately want them back, click that recent article that you must read on my site.

4. Meditate regularly to strengthen your focus

The fourth step involves the ancient practice of the sages – meditation.

I cannot emphasize the efficacy of meditation enough when it comes to manifesting anything. It’s the best thing you can do for yourself because it will immensely help you in strengthening your focus and increase your attention span.

Meditating in a quiet place also helps alleviate negative energy, which is very damaging to the manifestation process.

5. Be positive and optimistic

Good things happen to people with positive thoughts and an optimistic outlook on life. There’s no such thing as toxic positivity when it comes to doing manifestation.

Do whatever you can to help cultivate positive emotions and positive energy within you. The higher the vibrational frequency you can achieve, the faster your manifestation will become a reality.

Overall, try to have a healthy relationship with life and all types of people.

6. Dispel the negatives

The two arch enemies of the law of attraction are negative thoughts and limiting beliefs. You must be on guard against these two devils at all costs, all the time.

But they are very sneaky in their actions, as the subconscious mind is their origin and home.

That’s why meditation becomes even more important, as it enables you to become more aware of the deeper recesses of your being.

Apart from that, a smart tool that you can use against negativity is your breathing. Resort back to deep breaths whenever you are facing negative experiences.

7. Believe in the dream world

Although I am listing this as the final step, it’s perhaps the most important thing for manifesting someone to dream about you.

Because if you do not have a firm belief in the secret, deep-level connectivity within souls in the dream world, you won’t be able to generate powerful enough manifestation energy.

So, generate a strong belief within you that you can affect your dreams as well as the dreams of others through mind power.


As a few final thoughts, I would like to reassure you once again that creating the life of your dreams is very much in your powers through the proper utilization of manifestation techniques.

You can manifest all your positive desires whether you want someone to have a crazy dream about you or just want any other object.

Just follow the basics of manifestation and the law of attraction to attract someone, as described above, and you will simply be unstoppable in life.

Image by Stefan Keller from Pixabay

As an Amazon Associate, I may earn a small commission from qualifying purchases if you click on Amazon from my site and choose to make a purchase. You can read my complete affiliate disclosure for more details.

How to Manifest Someone to Be Obsessed with You (25 Tips)

It’s a wonderful feeling to have a loved one whose whole life revolves around you. Not all are lucky enough to get such obsessive, unconditional love. However, you can have it if you know how to manifest someone to be obsessed with you.

Essential tips to manifest someone to be obsessed with you:

  • Have clarity about the person and their obsession.
  • Visualize and feel deep love.
  • Emit clear intentions and affirmations.
  • Prepare yourself and your physical space.
  • Meditate to be mindful and intuitive.
  • Be the best version of yourself.

Following only the essentials won’t take you there fast enough. Below are all the 25 action steps to make it in time!

manifest someone obsessed lg

But now let’s review my . . . 

25 Tips on How to Manifest Someone to Be Obsessed with You

1. Know the right kind of obsession

The first step is knowing the right kind of obsession. The degree or level of obsession is the most important thing here.

So, the first thing you need to ask yourself is – What kind of relationship do you have in mind exactly?

I’m stressing this so much only because too much obsession or the wrong kind of obsession can easily make a relationship go haywire.  Before you move on with manifesting obsessive love in your life, be sure to have a clear idea about the kind of obsession you actually want.

2. Build a clear perception of the person

After knowing the right kind of obsession, the second step is to know the person in the right way.

It’s great that you have a specific person in mind whom you want to be obsessed with you. Now try to know the type of person they are in as much detail as possible.    You probably know how they look. Now, try to know about their personality, habits, hobbies, and inner life.

3. Clearly form your intentions

The above two steps or tips were preparing you for the third step of forming clear intentions.

Now that you know exactly what kind of obsession you want and the person you want from, develop formulaic, precise, and vivid intentions within your mind as well as in words and sentences.

This is the exact desired formula that you will be sending out to the universe and using throughout the process of manifestation.

4. Cultivate focus

This next step is about sharpening something you already have – the power of your focus.

You will need to use mind focus for many other steps while manifesting your desires. Different things can help you cultivate focus, such as reading for longer periods without a break, trying to do deep work for long periods, and doing everything with integrity, love, and care.

5. Increase attention span

This tip is complementary to the one above. Along with trying to improve your focus power, you also have to increase your attention span.

Focus and attention span work hand in hand to make manifestations happen in life. It’s all about how strongly you can focus on your desires and for how long you can hold your attention to them.

To increase your attention span, I suggest minimizing your social media usage along with the tips suggested above for improved focus.

6. Start visualization sessions

Visualizing yourself in a happy and loving relationship and feeling the emotions of love is the best thing for manifesting someone to be obsessed with you.

Start with little visualizations associated with feelings. Experience the reality of your desire with your mind’s eye. Gradually, expand and enlarge your visions to a full-fledged life with your dream partner.

Imagine and feel all this to be really happening to you whenever you do your visualization sessions.

7. Incorporate meditation practice

Here comes the trump card of all manifestation tips. Meditation is a tool that will help you to perform all the other steps in a much better and more controlled way.

It will help you to visualize better and be more mindful and intuitive. It will also help you to maintain high-vibe energy. I suggest starting with meditating for a little while, before or after sleep. And then, gradually increase the timing as you become more comfortable with the inner silence.

8. Deploy positive affirmations

The best way to use affirmations is in the present tense, with clear intentions and specific statements.

Using positive statements can help reprogram your subconscious mind. Positive phrases release any negative self-talk or thinking patterns that may be hindering your manifestation process.

Use the following affirmations for your current purpose:

  • I am in a happy relationship with [name of the person].
  • [Name of the person] is obsessed with me and I love that.
  • [Name of the person] can’t live without me.

9. Carry out the whisper method

The whisper method is another powerful tool that you can try to make someone obsessed with you.

To use the whisper method, imagine you walk up to the person while they are sleeping and whispering to their ears, “You love [your name]. You love [your name] more than anyone else in the world. [Your name] is the love of your life and you are obsessively in love with [your name].”

10. Feel loved and pampered

The law of attraction requires you to feel the way you want your life to be. So, as you are trying to attract someone to be head over heels for you, try different ways of feeling loved or pampered.

Maybe spend more time with friends and family members who love you and care for you the most. Consider getting a pet to feel cherished and loved If you don’t have one already.

Use a dating app to simulate and stimulate attraction. Also, meeting new people will help deal with negative emotions.

11. Utilize a vision board

A vision board is a fantastic visualization aid. The best thing about a vision board is you can see your dream life right in front of you.

Hang a photo of your ideal partner and all the romantic images of your love life having a great time. You can draw your own images or use beautiful photos that represent the kind of feeling you visualize.

It will help you to generate positive feelings and a good intentions just by looking at it.

12. Use a manifestation journal

Writing down your dreams, desires, and visions on a piece of paper can be immensely powerful for the manifestation process. It’s because you are making them real in a physical form of writing.

So, without any further ado, start creating a manifestation journal like this great one on Amazon containing all of your visualizations regarding how you envision your life to be with the love of your life.

Be as detailed as possible, specifically about your feelings. Create new visions every day!

13. Be ready to receive your obsessed partner

Here’s another great tip when you are trying to manifest love in your life – prepare yourself to receive your partner.

Be ready and worthy of being obsessed over. Do a bit of analysis of your strengths and weaknesses as a partner. Improve the lovely aspect even more and try to decrease the less lovely tendencies.

It’s also a good idea to prepare yourself by removing any unrealistic expectations that you might have of your future partner. Check out the most problematic unrealistic expectations that people often have from their romantic partners in this recent article on my site.

14. Create physical space to live together

While you are trying to manifest the person of your dreams in your life, prepare a space for you two to live together.

Imagine what you want your apartment to be like when you will be together. How do you think your partner would like it to be?

Design your space exactly like that. Even have a set of pillows for them on your bed. Do whatever you can within your budget to make it feel like you are living your dream life with your beloved.

15. Develop intuition

An intuitive mental state is one of the most powerful law of attraction states you can think of.

Intuition can change your life with just one single unique insight. It can show us clear signs of what is working and what we need to do more to stay on the right track.

You can also intuitively ascertain whether you are manifesting a soulmate into your life. All you need to do is be on the lookout for the major soulmate manifestation signs I have detailed in a recent article.

Click to read the post on my site!

16. Practice mindfulness

Mindfulness has numerous benefits for not only the manifestation process but life as a whole. Mindfulness means maintaining your cool no matter what life throws at you.

Maintaining calmness even during a hard time will enable you to sustain positive emotions and high vibrations all the time. This will enormously help you to turn your manifestations into reality.

The fastest way to achieve mindfulness is focused breathing. Simply be aware of your breathing, and you will be more and more mindful with time.

17. Improve your energy and vibration

Surrounding yourself with positive energy and maintaining a positive mindset is the most effective way to manifest love and attract the right person into your life.

The power of manifestation is much weaker in a state of low vibration.

The above steps of meditation, mindfulness, and intuition will enable you to be in a state of high vibrational energy and attract a good vibrational match.

However, it’s also important to consciously try to keep an upbeat frame of mind to sustain sufficiently high levels of joyful vibrations within you.

18. Be on guard against negative beliefs

Letting go of any negative beliefs and replacing them with positive thoughts and feelings is a great way to align yourself with the universe’s plan for you to find true love.

But negative beliefs can be hard to detect as they operate from deep within the subconscious mind. A few of these common limiting beliefs, like you are not good enough to get an obsessed lover, you are not beautiful enough or smart enough, etc., are very damaging to the manifestation process.

19. Replace negative thoughts, feelings, emotions

Negative thoughts or emotions hold us back from attracting the right person or situation into our life.

Whenever you find yourself in the clutches of negative experiences, bring back your awareness to breathing and take a few deep breaths. This works like a charm every time in alleviating negative energy and negative thinking.

Now, intentionally replace the negatives by thinking or doing pleasant thoughts and activities. Moments spent with negative emotion are a massive loss of power. Do not let it happen.

20. Improve your relationship with others

To manifest the love of your life, it’s important that your other relationships are also in a positive state.

Having a loving relationship with everybody around is a good way to maintain a positive attitude toward your goals. It will also help you to improve the goodness and kindness required for the law of attraction mental state.

For the same reasons, try to stay away from people who tend to drag you down emotionally.

21. Be kind and grateful

To align yourself with the energy of love, cultivate a loving, kind, and positive mindset toward yourself and the world around you.

Feel grateful for all the good things and people you have in life. Incorporate the feeling of gratefulness whenever you do your meditations. You can also write down grateful statements in your manifestation journal.

Kindness and gratitude enable us to have an overall healthy relationship with life as a whole.

22. Trust the manifestation process completely

I don’t need to tell you that trust is an important thing for the manifestation process.

It’s about trusting that the perfect time and the perfect match will come into your life as per the universe’s plan and having patience about it.

Above all, you must let go of any doubts. Sometimes, we can see that lingering doubts often stay beneath the conscious layer and sabotage our efforts. We must be careful about such instances.

23. Practice manifestation for everything

While you are trying to manifest something in particular, it’s also helpful to incorporate manifestation into your daily life.

Deploy the manifestation techniques for every single one of your desires. Start with easy steps of manifesting smaller things. This will help you to eliminate any doubts that you might have.

At first, manifesting a text from the person you are manifesting in your life could be a great way to start small.

Yes, you can do exactly that by following this detailed plan laid down in my recent article here on my site. Just a reminder, manifestation can only work for bringing positive things out of the depth of creation.

So, you cannot manifest anything that can be dangerous or harmful to you or others.

24. Letting go is also important

Manifesting love is not about forcing or controlling. Every relationship unfolds at its own pace.

Good things take a lot of time to manifest, but they will at the right time. Just do your work patiently. That’s why you have to create a balance between holding on to your desires and also letting it go at the same time.

That’s the mental state when manifestation thrives.

25. Be your best version

This is the final step because it’s the one that blankets all the other steps above. Living the best life is the original goal. And, you can do that only by becoming the best version of yourself.

Once you can actively work to become the best you can be, everyone around you will start to be madly in love with you. End of the day, that’s the most important achievement in life.

Now, before you move on to start your journey of manifesting someone to be obsessively in love with you, you will also find another recent article of mine immensely helpful. It’s about how to manifest a boyfriend.

The great tips and tools I have described here will be very useful for your manifestations.


Still finding it difficult to believe that these simple steps could manifest someone to be obsessed with you?

Just give it a try with an open mind!

Draw a clear perception of the kind of obsession you want and the person you want it from. Send out your intentions to the universe with clear words and visions. Feel like you are already living your dream life with your obsessed lover, all the while preparing yourself and the physical space to receive your dream partner.

Also, meditate to raise your energy level and live a mindful and intuitive life.

Above all, be the best version of yourself. Soon, you will find that not only the special someone but the whole world is obsessively in love with you!

Image by Alfonso Cerezo from Pixabay

As an Amazon Associate, I may earn a small commission from qualifying purchases if you click on Amazon from my site and choose to make a purchase. You can read my complete affiliate disclosure for more details.

19 Proven Ways to Manifest Someone Back Into Your Life

We’ve all had a breakup we didn’t want. And sometimes it’s with someone we really thought was truly meant for us. Can you get them back? Yes! You just need a strong push of manifestation power. So here’s how to manifest someone back into your life.

To manifest a person back in your life, first, be fully sure you truly want them back. Then form clear intentions for getting them back. Visualize a happy life together. Use a vision board and manifestation journal to make things real. Meditate, and strive to remove negativity from your life.

The ones above only point towards the major steps. Here is the complete set of 19 proven ways and action steps that you have to follow to manifest someone back into your life.

Get a FREE copy of The Ex-Back Handbook

manifest someone back lg

But now let’s review my . . . 

19 Proven Ways to Manifest Someone Back Into Your Life

1. Know the relationship

Before you embark on the journey of manifestation, the first thing you must know is how was your relationship with the person you want back in your life.

  • Will they still be a perfect match for you?
  • Are you being driven mostly by emotions?
  • Do you truly love them still?

Finding the answers to these questions is the first step to manifesting someone back into your life because you will need to find out all that happened when you were together to carry out the next steps.

Could it be possible that your ex is your soulmate?

It can take the stakes of getting them back a lot higher. Check out these soulmate manifestation signs in this recent article on my site before you proceed any further in manifesting your ex back.

2. Forgive

After knowing all the negative and positive things of your connection with your ex, and making it certain that you truly want them back, it’s time to start laying the grounds for the manifestation process.

That’s why the second step is forgiveness.

Forgiving the past hurts is always in the best interests when trying to manifest your ex back. Unforgiven the past hurts make positive thinking for the future very difficult.

If you cannot forgive them, there will always be negativity within you that will hamper the manifestation process.

3. Reframe the negatives

What were the negative aspects of your relationship with that particular person? What are the reasons they left in the first place?

After forgiveness has taken place to a certain extent, it’s now time to reframe the negatives into as much positive a light as possible.

Bring out positive changes in your life if you find that they are necessary to reframe the negatives into positives, such as, if any particular habit of yours used to bother your partner, maybe try to change that.

Also, know that there will be a hard time now and then, even when your ex comes back to you. But this time, you will be better prepared to tackle and overcome those.

4. Remove doubts

You have to have a razor-sharp certainty that you truly want your ex back in order for the manifestation to work.

You must have a desire from the core of your being. Once someone leaves us, there’s a high chance of lingering doubts or questions about whether they are the right person or an ideal partner for us.

So, along with removing the effects of past conflicts through forgiveness and reframing, you also have to look deeply at whether you have any doubts. If you notice any, you must reconsider your decision.

But what are the odds of reconciling?

Take a look at the chances of a soulmate coming back in another recent article that’s also on my site. I get into the odds, but also what signs to look for that it’s about to happen.

5. Form clear intentions

Good things come to those with good and clear intentions. That’s exactly what I was preparing you for throughout the above steps.

As you have dealt with all the past baggage, now, you are ready to confidently form crystal clear and strong intentions to get your ex back.

Now, you are certain that you want your ex back. State that intention to yourself and the universe. You can also consider revealing this to a close friend or a family member.

6. Utilize focus and attention span

Once the intention to get them back has been firmly determined, the next step is to start intently visualizing your intention.

That’s why you need to enhance the power of focus and attention.

Without a strong focus and longer attention span, you won’t be able to carry out the uninterrupted visualizations required for consecutive days.

To increase your focus power and attention span, I suggest reducing the usage of distracting practices like social media. You can also try reading books on concepts that you find difficult.

7. Use the mind’s eye

After the first few steps described above, here comes the heart of the process – the power of creative visualization. Visualizing your desires in your own reality is the most important thing for manifestations to happen.

You need to utilize all the focus power that you have developed in the earlier step.

How would you feel when you get that special person back in life?

Visualize the loving relationship and the dream life you want to have with the person when they come back. Feel like you are already living with your partner.

Prolong your visualization sessions with time. Carry on whenever you get some time. Keep doing it for as long as it takes to manifest your ex back.

Combining visualization with meditation is the next way.

8. Meditate

You might as well say that meditation is the most important step in the process of manifestation.

It keeps us on the right path by maintaining the positive vibes and good luck required for the law of attraction. The best way to meditate is to sit cross-legged in a quiet place and start by taking a few deep breaths.

Once you are sufficiently relaxed, start focusing on your intention and visualization for manifesting the special someone back into your life.

9. Utter positive affirmations

Using positive affirmations is yet another powerful way of manifesting your ex back. Incorporate this practice into your daily visualization and meditation sessions.

Vocalizing positive affirmation loudly in the present tense is a very potent exercise. It helps you to align your subconscious mind and the universe with your intentions and desires.

Use these affirmations below to manifest someone back in your life:

  • I live an ideal life with the love of my life.
  • [name of the person] loves me so much.
  • Me and [name of the person] have a fulfilling, healthy, safe, and happy relationship.

You can also create your own affirmations based on the examples above.

10. Design a vision board

Using a vision board is another great way to get you into the grooves of manifestation.

Vision boards are also very useful tools to aid you in your visualizations. The ideal way to create your vision board to manifest your ex back would be to hang a photo of your ex along with some beautiful images symbolizing or showing romantic relationships.

Whenever you catch a glimpse of your vision board, loving thoughts will pour into your being. This will help you to be in the feeling of togetherness with your ex. That means you will start attracting the actual thing very strongly.

11. Write a manifestation journal

Another very powerful tool is a manifestation journal like this great one on Amazon.

Write down how you want your life to be when your romantic partner comes back to you. It’s one of the proactive steps, as you are actively turning your manifestation into a physical form by writing it down on a piece of paper.

Maintain and update the journal with new visions every day. It could be about how you would spend a vacation with your ex or watch a movie on the weekends.

12. Stay away from negative thoughts

Negative thoughts and the negative feelings associated with those thoughts are the number one enemy of the manifestation process.

By negative thoughts, I mean all kinds of negative thoughts related to your past, present, and future. The thought doesn’t have to be related to the person you are trying to manifest.

Negative thoughts have associated negative feelings and emotions attached to them.

It can also be the other way around. In both ways, negative thoughts, feelings, and emotions, lower your power to manifest by lowering inner peace and vibration. You must replace negativity with positive thoughts, good feelings, and positive emotions.

As Rhonda Byrne says:

“Remember that your thoughts are the primary cause of everything.”

13. Get rid of negative beliefs

Negative thoughts and beliefs are closely associated with each other. However, they are different.

Negative beliefs reside deep within our subconscious mind. They can form due to various reasons, like childhood negative experiences or bad past relationships.

Some common limiting beliefs, like, you are not strong enough to manifest love, the manifestation process does not work in real life, or you are not worthy of love, can derail all of your efforts to manifest someone back.

Stay on guard against any signs of these negative beliefs within you. You can probe within yourself for traces of these negative beliefs during meditation.

14. Raise your vibrational frequency

Although it may sound like new-age mambo jumbo, every person has a vibrational frequency.

To translate it into easy terms, it’s all about the intensity of your feelings. The feeling of exuberance means high energy and any negative feelings like guilt or despair mean low energy.

With a high vibration within, you are in a much better position to attract true love.

As you are working on removing negative thoughts and negative emotions, you are already in a better vibrational frequency than before.

The next step in raising your vibrational frequency is to be loving, kind, and grateful. All these positive energy works are immensely powerful in increasing your vibrational frequency.

15. Be mindful

Mindfulness is about being grounded in the present moment, not disturbed by the worries for the future nor the regrets of the past.

If you simply try to be in the moment for a few minutes, you will instantly notice how beneficial it can be for the manifestation process by removing all the negativity from the mind.

Mindfulness helps us to stay on the right track. It also enables us to hold a positive attitude all the time.

One trick to stay mindful is to stay focused on your breathing. Simply be aware of your inhalations and exhalations, and you will instantly become mindful.

16. Be intuitive

Intuition always points to the best thing for us in the current situation. The intuitive state is also considered one of the most powerful law of attraction states.

Intuition can guide you in different ways toward taking an immensely valuable inspired action that can produce magical results, such as – it can guide you to meet new people or get a new job that can, in the end, result in getting your ex back.

But what if they are already with someone else?

Intuition can also help you to achieve the most difficult of manifestations, like getting your ex back from the clutches of another partner. Yes, it’s possible!

Read that recent article on my site to find out how!

17. Trust the manifestation process completely

It is superlatively important to lay your complete faith in the manifestation techniques you are using.

Although it’s common for human beings to have lingering doubts about the process due to the esoteric nature of the whole thing, having such doubts only slows the process down.

So, if you truly want to manifest someone in your life, remove any doubts you might have and lay complete trust in the process.

Follow the next way to gradually remove doubts and strengthen your trust.

18. Use manifestation all the time

While trying to manifest anything special, it’s also a good idea to practice manifestation work in all aspects of your life.

It could be manifesting an improved relationship with a family member, attracting a good friend, or a dream job. No matter what other things you need in your life to be happy, start manifesting them right away.

On another note, if you are just starting out with manifestation, start with smaller objectives to boost your confidence and trust in the process. It can be as simple as attracting a text message from a friend or something like that.

With enough practice and gradually increasing confidence, you can easily manifest someone to be completely obsessed with you. Want to learn how you can do that?

Here are all the secrets in that recent article. Click to read on my site!

19. Relax and let go

Too firm a grasp on your desires can result in negative outcomes. When we want something too strongly, it generates anxiety and worry, which are hugely detrimental to the law of attraction.

That’s why it’s extremely important to have a balance between holding on and letting go.

So, learning to relax and let go is the final step. Also, remember that it can take a long time to manifest someone back into your life, as your ex is living their own life using their free will. So, patience should also accompany your attempt to get them back.

Learning to relax and let go at times will enable you to be patient.


To wrap things up, I must again remind you to be fully sure about whether you actually want your ex back or not. Make sure you still truly love them and they are really the type of person you want in your life.

Once you have become certain of what you want, then form clear intentions with confidence.

Visualize your dream life with your love interest. Feel exactly like you are already living the best life. Meditate to be mindful and intuitive, maintain positive feelings, and raise your vibrational frequency. And, just like that, by following these simple steps, your dream partner is almost here!

Get a FREE copy of The Ex-Back Handbook

Image by Pexels from Pixabay and Image by Clker-Free-Vector-Images from Pixabay

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How to Manifest Your Husband in 21 Easy Steps

Everyone deserves a loving husband. You, too, will get the love of your life sooner or later. But what if you wanted it sooner rather than later? That’s why you need to know how to manifest a husband.

The major steps for manifesting a husband are:

  1. Have a clear vision of what type of man and relationship you want.
  2. Visualize the exact scenario every day.
  3. Feel like you’ve already married your dream husband.
  4. Remove negative thoughts and beliefs.
  5. Raise your vibrational frequency.

The steps above only cover the basic and essential steps. Getting to your goal of manifesting your husband requires a bit more work than that.

Read on to learn all the 21 easy steps below!

manifest husband lg

And now let’s cover my . . . 

21 Easy Steps to Manifest a Husband

1. Know exactly what you want

The first thing you need is a crystal-clear idea about the specific person you want as your dream husband. What are the characteristics, personality traits, and looks you want in your ideal partner?

Lay down in as much detail as you can think of, such as-

  • Do you want a wealthy husband or an average rich husband would do just fine?
  • Should they be spiritual or religious?
  • What could be their profession? How about a clinical psychologist?

Consider all the similar factors that are important to you.

While evaluating your desires minutely, if you decide a boyfriend would be better suited for you at this phase of life, I’ve got you covered. Read how to manifest a boyfriend in this recent article on my site.

2. Enhance the power of focus

After you have a compact idea of exactly how you want your future husband to be, the first step is to start focusing on those exact desires.

That’s why the importance of focus power cannot be overemphasized here. Generally, we use only a fraction of the focusing power we have within us.

To make the law of attraction work, we must enhance this power so that we can focus and visualize our desires intensely and passionately.

3. Increase your attention span

After the power of focus, the logical next step is to increase the amount of time you can hold your focus on the object of desire. This means increasing your attention span.

To manifest your ideal husband, you will need to put your attention on your desires for longer periods of time than you can right now.

The longer periods of uninterrupted attention on manifesting your husband means faster realization of the goal.

4. Visualize life with your husband

This is the most important step. Precisely visualize an ideal relationship with the right partner.

At this step, you have to put to work the outcomes of the previous three steps, i.e., the clear vision, power or focus, and attention on the vision.

Using these three powers, you have to start visualizing the life you want with your husband. Try to gradually expand the time of your visualization sessions with repeated practice.

While working hard on manifesting your husband, it would also help you to know whether the person you are trying to manifest could be your soulmate.

Believe it or not, there are a few proven signs to look out for. Read all the soulmate manifestation signs in this recent article on my site.

5. Use a manifestation journal and vision board

The next step is to bolster your visualization practices with powerful tools like a manifestation journal like this great one on Amazon and a vision board.

Using these powerful manifestation tools is the best way to incorporate physical energy into the manifestation process. As you write down your desired life with a husband in the journal and paint a picture on a vision board like this awesome one on Amazon, you bring the unmanifest reality into one aspect of the physical world.

It is an immensely powerful process.

6. Imagine the exact feelings of blissful married life

How will it feel to live your dream life with your new partner? How exhilarating will your connection be? Imagine and feel the exact feelings you think you will feel when you will be with your husband.

Feelings and emotions are the magnets that make the law of attraction work. The more you feel like you already have your husband with you, the closer you become to actually having one in real life.

7. Prepare yourself to have your dream husband

Are you ready to receive your life partner into your life? This is another aspect of incorporating the physical world into the process of manifestation.

  • How would you want yourself to be as a life partner?
  • Are you looking, feeling, and being the way your husband wants you to be?
  • What life wants from you in order to be suitable for the type of husband you desire?

Evaluate yourself and make the necessary changes.

8. Transform your physical space as if you are living with your husband

Visit people in a happy relationship to get ideas about how they design their marital life.

You can also see movies of romantic relationships to gather ideas on how a perfect conjugal physical space should look and feel.

Then, invest time and resources to transform your room or apartment as if you are living the dream life. This will take you significantly closer to actually manifesting your husband in your life.

9. Utter positive affirmations

Using positive affirmations is a powerful exercise when it comes to manifestation.

Positive affirmations work as mantras or prayers to signal the subconscious mind as well as the universe, indicating exactly what you want and how you feel.

Use affirmations in the present tense like:

  • I have a happy and healthy relationship with my husband.
  • I live with the love of my life.

This will also help you stay in a positive frame of mind required for the manifestation to work.

10. Meditate

Meditation is my personal favorite way of approaching esoteric tasks like manifestation.

Regular meditation works as a glue that holds together all the other ingredients and steps required to manifest anything. You can improve your focus, attention span, and visualization powers through meditation.

You can also utter prayers and positive affirmations during your meditation sessions.

The perfect time to meditate is before and after sleep. These are the times you are more closely connected to your subconscious mind.

11. Be mindful and intuitive

Mindfulness and intuitiveness are two mental states that are most congenial to the manifestation process.

Mindfulness hastens the process by removing unnecessary negative thoughts and emotions from your mind. And intuition helps by making you more confident and wiser.

Being mindful and intuitive, you can also easily sense how and what would be the right track for manifesting your desires.

12. Be joyous and blissful

The power of positive thoughts is universally acknowledged. There’s no alternative to being joyous when it comes to manifesting a loving relationship.

As Rhonda Byrne says, “Your power is in your thoughts, so stay awake. In other words, remember to remember.”

You have to constantly remind yourself to have positive thoughts and feel the joy and bliss of already living the dream.

13. Put yourself out there

Putting yourself out there simply means being open to the possibility of meeting your husband. It also means increasing the chances and avenues of making it happen.

Find out all the ways you can create new avenues for the chance to work out. That can be talking to your best friend about your intentions of getting married, signing up on a dating app, or even meeting new people at a coffee shop.

Also, meeting a lot of people is a great way to refine or fine-tune the visions you have. It will help you understand exactly what type of relationship would best fit you and what type of man you don’t want.

14. Dispel limiting beliefs

We all have some more or less damaging self-limiting beliefs about ourselves.

But these negative beliefs are our number one enemy. Beliefs such as I don’t deserve to manifest love, I am not worthy of love, or not good enough to have a perfect partner can severely delay your dreams of manifesting a husband.

So, it’s very important to be on guard against these beliefs while practicing all the steps and dispel them as soon as you can sense any.

15. Transform negative energy

Negative feelings and negative thoughts are part of life. However, too much of it can result in negative outcomes.

You attract your vibrational match. That means if you harbor negative energy within you, it can attract the wrong type of person into your life.

A negative belief can form very early in life. That’s why they reside very deep within our subconscious mind. So, constant vigilance is required to counter negativity with good feelings.

16. Trust the manifestation process

Are you a skeptic of the manifestation process and simply intend to toy with it a little? This can slow down the process significantly.

Many people hold damaging beliefs like manifestations do not work in real life, despite being proven otherwise. These beliefs often seem to be sticky and hard to get rid of.

But you must work on removing the distrust and be fully committed to the process. That’s where the next step comes into play.

17. Use manifestation in every aspect of life

While trying to build trust in the process and turn manifestation into a proven daily practice, you have to use it in all areas of your life.

From manifesting small things like a new hobby to bigger things like a new job in Los Angeles, use manifestation for everything that you want from life.

If you are just starting out, manifesting small things will give you the necessary confidence boost that you need to manifest big things like your husband.

18. Shoot for the stars

Here’s another crucial step to remember – never settle for less when you can have more.

Manifestation is all about bending reality and dreaming as big as possible.  Do not limit your imagination based on past relationships. Settle for no less than a dream person.

Your limiting beliefs and negative thoughts will constantly try to lower your ambitions. But you have to fight against their insinuations and aim for the highest possible good.

Believe it or not, you deserve someone who will be obsessed with you. Eager to know how you can do exactly that? I’ve laid out all that you need to know in a recent article here. Click to read on my site.

19. Learn to let go

There’s a balance, a sweet spot of holding on and letting go where manifestation happens.

It’s because too much holding on and too tight a grip on your desires can create anxiety and worry, which can lead to negative outcomes.

That’s why you also have to learn to let go. You have to practice just the right amount of forceful intention and visualization, and then, surrender it to the universe.

20. Be patient

Manifesting true love and a dream partner can take a long time. It’s a living, breathing human being we are dealing with here.

So, being patient is also a part of the equation.

Without a patient mindset, it’s easy to become frustrated and abandon the process. But a determined outlook from the very beginning can actually cut the time short dramatically.

Here’s another pro tip to fast-track manifesting a husband – why not try out manifesting a text message from them first? Yes, you can do that fairly easily!

Here’s a recent article on my site that details all the steps you need to follow.

21. Be the best version of yourself to attract the right person

Although I have placed this one as the last step, this step actually is among the most important things as it blankets all the other steps.

The drive to Improve yourself should be a part of the process from the beginning and stay there all the while. The better you personally become, the greater your chances of attracting a better relationship in life.


Manifesting a husband might be one of the biggest manifestations to attempt. But with these simple steps, the task will become considerably easy for you.

Know exactly what kind of husband you want, work on improving your focus and attention, visualize the exact type of life you want with your husband, meditate to become mindful and intuitive, and remove negative energy and limiting beliefs.

And the final step is to simply be open to receiving the gift from the universe.

Image by Shahariar Lenin from Pixabay

As an Amazon Associate, I may earn a small commission from qualifying purchases if you click on Amazon from my site and choose to make a purchase. You can read my complete affiliate disclosure for more details.

19 Proven Steps to Manifest Someone to Text You (Your crush)

A text message from your crush might seem like a small thing to manifest in the first place, but it can also mean the start of a lifelong romantic relationship. That’s why we have to take it seriously. So here’s how to manifest a text from your crush!

Here’s how to manifest a text message:

  • Focus on the exact message you want.
  • Write down and visualize getting the exact text.
  • Feel the excitement and joy of receiving the message.
  • Meditate to raise your mindfulness, blissfulness, and energy vibrations.
  • Use the whisper, pillow, and two-cup methods.

The above point only covers the major steps in manifesting a text from someone. However, to make it faster with more certainty, you have to follow all 19 easy steps of manifesting someone to text you. Read on the master the entire process!

manifest a text lg

So now let’s review the . . . 

19 Proven Steps to Manifest Someone to Text You

1. Focus on exactly what you want

Having total clarity, as if you can see it in front of you, is the first step of manifesting anything.

That’s why the most important thing here is the power of focus. You have to be very clear about your desires. Exactly what do you want to manifest?

You want a specific text message from a specific person.

Have a crystal-clear mental image of that person and the exact text you want from them. Create a precise mental image of how the text you want to be, how it will appear on your phone screen, and how you will feel when you get the text.

But beyond texting, what about actually getting a boyfriend (or girlfriend)?

At this very first stage of realizing what you want, if you decide to go full-on and manifest a full-fledged relationship, you should head over and read this recent article on my site.

You will be surprised how easily you can manifest your boyfriend in your life.

2. Use a manifestation journal

Writing your desires down on a piece of paper is a powerful tool in the manifestation process. That’s why it’s a very good idea to use a manifestation journal like this great one on Amazon while trying to manifest anything.

In your case of manifesting a text from your crush, by using the power of writing, you will be able to have the mental image documented and crystalized in your mind. Write down the exact text you want, along with the name of the person.

Do you often wonder if the person could very well be your soulmate?

What are the chances? I’ve written a recent article on all the proven soulmate manifestation signs. Click to read the blog post on my site!

3. Visualize getting the text

After knowing and writing down exactly what you desire, the third step is to visualize your desires precisely.

Intense, passionate, and vivid visualization is the best way to turn your manifestations into realities. Sit down and visualize your phone ringing and you reading the text from the person. Imagine as vividly as possible as if you are truly living the moment in real life.

Feel the exact mental and physical sensations you would feel when you actually receive the text.

4. Feel what it’s like receiving the text

Apart from replicating the feelings of fulfillment while visualization sessions, it is also important to feel the joy of fulfilling your desires whenever you can think of it.

Mimic getting the message by sending it to yourself from your own number or any other phone number. Save the number using the person’s name on your phone. This will help you replicate the exact feeling of seeing the message from the person on the phone screen.

5. Hold your attention for as long as possible

Here’s some good news – “whatever you pay attention to grows”.

That means if you can hold your attention for a long time on the things you desire the most, they will become a reality. Now, it’s time to use your inherent power of attention to manifest the text you crave to receive.

If you have followed the steps so far, you already have all that you need to pay attention to – the exact mental image and written text messages.

Now, frequently allot as much time as possible to give steadfast attention to that written message in your journal or on the phone screen. Hold your attention on the image for as long as you can comfortably can.

6. Use affirmations

Simply uttering your own affirmations might sound among the very easy ways of manifesting things, but do not underestimate this powerful tool.

Uttering positive statements to yourself or affirmations has been used for ages to bring out successful manifestation in life.

The first thing to remember about using affirmations is to always use them in the present tense. Create a list of positive affirmations and keep it with you until you have them memorized by heart. Feel free to use the following affirmations as templates:

“[person’s name] loves me”

“I have a loving relationship with [person’s name]”

“I’m beautiful and attractive”

“I get romantic messages from [person’s name] all the time.”

7. Meditate Regularly

Along with the action steps described so far, there are some deeply inward actions that are also necessary.

So, the next step is incorporating meditation into your everyday life. Meditation is the only thing that will help bolster every other strength of your life.    Even if you find it difficult in the beginning, it’s important to persevere. Just find a quiet place and sit in solitude for a few moments. Even sitting alone for a few minutes is a good thing.

Also, while meditating, try to follow the next three steps.

8. Stay blissful

Blissfulness is among the highest law of attraction states as it creates very high vibrations within you.

And we all know that the higher and subtler vibrations you can emanate out of you, the more powerful manifestations you can materialize. To get into a state of blissfulness, meditation is the most important step.

During normal waking hours, it’s hard to be fully blissful, but during the calm meditative time, you can easily let yourself slide into bliss.

9. Be mindful

The same is also true for mindfulness. Like blissfulness, mindfulness is also another booster of manifestation power.

Mindfulness means being grounded in the moment with your awareness plugged into a complete, 360-degree view of your inner and outer existence. You can easily guess how immensely beneficial it can be for your focus, attention, and visualization practices if you can add mindfulness into the mix.

10. Be intuitive

Intuition is another very potent spice that you need to add to the recipe of manifestation.

Intuition is the subtlest of all human powers, yet the mysterious effects it can have on our life is beyond everything else. Normally, we think of intuition as a facet of knowledge, but in reality, intuition is the force that excavates manifestations from the deep into reality.

Unfortunately, there is no fixed formula that you can use to sharpen your intuition. But being aware of the concept while doing all the other steps of meditation and mindfulness automatically activates intuition.

11. Uplift your energy

Due to the power of attraction, the best things come to those with a high energy level and a positive mindset. So naturally, manifestations will take a long time to become a reality with low-vibe energy.

You must raise your vibrational frequency in different ways to reach the end goal of your desire.

One of the ways to sustain good energy levels is to harbor positive thoughts and positive emotions about yourself and life as a whole. Refrain from negative thinking at all times.

12. Remove negative thoughts

The amount of time you allow negativity to reside within you, that much time is lost from the manifestation process.

“The world is a mirror, forever reflecting what you are doing, within yourself.”

– Neville Goddard.

Such is the power of your thoughts. So whenever faced with anxiety or negative emotions, do not forget to take deep breaths, and you will automatically start to relax. Do things you enjoy. Hang out with a best friend. Do whatever works to get you out of the spells of negative energy vibrations.

13. Get rid of limiting beliefs

Self-limiting negative beliefs form very early in life due to negative experiences as a child. That’s why they reside deep within the subconscious mind and often obstruct our free will.

Some common limiting beliefs, like “I don’t deserve to manifest love” and “nothing good ever happens to me”, can bar you from achieving the end result of your manifestation practice.

No matter how much we try to get into that high-vibe energy required for quick manifestations, these negative beliefs hold us back from behind.

It’s important to guard against such negative beliefs within you and dispel them the moment you catch hold of one.

14. Trust the process

Along with negative beliefs about yourself, another dangerous ailment is having doubts about the manifestation process.

It’s common for manifestation practitioners to have lingering doubts like “manifestations do not work in real life”.   But for the manifestation technique to work, you must have complete trust in the process.

Failing to manifest something the first time is natural. It needs continuous practice. But no matter how many times you fail, if you continue for a little bit longer, the results will surprise you.

Remember that you are the creator of your life. You have innate power from the time of birth to influence the universe’s plan. You can manifest anything – from a new job to a completely new life!

15. Try to get noticed by your crush

If you can get near them when you are emitting positive energy, your desire is likely to attract them toward you. As a result, your manifestations can even produce greater results, like a phone call instead of a message. Or, they can even obsessively fall in love with your instantly.

Yes, it’s totally possible! Read about how you can do this in a recent article on my site.

If you can’t be in front of them in real life, try social media. Join the groups they are in or become friends with their friends. Start to be active in their circles by commenting on posts they are likely to see.

16. Try the whisper method

The whisper method is a great way to reach the inner subconscious mind of your crush and plant suggestions.

Although it might sound a bit too esoteric, many people have found it to be effective. It’s one of the most powerful visualization techniques suggested by experts.    To use this method, you simply have to imagine yourself walking up to your crush and whispering to their ear that they are going to text you.

Try to repeat the process both while imagining they are asleep and awake for better effects.

17. Use the pillow method

Many law of attraction experts suggests that the pillow method is not a bad idea when it comes to manifesting something specific like the person in your current situation.

The pillow method involves writing your desire on a piece of paper and placing it under your pillow when you go to sleep. Also, do not forget to visualize and meditate on your desire before going to sleep using the pillow method.

18. Two-cup method

Here’s another popular manifestation method called the two-cup method. This visualization exercise involves transferring your desired reality into your current reality by using two cups and water.

Write down the desired reality — getting the message from your crush, and place it under an empty cup. Now pour water into the cup.

Get another empty cup and visualize it to be your current reality. Pour the water from the desired reality cup into your current reality cup. This is a powerful tool because it lets you play your visualizations out with physical elements.

19. Let go

This is the final step in manifesting a text from someone. When it comes to manifesting a specific outcome, there’s a balance between holding on and letting go.

While focusing so much on the object you desire, it’s easy to feel pressure, anxiety, or worry.

While you have to be passionate about the thing you want to manifest, it’s also important to have a certain level of detachment from your desires. You also have to learn to let go of your desires sometimes. If you hold on too strongly, things can turn negative due to sheer pressure or worry.

While we are already talking about letting go, do you know what else we all should let go of?

It’s unrealistic expectations we often have from each other in a relationship. Know about the unrealistic expectations that destroy relationships in this recent article on my site, and guard yourself against such misfortune.


Now you know how easy simple steps can help you manifest a text message from someone.

At first, firmly plant the formula of the law of attraction in your mind — ask, believe, feel, and receive. This means you have to ask the universe with love what you desire, believe fully that you are going to get it, feel like you already have it, and the last step is to be ready to receive it.

Manifesting love has to be done with love. Follow these simple steps and different methods described above lovingly, and you are good. The message is not far from you!

Image by Niek Verlaan from Pixabay and Image by Clker-Free-Vector-Images from Pixabay

As an Amazon Associate, I may earn a small commission from qualifying purchases if you click on Amazon from my site and choose to make a purchase. You can read my complete affiliate disclosure for more details.

How to Manifest a Boyfriend (19 Simple Steps)

manifestr boyfriend lg

Are you trying to manifest the boyfriend of your dreams and wondering why he is not here yet? Well, sometimes it can take a long time, especially if you are not doing all the steps properly. So, here’s how to manifest a boyfriend.

The major steps for manifesting a boyfriend:

  1. Visualize joyful togetherness with your boyfriend.
  2. Feel the excitement of being together.
  3. Meditate and be mindful.
  4. Remove negative thoughts, beliefs, and energy blocks.
  5. Be the best version of yourself.

The above points only shed light on the major steps to take to manifest your dream person. But to make your manifestations faster and more potent, follow all the 19 steps detailed below.

So now let’s review the . . .

19 Simple Steps to Manifest a Boyfriend

1. Start with focus and attention

The power of focus and attention are the two most essential ingredients for the law of attraction to work.

Without intense focus and a significant amount of attention span, you won’t be able to create vivid visualizations. So, the first step of the manifestation process is to work on these two basic mind powers.

To improve your focus and attention span, I advise you to minimize the use of social media and read books containing concepts you find difficult to understand.

2. Creative visualization

The first thing to do after you have bolstered your focus and attention power is to start practicing visualizations to manifest your boyfriend.

The best way to deploy visualization is to imagine an ideal relationship with a specific person in as much detail as possible. What kind of person would be the perfect boyfriend for you? What type of relationship do you want with him?

Think and have a mental image from the outer looks to personality traits. The more detailed vision you can have of a specific outcome, the more powerful your manifestations will be.

3. Use a manifestation journal and vision board

Using manifestation techniques like a manifestation journal like this great one on Amazon or a vision board can be a powerful tool on your journey toward manifesting your ideal partner.

Pour yourself out into the journal. Write stories on a piece of paper about how you will be spending time together. Pen and paper work better than typing on the screen.

You can also write down your fantasies of romantic relationships, how you want your happy relationship to be, and what qualities you want in potential partners.

4. Feel like you are already with your boyfriend

Feeling like you already possess what you desire is the most important thing when it comes to manifestation.

So, along with feeling like being with your boyfriend during regular visualization sessions, the next step would be to practice feeling like it all the time.

Whether you are driving or reading a book, always imagine that your boyfriend is right by your side. You can also imagine talking to him in your mind. If nobody is around, you can even talk out loud.

Make the inner feeling as real as possible.

5. Feel the excitement and exhilaration

The man of your dreams is about to enter your life!

Ask the following questions:

  • How exciting would you have felt if you knew for sure?
  • How exhilarating would it be to meet for the first time?

Replicate these feelings within you frequently and live in them for as long as possible.

Excitement and anticipation are very high-frequency feelings that will strengthen your overall positive vibrations to produce the desired outcome.

6. Rise above negative thoughts

Even if you feel down every now and then, try to get out of the negative energy by doing good things that you enjoy.

We all know that thoughts become realities, and negative thoughts can result in negative outcomes.

Be on the constant lookout for negative self-talk. The moment you notice negativity rising up, take deep breaths and divert your attention to something pleasing to you. You are the only person who has control over yourself. Use that control.

7. Remove negative beliefs

It’s very common to have self-limiting beliefs about one’s love life.

Negative beliefs form as a result of bad past relationships or negative experiences as a child. These beliefs can have deep roots in our subconscious mind and bar us from forming a good relationship with life.

One of these common limiting beliefs is secretly believing that you are not deserving enough to manifest love or that manifestation practice does not work in real life.

But in reality, you are very much capable of manifesting a boyfriend who would even be obsessed with your 24/7!

Don’t believe me? I’ve laid out the proof in this recent article. I cover how you can get someone not only to love you, but crave you insatiably!

Click to read it on my site.

8. Meditate regularly

Meditation is the best thing when it comes to tying all the pieces of the manifestation process together.

It works as a glue that keeps you grounded through all the steps of manifestation. It’s something that makes all the steps easier to practice.

Take, for example, visualization or focus. Deep meditation is the time when you can also visualize the most vividly and get the most powerful focus.

Remember that the perfect time to meditate is before and after sleep.

9. Be mindful and equanimous

Mindfulness and equanimity will also help you stay on the right track.

The more mindful you stay, the sooner you will pick up any negativity rising within you and deal with it right away.

Equanimity, on the other hand, means being calm and peaceful even while facing a difficult time.

When you are able to do that, the amount of negative energy you will emit will decrease significantly, resulting in your manifestations working faster.

10. Remove energy blocks

Energy blocks are formed for various reasons, like past trauma and karmic residue from past lives.

Energy blocks can significantly delay your manifestations. As you constantly practice meditation and mindfulness and hold positive thoughts, gradually, your energy blocks will start to diminish.

However, specifically working on your energy blocks during meditation is a great way to hasten the process of manifestation. This kind of meditative practice usually requires deeply looking into the innermost core of your being to find out the darkest of aspects that might be lurking within, unaware.

11. Develop intuition

Utilizing the power of intuition also helps a lot when it comes to dealing with energy blocks. As energy blocks often reside in the unconscious realms of our beings, intuitive knowledge is the only way to detect the blocks and work upon them.

Intuitive knowledge often brings out the innermost issues at the forefront of the consciousness in different ways.

It can also bring out the inspiration for the type of person you should be visualizing about. You can also get inspiration into what that ideal person looks like.

12. Believe strongly

Strong belief is the second pillar of the law of attraction. Without a strong and persistent belief in the process of manifestation and your own power to manifest your boyfriend, it will simply not work.

Believe strongly that soon a loving relationship is to materialize in your life. Believe that unconditional love is a reality in your life.

Intentionally cultivating these positive beliefs within you will also help in eliminating the negating thoughts I mentioned earlier.

13. Utilize positive affirmations

Using love affirmations is one of the easy steps to take for manifesting your special person. However, do not underestimate the power of this step.

Always use positive statements in the present tense. “I have my true love by my side” or “I have my soul mate with me.”

Also, add some futuristic affirmations to dispel the possibilities of negative outcomes in the future, such as, “I have a happy lasting relationship with my boyfriend.”

14. Be joyous and vibrant

Having a dream partner in life is a joyous thing. So, you must feel like it. That’s why I am specifically indicating this as a separate step of the process.

Without a joyful and vibrant mental state, the laws of attraction work very slowly.

Joy, bliss, and happiness are perhaps the strongest of all powerful tools to achieve anything in life. Even the most difficult of life challenges become easier if you can face them with joy.

15. Achieve high vibrational energy

As you practice the steps mentioned above like meditation, mindfulness, and joyfulness, your vibrational energy will start to rise automatically.

However, consciously and actively raising your vibrational frequency is also very helpful.

Visualize emitting positive energy and light out of your life, body, and mind while you meditate.

Also, consider using rose quartz. It will help you with positive energy and raise your vibrational frequency. As a result, finding love will become much easier for you.

With enough powerful vibrations, you can even manifest your soulmate into your life.

But how can you differentiate a soulmate from a boyfriend? Find the answers in this recent article. In it, I get into what a soulmate is (and isn’t), how to know if someone is your soulmate, and whether you only have one.

Just click that link to read it on my site.

16. Use dating app

When seeking a new relationship, dating apps are often a popular option.

There are so many users in there that you can use dating apps to meet new people and get a clear idea about what could be an ideal boyfriend for you. This will help you minutely visualize the real love of your life.

The tantalizing feeling you get while checking out potential partners on dating apps will also help you be in that excited frame of mind, as I mentioned earlier, for longer.

17. Make the manifestation process a regular thing

Be it manifesting small things like a new job to big things like a healthy relationship with your new boss, try practicing the manifestation method in all facets of everyday life.

This holistic approach to life and manifestation will strengthen your overall power to manifest things.

Deploy the power of manifestation even for the smallest things like turning the traffic light green a little bit faster.

Manifestation practice is like any other skill. The more you practice, the better you become.

18. Shoot for the stars

While working on manifestations, never shy away from dreaming big. Think nothing short of a perfect match and a perfect boyfriend.

Being afraid of thinking high means there are still doubts lurking somewhere deep within your psyche.

I strongly advise you to get out of your comfort zone when it comes to dreaming and visualizing big things in life. Remember that only the sky is the limit.

However, it’s also wise not to be blatantly unrealistic.

Beware of the unrealistic expectations partners often have for men that can destroy a happy relationship. Learn all about the most damaging of these expectations in this recent article on my site.

19. Be your best version

Being your best version will not only attract your future boyfriend but also put you ahead in the conjugal work that’s required for sustaining a serious relationship.

Upholding the best mental state of your being also increases the likelihood of manifesting the right person as the laws of attraction states that the like attracts the like.

So, the final step of the new boyfriend manifestation process is to consistently try to be a better person and have a better relationship with life.


Manifesting a boyfriend is surely among the greatest of all manifestations. It’s manifesting a living human being we are dealing with. So, you must be patient at all costs.

Keep visualizing, meditating, and upholding your best self no matter what life throws at you.

Believe strongly and keep following these simple steps described above. Know in your heart that the whole universe is plotting for your union with the perfect boyfriend.

Start feeling like you are already with your beloved. He is actually just moments away from you!

Image by Sunny Sunflower from Pixabay and Image by Zhivko Dimitrov from Pixabay

As an Amazon Associate, I may earn a small commission from qualifying purchases if you click on Amazon from my site and choose to make a purchase. You can read my complete affiliate disclosure for more details.

46 Proven Soulmate Manifestation Signs (Yours is Almost Here!)

When you are desperate for your soulmate, sometimes our minds start creating signs that aren’t really there. But desperate or not, there are some things to look for. So here are the proven soulmate manifestation signs.

The top soulmate manifestation signs are:

  • Feeling good, happy, lucky, and confident
  • Experiencing a deeper meditative state
  • Dreams about a soulmate
  • Coincidences and synchronicities
  • Feeling like being together with a soulmate
  • Being driven and in the flow of life
  • Feeling profound peace, love, and empathy

But those are just a few!

And relying only on a few top soulmate manifestation signs, may not be a foolproof solution for you at this moment.

You must also keep an eye on all the 46 proven signs that will confirm you when your soulmate is almost here!

soulmate manifest signs lg

So now let’s review the . . .

46 Proven Soulmate Manifestation Signs

1. The best way to know whether your manifestations are working or not is the feeling meter. So, it’s a good idea to keep track of how you are feeling when you are trying to manifest your soulmate.

As you gradually become happier and happier, it is a sign that your manifestation is about to become a reality.

But would you be able to confidently recognize your soulmate when you meet?

Make sure you are familiar with the proven soulmate signs I have detailed in a recent article. In it, I get into all the tell-tale signs to look for including the 1 sign that’s almost a total guarantee.

Just click that link to read it on my site.

2. Your meditations becoming deeper

The deeper you can go in your daily meditations, the more intense positive energy you are able to send out into the universe. This also means that your manifestations will become more potent.

So, if you are getting into deeper meditative states recently, it’s another big sign that your manifestations to materialize your soulmate is about to become a reality.

3. You are dreaming of meeting your soulmate

It’s a sign if you have been dreaming about meeting your soulmate for quite a long time now.

Whenever a soul level connection is upcoming, our subconscious mind often gets the inklings much before our conscious mind does; hence the dreams start to pop up.

To keep track of your dreams, it’s a good idea to maintain records in a manifestation journal like this great one on Amazon.

4. Something’s in the air

When the special person is about to enter your life, the whole universe will start to show you the signs. Your surroundings will scream out that something big is about to happen.

As a result, the air, the scenery, the sunlight, everything will start to feel a tad bit different to you; definitely in a good way, as if the whole world has just woken up to a bountiful spring after a prolonged winter.

5. Happy coincidences

Witnessing a lot of happy coincidences occurring in your life or to the people around you is also a sign of happy tidings.

It can be small things like seeing a Facebook post with an exact solution to a problem that you have been facing.

6. Feeling lucky

As happy coincidences and unexpected opportunities start to abound in your life, you will also start to feel luckier than usual. Your strength to perform powerful visualizations will also increase. This, in turn, will help you attract the perfect match in your life.

But sometimes soulmates meet and for some reason can’t be together.

But sometimes soulmates, too, have to undergo the pain of separation. It’s best to prepare yourself for such a karmic relationship. Know how you can do that in this recent article.

Just click that link to read it on my site.

7. You feel as if you already have your soulmate

When you feel exactly like already having the thing you are trying to manifest, it’s a strong indication that you are on the right path.

This is one of the signs that are actually a bit in your control. If you continually and religiously practice feeling like you already have your soulmate, you will eventually start feeling like it automatically.

8. Your manifestations are working faster

If your other manifestations and affirmations bear fruit faster and easier than usual, then it’s also likely that your soulmate or twin flame is nearby.

Manifestations materializing in any one part of your life will inevitably strengthen your overall materializing power.

9. Your affirmations give you the shivers

While attracting a romantic relationship with a soulmate with affirmations, you will notice that gradually, the process will become intense with time.

At one stage, your nerves will be so heightened that you will often feel shivers and goosebumps while visualizing or praying affirmations.

You will feel so good about it that you didn’t feel with any of your past relationships.

10. You don’t feel alone anymore

When a soulmate is nearby, the deep connection lets itself be known through many signs. One of them is the feeling of nearness and not being alone anymore.

Even the times when you usually feel down and lonely will no longer feel like that. Instead, you will feel peaceful solitude.

11. Finding your soulmate has become the prime purpose

Everything has become about your future soulmate lately. It has become the major goal of your life. You can’t think of anything else but the glory of the union that’s about to happen.

When such intense feelings are top of mind, you just have to wait for the right time for the soulmate to arrive.

12. You keep thinking about things to do when you will be together

It’s natural to visualize how things would be when you will be with your ideal partner during your creative visualization sessions.

However, when your manifestations are about to turn into reality, you will find that you are thinking about the together time all the time.

13. Your contentment with life increases

A soul connection brings blissful effects on life, which stretch in time.

This means the bliss associated with the union with two soulmates has been reported to be felt quite ahead of the first meeting of two romantic soulmates.

14. Your best friend finds their soulmate

When your inner work has been going on very strongly, it’s not uncommon for it to work in mysterious ways.

It can also stretch out the magic to your near and dear ones, such as your friends and family members.

15. You dream of vivid faces that you’ve never seen before

Apart from dreaming about meeting your soulmate, another common sign is having vivid dreams, especially those containing unfamiliar but beautiful faces.

While dreaming, you may not be aware of whom you are dreaming about, but most likely, it’s a subconscious projection of how you want your soulmate to be.

16. It feels like someone is calling you

Whether alone or in a crowd, you will often hear voices calling your name.

It’s the universe’s way of letting you know that someone is also calling you the way you are calling them. And the union is nearby.

17. It feels like someone you love is there when there’s no one

Here’s another sign indicating a strong connection is nearby – you will often feel a loving presence in and around you.

It’s similar to the cozy blissful companionship you feel while being with a loved one after a long time.

18. You feel more attractive

If your limiting beliefs about your self-worth decrease with time and you feel more beautiful and attractive, it’s another strong sign that your manifestations are working.

The continuous manifestation, meditation, and affirmation practices have reached deep within you to remove all the barriers that were limiting your innate power.

19. You are becoming more sexually active

It’s the mischief of the subconscious mind in partnership with nature.

It will start to make you more sexually active in a bid to prepare you for what is about to come – the greatest of all sexual encounters – the meeting of two romantic soulmates.

So, brace yourself for it! Your love life is going to spice up real soon!

20. There’s a sense of anticipation

The intense sexual urges will also accompany a strong sense of anticipation of meeting your soulmate.

You will feel excited but also a bit restless. Your heart rate will also become a bit faster at times without any apparent reason.

21. Synchronicities

You are seeing angel numbers more frequently. Numbers with repeated sequences are known as angel numbers.

Frequently seeing the angel numbers like 999, 1111, 1001, etc. are believed to be guidance from the spiritual realms indicating you are on the right path.

Déjà vu is also another common sign related to synchronicity.

22. It feels like everything is okay

No matter wherever you are, it feels like you are in a good place. This is also a sign of advancing faster on your spiritual journey.

Even if something bad happens, you will have an inner sense of poise and peace.

23. You feel like being driven

When our inner desires, passion, and visualizations start to steer us toward what we want, it’s natural to feel like being driven by a universal force.

When you feel such a strong sense of being driven towards something, it’s also a good idea to get your own love reading or psychic source readings to delve a bit deeper into exactly what’s going on.

24. Strong sense of hope getting stronger

When practicing manifestation, it’s essential to stay hopeful in your own way.

However, when your inner being senses something about to happen, the hope becomes even more intense.

So, if you are experiencing a bit stronger sense of hope lately, it’s probably indicating your dreams are about to come true.

25. Doubts are getting weaker

The only way manifestations work is because it transforms doubts into beliefs.

The lesser the doubts, the nearer the materialization. So, it’s another sign that with increasing hope, your doubts will begin to lose hold of your mind.

26. Increased ease and effortlessness

Everything is getting sorted out in unexpected ways. Your Uber arrives in minutes, the interview gets sorted out smoothly, and everything else that you are doing seems to be designed to happen in perfection.

It’s nature oiling the machinery of fate to make the big things like soulmate union happen.

27. You are in a flow

This is another sign that complements the one above.

Along with everything being sorted out smoothly in life, you too will experience the flow state for a lot of time in a day. At least more than usual.

Most soulmates meet when the time is right for them to bloom, but some are not fortunate enough.

They have to encounter the sufferings of meeting a soulmate at the wrong time. But why does fate play such cruel tricks? Get the answers in this recent article.

Just click that link to read it on my site.

28. You start feeling more and more deserving

With time, as your manifestation starts to become more powerful, you too will start to feel more deserving of a soul mate. Also, all the other positive stuff accompanying the time will also help in making you feel very confident.

29. You keep getting better compliments

You are getting compliments from a lot of people lately.

Even people among family members who do not care enough to praise you are coming out of their way to compliment the glow you have started to emit.

30. Your connection with nature becomes stronger

While in nature, are you often forgetting about yourself, feeling uplifted, and experiencing a palpable nearness and oneness with everything around you?

If you are having these or other similar experiences, chances are they are signs indicating your manifestations are about to appear in real life.

31. Your intuitions become more precise

Spiritual practices like manifestation, meditation, affirmations, and prayers are known to sharpen our gut feeling.

So, if your intuition is becoming more potent, it’s a sure sign that your manifestations are likely to materialize faster from now on.

32. You feel strong and confident

When something as beautiful as soulmate manifestation is about to happen, you are likely to be put into a state of unparalleled strength and confidence.

You will not even be bothered even when you are out of your comfort zone.

Do you know what can shake even such a strong confidence? Having to let go of a soulmate even after being together for some time.

So, what happens if your soulmate dumped you?

Is there a chance to get them back again? Yes, there are a few solid steps that you can take to get your soulmate back. I have detailed an action plan in this recent article.

Just click that link to read it on my site.

33. Right people, places, situations

Another soulmate manifestation sign is – you will witness a surge of new opportunities coming your way in different ways. It seems like you are with the right people in the right place at the perfect time.

Whenever you meet new people, they seem to be helping you or being beneficial in some way or the other.

34. Rude people are nicer these days

Along with everything else falling into place, the people around you too will become pleasanter and amicable. Everybody will behave in a helpful manner as their intuition will pick up the strong spiritual energy within you.

It may also happen that even a tumultuous relationship is becoming calmer these days.

35. You’re daydreaming more

You probably already are one of those souls who loves to indulge in daydreaming.

However, when your romantic soulmate is about to enter your life, you are likely to get even more into daydreaming. You will often find yourself drifting away in reveries, even while working or talking to someone.

36. Colors feel more vibrant than usual

Another sign of getting a romantic partner soon is that the everyday colorful objects and sceneries will seem a bit more vibrant than usual.

The clothes, the walls, and even the white pages of the books will seem teeming with life energy.

These are all signs of a romantic soulmate about to enter your life.

But do you know soulmates can also be friends without romance? If you are intrigued to know more about platonic soulmates, read all about it in this recent article. I get into all the different types of soulmates and whether or not a platonic soulmate can be turned into a romance.

Just click that link to read it on my site.

37. Surge of exhilaration without any reason

The outer vibrancy will accompany an inner exhilaration of feelings and emotions.

Your inner worlds of feeling will start to feel more alive, joyous, and teeming with energy. Every known feeling will start to be a bit different. Even the sad ones will be accompanied by a strange hue of something good.

38. Dislikes not as irritating as before

We all have our pet peeves and dislikes that we can’t tolerate. However, when a soulmate is about to enter your life, you will notice that those negative things are not negative anymore.

If you find any specific person or situation especially annoying, chances are you are suddenly not bothered by them anymore.

39. You are becoming more loving and kinder

When the love of your life is about to enter your life, your inner energies can sense it unconsciously or subconsciously. So, naturally, your own energies start to align.

Your mind and being will get an overflow of love and kindness. You will start to emanate the overflow towards the whole universe and everyone in it.

You might be shocked to know that all soulmate connection is not always happy and loving.

It’s a common misconception that soul mates can’t be toxic. Read all about why and how soulmates become toxic and what to do in a recent article. I get into how often it happens as well as if that means it will never work out.

Just click that link to read it on my site.

40. Level of empathy increases

As a direct result of increased kindness and lovingness, you will automatically become more empathetic. You can often find yourself crying or laughing for no apparent reason, but simply because you had a happy or sad thought.

41. Trust in force intensifies

Another soulmate manifestation sign is the intensification of your trust in the universe and the universal force.

You will witness that you no longer need to force yourself to trust the process, but it’s happening strongly and automatically within you.

42. The heart center acts wild

Our heart center is the best place to focus when it comes to getting unique insight regarding soul level romantic matters. And, the more than usual activity of the heart center is also a sign of soulmate manifestation.

It’s one of the weird soulmate signs. So, while dealing with the matters of the chakras and true soulmate relationships, it’s wise to consult a gifted advisor to make sure you are on the right track.

43. You are not tired or worn out so easily

While manifesting true love with a soulmate, it’s natural to feel a bit better than usual.

However, when the soulmate is just around the corner, such betterment transcends the limits of psychology and becomes a physical force. As a result, you will be able to work more and serve more without fatigue and burnout.

44. Your usual fears, worries, and anxieties lessen

Here’s another good sign that will accompany the sign above – your usual, habitual thought patterns about your worries and anxieties in life will start to be less tormenting with time.

You will notice that the usual negative chatter of the mind has become less intense and bothersome.

45. You become the best version of yourself

When unconditional love is about to enter your life, nature prepares you to receive it properly.

As a result, you will see a massive improvement in your overall psychological, emotional, and spiritual conditions.

Professional life can also get a good uptick.

46. Willingness to meet new people

Here’s another soulmate manifestation sign – you will start to feel more active, outgoing, and eager to meet new people and have new experiences.

This is nature’s way of putting you in the way of your soulmate as well as preparing you for having many adventures together in life.

Yes, a soulmate will take you on an epic adventure of togetherness. But what else will happen when you are with your soulmate?

Learn all about why soulmates are important in a recent article about the importance of soulmates. I get into why it matters, how to know for sure if you’ve found “the” one, and what to expect once they are yours.

Just click that link to read it on my site.


The proven signs of soulmate manifestations that I have described above will surely guide you on the right track to be prepared for your soulmate. And, when they will finally show up, the instant connection will be unmistakable.

On the other hand, if you can’t notice enough of these signs in your life at this moment, do not be disheartened. Start with renewed vigor in your manifestation and visualization practices.

When the time comes, nothing can stop it from happening!

Photo by Andres Ayrton from Pexels:

As an Amazon Associate, I may earn a small commission from qualifying purchases if you click on Amazon from my site and choose to make a purchase. You can read my complete affiliate disclosure for more details.

How to Manifest Your Soulmate (21 Proven Steps to Take)

We all want to have a perfect soulmate as our life partner. But not all of us are lucky enough to get one. However, if you believe in the law of attraction, you have a greater chance of realizing your dream of a soulmate than others. So, here’s how to manifest your soulmate:

Here are the main action steps to manifest your soulmate:

  • Improve focus and visualization powers.
  • Practice deep meditation and mindfulness.
  • Stay blissful and live in the excitement of being with your soulmate.
  • Incorporate prayers and powerful affirmations.
  • Be optimistic against all odds.

The above points only help to summarize the most important steps to manifest your soulmate.

Read the full article to get a detailed breakdown of the major steps into 21 proven actionable steps.

manifest soulmate lg

So what are my . . .

21 Proven Steps on How to Manifest Your Soulmate?

1. Strengthening your power of focus

The first step in achieving anything big is to raise your power of focus.

The manifestation work largely depends upon the power of focus. The more intensely, precisely, and clearly you can focus on the subject of your desires, the greater the chances of your manifestations materializing.

I strongly recommend reading the book titled The Power of Unwavering Focus by Dandapani. It’s very insightful on how you can increase and utilize your focus power. Just click that link to grab it on Amazon.

2. Increasing your attention span

After strengthening your focus, the second step is to increase your attention span. With the increase in social media use, we all suffer from an ever-decreasing attention span.

But a decrease in attention span means a decrease in your manifestation and visualization powers. You will find it difficult to sustain your focus for the required amount of time to make the manifestations happen in your life.

So, minimize the use of social media and start working on increasing your attention span.

Try reading books you find difficult to understand to improve your attention span.

3. Improving your ability to calm your mind

Calmness will enable you to maintain the right mindset required for quick and potent manifestations.

Manifesting anything with a scattered mind is almost impossible, let alone a soulmate. It’s manifesting a living human being we are talking about.

So, the amount of mind power required is of a superlative degree. And the calmer your mind becomes, the more power you will be able to harness and generate for your visualization sessions.

4. Practice deeper meditations

Meditation is another essential piece of the puzzle of manifestation.

In reality, focus, attention, meditation, and visualization all work together to materialize your manifestations. Practicing meditation on a daily basis helps in all other areas of focus, calmness, and mindfulness.

Meditation will also gradually clear your internal blockages and limiting beliefs.

The best way to meditate is before and after sleep for all the right reasons related to how our mind functions while sleeping.

5. Develop creative visualization power

All the steps above were actually preparing you for this most important step of creative visualization.

Without immersed visualization, there’s no manifestation.

The sooner you realize this fact, the faster you will become a master at manifesting things.

You can also utilize different powerful tools for visualization, such as a vision board, manifestation journal, and the Silva method technique (click that link to get the book on Amazon).

6. Attain a certain level of equanimity

Once you have sorted out all the big steps of manifesting your soulmate described above, it’s time to incorporate a few powerful habits into your daily life.

One of the most important habits is practicing equanimity.

Equanimity means the ability to face both good and bad life situations with equal grace and a positive attitude.

Create an inner good place within you and dwell there unbothered by anything external.

7. Learn to stay peaceful and blissed out

The law of attraction unflinchingly asserts that the like attracts the like.

So, along with having an equanimous outlook on everything, you also have to incorporate peace, joy, and even bliss into the equation.

Maintain the same blissful inner core within you no matter what life throws at you.

Once you can reach this state of heightened equanimity, manifesting anything will become a much easier and lucid process.

8. Practice mindfulness

Always be mindful, whether alone in your room or at a crowded coffee shop.

This is another one of the vital habits that you have to develop to aid and hasten the process of manifesting your soulmate. I know there’s a lot of talk going on about mindfulness, and it’s easy to get confused.

But simply put, mindfulness means being aware of all that’s going on internally and externally with equal calmness instead of being sucked into the mental chatter about anything particular.

9. Be in the moment

Turn this into another one of your daily habit-building practices. Always strive to be in the moment.

Being in the moment is actually the doorway to mindfulness. The moment you ground yourself in the present moment, you instantly become mindful of everything that goes on inside out.

The more you are in the moment and mindful, the more easily you will be able to see the telltale signs of your manifestations coming your way.

10. Be intuitive

Intuition is a good sign indicative of a type of person with above-average manifestation power.

Intuitive inspirations also help you to bring the characteristics and visuals of your perfect match into your conscious spheres of awareness.

As a result, you will be able to use these inspired visions for your visualization practices.

11. Pay no heed to the negatives

Good things happen to positive good people.

But negative emotions and thoughts have a magnetic pull on the mental substance. You have to strongly guard yourself against negativity. Turn even the most toxic relationship into a loving relationship from your end.

Along with being positive within, also hold good intentions for everybody in your life and everyone that you meet on a daily basis.

However, it’s also important to stay away from the wrong people who tend to bring out the worst in you.

12. Negative or dry spells are also natural

There will be a hard time every now and then.

Despite all of your attempts at staying positive, you might fall into the depths of the darkness within. It could be the trauma of past relationships dragging you down.

But it’s essential that you keep striving to fight back against these negative spells.

Whenever negative feelings start to overpower you, don’t forget to take a deep breath and relax. Always remember the Sufi mantra – “This too shall pass”.

13. Power up your romantic feelings

While trying to manifest your true love in life, you have to be in tune with the romanticism within you.

You can also hang out with happy couples to soak in the romanticism they often exude.

By the way, did you know that not all soulmates are romantic? There are also platonic soulmates that can change your lives in all sorts of ways.

Intrigued to know more about platonic soulmates?

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14. Perform visualizations whenever you get time

Always visualize being with that specific person whom you want to get as your soulmate, whenever you get time.

Precise, passionate, and recurrent positive romantic visualizations are important for a couple of other crucial factors. It’s to ensure that you do not attract toxic soulmates in your life or attract a soulmate at the wrong time.

Yes, believe it or not, soulmates can be toxic too!

And they can arrive in our lives at the wrong time. Read all about a toxic soulmate relationship in this recent article on my site. No relationship is perfect, but here I cover how to know if it’s toxic and if that is fixable or not.

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15. Always hold the blissful feeling of being with your soulmate

Although I am putting this step near the end, it’s no less important than the others above.

For the law of attraction to work, the feeling is of paramount importance. So, always infuse the exact feelings you think you will feel when being with your soulmate inside your visualizations.

Soon, you will manifest your ideal relationship.

16. Incorporate prayers and affirmations

Prayers and positive affirmations are very potent tools when it comes to manifesting the love of your life.

Prayers and affirmations also fight away the negative energy from within and around you.Try powerful affirmations like, “the perfect person is coming to me”.

Also, incorporate some futuristic affirmations to dispel anything bad from happening, like being unable to be with your soulmate even after meeting them. Such as, “I will be with my soulmate forever”.

You should also be mindful of a few critical elements related to soulmate separation and what happens when soulmates can’t be together.

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17. Talk to your best friend about your soulmate

Along with affirmations while you are alone, spoken words have their own unique value for manifesting and achieving your goals.

Just make sure the one you are talking to is also a believer in the laws of manifestation and the inner spiritual dynamics at play. Otherwise, they might interfere with your energy work with their disbelief.

The more people you can talk to, the better. So, also include close family members and other friends you trust.

Despite what people think, sometimes we meet our perfect soulmate at the wrong time in our life (or theirs).

But what do you do if the timing isn’t right?

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18. Build and hold the urgency and anticipation

Meeting your soulmate for the first time is surely going to be among the happiest moments of your life.

Cherish the anticipation in your heart with love. Always feel like it’s about to happen. Live with that ecstatic excitement for as long as you possibly can.

Always feel as if the soulmate relationship is right around the corner. Try to be in that aroused anticipation of your romantic partner for longer periods of time.

19. Practice manifestation in all aspects of life

While manifesting your love life, it’s also important that you utilize manifestation techniques in all spheres of life.

Starting with smaller things could be the first way to approach manifesting everything that you want.

Implementing the same powerful tools in different ways will help all of your ongoing efforts of manifesting your soulmate.

But if you had your soulmate and then broke up, what does that mean?

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20. Remove subconscious blockages

Our subconscious is much more powerful and vast than our conscious mind. However, it’s also more disorganized and volatile.

All of our beliefs and biases reside in the subconscious and influence us unknowingly.

So, if you have any hidden negative beliefs about yourself, it can hamper your manifestation process. However, the good news is, as you regularly practice your meditation and positive attitude, these blocks will start to fade away.

21. Dream big

Here’s the final step — never be afraid to dream big.

Get rid of all your limiting beliefs. Hold fast to the belief that you have the infinite power of the entire universe in your heart and every right to manifest love in your life.

Also, do not limit or model your imagination of your future partner by the examples of your past lovers. Always aim for the perfect partner.

Frequently Asked Questions

The following questions are often asked by my readers who are trying to manifest their soulmate into their lives quickly.

How to manifest your soulmate while you sleep

When it comes to a true soul mate type of relationship, a lot of times, there’s a definite dream-level activity attached to the lives of both soulmates.

Sometimes, soulmates can even see each other in dreams even before they meet in real life.

Therefore, using your sleep and dreams can be another useful way to manifest your soulmate .

This is one of the reasons why I recommended doing meditations before and after sleep.

Focus on soulmate visualization while you are doing your meditation before going to sleep. Use affirmations like, “I will dream about my soulmate tonight” to suggest your subconscious to create the kind of dreams you want.

Adorn your physical space, that means your bedroom. Keep it clutter free and squeaky clean. Your subconscious is aware if the room is not up to the mark, and will cause disturbances in your sleep.

It’s also important to work on your belief system. Clearly investigate whether there are any doubts about the process within you. You must relinquish all doubts and have complete trust in the manifestation process.

Consider taking help from a professional psychic artist or a psychic source. When it comes to the matter of the spirits, you must have an open mind. You never know what might end up working its magic!

Sleep work can also help in clearing out the past issues you might have that slow down your manifestations.

How to manifest your soulmate quickly

If you follow the above 21 steps to manifest your soulmate, you are already well ahead in your path.

To hasten the manifestation process even more, you simply have to be your best version and do the visualization with your best self.

The better you become as a person and fulfill the overall essential requirements of becoming a calm, blissful, and mindful meditator and visualizer, the faster you will manifest your soulmate.

A healthy relationship often requires time to form in one’s life. However, in the case of soulmates, the chances of instantly hitting it off are much more than in other kinds of relationships because your soulmate is made to be your ideal partner.

So, it’s natural to want your soulmate in life as quickly as possible.

Read more about the importance of a soulmate in life in this recent article on my site. Soulmates are probably more important than you think.

However, in hurrying the process, you can also mistake the wrong person as your soulmate. So, make sure you have actually recognized the right person.

Soulmate love is among the purest forms of love. It’s much closer to divine love. So, hurrying and forcing it to happen might not be the wisest option. Patiently waiting for the right time might often do the trick.


Manifestations work. Nothing can beat the power of positivity. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

Hold onto the belief with all of your heart. Put in your daily meditation, visualization, and affirmations. Feel as if your soulmate is already with you!

Above all, follow the 21-step process that I have outlined above, and be sure that nothing can stop your soulmate from appearing in your life.

Wondering about how you can make sure this person is actually your soulmate?

This recent article on my site is for you! In the article, I have clearly stated all the proven signs of a soulmate relationship.

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