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Manifest Someone to Dream About You (Law of Attraction)

Believe it or not, by following a few proper steps, anyone can learn to manifest anything. But manifesting a person to fall in love with you seems different than manifesting an object, right? Not really. So, here’s how to manifest someone to dream about you:

The most important steps to manifest someone to dream about you are 1. Be specific about the person and the dream, Visualize the dream and send it to them in your mind, Use the whisper method, and meditate regularly to strengthen focus.

But is it really just that simple?

Be it a new job, a new car, or the love of your life, you can attract all the positive things in life. Intrigued to know more about the process of manifestation?

In this article, we’ll break down manifestation and the law of attraction in simple, actionable steps that anyone can take; no psychic powers required!

Read on to get yourself some serious knowledge!

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What does it mean to manifest someone?

Manifesting someone means bringing someone into your life through law of attraction, power of positive thinking, few manifestation techniques, and inspired action.

You can manifest anyone. It can be a friend, a good business partner, or obviously, a romantic partner.

The process involves following the three dictums of the law of attraction:

  • Ask
  • Believe
  • Receive

Asking involves precise formulations of your intentions and visualizing exactly what you want.

The believing part involves believing so intensely and surely that you feel like already having the thing you desire. And, to receive, you simply have to be open and take any actions that intuition or inspiration leads you to.

The whole process works on the core principle of the law of attraction that states – the like attracts the like.

So essentially, it’s all about creating or reshaping your inner environment and mental attitude to match the vibrations of your desires.

All the manifestation techniques and actions are there to help you achieve that high vibrational energy within you that will attract the things you want.

If you can make yourself vibrate at a frequency by feeling like it, you will eventually end up being like it.

So, if you can vibrate at the frequency at which people usually vibrate while living with a loved one, you are likely to attract a loved one into your life.

With enough matching vibrations, you can even manifest someone to be absolutely obsessed with you! Want to know how you can do that? In that recent article, I have laid out exactly how to do that.

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Signs you are being manifested

Just like you are capable of manifesting someone in your life, it’s very much possible that someone else you know might be trying to manifest you in their lives right now.

If that’s the case, how would you be able to know beforehand?

Well, there are certain signs that you have to look out for:

  • You are feeling a yearning for true love or a romantic partner recently. This might indicate someone is trying to romantically attract you.
  • Your best friend or a family member suddenly starts to talk about you getting into a relationship. It’s the universe’s way of nudging you in that direction.
  • You are having more than usual positive feelings lately. It means you are starting to vibrate toward a more romantically inclined nature.
  • It feels like you are on the right track in life and finding yourself in the right place at the right moment.
  • Someone has been trying to connect with you on social media more than usual. It’s one of the outward signs indicating the specific person might be trying to manifest you in their life.
  • You are meeting a lot of new people. This indicates the universe is trying to get you to meet new people so that eventually you meet the person who is manifesting you.

Have you been noticing any of these signs lately?

It’s a good chance that you are being manifested by someone. And, if you are also in a position in life where a new partner would be beneficial, joining in on the manifestation process can save both of you a ton of time by hastening the process manifold.

How long does manifestation take to work?

More often than not, successful manifestation takes a bit of time to happen. As I mentioned just above, if both persons are trying to manifest each other at the same time, then it can happen with magical speed.

But such instances of mutual attraction are rare.

So, simply put, there are no specific answers to this question. It depends on many factors:

  • How adept are you at working with manifestation energy? By doing it more and more, you can make your manifestations faster.
  • Have you manifested stuff before? The more you manifest things, the stronger your faith becomes. Palpable faith works the fastest.
  • How big is the thing you are trying to manifest? Are you trying to manifest love or a dream job or a text message from someone?
  • How are the factors of good luck and free will working in the process? You should remember that in the case of manifesting a person, there’s always the extra dimension of that person’s free will and whether it is aligned with your will.
  • Are you using the right tools in the right manner? Using tools like visualization, positive affirmations, meditation, manifestation journal, etc. with the right mindset makes the process faster.
  • How much burdened are you with negative beliefs? Subtle yet deep negative thoughts can easily sabotage your manifestation efforts by delaying them.

A lot of people find it very difficult to manifest, while for others, it comes naturally. However, with practice, anyone can tap into this universal energy available equally to all.

Manifestation experts suggest starting with something small at the beginning to gradually boost confidence. Manifesting a text from someone can be a suitable target at this stage.

I strongly recommend that recent article on my site that would enable you to start small with your manifestations.

How to visualize what you want to manifest

Creative visualization is the best way to manifest anything.

By visualizing your dream life, you can make yourself feel like you are living the dream. As a result, your inner vibrational frequency becomes closer to that reality and starts to attract everything required to make it happen in real life.

Here’s how to effectively visualize what you want to manifest:

  • The first thing to know about visualization is the power of focus and your attention span. The stronger your focus and greater your attention span, the more sustained visualizations you can have.
  • The next step is to have a clear intention in as much detail as possible about exactly what you want. Having a crystal-clear intention and image of your desired outcome makes visualizing them easier and more effective.
  • While visualizing your desires, always give emphasis to the feeling aspect of it. Along with seeing your visualization with your mind’s eye, you also must feel exactly how you would have felt if it was happening in real life.
  • Using positive statements or affirmations is another great way to strengthen your visualization and turn on the feeling buttons. State your intentions and visions out loud in the present tense while feeling like living the reality of your statements.
  • Another similarly powerful tool is a manifestation journal. Along with saying your affirmations out loud, writing them down turns them into physical realities on a piece of paper. So, instead of using a digital version, get a  manifestation journal like this great one on Amazon, and always use the paper version.

Above all, when you are practicing creative visualizations, it’s immensely helpful to maintain a positive mindset throughout the process.

How to manifest someone to dream about you in 7 simple steps

Now let’s start the main part of this article – simple steps to manifest someone to dream about you. Let’s make the person of your dreams dream about you by using only seven action steps!

1. Be specific about the person and the dream

The first step is to know about the specific person and the kind of dream you want them to have in as much detail as possible.

  • What type of person are they?
  • What are their good qualities?
  • What are their bad habits?
  • What type of relationship do you want to have with them?
  • Are they your dream partner?
  • What is your vision of an ideal life with the dream partner?

Try to find out answers to such questions and as many more as you can think of.

Finally, craft the perfect dream that you want them to have about you based on all the answers to the questions above.

After forming the intention of sending the dream to the person, if you end up wanting them more closely in your life, I have written a recent article for you. Click to read on my site about how you can manifest your romantic partner!

2. Visualize the dream and send it to them

This is among the most important steps. Now, it’s time to visualize them having that exact dream you crafted in the first step.

The easiest way to visualize it is by seeing that person sleeping peacefully, but occasionally moving their arms and legs slightly. This means they are in their REM sleep when vivid dreams occur.

Now visualize yourself getting access to their mind, and you can see the exact dream they are having. Now, you feel very good that they are dreaming about you.

3. Use the whisper method

This third step is a manifestation tool that would be especially suitable for making someone dream about you.

This is a simple yet powerful tool. To carry out the whisper method, you simply have to imagine that the person is sleeping and you are walking up to them and whispering into their ears. You are telling them to dream about you.

Visualize you are narrating the whole dream to their ear with all the relevant passion and feelings.

The whisper method is also very effective in manifesting someone back into your life. If you have recently broken up with your loved one but desperately want them back, click that recent article that you must read on my site.

4. Meditate regularly to strengthen your focus

The fourth step involves the ancient practice of the sages – meditation.

I cannot emphasize the efficacy of meditation enough when it comes to manifesting anything. It’s the best thing you can do for yourself because it will immensely help you in strengthening your focus and increase your attention span.

Meditating in a quiet place also helps alleviate negative energy, which is very damaging to the manifestation process.

5. Be positive and optimistic

Good things happen to people with positive thoughts and an optimistic outlook on life. There’s no such thing as toxic positivity when it comes to doing manifestation.

Do whatever you can to help cultivate positive emotions and positive energy within you. The higher the vibrational frequency you can achieve, the faster your manifestation will become a reality.

Overall, try to have a healthy relationship with life and all types of people.

6. Dispel the negatives

The two arch enemies of the law of attraction are negative thoughts and limiting beliefs. You must be on guard against these two devils at all costs, all the time.

But they are very sneaky in their actions, as the subconscious mind is their origin and home.

That’s why meditation becomes even more important, as it enables you to become more aware of the deeper recesses of your being.

Apart from that, a smart tool that you can use against negativity is your breathing. Resort back to deep breaths whenever you are facing negative experiences.

7. Believe in the dream world

Although I am listing this as the final step, it’s perhaps the most important thing for manifesting someone to dream about you.

Because if you do not have a firm belief in the secret, deep-level connectivity within souls in the dream world, you won’t be able to generate powerful enough manifestation energy.

So, generate a strong belief within you that you can affect your dreams as well as the dreams of others through mind power.


As a few final thoughts, I would like to reassure you once again that creating the life of your dreams is very much in your powers through the proper utilization of manifestation techniques.

You can manifest all your positive desires whether you want someone to have a crazy dream about you or just want any other object.

Just follow the basics of manifestation and the law of attraction to attract someone, as described above, and you will simply be unstoppable in life.

Image by Stefan Keller from Pixabay

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