19 Easy Steps to Manifest Someone to Text You Instantly

Humanity has been blessed with an inherent power of manifestation. You can use the power to manifest anything from a new job to a whole new dream life. You can also manifest other things like making someone text you. So, here’s how to manifest someone to text you.

The main action steps for manifesting someone to text you instantly:

  1. Enhance focus power and attention span.
  2. Form clear intentions of an exact message.
  3. Visualize getting the text on your phone.
  4. Feel as if you have already got the message.
  5. Use positive affirmations and other techniques.

These are only the major steps. The whole thing is a 19-step process. Read the entire process until the last step; as for manifesting the text instantly, the last step is the most important.

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Now let’s review the . . .

19 Easy Steps to Manifest Someone to Text You Instantly

1. Build your focus power

The first step is to improve two fundamental mind powers that you have – focus and attention. With enough focusing power, you can even manifest a phone call instead of a text. So, enhancing these powers is the only way forward.

The more focus power and attention span you can generate, the more powerful and extended your visualizations will be to manifest what you want. Greater control of your focus power will also enable you to easily deal with negative thinking.

2. Craft the exact text you want

The next step is clearly defining the object of your focus and attention. In this case, the object is the text message from that specific person.

Have a clear idea of the exact kind of text message you want. Then craft a couple of samples. Create a mental image and clear intention of receiving the exact text. How will it look on your phone in real life? And how will you feel after getting it?

3. Visualize receiving the text

Visualization is the best way to manifest anything. Don’t take this lightly, as I have listed this on the third step. It’s actually the most important step. The first two simple steps were only preparatory steps leading to this one.

Visualize getting the exact text message you want from the specific person. Close your eyes and imagine receiving and reading the text on your phone screen.

Try to make the visualization as vivid and lucid as possible. Repeat the visualizations for longer periods of time with each iteration.

4. Feel like receiving the text

Along with visualizing getting the text, you also have to put equal emphasis on the feeling aspect of your imagination. The visualizations must always accompany the actual positive feelings of receiving the text.

To replicate the feeling of receiving the text on the phone screen, you can save your phone number by the name of the person and send the message to your own number. It’s a very useful phone visualization technique.

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5. Write down the text on the manifestation journal

Using a manifestation journal is essential for speedy manifestations. The best part is that by writing down your desires and visualizations on a piece of paper, you are already turning them into a reality in the form of written text.

Also, writing down the text messages you want to get and your feelings about them will immensely help your visualization techniques. It will make you more detailed and focused. You will also find it easier to remember your visualizations and repeat them properly.

6. Print the text and pin it on a vision board

Here’s another very powerful manifestation tool – the vision board. A vision board turns your desires into a visual reality, which creates a very powerful feedback loop. Whenever you will see the board, positive emotions will fill your heart, which in turn, will strengthen your manifestation power.

So, print out the desired texts, ideally as an image showing how they will appear on your phone screen, and put them on a vision board. You can also display images of the particular person and other images emitting positive vibes.

7. Use positive affirmations

Positive affirmations is another essential step for manifesting anything. Use affirmations containing the outcome of your desires — such as:

[Name of the person] just messaged me!

I just got a message from [Name of the person] and I am very happy!

[Name of the person] texted me [you desired message].

Uttering positive statements in the present tense, as if already happened or happening, is the most powerful way to mobilize the power of your thoughts. Positive affirmations have enough power to literally manifest someone to be obsessed with you. Click the link to read how you can do that on my site!

8. Practice meditation

Meditation is the only thing that helps and strengthens all the other steps of the manifestation process. It works like a strong base that holds your fort of manifestations. Most importantly, meditation enhances your visualization exercise and positive affirmations.

On the other hand, meditation is a powerful tool to foster high vibrations and positive experiences in life. Meditating in a quiet place before and after sleep is a very good thing for your manifestation journey.

9. Cultivate mindfulness and intuition

Mindfulness and intuition enable you to transcend negative experiences and negative things by being firmly grounded in the present moment. Also, by being mindful and intuitive all the time, you often get urges to take inspired actions that lead you to your desired outcome.

That’s why these two states of mind are considered powerful law of attraction states. To cultivate these states, meditation is the best tool out there. Also, trying to maintain these states consciously all the time helps a lot.

10. Stay joyful to vibrate on a higher frequency

Joyfulness and blissfulness are the highest forms of positive energy vibrations. The higher the vibrational frequency you have, the stronger your manifestation power becomes. And positive things start to happen in abundance.

Always entertain positive thoughts and run away the moment you see any negativity rising in your mind. A great way of running away from negativity is to shift your focus to something positive or something neutral. You can simply be aware of your breathing and start taking deep breaths. This will instantly take you to high-vibe energy.

11. Dispel negativity

A positive mindset is the best weapon in your manifestation arsenal. To be able to sustain positivity within you is perhaps the greatest of all skills one can have.

That’s why it’s imperative that you stay away from negative thoughts, negative emotions, limiting beliefs, or anything that breeds negative energy in you; especially when engaged in any energy work like manifestation. With low-vibe energy, manifestation won’t simply work.

Just remember – the first thing to know about negative beliefs is – deep-seated common limiting beliefs reside deep in the subconscious mind. You have to be extra careful to stay alert against these self-sabotaging beliefs.

12. Strengthen trust

Without bulletproof trust in the manifestation process, you won’t be able to manifest anything instantly. And, with complete trust, you can even dodge plenty of bullets. So, indulging in doubtful thoughts surely is a bad idea.

If you are struggling with lingering doubts about the manifestation process, I suggest you read the true law of attraction success stories of people just like you and me. Also, starting with manifesting easy and small things can gradually help build trust.

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13. Bump into them in unexpected places

Bumping into each other in different ways is a good idea when you are trying to manifest someone to text you instantly. Physically being in contact will enable the positive energy you have been building within you to affect them strongly.

As a result, the thought of making a move toward you, most likely in the form of the text message, will cross their mind. From then on, you just need a bit of push from the universe, and instant magic will unfold.

14. Get noticed on social media

Another less physical but equally effective way of bumping into each other is social media. For best results, you should keep trying both options.

Get connected with their best friend or a family member and comment on their posts to get noticed by the specific person you are trying to get the text from. And, if you can manage to get noticed both offline and online, they will start to take this as a hint from the universe to approach you.

15. Use the whisper method

Many manifestation practitioners have found the whisper method to be a powerful method for their practice. So, you should also try this out for manifesting someone to instantly text you.

Essentially, it’s a very specific visualization technique. To carry this out, you have to imagine walking up to that person in your mind’s eye and whispering into their ears what you want them to do. In this case, sending you the exact message that you want.

For best results, repeat this visualization, imagining them as both awake and asleep.

16. Deploy pillow method

The pillow method is also a very popular manifestation method used by many practitioners. This method complements the positive affirmation step described earlier.

To practice the pillow method, you have to pick the most potent affirmation – the one that makes you feel the most and write it down on a piece of paper. Now, simply put the paper under your pillow when you go to sleep. Also, make sure the affirmation is the one you utter before going to sleep.

17. Implement two cup method

Here’s another useful manifestation technique that you can use. It’s called the two cup method.

To deploy the two cup method, you will need two cups – one filled with water and the other empty. Now, label the water-filled cup as “current reality” and the empty cup as your “desired reality”.

Under the desired reality empty cup, put a piece of paper with your desires written on it. In your case, the text message from the specific person. Now, pour the water from the current reality into the desired reality cup.

This practice creates a beautiful symbolic representation of your current reality turning into your desired reality right in front of your eyes.

18. Let go of the attachment

Best things start to happen the moment you let go of them, as strong attachments bring negative results like worry, anxiety, and stress in the first place.

So, if you are holding on to the desire of getting the text message from the specific person too strongly, it’s time to simply let go and surrender the desire to the universe. Let the universal energy take care of it for you.

After manifesting the text, the next step is to manifest the person in your life. But how would you know when they are coming? Read the law of attraction specific person signs on my site!

19. Become an expert manifestor

Although I have enlisted this as the last step, this is the most important step for manifesting something instantly.

Manifesting something can take a long time in the beginning, especially when the free will of another person is involved. To manifest anything instantly requires almost a magical level of dynamism. Becoming an expert is a must and the final step for this kind of successful manifestation.

But the good news is that keep repeating the easy steps detailed above from now on, and it won’t take much time for you to become an expert manifestor to manifest your desired text message instantly.


No matter what’s going on in life, always keep your energy level high and mindset positive. High energy and positivity are the lifeblood of manifestation. From then on, manifesting starts to become easy. Know exactly what you want, keep visualizing the dream life, meditate, be mindful, and use positive affirmations daily.

The law of attraction manifestation methods is a gift to us humans from the universe. Through manifestation processes, we can take control of our lives in our own hands. I hope the easy ways outlined above help you to get what you want.

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