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25 Proven Law of Attraction Specific Person Signs

Manifesting a specific person, a soulmate, or a twin flame in your life using the law of attraction can take some time due to the dynamics of free will involved. So, looking out for positive signs is a good way to stay motivated. To ascertain you are in the right direction, keep an eye on the law of attraction specific person signs.

Here are the major signs the specific person is coming:

  • Vivid, life-like visualizations
  • Hopeful dreams
  • People connected to the person enter your life
  • Your doubts begin to fade
  • You let go of the attachment to outcome
  • You become your best version
  • Synchronicities abound

Relying only on the major signs might result in a false positive.

So in this article, we’ll review a lot of signs! Any one of these on their own might not mean much. But a few (or several) of these in conjunction with each other can very easily mean that your manifestation efforts to connect with someone in particular are working!

And when something is working, keep doing more of it!

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So, read on to know all the . . .

25 proven law of attraction specific person signs below!

1. Visualizations getting more vivid, clear, and life-like

Visualizations are what make the law of attraction work. So, more vivid and clear visualizations simply indicate you are very near the specific outcomes.

If you are visualizing having a specific person in your life and the visualizations are getting surprisingly lucid, it’s a sure sign that you are getting the person in your own reality very soon.

Visualizations are the first step toward any manifestation. With proper visualization, you can even manifest a romantic partner being obsessed with you!

2. Seeing the particular person in dreams

Dreams are an important companion of your manifestation journey. Dreams are the easiest way for the subconscious mind or the higher power to communicate signs to you.

Pay close attention to what you are dreaming while using the law of attraction and other manifestation techniques. In the case of manifesting a particular person, when the manifestation is near, you are likely to see that person in your dreams pretty regularly.

3. The dreams are positive and filled with hope and positive emotions

Not only will you see the person more in your dreams, but the dreams themselves will also fill you with intense positive energy and confidence.

During the early stages of manifestation, the dreams usually accompany negative or neutral shades of imagery, feelings, and emotions. However, when you near the completion of attracting something in your life, your dreams start to become outright positive and almost imbue fairytale-like uplifting energy.

To help with tracking the feelings in your dream, start using a dream journal the next time you dream something. Also, while you are basking in the bliss of your positive dreams, here’s a powerful trick – try to make them dream of you as well. This can hasten the process of their arrival in your life manifold!

4. Yearning for that person becomes more intense

The amount of attraction that you already have for the person might seem overwhelming, but when the person is about to come into your life, the intensity of the yearning will surpass your wildest dreams. However, there will not be the torment of desperation that your initial cravings used to have.

Increasing the intensity of your strong urge for true love in a positive and fulfilling way is the best way for the universe to channel more high vibrational energies within you. This yearning will take you to the next step of realizing your dream of living with the person.

5. Feel driven to take inspired action

Getting inspirational or intuitive impulses to take certain actions related to or towards the person you are trying to attract is another important sign indicating something pivotal is happening in the universal creative dynamics in your life.

Usually, the actions are likely to be very small but powerful, like the sudden urge to send a text message or a bunch of new, inspired positive affirmations that start to come out of your mouth. Some higher power is in play here.

6. People connected to the person enter your life

New people or mutual friends who are connected with the specific person enter your life for the first time. This is another clear sign. It is also a bridge event that connects your current reality with your desired reality that’s approaching fast.

It can be a family member or even an old friend. This not only means they are coming into your life but also indicates that you have already got into the person’s life via mutual contact.

7. You suddenly bump into that person at unlikely places

Bumping into the person you are trying to attract into your life in unexpected places is a very good sign. It can be at a grocery store or simply while taking a stroll down the road.

These kinds of surprising meets are there to flare up the love possibilities between you two. The unexpected bumping into each other also indicates the vibrational frequency is getting matched.

So, it’s important that you stay mentally and physically prepared to get in front of them all the time.

8. You become calmer and more confident with time

Here’s something you might not have heard before – when you are near receiving something you have been passionately desiring for quite some time, your inner being becomes aware of it coming much before your surface being.

That’s why it’s another sure sign that the person is coming into your life if you are feeling calmer and more confident these days. Most of the time, you will feel grounded in the present moment.

9. You start to know for sure they are coming into your life soon

Gradually, the inner knowledge starts to appear in the surface mind as intimations or a vague perception of something good happening. You start to know in your heart that the love of your life is almost there.

With time your surface consciousness also becomes very much certain. It’s as if you know for sure their arrival is imminent.

10. You start to let go of the attachment to outcome

It’s a common sign that precedes manifestation. Just before specific goals materialize, the attachment will no longer be the torment or desperation it used to be.

This is also a result of the inner and surface certainty that I explained in the above signs. The attachment will subside in such a manner that you will feel empowered enough to remain happy and content, even with or without the specific person.

11. Your worry, anxiety, and desperation decrease

Another beautiful thing happens when you near the completion of manifesting your loved one – Negative thoughts start to subside significantly. They start to get replaced with positive thoughts.

The certainty and letting go of the attachments enable your mind to be free of the tormenting burdens of worry and anxiety that used to accompany you like ghosts. And, you start to feel more deserving – that’s the next sign.

12. You start to feel more worthy of getting that person in your life

Another crazy thing about the law of attraction is that it makes you get rid of your limiting beliefs by keeping you in a positive mindset. So, when you are trying to attract a specific person into your life, naturally, any damaging beliefs about your self-image will go away when your desire is about to become real.

Once you start to own the truth inside you, the physical reality starts to respond likewise.

13. Your self-love, self-image, and mental health improve significantly

As the negative energy and limiting beliefs dissipate, some consequent big changes follow. Traumas from past experiences are not prominent anymore. Above all, your positive mindset becomes a new normal on a daily basis.

As a result, your overall perception of yourself, such as self-image and self-love, improves significantly. All this combines to greatly multiply your law of attraction power.

14. You are becoming the best version of yourself

As you can clearly see from the above signs, a lot of new positive changes will start to occur both in your inner and outer worlds. All areas of your life will feel an undeniable improvement.

Overall, you will start to reach the pinnacle of your human potential. This happens because manifesting a living human into your life is a pretty big feat to achieve. The universe must turn the best of you on to make it happen.

15. Your meditation starts to become deeper

Meditation is an important thing for the manifestation process. Meditation helps to strengthen all the essential mind power required to make the law of attraction work for you. Such as, both the pivotal visualization and affirmation powers get a tremendous boost from a daily meditation practice.

So, if you are working with the law of attraction, it’s likely that you are meditating as well. And guess what? Your meditations are likely to become very deep when you approach the completion of manifesting something as big as a person in your life.

16. You literally feel like they are by your side

It’s an undeniable sign of reality changing right in front of your eyes. You will notice this sign when the manifestation is very near.

It could be like you are all by yourself in the room or walking all alone in the park, but suddenly you feel like they are by your side. It’s not imaginary. The feeling will be very much palpable.

You might even start talking to them, completely unaware that they are not actually there. And only after you get no reply do you realize they are not there yet.

17. It feels like they are calling you from a distance

It’s another variation of the feeling of presence described above. This time, it’s in the form of an auditory vision.

When the specific person is almost there in your life, it can happen that you often feel as if they are calling you from a distance. It’s your subconscious mind playing tricks but at the same time indicating their imminent arrival.

18. You see their face in the crowd

Here’s another sign belonging to the same sign family – seeing their fleeting image in real life.

This usually happens when you are in a crowded place with lots of people around. You will suddenly feel like you just saw the person somewhere in the crowd, but when you look back again closely, you won’t find them there. This is also a meaningful trickery of the subconscious, like auditory visions.

19. They are interacting more on social media

When the power of the law of attraction is working its magic in pulling them toward you, there’s a very good chance that they will try to interact with you in different ways as a precursor to their full arrival in your life. And social media is a very easy way for them to do this.

If you are already connected on social media, you will start to notice more likes, comments, shares, etc., from them. If you are not connected, you might end up getting a follow request from them.

20. Level of synchronicities increases in life

Here’s another magical effect of the law of attraction – when it starts to work in your life, the very life becomes magical. One of the ways the magic works out is through synchronicities.

Such as, you will just be in the right place at the right time for the dream job or new opportunities. Even your unintended actions will produce a positive impact. Subtle changes might lead to great incidents in mysterious ways.

21. Your other manifestations become real

Whenever you are using the law of attraction to manifest someone, or something special, it’s natural to practice the law for all the other things that you want in life. It’s standard practice, and most practitioners do this by default.

What is interesting about this fact is that when one of your manifestations starts to become true, automatically, you become much more powerful to manifest even more. So, it’s definitely a sign that your big desires are coming true sooner than later if your other manifestations are becoming real.

22. Subtle signs from the universe

There will be an increasing number of subtle signs indicating in different ways that you are on the right path. Signs such as angel numbers, seeing the person’s name everywhere, a white feather, etc., indicate your spirit guides are sending your way.

So, it’s a good idea to pay close attention to these telltale signs. Keep an eye on anything with numbers and digits, like a license plate or employee nameplates. Also, notice if you are getting 11:11, 10:10, 10:01, etc., whenever you look at your phone clock.

23. They call or text you

A phone call or a text message is among the clearest signs that they are almost in your life. So, if you get any of these from the person you are trying to manifest, be sure that you are almost there.

Just put forward the best self that you already are and stay positively playful. The universe will take care of the rest for you.

On this note, if you want to specifically focus on getting a text message first from the person you are manifesting, click the link to read the guide on my site!

24. Psychic professionals confirm

If you believe in spiritual awakening, then you must also lay trust that there might be people who truly are psychics. You can also get signs of manifestation from a psychic source, like numerology experts or a professional psychic artist.

Tarot cards reading for your love life could also be a good idea to get the signs. Have an open mind and take the services of these esoteric experts whenever you come across them.

25. Positive things happen more often

Using the law of attraction is a spiritual journey. And the good news is that when you become adept in the process, good things will start to happen more frequently in your daily life. It can be a new job, a new car, or making new friends.

When you are nearing the completion of a major manifestation, the impact also spreads into other areas of your life. Even your other relationships improve.


Manifesting something as big as a specific person can take a long time sometimes, but knowing the proven signs is a great way to stay motivated and on the right track.

I hope the signs that I have gathered here from my years of experience in manifesting things help you understand your current situation better. No matter where you are currently on your journey, I strongly urge you to continue working on your dreams with positive thinking. Things might occasionally seem hopeless, but a little push to go past this phase could be enough to make the magic happen!

Image by Enrique Meseguer from Pixabay

Jeff Campbell