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46 Proven Soulmate Manifestation Signs (Yours is Almost Here!)

When you are desperate for your soulmate, sometimes our minds start creating signs that aren’t really there. But desperate or not, there are some things to look for. So here are the proven soulmate manifestation signs.

The top soulmate manifestation signs are:

  • Feeling good, happy, lucky, and confident
  • Experiencing a deeper meditative state
  • Dreams about a soulmate
  • Coincidences and synchronicities
  • Feeling like being together with a soulmate
  • Being driven and in the flow of life
  • Feeling profound peace, love, and empathy

But those are just a few!

And relying only on a few top soulmate manifestation signs, may not be a foolproof solution for you at this moment.

You must also keep an eye on all the 46 proven signs that will confirm you when your soulmate is almost here!

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So now let’s review the . . .

46 Proven Soulmate Manifestation Signs

1. The best way to know whether your manifestations are working or not is the feeling meter. So, it’s a good idea to keep track of how you are feeling when you are trying to manifest your soulmate.

As you gradually become happier and happier, it is a sign that your manifestation is about to become a reality.

But would you be able to confidently recognize your soulmate when you meet?

Make sure you are familiar with the proven soulmate signs I have detailed in a recent article. In it, I get into all the tell-tale signs to look for including the 1 sign that’s almost a total guarantee.

Just click that link to read it on my site.

2. Your meditations becoming deeper

The deeper you can go in your daily meditations, the more intense positive energy you are able to send out into the universe. This also means that your manifestations will become more potent.

So, if you are getting into deeper meditative states recently, it’s another big sign that your manifestations to materialize your soulmate is about to become a reality.

3. You are dreaming of meeting your soulmate

It’s a sign if you have been dreaming about meeting your soulmate for quite a long time now.

Whenever a soul level connection is upcoming, our subconscious mind often gets the inklings much before our conscious mind does; hence the dreams start to pop up.

To keep track of your dreams, it’s a good idea to maintain records in a manifestation journal like this great one on Amazon.

4. Something’s in the air

When the special person is about to enter your life, the whole universe will start to show you the signs. Your surroundings will scream out that something big is about to happen.

As a result, the air, the scenery, the sunlight, everything will start to feel a tad bit different to you; definitely in a good way, as if the whole world has just woken up to a bountiful spring after a prolonged winter.

5. Happy coincidences

Witnessing a lot of happy coincidences occurring in your life or to the people around you is also a sign of happy tidings.

It can be small things like seeing a Facebook post with an exact solution to a problem that you have been facing.

6. Feeling lucky

As happy coincidences and unexpected opportunities start to abound in your life, you will also start to feel luckier than usual. Your strength to perform powerful visualizations will also increase. This, in turn, will help you attract the perfect match in your life.

But sometimes soulmates meet and for some reason can’t be together.

But sometimes soulmates, too, have to undergo the pain of separation. It’s best to prepare yourself for such a karmic relationship. Know how you can do that in this recent article.

Just click that link to read it on my site.

7. You feel as if you already have your soulmate

When you feel exactly like already having the thing you are trying to manifest, it’s a strong indication that you are on the right path.

This is one of the signs that are actually a bit in your control. If you continually and religiously practice feeling like you already have your soulmate, you will eventually start feeling like it automatically.

8. Your manifestations are working faster

If your other manifestations and affirmations bear fruit faster and easier than usual, then it’s also likely that your soulmate or twin flame is nearby.

Manifestations materializing in any one part of your life will inevitably strengthen your overall materializing power.

9. Your affirmations give you the shivers

While attracting a romantic relationship with a soulmate with affirmations, you will notice that gradually, the process will become intense with time.

At one stage, your nerves will be so heightened that you will often feel shivers and goosebumps while visualizing or praying affirmations.

You will feel so good about it that you didn’t feel with any of your past relationships.

10. You don’t feel alone anymore

When a soulmate is nearby, the deep connection lets itself be known through many signs. One of them is the feeling of nearness and not being alone anymore.

Even the times when you usually feel down and lonely will no longer feel like that. Instead, you will feel peaceful solitude.

11. Finding your soulmate has become the prime purpose

Everything has become about your future soulmate lately. It has become the major goal of your life. You can’t think of anything else but the glory of the union that’s about to happen.

When such intense feelings are top of mind, you just have to wait for the right time for the soulmate to arrive.

12. You keep thinking about things to do when you will be together

It’s natural to visualize how things would be when you will be with your ideal partner during your creative visualization sessions.

However, when your manifestations are about to turn into reality, you will find that you are thinking about the together time all the time.

13. Your contentment with life increases

A soul connection brings blissful effects on life, which stretch in time.

This means the bliss associated with the union with two soulmates has been reported to be felt quite ahead of the first meeting of two romantic soulmates.

14. Your best friend finds their soulmate

When your inner work has been going on very strongly, it’s not uncommon for it to work in mysterious ways.

It can also stretch out the magic to your near and dear ones, such as your friends and family members.

15. You dream of vivid faces that you’ve never seen before

Apart from dreaming about meeting your soulmate, another common sign is having vivid dreams, especially those containing unfamiliar but beautiful faces.

While dreaming, you may not be aware of whom you are dreaming about, but most likely, it’s a subconscious projection of how you want your soulmate to be.

16. It feels like someone is calling you

Whether alone or in a crowd, you will often hear voices calling your name.

It’s the universe’s way of letting you know that someone is also calling you the way you are calling them. And the union is nearby.

17. It feels like someone you love is there when there’s no one

Here’s another sign indicating a strong connection is nearby – you will often feel a loving presence in and around you.

It’s similar to the cozy blissful companionship you feel while being with a loved one after a long time.

18. You feel more attractive

If your limiting beliefs about your self-worth decrease with time and you feel more beautiful and attractive, it’s another strong sign that your manifestations are working.

The continuous manifestation, meditation, and affirmation practices have reached deep within you to remove all the barriers that were limiting your innate power.

19. You are becoming more sexually active

It’s the mischief of the subconscious mind in partnership with nature.

It will start to make you more sexually active in a bid to prepare you for what is about to come – the greatest of all sexual encounters – the meeting of two romantic soulmates.

So, brace yourself for it! Your love life is going to spice up real soon!

20. There’s a sense of anticipation

The intense sexual urges will also accompany a strong sense of anticipation of meeting your soulmate.

You will feel excited but also a bit restless. Your heart rate will also become a bit faster at times without any apparent reason.

21. Synchronicities

You are seeing angel numbers more frequently. Numbers with repeated sequences are known as angel numbers.

Frequently seeing the angel numbers like 999, 1111, 1001, etc. are believed to be guidance from the spiritual realms indicating you are on the right path.

Déjà vu is also another common sign related to synchronicity.

22. It feels like everything is okay

No matter wherever you are, it feels like you are in a good place. This is also a sign of advancing faster on your spiritual journey.

Even if something bad happens, you will have an inner sense of poise and peace.

23. You feel like being driven

When our inner desires, passion, and visualizations start to steer us toward what we want, it’s natural to feel like being driven by a universal force.

When you feel such a strong sense of being driven towards something, it’s also a good idea to get your own love reading or psychic source readings to delve a bit deeper into exactly what’s going on.

24. Strong sense of hope getting stronger

When practicing manifestation, it’s essential to stay hopeful in your own way.

However, when your inner being senses something about to happen, the hope becomes even more intense.

So, if you are experiencing a bit stronger sense of hope lately, it’s probably indicating your dreams are about to come true.

25. Doubts are getting weaker

The only way manifestations work is because it transforms doubts into beliefs.

The lesser the doubts, the nearer the materialization. So, it’s another sign that with increasing hope, your doubts will begin to lose hold of your mind.

26. Increased ease and effortlessness

Everything is getting sorted out in unexpected ways. Your Uber arrives in minutes, the interview gets sorted out smoothly, and everything else that you are doing seems to be designed to happen in perfection.

It’s nature oiling the machinery of fate to make the big things like soulmate union happen.

27. You are in a flow

This is another sign that complements the one above.

Along with everything being sorted out smoothly in life, you too will experience the flow state for a lot of time in a day. At least more than usual.

Most soulmates meet when the time is right for them to bloom, but some are not fortunate enough.

They have to encounter the sufferings of meeting a soulmate at the wrong time. But why does fate play such cruel tricks? Get the answers in this recent article.

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28. You start feeling more and more deserving

With time, as your manifestation starts to become more powerful, you too will start to feel more deserving of a soul mate. Also, all the other positive stuff accompanying the time will also help in making you feel very confident.

29. You keep getting better compliments

You are getting compliments from a lot of people lately.

Even people among family members who do not care enough to praise you are coming out of their way to compliment the glow you have started to emit.

30. Your connection with nature becomes stronger

While in nature, are you often forgetting about yourself, feeling uplifted, and experiencing a palpable nearness and oneness with everything around you?

If you are having these or other similar experiences, chances are they are signs indicating your manifestations are about to appear in real life.

31. Your intuitions become more precise

Spiritual practices like manifestation, meditation, affirmations, and prayers are known to sharpen our gut feeling.

So, if your intuition is becoming more potent, it’s a sure sign that your manifestations are likely to materialize faster from now on.

32. You feel strong and confident

When something as beautiful as soulmate manifestation is about to happen, you are likely to be put into a state of unparalleled strength and confidence.

You will not even be bothered even when you are out of your comfort zone.

Do you know what can shake even such a strong confidence? Having to let go of a soulmate even after being together for some time.

So, what happens if your soulmate dumped you?

Is there a chance to get them back again? Yes, there are a few solid steps that you can take to get your soulmate back. I have detailed an action plan in this recent article.

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33. Right people, places, situations

Another soulmate manifestation sign is – you will witness a surge of new opportunities coming your way in different ways. It seems like you are with the right people in the right place at the perfect time.

Whenever you meet new people, they seem to be helping you or being beneficial in some way or the other.

34. Rude people are nicer these days

Along with everything else falling into place, the people around you too will become pleasanter and amicable. Everybody will behave in a helpful manner as their intuition will pick up the strong spiritual energy within you.

It may also happen that even a tumultuous relationship is becoming calmer these days.

35. You’re daydreaming more

You probably already are one of those souls who loves to indulge in daydreaming.

However, when your romantic soulmate is about to enter your life, you are likely to get even more into daydreaming. You will often find yourself drifting away in reveries, even while working or talking to someone.

36. Colors feel more vibrant than usual

Another sign of getting a romantic partner soon is that the everyday colorful objects and sceneries will seem a bit more vibrant than usual.

The clothes, the walls, and even the white pages of the books will seem teeming with life energy.

These are all signs of a romantic soulmate about to enter your life.

But do you know soulmates can also be friends without romance? If you are intrigued to know more about platonic soulmates, read all about it in this recent article. I get into all the different types of soulmates and whether or not a platonic soulmate can be turned into a romance.

Just click that link to read it on my site.

37. Surge of exhilaration without any reason

The outer vibrancy will accompany an inner exhilaration of feelings and emotions.

Your inner worlds of feeling will start to feel more alive, joyous, and teeming with energy. Every known feeling will start to be a bit different. Even the sad ones will be accompanied by a strange hue of something good.

38. Dislikes not as irritating as before

We all have our pet peeves and dislikes that we can’t tolerate. However, when a soulmate is about to enter your life, you will notice that those negative things are not negative anymore.

If you find any specific person or situation especially annoying, chances are you are suddenly not bothered by them anymore.

39. You are becoming more loving and kinder

When the love of your life is about to enter your life, your inner energies can sense it unconsciously or subconsciously. So, naturally, your own energies start to align.

Your mind and being will get an overflow of love and kindness. You will start to emanate the overflow towards the whole universe and everyone in it.

You might be shocked to know that all soulmate connection is not always happy and loving.

It’s a common misconception that soul mates can’t be toxic. Read all about why and how soulmates become toxic and what to do in a recent article. I get into how often it happens as well as if that means it will never work out.

Just click that link to read it on my site.

40. Level of empathy increases

As a direct result of increased kindness and lovingness, you will automatically become more empathetic. You can often find yourself crying or laughing for no apparent reason, but simply because you had a happy or sad thought.

41. Trust in force intensifies

Another soulmate manifestation sign is the intensification of your trust in the universe and the universal force.

You will witness that you no longer need to force yourself to trust the process, but it’s happening strongly and automatically within you.

42. The heart center acts wild

Our heart center is the best place to focus when it comes to getting unique insight regarding soul level romantic matters. And, the more than usual activity of the heart center is also a sign of soulmate manifestation.

It’s one of the weird soulmate signs. So, while dealing with the matters of the chakras and true soulmate relationships, it’s wise to consult a gifted advisor to make sure you are on the right track.

43. You are not tired or worn out so easily

While manifesting true love with a soulmate, it’s natural to feel a bit better than usual.

However, when the soulmate is just around the corner, such betterment transcends the limits of psychology and becomes a physical force. As a result, you will be able to work more and serve more without fatigue and burnout.

44. Your usual fears, worries, and anxieties lessen

Here’s another good sign that will accompany the sign above – your usual, habitual thought patterns about your worries and anxieties in life will start to be less tormenting with time.

You will notice that the usual negative chatter of the mind has become less intense and bothersome.

45. You become the best version of yourself

When unconditional love is about to enter your life, nature prepares you to receive it properly.

As a result, you will see a massive improvement in your overall psychological, emotional, and spiritual conditions.

Professional life can also get a good uptick.

46. Willingness to meet new people

Here’s another soulmate manifestation sign – you will start to feel more active, outgoing, and eager to meet new people and have new experiences.

This is nature’s way of putting you in the way of your soulmate as well as preparing you for having many adventures together in life.

Yes, a soulmate will take you on an epic adventure of togetherness. But what else will happen when you are with your soulmate?

Learn all about why soulmates are important in a recent article about the importance of soulmates. I get into why it matters, how to know for sure if you’ve found “the” one, and what to expect once they are yours.

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The proven signs of soulmate manifestations that I have described above will surely guide you on the right track to be prepared for your soulmate. And, when they will finally show up, the instant connection will be unmistakable.

On the other hand, if you can’t notice enough of these signs in your life at this moment, do not be disheartened. Start with renewed vigor in your manifestation and visualization practices.

When the time comes, nothing can stop it from happening!

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