When You and Your Soulmate Can’t Be Together – 19 Best Tips

A soulmate lets us feel unconditional love in the truest sense of the term. So, not being able to be together with your soulmate can be incredibly painful. But if you find yourself in that situation, what happens when soulmates can’t be together?

As a general rule, if soulmates aren’t able to be together due to distance or existing relationships, they may find themselves depressed, anxious, and obsessing over the other person. So it may be worth identifying and systematically removing each roadblock with the eventual goal of being together.

But that’s just a quick tip!

This article is all about what to do when you and your soulmate can’t be together and how to overcome this difficult phase of your life with tried and tested, deeply insightful 19 tips.

It may feel insurmountable at the moment. But with the right planning, commitment, and communication, almost any obstacle can be overcome.

So now let’s review the. . .

19 best tips to try when you and your soulmates can’t be together:

1. Think out of the box

Have you thought about every possible avenue? Have you exhausted every available option at hand that might allow you two to be together?

Is there really no way that you can still be together? At first, you have to make sure that there’s nothing more left to do.

Think all of it once more. Unleash your innovative self and think out of the box. What else is there that you can try?

What about the law of attraction and manifestation techniques to attract suitable conditions that would enable you to be together?

2. Become best friends

When you can’t be together with your romantic soulmate, the first thing to do is evaluate the possibility of remaining friends.

If you can make your soulmate your best friend, that would be the second-best thing. It will enable you to keep the soul connection alive and kicking.

It will also make it very much possible to have good times with your soulmate, even if you are not romantically together.

3. Be pen pals

Sometimes, the intensity of romantic attraction makes physical contact as friends quite impossible.

If that’s the case, try to keep the soulmate connection active on as many other levels as possible in different ways. Such as staying connected online and chatting every now and then. If chat is not possible, try email or a phone call every once in a while.

If nothing’s possible, at least become pen pals by all means. But give your hundred percent to make the relationship work, at least at some level.

4. Connect spiritually

Soulmates often have such a strong connection that they can even communicate telepathically.

Even if they can’t become your romantic partner, try out such a different type of connection. Try to make them your spiritual partner.

It may take a long time to establish such a connection, but once you get there, it can be highly fulfilling and often life-changing. So, stick it out no matter how much time it takes.

5. Create a support system to take care of yourself

First off, acknowledge that you will need some time and space to get back to your normal self after experiencing the deep pain of not being able to be together with your soulmate.

That’s why having a support system is very important. It could be anything from a close-knit group of friends to social media group dealing with relationship issues. It could also be your family members.

It’s important to talk to loved ones and share your feelings with them.

6. This too shall pass

At times, the thoughts of your soulmate and the feelings you have for them could easily overpower you and make it seem like everything is meaningless in life without them.

It is important to constantly remind yourself that no matter how hard the situation is at that moment, nothing is permanent, and this hardship will soon pass out of your life too.

You will soon encounter more happiness than you have ever thought was possible.

7. Accept what life wants

It could be your soulmate connection was destined to be one of the karmic relationships. It could be that the universe had higher life goals for you, and separation from your soulmate was an inevitable piece of the puzzle toward that higher realization.

That’s why it’s important to take a hard look at what exactly is behind your situation. More often than not, when you look at it that way, life will show you the reasons and the path forward.

All you need to do now is to accept life and move along that path.

8. Release your soulmate

If cutting all the ties with your soulmate is inevitable, the most important thing is to get it over with as soon as possible. It’s also the first step in the way of accepting what the universe wants from your life.

Release your soulmate from the bounds of the soul connection.

And you know what? It’s actually a lucky situation for you if you are not in a twin flame connection because those are the hardest to release and cut off.

9. Connect with higher power

Another reason behind life taking away your soulmate from you is turning you inevitably towards the higher power. Call it God if you like.

Souls at the threshold of higher connection often have to go through intense pain. And soul level separation offers the intensity required to open up the shell of the soul and connect it with the higher power.

So, when you find yourself bereft of your soulmate, try to find refuge in the higher power.

10. Pray and meditate

What better tools can humanity afford when it comes to connecting with divinity than prayer and meditation?

Employ these powerful tools that the universe has gifted us specifically to weather the storms, like not being able to be with your soulmate.

Also, meditation is the only way to fully cleanse yourself up to your subconscious mind so that no residual karmic bondage is left behind. Otherwise, you might encounter the same painful situation in this life or the next.

11. Surrender

At the ultimate stage of rising atop the ladder of higher consciousness comes total surrender of your soul and being to the universe.

While doing your day-to-day prayer and meditation practices, you will often feel the urge to let go completely. Realize the peace that comes with total surrender is unparalleled.

Trying to consciously hasten the process and intentionally surrendering to the universal plan would enable you to heal much faster.

12. Energy cleansing

Even after you have cleansed yourself mentally of the pain and residual karma associated with the soulmate you can’t be with, there can still remain some residual impact in the deeper energy levels of your being.

That’s why it’s also advisable to work with an expert energy medicine practitioner to clean your deeper energy blocks.

Such energy cleaning will ensure that such a painful life situation never repeats itself in your life and you keep rising up the ladder of emotional and spiritual growth.

13. Redesign your lifestyle

While you are working so hard on your inner life with meditation, prayer, and energy work, it’s also essential that you take care of your outward lifestyle as well.

Create a new, improved, and rejuvenating routine to guide your growth both professionally as well as socially.

Taking care of emotional and spiritual aspects is of utmost importance, but outward living standards are also important for holistic growth.

14. Be open to new soulmate

Often, we fall prey to the false idea that we only have one soulmate in life. But as I have mentioned earlier, that’s not true at all. So, be on the lookout for a new kindred spirit.

It doesn’t have to be with a view to having a life partner. Even meeting a new platonic soulmate can help a lot in alleviating the pain of not being with your romantic soulmate.

Each true soul mate connection represents different types of true love that carry into this life from a past life. You never know what a new relationship could bring, so hit the coffee shops and bars right away!

15. Focus on your current relationships

Try to make a healthy relationship situation in your current love life.

Not only the romantic relationship but also focus on every other kind of relationship in your life, including toxic relationships.

Think and plan the best ways to uplift every type of relationship. Take care of them, water them like plants, and grow them to new heights. Such an attitude will enable you to spread positive energy throughout all the lives around you as well as yourself.

Your well-being will also affect the well-being of your soulmates, no matter wherever they are living.

16. Try out new things

Do new things for the first time. New experiences that you never had before can uplift you out of the pain that you are feeling due to not being able to be with your soulmate.

Among the new things, also include new romantic partners.

You should keep in mind that to be romantically a perfect match, you don’t necessarily have to be soulmates.

17. Focus on becoming the best version of yourself

By forcefully becoming a better person and braving the storm of losing a soulmate, you will rightfully fulfill your duty toward the universal plan. As Viktor E Frankl said, “It did not really matter what we expected from life, but rather what life expected from us.”

As time passes, you will see the rewards coming your way.

You just have to wait for the right time to reap the harvest of your good deeds for the rest of your life.

18. Consult with a relationship expert

Not being able to be together with your soulmate surely could be devastating for you. But you know what? Bad things happen in life. As the famous Sufi saying goes, “It is as it is.”

Gather yourself up and follow all that has been said up to now. And, at any point, if you feel like talking things through with somebody, do not hesitate to consult an expert. There’s a good chance they have just the solution or words that you need to hear.

19. Leave everything behind if living apart simply tears you apart

This is the last resort. If you are simply unable to live without your soulmate and the feeling is mutual, consider taking this ultimate risk of leaving everything behind in your current life situation.

Forget about everything that has been keeping you apart from your soulmate, and take the plunge.


Maybe move to a new town or country together. But be mindful that it’s an extreme measure and will definitely affect your other loved ones. So, fully make sure they are the only person you truly want to be with. There’s no coming back.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can soulmates be apart?

Contrary to popular belief that no matter what, soulmates are bound to be together, it’s not always the case.

No matter how deep the connection you feel with your soulmate, it’s not a guarantee that you will stay together forever, nor is there even a guarantee your so-called soulmate will feel the same toward you.

Unlike the fairy tale soulmates, actual soulmates can drift apart even after long-term relationships.

There are many reasons for soulmates to be apart.

It could be due to the mysterious play of fate or karmic reasons carried over from past lives.

Soulmate relationships have special purposes and functions to play in each of our lives. Sometimes, the purpose is to offer us the taste of soul level separation for deeper spiritual realizations.

Sometimes, soulmates come to life to impart specific lessons, and when the lessons have been learned, something takes them away from us.

All these are a natural part of the mysterious play of connected souls that travel through many lives eternally.

So, it’s in the natural flow of lives that soulmates meet and then drift apart. In many cases, soulmates do not meet for lifetimes altogether, only to meet again in some other life.

The universal existence is much bigger than we can usually perceive. There is so much more to life that we seldom realize. This unknowingness itself is the very reason behind our pain when we don’t get what we want.

However, when we see the larger picture and the whole scheme of things, everything makes perfect sense. We also realize why our soulmate couldn’t be with us in a certain life and how it has actually helped both of us in the longer run.

Do you have more than 1 soulmate?

The idea of soulmates often gives us the impression that you can only have one soulmate. But in reality, you do not have only one soulmate relationship in life.

It’s very common to have numerous soul-level connections in one single lifetime.

Even more than one romantic soulmate.

And many soulmates could be there in your life without the touch of romantic love. They are called platonic soulmates.

This brings us to the main types of soulmate you can have in life: 

Romantic Soulmate: These are soulmates destined to meet each other as romantic partners. The majority of the time, they are also destined to spend their lifetime together. But a significant number of other times, they only meet, experience an intensely romantic strong bond, and then vehemently get swept apart by the forces of nature.

Karmic Soulmate: Romantic soulmates can also be karmic soulmates, but not all karmic soulmates are romantic in nature. A karmic soulmate could come in many forms of relationship. They can be our family members, friends, and even coworkers. They are in our lives for special purposes with specific functions pertaining to emotional and spiritual growth.

Platonic Soulmates: These soulmates are most of the time friend soulmates, partner soulmates, teacher soulmates, and kindred spirit type soulmates. There’s rarely romantic love involved, but deep soulmate love and connection are always present. Any kind of communication and collaboration among platonic soulmates brings massive benefits for both. They often have similar goals in life.

Twin Flame Soulmates: This kind is the rarest and the most intense of all soulmate connections. They are also the most intensely romantic kind. However, you can only have one twin-flame soulmate in life. In the case of twin flame relationships, the two souls are part of the same. One soul split into two human beings, so to speak.

Now, it is important to note that the most intensely painful separation is between twin-flame and romantic soulmates. Separation among other types of soulmates is also painful; however, they are usually more manageable.

So, how would you know exactly what kinds of soulmates you have in life? 

A lot of people also confuse platonic soulmates with romantic ones. Make sure you are not making the same mistake by reading this recent article on my site. Do not miss the unmistakable signs and coincidences that confirm you have met your soulmate!

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Above all, remember that you are not alone in this. There are a lot of people who have encountered the same difficulty and have successfully come out triumphant at the other end.

You, too, can be happy again! Very soon, you will find your new better half!

If you are going through a rough time due to losing a soulmate recently, I hope the tips above helped you get over it in a very short time.

Let’s end with making our belief in the universal plan stronger with this wonderful and timeless quote from Paulo Coelho:

“And, when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.”

Image by bruce lam from Pixabay

Jeff Campbell