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19 Proven Signs of a One-Sided Soulmate Connection

All the talk about soulmates can often seem to be confusing. On one hand, you hear all about how soulmates are meant to be together; on the other, there are the fears of one-sided soulmates. So, in real life, can a soulmate be one-sided?

One-sided soulmate relationships are very rare. But it can happen in karmic soulmates, where experiencing unrequited love carries out some karma-level significance. Also, one-sided soul ties occur when one soul gets distracted by forces like sex and emotion with another person that’s not their soulmate.

So, it’s crucial to understand the fine line between a one-sided soul-tie connection and a soulmate connection.

The reality is that soulmates come in all shapes and sizes. And they aren’t even always romantic in nature. So while uncommon, it is totally possible that one of you feels the pull and not the other. But is that it? Can you do anything about it?

These 19 proven signs to detect a one-sided soulmate connection will help you a lot in this situation.

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1. You didn’t feel the same when you first met

First things first! Let’s talk about the first meeting. How did you feel compared to how they felt when you met the first time?

Soulmates are connected from a past life. So, the moment they meet in this current life, they feel an irresistible, indefinable pull and intensity toward each other. This instant connection is also mutual and unmistakable to both soulmates.

This is also one of the unanimously agreed-upon signs of a soulmate connection. So, if any one of you didn’t have such an intense experience, then it’s probably a one-sided soulmate or soul tie.

If you are wondering about what other signs can prove beyond doubt a soulmate connection?

Read this recent article. Here, I have detailed all the proven signs as well as the telltale coincidences that will help identify soulmate relationships.

Just click that link to read it on my site.

2. They are unavailable when you need them

Another one of the clear signs of a soul mate relationship is being available when you need them the most. Or, put in another way, soulmates have a tendency to arrive in our lives when we seem to need them the most.

We also feel the need to contact them whenever something new, exciting, or troubling comes up. They become our go-to person.

However, in a one-sided soulmate connection, you will not find this coincidental availability.

On the contrary, you will encounter the opposite happening to you – whenever you need them the most, they are simply unreachable.

3. You can’t explain your feelings to them

If you can’t seem to make them feel the way you feel, it’s likely a one-sided soul tie.

Even after a lot of time has passed, they just can’t fathom the depth of your feelings for them and match up to the emotional level you are at.

Romantic soulmates, on the other hand, will most of the time be in sync about how deeply they are in love with each other, and there will be no doubts or mistrust whatsoever.

They even don’t need to articulate their feelings for each other. It’s just silently understood.

4. Your views on life don’t match

It’s normal not to have the same worldview in the case of an ordinary romantic relationship. However, in the case of a soulmate relationship, two soulmates will always be on the same page when it comes to the deeper questions of existence.

Even if they experience conflicts, they will be complementary in such a way that will enable both of them to reach greater heights of their understanding and realization.

Above all, the conflicts will never be a matter of discord but rather two notes of the same symphony.

So, if you have conflicting worldviews, it’s a sign of a one-sided soulmate tie.

5. Your life goals don’t match or compliment

Similar to world views and ideologies, life goals also tend to gel, match, or complement each other in case of true soulmate connections.

In some rare cases of karmic relationships, life goals can suffer a drastic mismatch.

However, major long-term life goals in a purely romantic soulmate connection would more often than not align with each other. Another reason behind mismatched life goals between soulmates is meeting at the wrong time.

So, what exactly happens when soulmates meet at the wrong time?

Luckily, there are some actionable steps you can take to salvage the situation. Read all about them in this recent article. Meeting your soulmate when you or they are already involved with someone else can be devastating! But there is one workaround.

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6. Disagreements and arguments all the time

Along with agreeing on the big ideas in life, soulmates also tend to agree on the little everyday aspects of things.

They agree on what to watch today and what to eat at dinner more smoothly than in other types of intimate relationships. It’s not that they will not argue or disagree at all; they will just be in sync more often than not.

On the other hand, if you find yourself always out of sync and arguing with each other, it can’t be a soulmate connection we are dealing with here.

7. You never have the same thought in your minds

The romantic love that true soulmates have for each other belongs to the depths of the soul. That’s why we call them soulmates.

One of the side-effects of such deep love is that you end up having similar thoughts, feelings, and emotions about something at the same time.

And in the case of a one-sided soulmate, you will often find yourself expressing opposing thoughts and emotions about things and experiences in life.

8. Never end up saying the same thing together

This is a direct consequence of the sign above about having the same or similar thoughts in mind.

When you have the same kind of thoughts or ideas about anything that’s going on in front of you, you will often end up saying the same thing together.

You can also find one of you often completing the other’s sentences. So, if such coincidences are missing in your soulmate relationship, it’s likely a false flag.

9. They seem inattentive/absent-minded when you are together

This is another clear sign of a one-sided relationship – finding one or the other always drifting away in thought somewhere else, instead of being present with their partner.

Even when they seem to be paying attention and listening to you, many different things will easily catch their attention and turn their focus away from you.

Whereas true soulmates are so deeply connected that even if there are other thoughts bothering them at the time, they will not find it difficult to be present in the moment with their partner.

10. They often avoid your call and do not call back

It’s a continuation of the other sign I mentioned earlier about not being available when you need them the most.

In this case, you will find your false soulmate to be repeatedly missing or avoiding your calls. And, even worse, they simply do not care enough to call you back.

When you actually get a hold of them, they will say stuff like they totally forgot to check their phones, were crazy busy at work, etc.

11. You are not comfortable staying apart

When you are in a one-sided soulmate relationship, somewhere at a deeper level within, you will have intimations of something being wrong. You will feel insecure.

That’s why you won’t feel confident enough to be away from them.

The thought of them spending a significant amount of time away from you would bring up tormenting thoughts of them forgetting you or forming companionship with different people.

As you already have a sense that something is wrong, the sense heightens to the level of anxiety when you are away from each other.

So, what if they really do not come back after staying away for some time? What happens then? Is there no chance of getting a soulmate back?

There are a few sure-shot signs that can tell you whether you can get a soulmate back after they leave you.

Read about them in this recent article. I have also laid out some of the actionable steps you can take to actually get them back if you want!

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12. Instance of abuse

Abuse is rare as a hen’s teeth when it comes to the spiritual connection and true love between two soulmates.

In the case of an abusive relationship, preserving basic respect as human beings often gets challenging.

So, abuse is the clearest sign they are not the right person. You must stay away from a person from the first sight of abuse.

13. Imbalanced dependency

You will always have a balanced and smooth relationship with a true soulmate. It may not always be sunshine, but romantic soulmates usually form happy relationships overall, powered by unconditional love.

You will seem to complete each other in different ways that seem natural and planned. There will be no sense of one being too much dependent on the other, thanks to the spiritual bond between two soulmates.

So, if you see an imbalanced dependency with a person, it’s a sign of unhealthy attachment and one-sided feelings.

However, in the case of the twin flame and karmic connections, such stuff can happen, despite being soulmates.

14. It feels like you never know what’s going on inside their head

The strong connection between soulmates enables them to get an intuitive understanding of each other’s psyche.

They will always know each other better than others and will know what’s going on in their heads by simple signs like voice tone, facial expression, or simply by looking at them.

In a one-sided soulmate connection, such inner glimpses will not be there. It will also happen that you will never get the kind of emotional response you want from a one-sided partner.

15. You can’t truly be yourself with them

Being able to fully be yourself with your romantic partner is the hallmark of healthy relationships. It’s even more so with soulmates.

Your soulmate is likely to be the only person with whom you are able to share your deepest thoughts, feelings, and sexual desire.

But such a thing would be challenging to achieve in a one-sided soulmate relationship. You might even always feel a tinge of inner pressure to actually hide your true self from them. That really makes things more difficult in a one-sided soul connection.

16. You are never enough for them

When you two are hanging out, they would often initiate the idea of going to a group or calling their best friend to join in.

It sure has a negative connotation. If you stay in such a relationship for long, you will keep feeling inadequate and may start to develop self-doubt.

But it’s imperative you remind yourself consistently and deliberately that it’s in no way your fault. You just have to find a better person who really appreciates you the way you are.

17. Highly toxic relationship

A one-sided soulmate relationship can easily turn into an unhealthy soul tie and a highly toxic relationship.

While evaluating the extent and nature of the toxicity in your relationship, also keep in mind the factors of twin flames and karmic soulmates. These kinds of soulmate connections can be inherently destined to be toxic for certain spiritual purposes and karmic actions related to past lives. However, they are not ungodly soul ties.

If the level of toxicity doesn’t improve even after spending a long time together, the healthy way to deal with it would be to stay out of it. Such a relationship is likely to turn sourer with time.

But can a soulmate relationship become toxic?

Check out this recent article. I get into how a relationship that was destined to work can go sideways. But I also talk about steps you can take to fix it.

Just click that link to read it on my site.

18. You simply can’t see it in their eyes

If you pay close attention, you will notice that the one-sided soulmates do not have that spark in their eyes when they see you.

When a deep connection with a soulmate is there, it’s usually noticeable in their eyes. Have you considered that your one-sided soulmate may simply be a platonic soulmate?

Can a soulmate without romance be possible?

Read all the answers in this recent article. The answer might surprise you! Platonic soulmates are, in fact, just one of the many times of soulmates out there. But does that mean a platonic soulmate can never turn romantic?

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19. They are cheating on you

If they have other sexual partners behind your back, it’s a sure-shot sign of one-sided love.

Any type of relationship needs an essential level of commitment from both the person, and cheating surely indicates they do not have that basic commitment, let alone being ready to do whatever it takes to make the relationship work.

So, what should you do when all the signs indicate you are in a one-sided soulmate relationship and can’t be with your soulmate at the end?

What other options do you have at hand? Is there a possibility of still making it work somehow?

Well, there still might be some solid ways to overcome the roadblocks and preserve the soulmate type of connection with that particular person.

But what actually happens when soulmates can’t be together?

Read how to systematically remove the roadblock with these deeply insightful tips in this recent article. I get into exactly what to do, if you just have to accept it, or if there might be a way to change that.

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If the signs tell you that you are in a one-sided soulmate relationship, know that hard time doesn’t last long. This too shall pass, and happiness is just around the corner.

You will find your perfect match next time.

If things get too tough to handle, the best way would be to seek professional help to ensure optimum mental health.

It’s also a good idea to consider creating a support system around you. Talk to friends or a family member with whom you have an emotional connection and are comfortable sharing such stuff.

And, always remember that suffering unrequited love for some time is always better than going through an abusive or highly toxic relationship.

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