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Can You Meet Your Soulmate at the Wrong Time?

Many people believe we have 1 perfect soulmate in this world that we are destined to be with. But what if you meet your soulmate at the wrong time?

Meeting a soulmate at a time wherein a relationship is not possible for one or both of you can lead to anger, resentment, and frustration, especially towards anyone you are currently in a relationship with. But it is worth creating a long-term plan to be together, overcoming obstacles one by one.

When things seem hopeless, it’s time to be innovative.

That’s exactly why I have written this article. It will arm you with all the information you need about meeting a soulmate at the wrong time so that you can make innovative decisions.

What happens when soulmates meet at the wrong time?

Soulmates meeting at the wrong time can be a difficult situation to navigate.

It can happen for a variety of reasons, such as one or both parties not being ready for a relationship, or one of them being in another relationship. It can also happen if the timing is simply off, and one or both parties are not in the right place in their lives to make a commitment.

When soulmates meet at the wrong time, it can be heartbreaking for both parties.

They may feel an intense connection and yet be unable to act on it due to circumstances beyond their control. This can lead to feelings of frustration and sadness, as they may feel like they have missed out on something special.

In order to address this issue, it is important for both parties to take some time to reflect on why they are not able to pursue a relationship at this time.

They should consider what is preventing them from taking that next step and if there is anything they can do to change the situation. If either party is in another relationship, they should consider whether that relationship is truly fulfilling them and if it is worth continuing.

If both parties are willing and able to pursue a relationship, then they should take steps toward making that happen.

This could involve talking openly about their feelings and discussing how they could make things work despite any obstacles that may be present.

Ultimately, soulmates meeting at the wrong time does not have to mean that their connection will never come into fruition. With open communication and understanding of each other’s needs and limitations, it may be possible for them to find a way forward together.

But it’s important to ask yourself:

  • What exactly is making the time wrong?
  • How far are you capable of or willing to go?
  • How many sacrifices can you make to be with your soulmate?

In any case, meeting your soulmate at the wrong time indicates the inevitability of pain. So, brace yourself for some emotionally tumultuous times ahead.

What are the signs that you have already met your soulmate?

There are some clear signs associated with two soulmates meeting each other.

In spite of that, many of us often find it difficult to discern the signs due to the abstract nature of the whole dynamics at play here.

So, it’s important to know the major signs very well.

Look out for these signs that indicate you have already met your soulmate: 

  • More intense – When you meet your soulmate, you will know that it’s something different from even the most intense past relationship.
  • True love for a true soulmate is instantly recognizable. The first time you meet your soulmate, you will feel the intensity of the spark between you two. And most importantly, both of you will feel the same kind of spark and attraction toward each other.
  • Soulmates always inspire each other to become the best version of themselves. Whether through emotional companionship or through practical assistance, you will always find their presence to be beneficial for your growth.
  • Soulmates often share similar or complementary life goals.
  • They also have similar views and core beliefs on the deeper ideals of life, such as the meaning and purpose of existence.
  • Soulmates often meet at the right place and at the right moment. Even if all the surface life situation tells otherwise, the timing is probably right in the broader scheme of things.
  • Do you find that you are often saying the same thing at the same time or finishing up each other’s sentences? There’s a high chance that you have already met your soulmate in that person.
  • You feel extra close to their family – Another sign that you have already met your soulmate is that you will feel the same kind of affinity with their family as you feel with your own.

Apart from these major signs, there are a few other things that will help you to know your soulmate with greater certainty, such as birthdays, zodiac signs, and coincidences.

To know about all these details and to get a deeper understanding of all the major signs, read this recent article on my site. Your soulmate’s zodiac signs might surprise you!

What do you do if your soulmate can’t be with you?

Unlike a fairy tale love story, in real life, soulmates do not always get the happily ever after ending.

There can be many valid reasons for not being able to be with your soulmate. One such good reason could be either one or both of you being in a committed relationship or forced to live in another country.

Here are the options that lie before you if you can’t be with your soulmate: 

  • Can they be in your life in another way? Even no-touch, long-distance relationships between soulmates could be a possibility to explore as a way to sustain a long-term relationship in your own ways. If a romantic relationship is not an option at this time, explore other platonic options to maintain the deep connection that you experience with the person. Would you two be able to remain friends?
  • Could they be a spiritual partner? Even if they can’t be your life partner, make them your spiritual partner. As both of you already share the same ideals in life. Utilize this connection for mutual growth. If direct contact is not possible, stay connected online.
  • Cut ties and walk away – If the wrong time situation is so complicated and problematic that you have no other option but to cut ties with your soulmate altogether, if it’s so dire that even being pen pals is not possible, then the best way forward would be to accept what life has put on your plate. Play the cards that you have been dealt. In such an extreme case, the best thing to do is to surrender and wait for the right time or a new soulmate to appear in your life.
  • Take some time to heal after breaking it off – After a soul-level separation, it’s also important to cleanse your energy and your subconscious mind to get your life back on the right track for the rest of your life so that no such untoward incident happens the next time.
  • Spend quality time with the people already in your life.
  • If currently in a relationship, focus on improving it – Try to turn your current relationship into as much of healthy relationship as possible. Also, focus not only on your love life but life as a whole. Work to uplift every type of relationship.
  • Be the best version of you that you can be – Embark on a journey to become a better person overall for your sake as well as for your soulmate. Because being miserable can damage both souls no matter how detached and distanced you are.
  • Also, try out new things and different lifestyles. Explore all the possibilities of life to get to the true goals that life has in store for you.

Can a soulmate really be just purely platonic?

The short answer is yes; soulmates can even be siblings, children, or other family members. Intrigued to know how soulmates can be without romance? Read this recent article on my site.

How rare is it to meet your soulmate?

Generally speaking, it’s rare to meet your romantic soulmate. But there are multiple ways to look at this question.

If we look at it simply from a purely mathematical standpoint, the probability of meeting your soulmate would seem almost impossible among billions of people residing on earth. However, mathematical logic does not always offer the answers when it comes to spiritual questions.

Soulmates are there for a spiritual reason. 

The universe has specific plans for soulmates to meet and play out the dynamics required to materialize those plans. So, if the grand design of your life involves you meeting your soulmate to carry out specific functions in each other’s life, you will meet your soulmate sooner or later.

That’s also why there are multiple types of soulmates you will meet over the years, each with its own set of functions, purposes, and implications. Most of them will not be romantic soulmates.

A significant number of soulmates are platonic soulmates.

Romantic soulmates are among the rarest types of soulmates to meet. The twin flame connections are the rarest among all romantic soulmates.

Soulmates can also meet for a short time to resolve certain unfulfilled karma from the past life. These types of soulmates are called karmic soulmates.

It’s common to mistake platonic or karmic soulmates for romantic ones, as they share some of the same signs when you meet. That’s why it’s important to really take a hard look at your heart and the exact feelings you feel when you meet your soulmate.

Also, after a soulmate separation, in the case of romantic soulmates, it can take a long time for a new soulmate to arrive in your life.

Is timing crucial for meeting your soulmate?

As I have mentioned earlier, soulmate connection is a device of nature to facilitate specific spiritual growth at particular stages of life. So, timing is crucial for meeting your soulmate.

Soulmates arrive at a more or less designated time.

The time could be wrong in the sense that external conditions of life, like already being in a committed relationship, make it difficult or impossible to be with your soulmate.

The most important thing to realize here is – if the time seems wrong, it’s probably also a part of nature’s plan for your growth.

Different people have different growth needs at different stages in life. And nature knows best when to throw which curve ball at us to bring out the desired life changes.

It could be nature’s plan to make you stronger and invincible by making you go through the pain of soulmate separation.

The wrong timing could simply be another variable in the grand equation that has some long-term goals for your life, such as spiritual awakening. You might as well say that the wrong timing is divine timing.

So, in any case, whether the timing seems wrong or right, the first thing to fully ascertain is that you have correctly recognized your soulmate.

A lot of time, people confuse the wrong person as their soulmate for various reasons. But mostly due to not having a proper understanding of a soulmate relationship and the clear signs.

If you are fully sure that it’s actually a soulmate that we are talking about, then it’s time to ask what life wants from you exactly.

Does it want you to be with your soulmate, or is staying away from each other what fate wants?

What happens when soulmates find each other?

The first thing that happens when soulmate finds each other is they feel a strong connection that is instantly felt and recognized.

They feel an intense pull of attraction that is stronger than in any other relationship. It’s like the primal pull between two magnets.

But unlike magnets, the pull stays the same even when they are far from each other. It’s actually another good sign when you find your soulmate. Between soulmates, time and distance don’t impact the deep connection.

When soulmates find each other, they become the go-to person for each other in tough times.

Whenever you are together, you feel like you are in your comfort zone, no matter how volatile the external situation may be.

A majority of the time, soulmates are destined to recognize this irresistible pull and end up being together for the major part of their lifetime.

However, in some cases, soulmates find each other only to be taken apart by a violent force of fate.

It could be due to wrong timing or other inevitabilities of life, like having to move to a different country or the mighty death itself.

On another note, it’s time to remind you once again that soul mates can be of many different types.

They can also be a family member or a best friend. Sounds shocking? It’s not, as there are platonic and karmic soulmates that have no romantic associations at all.

Then, there’s the twin flame relationship that can be the most intense (and potentially toxic) of all soulmate relationships.

Will soulmates meet again after death?

A soulmate relationship is essentially spiritual in nature.

Soulmates often pass through the journey of multiple lifetimes together. So naturally, there’s a good chance soulmates will meet again after death.

The idea of soulmates is inherently connected with the two essential concepts.

  • The belief in reincarnation
  • The scientific fact that everything is energy

The existence of the soul presupposes the idea that souls are travelers through eternity over multiple lifetimes as they evolve into higher forms of beings.

The underlying science of all this is that everything is made of energy, and energy is never destroyed but only transforms into various forms.

The energy that makes up the soul undergoes transformation each time they pass from one lifetime to the other.

The general consensus is that the transformation is always towards a better and more advanced form of the soul in the next life.

Now, there are numerous belief systems related to the existential planes into which a soul passes after death. Almost all belief systems for a life after death alludes to some sort of reunion among connected souls.

Sages of ancient India, as well as many modern-day spiritual practitioners, have described different planes of existence after death.

Souls go through these different planes according to their stages of development.

And many of these sages confirm that souls meet at these planes to carry out specific soul-level karma. One of the most fascinating accounts I have found of the existential planes beyond death is in the book “Autobiography of A Yogi” by Paramahansa Yogananda.

In this book, the author shares how his Guru visits him from beyond to recount the tales of the higher worlds. I strongly recommend you read the book!

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How do soulmates find each other

Soulmates can find each other in all sorts of ways and situations.

They might meet as strangers while walking in the neighborhood park or while on vacation on the other side of the earth.

You can also find your soulmates first as a friend, a co-worker, or anybody else, for that matter.

Platonic soulmates could be found even among family members. However, it’s a good idea to not be always on guard in search of a soulmate. If they are to come into your life, they will; and you will know it when they come.

So, no matter how many guides you read on deliberately finding soulmates in life and whatever you do, it’s likely you will not find one if you are not meant to find one.

On the other hand, when it’s time to meet a soulmate, they appear in front of you effortlessly without you deliberately trying to find them.

However, trying out manifestation and creative visualization practices could help soulmates find each other:

The spiritual process of growth and its timeline is firm but not totally written in stone. With proper effort, you can hasten the process a bit. It’s also true when it comes to finding your soulmate.

One of the most best ways to speed up the process is by prayer and manifestation techniques. So, trying creative visualization techniques to manifest your soulmate in life could help if you do it the right way.

Follow the universally acknowledged three-step process of manifestation:


Ask the universe in the form of prayer that you want to find your soulmate.

Create a routine prayer schedule or incorporate this prayer for a soulmate into your already existing prayer schedule.


While asking for it, you will also have to keep stern faith in the process and the universe. Strongly believe in your heart that you will receive what you are asking for.

Accompany your belief with a strong feeling as if you have already met your soulmate.

Imagine how you would feel after meeting your soulmate and replicate the feeling within you as if you already have them in your life.

Be open and receptive

Here’s a rule of thumb to follow for achieving anything that’s spiritual in nature – being optimistic about it.

Being open and receptive is an integral part of the overall process of manifesting your soulmate. Always be ready to receive, as if the meeting with your soulmate is just moments away.

Above all, keep the flame of faith alive that you will find your soulmate when you need them.


Meeting a soulmate at the wrong time could be the hardest thing in life, but it’s important to maintain balance no matter what.

Never let sorrow or frustration get the better of you.

Try to keep a good relationship with all and constantly upgrade to better versions of yourself in a bid to help you and your soulmate spiritually, no matter where they are.

Also, remember that this tough time will pass soon, and good things are around the corner.

At the proper time, you will meet just the right person you need in your life, and the new relationship will surpass all previous heights of love possibilities.

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