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19 Proven Ways to Manifest Someone Back Into Your Life

We’ve all had a breakup we didn’t want. And sometimes it’s with someone we really thought was truly meant for us. Can you get them back? Yes! You just need a strong push of manifestation power. So here’s how to manifest someone back into your life.

To manifest a person back in your life, first, be fully sure you truly want them back. Then form clear intentions for getting them back. Visualize a happy life together. Use a vision board and manifestation journal to make things real. Meditate, and strive to remove negativity from your life.

The ones above only point towards the major steps. Here is the complete set of 19 proven ways and action steps that you have to follow to manifest someone back into your life.

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But now let’s review my . . . 

19 Proven Ways to Manifest Someone Back Into Your Life

1. Know the relationship

Before you embark on the journey of manifestation, the first thing you must know is how was your relationship with the person you want back in your life.

  • Will they still be a perfect match for you?
  • Are you being driven mostly by emotions?
  • Do you truly love them still?

Finding the answers to these questions is the first step to manifesting someone back into your life because you will need to find out all that happened when you were together to carry out the next steps.

Could it be possible that your ex is your soulmate?

It can take the stakes of getting them back a lot higher. Check out these soulmate manifestation signs in this recent article on my site before you proceed any further in manifesting your ex back.

2. Forgive

After knowing all the negative and positive things of your connection with your ex, and making it certain that you truly want them back, it’s time to start laying the grounds for the manifestation process.

That’s why the second step is forgiveness.

Forgiving the past hurts is always in the best interests when trying to manifest your ex back. Unforgiven the past hurts make positive thinking for the future very difficult.

If you cannot forgive them, there will always be negativity within you that will hamper the manifestation process.

3. Reframe the negatives

What were the negative aspects of your relationship with that particular person? What are the reasons they left in the first place?

After forgiveness has taken place to a certain extent, it’s now time to reframe the negatives into as much positive a light as possible.

Bring out positive changes in your life if you find that they are necessary to reframe the negatives into positives, such as, if any particular habit of yours used to bother your partner, maybe try to change that.

Also, know that there will be a hard time now and then, even when your ex comes back to you. But this time, you will be better prepared to tackle and overcome those.

4. Remove doubts

You have to have a razor-sharp certainty that you truly want your ex back in order for the manifestation to work.

You must have a desire from the core of your being. Once someone leaves us, there’s a high chance of lingering doubts or questions about whether they are the right person or an ideal partner for us.

So, along with removing the effects of past conflicts through forgiveness and reframing, you also have to look deeply at whether you have any doubts. If you notice any, you must reconsider your decision.

But what are the odds of reconciling?

Take a look at the chances of a soulmate coming back in another recent article that’s also on my site. I get into the odds, but also what signs to look for that it’s about to happen.

5. Form clear intentions

Good things come to those with good and clear intentions. That’s exactly what I was preparing you for throughout the above steps.

As you have dealt with all the past baggage, now, you are ready to confidently form crystal clear and strong intentions to get your ex back.

Now, you are certain that you want your ex back. State that intention to yourself and the universe. You can also consider revealing this to a close friend or a family member.

6. Utilize focus and attention span

Once the intention to get them back has been firmly determined, the next step is to start intently visualizing your intention.

That’s why you need to enhance the power of focus and attention.

Without a strong focus and longer attention span, you won’t be able to carry out the uninterrupted visualizations required for consecutive days.

To increase your focus power and attention span, I suggest reducing the usage of distracting practices like social media. You can also try reading books on concepts that you find difficult.

7. Use the mind’s eye

After the first few steps described above, here comes the heart of the process – the power of creative visualization. Visualizing your desires in your own reality is the most important thing for manifestations to happen.

You need to utilize all the focus power that you have developed in the earlier step.

How would you feel when you get that special person back in life?

Visualize the loving relationship and the dream life you want to have with the person when they come back. Feel like you are already living with your partner.

Prolong your visualization sessions with time. Carry on whenever you get some time. Keep doing it for as long as it takes to manifest your ex back.

Combining visualization with meditation is the next way.

8. Meditate

You might as well say that meditation is the most important step in the process of manifestation.

It keeps us on the right path by maintaining the positive vibes and good luck required for the law of attraction. The best way to meditate is to sit cross-legged in a quiet place and start by taking a few deep breaths.

Once you are sufficiently relaxed, start focusing on your intention and visualization for manifesting the special someone back into your life.

9. Utter positive affirmations

Using positive affirmations is yet another powerful way of manifesting your ex back. Incorporate this practice into your daily visualization and meditation sessions.

Vocalizing positive affirmation loudly in the present tense is a very potent exercise. It helps you to align your subconscious mind and the universe with your intentions and desires.

Use these affirmations below to manifest someone back in your life:

  • I live an ideal life with the love of my life.
  • [name of the person] loves me so much.
  • Me and [name of the person] have a fulfilling, healthy, safe, and happy relationship.

You can also create your own affirmations based on the examples above.

10. Design a vision board

Using a vision board is another great way to get you into the grooves of manifestation.

Vision boards are also very useful tools to aid you in your visualizations. The ideal way to create your vision board to manifest your ex back would be to hang a photo of your ex along with some beautiful images symbolizing or showing romantic relationships.

Whenever you catch a glimpse of your vision board, loving thoughts will pour into your being. This will help you to be in the feeling of togetherness with your ex. That means you will start attracting the actual thing very strongly.

11. Write a manifestation journal

Another very powerful tool is a manifestation journal like this great one on Amazon.

Write down how you want your life to be when your romantic partner comes back to you. It’s one of the proactive steps, as you are actively turning your manifestation into a physical form by writing it down on a piece of paper.

Maintain and update the journal with new visions every day. It could be about how you would spend a vacation with your ex or watch a movie on the weekends.

12. Stay away from negative thoughts

Negative thoughts and the negative feelings associated with those thoughts are the number one enemy of the manifestation process.

By negative thoughts, I mean all kinds of negative thoughts related to your past, present, and future. The thought doesn’t have to be related to the person you are trying to manifest.

Negative thoughts have associated negative feelings and emotions attached to them.

It can also be the other way around. In both ways, negative thoughts, feelings, and emotions, lower your power to manifest by lowering inner peace and vibration. You must replace negativity with positive thoughts, good feelings, and positive emotions.

As Rhonda Byrne says:

“Remember that your thoughts are the primary cause of everything.”

13. Get rid of negative beliefs

Negative thoughts and beliefs are closely associated with each other. However, they are different.

Negative beliefs reside deep within our subconscious mind. They can form due to various reasons, like childhood negative experiences or bad past relationships.

Some common limiting beliefs, like, you are not strong enough to manifest love, the manifestation process does not work in real life, or you are not worthy of love, can derail all of your efforts to manifest someone back.

Stay on guard against any signs of these negative beliefs within you. You can probe within yourself for traces of these negative beliefs during meditation.

14. Raise your vibrational frequency

Although it may sound like new-age mambo jumbo, every person has a vibrational frequency.

To translate it into easy terms, it’s all about the intensity of your feelings. The feeling of exuberance means high energy and any negative feelings like guilt or despair mean low energy.

With a high vibration within, you are in a much better position to attract true love.

As you are working on removing negative thoughts and negative emotions, you are already in a better vibrational frequency than before.

The next step in raising your vibrational frequency is to be loving, kind, and grateful. All these positive energy works are immensely powerful in increasing your vibrational frequency.

15. Be mindful

Mindfulness is about being grounded in the present moment, not disturbed by the worries for the future nor the regrets of the past.

If you simply try to be in the moment for a few minutes, you will instantly notice how beneficial it can be for the manifestation process by removing all the negativity from the mind.

Mindfulness helps us to stay on the right track. It also enables us to hold a positive attitude all the time.

One trick to stay mindful is to stay focused on your breathing. Simply be aware of your inhalations and exhalations, and you will instantly become mindful.

16. Be intuitive

Intuition always points to the best thing for us in the current situation. The intuitive state is also considered one of the most powerful law of attraction states.

Intuition can guide you in different ways toward taking an immensely valuable inspired action that can produce magical results, such as – it can guide you to meet new people or get a new job that can, in the end, result in getting your ex back.

But what if they are already with someone else?

Intuition can also help you to achieve the most difficult of manifestations, like getting your ex back from the clutches of another partner. Yes, it’s possible!

Read that recent article on my site to find out how!

17. Trust the manifestation process completely

It is superlatively important to lay your complete faith in the manifestation techniques you are using.

Although it’s common for human beings to have lingering doubts about the process due to the esoteric nature of the whole thing, having such doubts only slows the process down.

So, if you truly want to manifest someone in your life, remove any doubts you might have and lay complete trust in the process.

Follow the next way to gradually remove doubts and strengthen your trust.

18. Use manifestation all the time

While trying to manifest anything special, it’s also a good idea to practice manifestation work in all aspects of your life.

It could be manifesting an improved relationship with a family member, attracting a good friend, or a dream job. No matter what other things you need in your life to be happy, start manifesting them right away.

On another note, if you are just starting out with manifestation, start with smaller objectives to boost your confidence and trust in the process. It can be as simple as attracting a text message from a friend or something like that.

With enough practice and gradually increasing confidence, you can easily manifest someone to be completely obsessed with you. Want to learn how you can do that?

Here are all the secrets in that recent article. Click to read on my site!

19. Relax and let go

Too firm a grasp on your desires can result in negative outcomes. When we want something too strongly, it generates anxiety and worry, which are hugely detrimental to the law of attraction.

That’s why it’s extremely important to have a balance between holding on and letting go.

So, learning to relax and let go is the final step. Also, remember that it can take a long time to manifest someone back into your life, as your ex is living their own life using their free will. So, patience should also accompany your attempt to get them back.

Learning to relax and let go at times will enable you to be patient.


To wrap things up, I must again remind you to be fully sure about whether you actually want your ex back or not. Make sure you still truly love them and they are really the type of person you want in your life.

Once you have become certain of what you want, then form clear intentions with confidence.

Visualize your dream life with your love interest. Feel exactly like you are already living the best life. Meditate to be mindful and intuitive, maintain positive feelings, and raise your vibrational frequency. And, just like that, by following these simple steps, your dream partner is almost here!

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