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How to Manifest Your Soulmate (21 Proven Steps to Take)

We all want to have a perfect soulmate as our life partner. But not all of us are lucky enough to get one. However, if you believe in the law of attraction, you have a greater chance of realizing your dream of a soulmate than others. So, here’s how to manifest your soulmate:

Here are the main action steps to manifest your soulmate:

  • Improve focus and visualization powers.
  • Practice deep meditation and mindfulness.
  • Stay blissful and live in the excitement of being with your soulmate.
  • Incorporate prayers and powerful affirmations.
  • Be optimistic against all odds.

The above points only help to summarize the most important steps to manifest your soulmate.

Read the full article to get a detailed breakdown of the major steps into 21 proven actionable steps.

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So what are my . . .

21 Proven Steps on How to Manifest Your Soulmate?

1. Strengthening your power of focus

The first step in achieving anything big is to raise your power of focus.

The manifestation work largely depends upon the power of focus. The more intensely, precisely, and clearly you can focus on the subject of your desires, the greater the chances of your manifestations materializing.

I strongly recommend reading the book titled The Power of Unwavering Focus by Dandapani. It’s very insightful on how you can increase and utilize your focus power. Just click that link to grab it on Amazon.

2. Increasing your attention span

After strengthening your focus, the second step is to increase your attention span. With the increase in social media use, we all suffer from an ever-decreasing attention span.

But a decrease in attention span means a decrease in your manifestation and visualization powers. You will find it difficult to sustain your focus for the required amount of time to make the manifestations happen in your life.

So, minimize the use of social media and start working on increasing your attention span.

Try reading books you find difficult to understand to improve your attention span.

3. Improving your ability to calm your mind

Calmness will enable you to maintain the right mindset required for quick and potent manifestations.

Manifesting anything with a scattered mind is almost impossible, let alone a soulmate. It’s manifesting a living human being we are talking about.

So, the amount of mind power required is of a superlative degree. And the calmer your mind becomes, the more power you will be able to harness and generate for your visualization sessions.

4. Practice deeper meditations

Meditation is another essential piece of the puzzle of manifestation.

In reality, focus, attention, meditation, and visualization all work together to materialize your manifestations. Practicing meditation on a daily basis helps in all other areas of focus, calmness, and mindfulness.

Meditation will also gradually clear your internal blockages and limiting beliefs.

The best way to meditate is before and after sleep for all the right reasons related to how our mind functions while sleeping.

5. Develop creative visualization power

All the steps above were actually preparing you for this most important step of creative visualization.

Without immersed visualization, there’s no manifestation.

The sooner you realize this fact, the faster you will become a master at manifesting things.

You can also utilize different powerful tools for visualization, such as a vision board, manifestation journal, and the Silva method technique (click that link to get the book on Amazon).

6. Attain a certain level of equanimity

Once you have sorted out all the big steps of manifesting your soulmate described above, it’s time to incorporate a few powerful habits into your daily life.

One of the most important habits is practicing equanimity.

Equanimity means the ability to face both good and bad life situations with equal grace and a positive attitude.

Create an inner good place within you and dwell there unbothered by anything external.

7. Learn to stay peaceful and blissed out

The law of attraction unflinchingly asserts that the like attracts the like.

So, along with having an equanimous outlook on everything, you also have to incorporate peace, joy, and even bliss into the equation.

Maintain the same blissful inner core within you no matter what life throws at you.

Once you can reach this state of heightened equanimity, manifesting anything will become a much easier and lucid process.

8. Practice mindfulness

Always be mindful, whether alone in your room or at a crowded coffee shop.

This is another one of the vital habits that you have to develop to aid and hasten the process of manifesting your soulmate. I know there’s a lot of talk going on about mindfulness, and it’s easy to get confused.

But simply put, mindfulness means being aware of all that’s going on internally and externally with equal calmness instead of being sucked into the mental chatter about anything particular.

9. Be in the moment

Turn this into another one of your daily habit-building practices. Always strive to be in the moment.

Being in the moment is actually the doorway to mindfulness. The moment you ground yourself in the present moment, you instantly become mindful of everything that goes on inside out.

The more you are in the moment and mindful, the more easily you will be able to see the telltale signs of your manifestations coming your way.

10. Be intuitive

Intuition is a good sign indicative of a type of person with above-average manifestation power.

Intuitive inspirations also help you to bring the characteristics and visuals of your perfect match into your conscious spheres of awareness.

As a result, you will be able to use these inspired visions for your visualization practices.

11. Pay no heed to the negatives

Good things happen to positive good people.

But negative emotions and thoughts have a magnetic pull on the mental substance. You have to strongly guard yourself against negativity. Turn even the most toxic relationship into a loving relationship from your end.

Along with being positive within, also hold good intentions for everybody in your life and everyone that you meet on a daily basis.

However, it’s also important to stay away from the wrong people who tend to bring out the worst in you.

12. Negative or dry spells are also natural

There will be a hard time every now and then.

Despite all of your attempts at staying positive, you might fall into the depths of the darkness within. It could be the trauma of past relationships dragging you down.

But it’s essential that you keep striving to fight back against these negative spells.

Whenever negative feelings start to overpower you, don’t forget to take a deep breath and relax. Always remember the Sufi mantra – “This too shall pass”.

13. Power up your romantic feelings

While trying to manifest your true love in life, you have to be in tune with the romanticism within you.

You can also hang out with happy couples to soak in the romanticism they often exude.

By the way, did you know that not all soulmates are romantic? There are also platonic soulmates that can change your lives in all sorts of ways.

Intrigued to know more about platonic soulmates?

This recent article is for you! Click the link and read on my site why platonic soulmates exist and how to get one to elevate your life. After all, romantic soulmates are just 1 kind of soulmate that exists.

Click that link to read about all of the types on my site.

14. Perform visualizations whenever you get time

Always visualize being with that specific person whom you want to get as your soulmate, whenever you get time.

Precise, passionate, and recurrent positive romantic visualizations are important for a couple of other crucial factors. It’s to ensure that you do not attract toxic soulmates in your life or attract a soulmate at the wrong time.

Yes, believe it or not, soulmates can be toxic too!

And they can arrive in our lives at the wrong time. Read all about a toxic soulmate relationship in this recent article on my site. No relationship is perfect, but here I cover how to know if it’s toxic and if that is fixable or not.

Just click that link to read it on my site.

15. Always hold the blissful feeling of being with your soulmate

Although I am putting this step near the end, it’s no less important than the others above.

For the law of attraction to work, the feeling is of paramount importance. So, always infuse the exact feelings you think you will feel when being with your soulmate inside your visualizations.

Soon, you will manifest your ideal relationship.

16. Incorporate prayers and affirmations

Prayers and positive affirmations are very potent tools when it comes to manifesting the love of your life.

Prayers and affirmations also fight away the negative energy from within and around you.Try powerful affirmations like, “the perfect person is coming to me”.

Also, incorporate some futuristic affirmations to dispel anything bad from happening, like being unable to be with your soulmate even after meeting them. Such as, “I will be with my soulmate forever”.

You should also be mindful of a few critical elements related to soulmate separation and what happens when soulmates can’t be together.

I have published a recent article on my site about all the essential things to be aware of when you can’t be with your soulmate.

Is it possible to get your soulmate back once you are separate? Click the above link and read the answers on my site. The unique insights might surprise you!

17. Talk to your best friend about your soulmate

Along with affirmations while you are alone, spoken words have their own unique value for manifesting and achieving your goals.

Just make sure the one you are talking to is also a believer in the laws of manifestation and the inner spiritual dynamics at play. Otherwise, they might interfere with your energy work with their disbelief.

The more people you can talk to, the better. So, also include close family members and other friends you trust.

Despite what people think, sometimes we meet our perfect soulmate at the wrong time in our life (or theirs).

But what do you do if the timing isn’t right?

Check out this recent article on my site. I get into what to do, how to deal with the common scenario of you and your soulmate not being able to be together (at least right now), and if it’s even possible to make it work.

Just click that link to read it on my site.

18. Build and hold the urgency and anticipation

Meeting your soulmate for the first time is surely going to be among the happiest moments of your life.

Cherish the anticipation in your heart with love. Always feel like it’s about to happen. Live with that ecstatic excitement for as long as you possibly can.

Always feel as if the soulmate relationship is right around the corner. Try to be in that aroused anticipation of your romantic partner for longer periods of time.

19. Practice manifestation in all aspects of life

While manifesting your love life, it’s also important that you utilize manifestation techniques in all spheres of life.

Starting with smaller things could be the first way to approach manifesting everything that you want.

Implementing the same powerful tools in different ways will help all of your ongoing efforts of manifesting your soulmate.

But if you had your soulmate and then broke up, what does that mean?

There’s another recent article that is also very crucial for anybody afraid of losing a soulmate. It’s about the possibility of getting a soulmate back. I cover how often breakups with soulmates happen, how often they come back, if a breakup means they weren’t really your soulmate, and what to do to get them back.

Just click that link to read it on my site.

20. Remove subconscious blockages

Our subconscious is much more powerful and vast than our conscious mind. However, it’s also more disorganized and volatile.

All of our beliefs and biases reside in the subconscious and influence us unknowingly.

So, if you have any hidden negative beliefs about yourself, it can hamper your manifestation process. However, the good news is, as you regularly practice your meditation and positive attitude, these blocks will start to fade away.

21. Dream big

Here’s the final step — never be afraid to dream big.

Get rid of all your limiting beliefs. Hold fast to the belief that you have the infinite power of the entire universe in your heart and every right to manifest love in your life.

Also, do not limit or model your imagination of your future partner by the examples of your past lovers. Always aim for the perfect partner.

Frequently Asked Questions

The following questions are often asked by my readers who are trying to manifest their soulmate into their lives quickly.

How to manifest your soulmate while you sleep

When it comes to a true soul mate type of relationship, a lot of times, there’s a definite dream-level activity attached to the lives of both soulmates.

Sometimes, soulmates can even see each other in dreams even before they meet in real life.

Therefore, using your sleep and dreams can be another useful way to manifest your soulmate .

This is one of the reasons why I recommended doing meditations before and after sleep.

Focus on soulmate visualization while you are doing your meditation before going to sleep. Use affirmations like, “I will dream about my soulmate tonight” to suggest your subconscious to create the kind of dreams you want.

Adorn your physical space, that means your bedroom. Keep it clutter free and squeaky clean. Your subconscious is aware if the room is not up to the mark, and will cause disturbances in your sleep.

It’s also important to work on your belief system. Clearly investigate whether there are any doubts about the process within you. You must relinquish all doubts and have complete trust in the manifestation process.

Consider taking help from a professional psychic artist or a psychic source. When it comes to the matter of the spirits, you must have an open mind. You never know what might end up working its magic!

Sleep work can also help in clearing out the past issues you might have that slow down your manifestations.

How to manifest your soulmate quickly

If you follow the above 21 steps to manifest your soulmate, you are already well ahead in your path.

To hasten the manifestation process even more, you simply have to be your best version and do the visualization with your best self.

The better you become as a person and fulfill the overall essential requirements of becoming a calm, blissful, and mindful meditator and visualizer, the faster you will manifest your soulmate.

A healthy relationship often requires time to form in one’s life. However, in the case of soulmates, the chances of instantly hitting it off are much more than in other kinds of relationships because your soulmate is made to be your ideal partner.

So, it’s natural to want your soulmate in life as quickly as possible.

Read more about the importance of a soulmate in life in this recent article on my site. Soulmates are probably more important than you think.

However, in hurrying the process, you can also mistake the wrong person as your soulmate. So, make sure you have actually recognized the right person.

Soulmate love is among the purest forms of love. It’s much closer to divine love. So, hurrying and forcing it to happen might not be the wisest option. Patiently waiting for the right time might often do the trick.


Manifestations work. Nothing can beat the power of positivity. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

Hold onto the belief with all of your heart. Put in your daily meditation, visualization, and affirmations. Feel as if your soulmate is already with you!

Above all, follow the 21-step process that I have outlined above, and be sure that nothing can stop your soulmate from appearing in your life.

Wondering about how you can make sure this person is actually your soulmate?

This recent article on my site is for you! In the article, I have clearly stated all the proven signs of a soulmate relationship.

Just click that link to read it on my site.

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