Have You Found a Platonic Soulmate? – 21 Unmistakable Signs

The term soulmate is so overused with romantic connotations that we often forget platonic soulmates are a thing. Yes, believe it or not, romantic soulmates are not the only kind of soulmates you have. Simply put, a platonic soulmate is a soulmate without romance.

A soulmate without romance means a deep connection between two persons without the involvement of romantic love. Yes, there’s deep, true love involved between platonic soulmates. However, this love is platonic love. There’s usually no sexual dimension involved between platonic soulmates.

So, now we know that contrary to popular belief, platonic soulmates are very much a reality. But how would you know when you find your platonic soulmate?

Well, to be fully sure, keep an eye out for all the unmistakable signs I have laid out for you below.

Here are the unmistakable signs for recognizing a platonic soulmate:

1. Instant connection

The most prominent of all soulmate signs is an instant connection. When you have a soulmate connection with a person, the moment you get the first sight, you will feel an instant connection with them as kindred spirits.

What’s more surprising is both of you will have a mutual understanding about this instant recognition that you will later realize while having one of your deep conversations.

2. Distinct connection

Platonic soulmate relationships would be different in feel and vibe than any other type of relationship. Something so distinct and different that’s not even felt with a family member.

While understanding the distinctness, you also should be careful about twin flame relationships, as it’s easy to confuse soulmates as a twin flame connection.

In case of any confusion, it’s advisable to consult relationship experts with a specialization in soulmate relationships.

3. No judgment

The strong bond between two platonic soulmates usually goes beyond the conventional sense of the good and bad.

Hence, they inherently feel as if their usual judgmental self or judging senses have been turned off when it comes to their soulmate.

Whatever they do or say feels natural and coming from a place of innate goodness.

4. Feeling of no pressure

Soulmates are bound to have some level of unconditional love between them. And they will feel that in their mutual connection. That’s why they won’t feel any pressure to please each other, which is usually involved with other kinds of relationships.

In every other kind of relationship, even with other different kinds of soulmates, there’s a significant amount of pressure involved to make the relationship work.

But with a platonic soulmate, you will find the relationship effortlessly unfolding optimally.

5. Calm companionship

You will always find yourself in your comfort zone when you are together. Even the most challenging of situations would feel easy when you two are facing it together.

Such calmness will not be there in the case of other kinds of soulmates, like karmic soulmate or twin flames.

6. Timeliness

A platonic relationship between two soulmates is eerily timely. Whether you are meeting them for the first time or after a long time, it will always feel like exactly the right time to meet them.

You will meet different people at different stages of life. But the moment you meet your platonic soulmate, you will automatically get the inklings of the importance of that moment.

7. Immensely supportive presence

A platonic friendship between two soulmates is bound to offer growth energy. Each encounter between two soulmates makes each other a better person.

You two will constantly find yourself to try and make each other the best version of yourselves.

The most amount of impact a platonic soulmate has in our lives is on our spiritual growth.

8. Time and distance seem irrelevant

Platonic soulmates know somewhere deep within their consciousness that they are on this journey together for the long haul.

So, no matter how much time has passed since you last saw them, the moment you meet again, it feels as if you were never apart.

9. Their presence is enough to have fun

True soulmates won’t need anyone else to have a good time when they are together. Just being together is enough to feel fulfilled and completely grounded at the moment.

Also, in a soulmate relationship, all the times you meet each other feel like new experiences. So you never get tired of spending time with each other.

10. No awkward silence

The intense connection between two platonic soul mates is enough to fill all the silence of the world.

So, there’s no question of having awkward silences when you are together. The silences, too, will be as much fulfilling and meaningful as your conversations.

You can even spend hours together, completely aware of and content with each other, without saying a single word.

11. You feel their family is your family

You will often feel like you are with your family when you are actually with their family members. You will also feel the same kind of love and feeling of responsibility towards their family as you feel for your family.

It is very common for a romantic soulmate to feel this way, but platonic soul connections also feel the same towards each other’s family.

12. Uncanny view into each other’s mind

Another sure-shot sign of soulmate relationships is a much deeper perception of each other’s psyche.

It is as if you know them in the entirety of their being. You often know what is going on with them just by looking at them.

Such unspoken understanding is not seen in any other kind of relationship.

13. Unique lingo

Soulmates have such a deep friendship that they start to develop unique ways and references of communication.

Anyone seeing them talk might often feel baffled as to what they are actually talking about.

It’s also common to develop different forms of communication when even the pauses and subtle facial expressions would be enough to know it all.

14. Your soulmate usually becomes your go-to person

Whenever something difficult comes up or while you are facing a hard time, they are the first person in your mind. You will feel an intense urge to contact them and share what’s going on.

And, guess what? Your challenges will start to become less intense just by talking about those with them.

15. Sense of humor of the same wavelength

In the case of soul level connections, one of the telltale signs is that your sense of humor will be of the same type, kind, and tempo.

You will have inside jokes that no one else will get. When in a group, you will find laughing only with them noticing a certain thing in your surroundings that no one else has noticed.

16. Optimum mental health

Your mental health will automatically get a boost when you are with them or see them. You will find yourself the happiest.

It might also happen that you were feeling deeply troubled, but the moment you saw them, you felt just fine as ever!

17. As if they are always there

It will also happen that no matter what when you need them the most, they will always be there for you. The close bond will make it impossible for each other to not be there for the other.

Even if they have to leave you for the inevitabilities of life, their presence will be felt for the rest of your life.

18. Their loyalty is beyond doubt

When deep soul connection is involved, the doubts about loyalty towards each other never cross your mind.

The strong connection feels so natural that any questions related to dishonesty with each other seem totally irrelevant. You can easily trust them with matters of life and death.

19. Your likes and dislikes match up

More often than not, in such relationships, hobbies, interests, likes, and dislikes match up significantly.

Your choice in music, food, and art will be very similar to each other. Even your life goals could end up being similar.

20. You share secrets you won’t share with others

Peoples keep secrets from each other in all types of relationships, But when it comes to platonic soulmates, you will find no need to hide stuff from each other.

You will find yourself sharing even your deepest thoughts without fear with your platonic soulmates. The best part is – sharing such information might not even be there in the case of romantic, platonic relationships, let alone a good friend.

21. You can be truly yourself

We all have that special person in our lives with whom we can completely be ourselves without any reservations. You can simply pour your heart out and live to the fullest.

Whether they are our friends, aunt, or a co-worker, they are likely to be our platonic soulmates.

Did you know that it’s also possible for soulmates to cross paths but not be able to be together? A terrible play of the fates, isn’t it?

But all is not lost yet! 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is a platonic soulmate?

It’s more than a best friend or a romantic partner. Soulmates are beings that journey together into this life from a past life.

They are there as soul level companions to support each other in the journey towards ultimate spiritual attainments as human beings.

Existence as a whole is a spiritual phenomenon. And the spirits, aka souls, traveling through existence have dynamic roles to play in each other’s journey.

All the different people we meet in life, or do not meet, have their parts to play in our lives.

However, soulmates are people who have a much deeper relationship work to carry out together.

There are different kinds of soulmates you might encounter in your life, such as: 

  • Romantic soulmate 
  • Karmic soulmate 
  • Twin flame soulmates 
  • Platonic soulmates

Among all these types of soulmates, platonic soulmates are the least complicated as there is the least amount of drama involved.

Platonic soulmates have no love interest in the conventional sense. They, too, love each other truly, but not the type of love involved in conventional sexual relationships.

Romantic soulmates can have conflicting dynamics in their relationship due to the sexual and deeper emotional entanglements involved.

The other two types of soulmates, like twin flame and karmic soulmates, are specifically characterized by the complex functions they have to play in each other’s life. These often inevitably involve conflict and drama to carry out those special purposes.

But platonic soulmates are soothing touches in the tapestry of all our relationships. They are the people that help make the enormity of existence sweet and palatable.

Do platonic soulmates ever cross the line romantically?

Platonic soulmates seldom cross the line romantically.

However, it is possible for platonic soulmates to start a romantic relationship and become life partners like romantic soulmates.

Also, in some cases, we can confuse the deep connection with a platonic soulmate as romantic feelings, especially if we are not habituated with the term platonic soulmate or have never encountered one before. That’s where sometimes all this can feel a tad bit confusing.

In such a situation, platonic soulmates can start getting involved romantically or sexually. However, it’s likely that they will soon realize the mistake and get back to being platonic again as they are actually meant to be.

On the other hand, as most platonic soulmates build a long-term relationship that can easily last a lifetime, it’s natural that many new things will keep happening between them. Romantic involvement could be one of these new things.

Such romantic involvement could also parallelly last through the lifetime, becoming a fully romantic soulmate relationship.

However, even if the romantic feelings do not last, it does not impact the strong bond between two platonic soulmates.

After the romantic fling is over, they continue to perform as perfect platonic soulmates as usual.

After you learn about the signs of platonic soulmates, it would do you a ton of good to check out the signs of a romantic soulmate relationship too. I have made it fairly easy to recognize romantic soulmates with signs and coincidences! Read them in detail in this recent article.

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Platonic soulmates are companion soul mates traveling the journey of eternal existence together throughout an infinite number of past lives.

However, there are many different things and important signs to consider while making sure you truly have recognized your platonic soulmates. It’s also important not to confuse platonic connections with romantic feelings.

It’s an unexplainable connection, and it’s natural to feel confused about it at times. So, do not hesitate to talk to a relationship expert when you feel any need to get a clearer perspective on the relationships in your life.

Image by Anemone123 from Pixabay

Jeff Campbell