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Can a Soulmate Be Toxic? (or a twin flame relationship?) 

We hear the tales of wonderful and magical love stories of soulmates all the time. But contrary to popular belief, bad things can also happen in a soulmate relationship in real life. So, can a soulmate be toxic?

A soulmate relationship can turn out to be toxic if either person has unresolved trauma or baggage from their childhood. However, it is more common with karma-level soul contracts and twin flame connections.

But, there are ways to manage or overcome toxic soulmate relationships for the betterment of both partners.

If you are going through a toxic phase with your soulmate, the first thing you have to know is the exact nature of your soulmate connection and then determine the next course of action.

This article will help you with proper planning and practical actions to salvage a toxic soulmate relationship. I will also detail when it’s too late to fix a toxic soulmate relationship.

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Twin flame vs. soulmate

Simply put, twin flames are one soul split into two. They are often called a mirror soul of each other. On the other hand, soulmates are two separate souls tied energetically and spiritually with specific roles to play in each other’s lives.

Souls are essentially energy formations in the realms of the spiritual. The souls or spirits travel through numerous lifetimes toward their ultimate fulfillment.

In this journey, many souls are intertwined with different energetic formulas and dynamism. They are destined to travel the journey of eternity together as soul groups or soul families and help each other in many ways throughout the journey of spiritual unfoldment.

Twin flames and soulmates are both the results of this energetic dynamism among beings at the soul-level existential planes.

But what makes it a bit more unique and extraordinary for twin flames is that they are a result of one soul dynamically split into two in the mysterious play of the souls.

So, a twin flame connection is much deeper, more complicated, and more unique.

Both soulmates and twin flames are connected through a past life. That’s why their special soul connections surpass all other kinds of relationships.

However, the strong attraction felt between soulmates is also much more intense in the case of a twin flame connection. They also form more intimate relationships compared to other types of soulmates.

But precisely for this uniquely complicated soul tie, twin flame relationships can easily become too hard to handle. They can even become intensely toxic at times. However, they very rarely become abusive.

Is a twin flame a toxic soulmate?

Not necessarily. Love is mysterious, and true love can be even more so. The love between twin flames is the deepest, truest, and purest.

It’s almost like the love for your own self. But just like our love for ourselves can become complicated and toxic, so is the case with a twin flame relationship.

As your twin flame is your mirror self, they often bring tumultuous changes and upheavals in your inner life. They bring about new realizations and new awakenings very fast. All these changes can become too much to handle in real life.

Twin flames can also bring the darker side of your psyche to the surface through the subconscious mirroring of behaviors and attitudes.

As a result, all this can feel extremely toxic. Sometimes, you might feel that you can’t stand each other even for a second.

The deep connection in twin flame relationships is the strongest among all other types of soulmates. However, the intense connection can be the very reason behind them turning into toxic relationships.

However, if you work through these conflicts and discords with your twin flame and battle it through, you might have a much greater chance of getting an ideal partner at the end of the process.

When all the rough edges have been smoothened out, you will fit perfectly together like two compatible pieces of the same puzzle. 

This was actually the original spiritual plan for the twin flames.

In the case of all twin flames, there must be a similar phase of such toxic situations. Depending on the exact time of the journey of the souls, this phase can be short or long.

If the soul’s level of maturity no longer requires battling out a toxic phase, then it will quickly get resolved, and the twin flames will settle into a soothing, uplifting, and fulfilling companionship for the rest of their lives.

Another important point to note here is that the nature of toxicity in a soulmate connection is likely to be somewhat different from general instances of toxicity.

So what are the traits of a toxic negative person?

Check out the most common toxic traits of a person and their relationships in this recent article. I get into what to look for, and how to deal with it.

Just click that link to read it on my site.

Do we only have 1 true soulmate?

No, we do not have one true soulmate. We can have soulmate connections in many different forms and types.

The main forms of soulmates are:

  • Karmic soulmate
  • Platonic soulmate
  • Twin flame soulmate
  • Romantic soulmate

Now the interesting thing to note here is that the karmic and twin flame soulmates who are also in a romantic relationship have the propensity to be toxic.

Platonic soulmates are the least toxic. Even our best friend or a family member can be a platonic soulmate without the involvement of any love interest.

Platonic soulmates can also be kindred spirits energetically connected to be companions on the journey of the souls. They are the most common type of soulmates that we encounter in life.

They are there to help each other navigate the difficult phases of life and bring about specific life lessons or spiritual realizations.

They can also be teachers and guides along the way.

We all have those few friends in life that often-become life-long relationships. The bond among us is very sensible, secure, and soothing. We also feel to be on the same wavelength in terms of the meaning and purpose of existence. They are most likely our platonic soulmates.

Platonic soulmates can also be karmic soulmates if they perform special karma-level actions in each others’ lives.

On the other hand, purely karmic soulmates are the kind of soulmate that seldom results in life-long connection. They last only for a period to perform specific karmic functions or purposes, such as facilitating specific life lessons, going through special kinds of sufferings together, giving each other unique feelings and experiences, etc.

Romantic soulmates that are also karmic usually do not result in a life-long soul partnership. They also come into our lives to perform the specific functions they were destined to and then depart from our life.

That’s why there’s also a possibility of having more than one romantic soulmate in life. However, there always will be only one twin flame.

Are you intrigued by the idea of a soulmate without romance?

Then, you should definitely read this enlightening recent article on my site, where I detail all the surprising yet real facts about platonic soulmates. After all, there are many kinds of soulmates aside from romantic ones.

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Should I stay with my soulmate if they are toxic?

Toxic people are everywhere, but having a toxic person as your soulmate could be tragic. However, whether to leave a toxic soulmate or not would depend upon a few crucial factors.

You also have to properly analyze the toxic behavior patterns in the relationship to make the right decision.

  • How often do you have good times?
  • The quality of the time spent together?
  • Are toxic times far outweigh good times?
  • What causes the toxicity?
  • Are the causes temporary and resolvable?
  • What are the benefits of changing?
  • Is the connection karmic or a twin flame?

In the case of karmic relationships, you simply won’t feel the need to stay in the relationship anymore once the karmic functions have been fulfilled.

Is toxicity a way to bring out the karmic functions? Think about it.

Depending on the answer to the above questions, you will have to determine whether you should work on the relationship and change for the better or you should stay away.

Toxicity in a romantic partner is tolerable, and often, it’s the right thing to tolerate for forming long-term bonds.

However, in cases of abuse, it should not be tolerated at any level. Preserving mutual respect in an abusive relationship becomes virtually impossible.

There’s no point in staying in abusive relationships. But toxic and abusive are different things.

If your partner is abusive, there’s a good chance that they can even be a false soulmate. Maybe you got all the signs wrong.

So, serve a takedown request and go your separate ways right away.

Another red flag is a high level of toxicity. If the level of toxicity is too high, that person won’t be a suitable life partner in the long run.

So, what are the chances of your soulmate coming back to your life once you have broken up or gotten dumped?

Is it even possible? The answer might surprise you. Read all about soulmates coming back in this recent article on my site.

Can you change a toxic soulmate?

If you are wondering whether you can change a toxic soulmate to have a healthy relationship with them, then you are in for a ride.

Whether a good or a bad one depends on how you are looking at it.

I advise you to look at it as life wants you to look at it – as an opportunity to grow together and end up becoming much better persons at the end of the journey.

In the bigger plan of the universe, the toxicity between two soulmates has bigger functions to perform. This toxicity is not like other toxic relationships.

In the case of soulmates, the toxicity actually indicates the need to change each other. So, once you hold the intention to actually work on changing for the better, nature too will help you in your mission.

And changing a toxic soulmate will become much easier.

Follow these steps to change a toxic soulmate:

  1. Make sure they are truly your soulmate.
  2. Make sure the toxicity level is not so high that it becomes intolerable.
  3. Make sure the relationship is not abusive.
  4. Become fully committed and determined to change for the better.
  5. Sit together and analyze the reasons behind the toxicity.
  6. Sketch out the plan on how to change or solve the underlying issues.
  7. Work together to make it work.

Sometimes a time of separation might also be required to actually feel and appreciate the depth of spiritual connection between two soulmates. That strong connection itself can be enough to bring about the changes required to result in long-term relationships.

If everything fails, consider the possibility of turning them into a new potential friend without romance, and do not hesitate to look out for a new partner.

Are you worried you won’t be able to bear the pain of a soulmate separation?

Well, that might not be the case if you knew how to handle this difficult phase of your life. I have detailed an effective plan in a recent article on my site. I highly recommend you read it to deal with the intense pain of letting your soulmate go.

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If you are going through a hard time being in a toxic relationship with your soulmate, know that you are not alone. And despite there being no complete answer to your question, there are some solid steps that you need to take to make things right in life.

Also, keep in mind that toxicity in a soulmate relationship is a natural indication of something deep and spiritual. It’s the way the universe brings about meaningful changes in the lives of soulmates so that they can reach their soul-level goals faster.

So, if all the signs indicate that they are your soulmate and the toxicity has not gone through the roof, hang in there.

There are wonderful rewards to gain at the end of the process.

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