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31 Proven Signs Your Soulmate Will Come Back

The special bond between soulmates is something to fight for. It’s the closest you can get to unconditional love. So, if your soulmate is no longer with you, and you might be desperately asking, “will a soulmate come back?”

Here are the proven signs that your soulmate will come back:

  • Your bond is irresistible
  • The soul connection is still alive
  • Frequently bumping into each other
  • You are both single for a long time after the breakup
  • Coincidences involving them keep happening

Although the ones above are the strongest signs, there are many other signs to keep an eye out for. Also, you need to proactively try to get your soulmate back instead of relying solely on the signs.

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So below in this article, I have 31 different ways to help you. But I’ve broken them up into 17 signs your soulmate will come back and 14 tips to get them back.

17 Proven Signs Your Soulmate Will Come Back

If your soulmate is meant to be your life partner, they will surely come back, no matter what!

But how can you know whether they are meant to be yours or not? You need to take these signs into account after you have gone about your separate ways:

1. Too strong a bond

True love and soul connection between soulmates are one of the strongest forces of nature. Naturally, it is not easy to break.

It’s as primal as a magnetic force. No matter how much you try, magnets will keep attracting each other.

And, more often than not, the strong bond itself is the clearest of all signs that your soulmate will come back. Once you have met each other, staying apart becomes intolerable.

2. The connection is alive and kicking

A soulmate connection is nothing to take lightly. It’s not like any other kind of romantic love out there.

The deep connection between soulmates is felt as strongly as ever, even when they are apart. It’s a result of the strong bond I mentioned above in the first sign.

This feeling of this unbroken connection between two soulmates is what will get your soulmate back to you.

This connection is also felt in other types of soulmates, like platonic soulmates. You will often feel connected to them even when you have not met them for years. And, when you do meet them, it will feel like you were never truly apart.

3. The reasons are temporary

Another sure sign indicating your soulmate will be back is if the reasons they left you are temporary and will get resolved soon.

Such as, it could be due to a fight over a silly matter. Or, they moved to a new country, and the long distance was simply not working for them.

Notice that in both cases exemplified above, the situation can change. They can realize that they were being silly, or they can come back to your country again.

So, if you think the reasons for you two being apart are temporary, it’s a sign that they might come back.

4. You can’t stop thinking about them

It’s naturally very hard not to think about your soulmate when you are not together. It’s more so because they are the right person for you.

It’s nature’s way of telling you that you have to hang in there.

So, if you find it particularly difficult to keep your thoughts and fancy away from them or the memories of the good times you had with them, it’s probably the same thing happening with your soulmate too, and they will soon come back into your life.

5. You keep getting bumped into each other

Bumping with your ex-soulmate suddenly could be painful. However, it’s a good thing if you want them back in your life.

It’s another one of those ways nature tells both of you to try to make it work despite the difficulties. And you will keep bumping into each other in unexpected places like magic.

The more unexpected the meetings between you two, the stronger the sign that you will be back together.

6. You keep getting bumped into people close to them

There’s another sign that accompanies the one above.

You not only meet your soulmate at surprising times and places but also keep meeting their best friend or a family member out of nowhere.

Both of these are sure-shot signs of nature telling you that no matter how hard you fight the inevitable, you can’t stay apart from each other for too long.

7. They are still following you on social media

Here’s a sign for the modern age – following each other on social media, even after a breakup.

If you notice your soulmate has not blocked you after a breakup, it’s a sign that they want to keep tabs on your life from afar. This also means you are not completely removed from their mind. The signs become stronger if you notice that they are seeing your stories or even reacting to your posts now and then.

It’s a sign, crying out loud, that they are yearning to get you back.

8. They are still single after a long time

If you find your soul mate to remain single for a long time after you broke up, it’s a good sign that they are not over you.

And to be frank, it’s most likely to be the situation with you and your soulmate.

As a soul level connection is not so easy to get over, most soulmates pass a single life after a breakup. They also find it difficult or almost impossible to bond romantically with someone else.

If such is also the case with you two, there’s a good chance you will be together again.

9. You can’t shake off the feeling that you are meant to be together

The deep connection between soulmates reaches the deep subconscious, intuitive levels. And inherently, you feel the connection somewhere deep within.

Pay close attention to your intuitions or gut feeling. Does it feel like there’s nothing left between you and your soulmate?

Most likely, you will feel that there’s a lot of stuff left to do together. It’s as if you left a good book or series on a cliffhanger, and you know that there’s more to come.

10. They text you or call you

Another clear sign that your soulmate is coming back to you is that they are still in contact with you.

This indicates you two are not in such a dire state that makes contacting each other impossible. As long as there’s contact, there’s a massive chance of mending things.

It’s probably, the most apparent of all signs, but not weak in any way.

11. Coincidences

Coincidences involving your soulmate keep happening, again and again, in different ways, for a long time.

It could be that you meet a new person with the same name as your soulmate. Or, it could be that you go out with a friend, and out of nowhere, they order the same food that your soulmate used to order all the time.

You get the point, right?

So, if you notice such coincidences occurring more and more lately. It’s a sign that the reunion is not far away.

12. Sometimes it feels as if they are with you

You might have experienced this already. It’s like they are right beside you or behind you, but when you look back, they are not there.

Sometimes, you can even totally forget that you are not together anymore and end up calling out their name, only to remember that they are not there.

What’s surprising is that you will experience this, despite having negative emotions toward each other.

Shocking and surprising, isn’t it?

13. You keep seeing their face in the crowd

It’s another similar sign indicating a soulmate will come back. Whenever you are in a crowd, you will see fleeting images of their face in someone.

It can also feel like they are around the corner somewhere or they have just passed you by amidst the crowd. However, the downside of this sign is that if you are too aware and deliberately try to detect it, it’s often not there anymore.

So, it’s best observed when you are not actively looking out for the signs.

14. It feels as if you heard their voice or they are calling you

This can happen both in a crowded or a secluded place. It can feel like sudden flashes of auditory hallucinations, but it’s not.

It’s intuitive signals from your subconscious mind that things between you two are not over yet.

15. You have realistic dreams about them

Having dreams about your loved ones are normal. But we all have dreams at times that seem much more than normal dreams.

These dreams are much more vivid and leave a long-term impression on us.

If you see such intense dreams involving your soulmate, it can very well be a sign indicating they are coming back into your life.

16. They left you for another person

If the breakup between you two soulmates happened due to another romantic partner, then chances are the other romantic relationship won’t last too long.

The intensity of soulmate relationships is unparalleled. It’s not possible in any other kind of relationship. So, even if your soulmate ends up getting infatuated with someone else for the time being, they are heading towards a crude realization of disillusionment.

So, you can take it as another clear sign your soulmate will come back to you once they realize their mistake.

17. You feel past life connection

Do you feel like it’s not the first time that you have met your soulmate? Does it feel like you have known them for eons?

It’s because it’s more than likely that you have met your soulmate in your past lives. Soulmates usually travel as a soul group through their lives together toward the ultimate spiritual fulfillment.

Also, many soulmates have karmic relationships with special purposes and functions in our lives. They will keep coming back as long as those clauses in the soul contract are not fulfilled.

Can’t find any of the signs of a soulmate coming back into your life? What if you were not meant to be together? What happens exactly when soulmates can’t be together?

Luckily, there’s good news – it’s not the end of the world! There are some massive positive spiritual dynamics involved in all this. Read about this exciting stuff in this recent article on my site here!

Tips to Get Your Soulmate Back

Knowing the signs of your soulmate coming back is important. But the most important thing is to not only rely on the signs but also actively take part in the process.

Here are a few bonafide tips that will help you get your soulmate back!

1. Were they really your soulmate?

Despite having clear signs, a soulmate relationship can also be confusing to detect.

So even before you try to bring them back, you have to make sure that they are indeed your true soulmate.

Check out all the proven signs to detect your soulmate in this recent article on my site.

2. Why did they leave?

Find out the exact reasons behind your soulmate not being in your life.

Is it something you did or something in your personality that drove them away? Is there any chance you could fix the issues to bring back the relationship on the right path?

3. Change

Once you have determined the reasons behind them leaving you, the right thing to do would be to proactively try and change the situations that led to this.

Step out of your comfort zone if necessary. Do not shy away from acknowledging your faults or shortcomings, if any, and give it all that you have to make the necessary changes.

4. Work to be better

Use this time of suffering to become a better person in all aspects of life. Channel the pain towards strength.

I know it might sound cliche, but there’s often gold to find in these old sayings.

5. Give time

When a soulmate leaves you, the best thing to do is to give time to calm your mind, energy, and senses so that you can make the right decision about your situation.

Also, if you drifted apart from your soulmate simply because you met each other at the wrong time, waiting out could be the best way forward.

Your soulmate is most likely destined to be your better half, so when the time is right, they are bound to come back to you naturally.

There are a few essentially vital things that you should keep in mind if you have met your soulmate at the wrong time.

Read about this in a recent article. There are a few implications that might change your life!

Just click that link to read it on my site.

6. Go no contact

If your soulmate has broken up with you, it’s a good idea to not contact them the first time. Go for the no-contact rule and let them be the one who contacts you the first time.

Also, going no-contact will give you the much-needed time for yourself to clear your mind and think everything through.

7. Initiate contact if the time feels right

If a significant amount of time has passed while being on no contact, but they have not reached out to you yet, it could be a good idea to have a soft contact from your side.

But be careful not to appear as desperate. Wait for the right time to initiate contact – just a little to test the waters.

It could be something like their birthday, and you send a short text, or something important happened in your or their life, and you wanted to share your thoughts.

This minimal contact will enable you to get the feel of how’s their mood about stuff lately, and whether to continue no-contact or initiate reconciliation.

8. Pray and meditate

Prayers and meditation are nature’s gifts to help us deal with hardship. Yes, these are great tools for making everyday life more beautiful and joyful. But the true power of these gifts is best found during suffering.

Try praying to nature, the universe, and God in your own way. Ask nature to soothe your sorrow and bring back your soulmate to you.

Combine meditation with prayers to get the best of both tools.

9. Practice positive thinking

Although many people might find this new age mambo jumbo, the power of positive thinking and positive affirmations has been known for ages in spiritual circles.

Believe in the universal plan for your life. Believe that if the universe wants it to happen, your soulmate will come back when it’s the right time.

With such a positive energy and outlook, you might also use basic positive affirmations, like “I’m happy”, or “my soulmate is coming back” from time to time.

10. Take care of your mental health

Staying away from the love of your life could have devastating effects on your mental health. It’s important to consciously take care of yourself during such a tough time.

No matter how hard the time feels, remember that this too shall pass. Try to engage yourself with the activities that you like and enjoy.

11. Focus on other relationships in life

Having a healthy relationship with all the people in your life will help you better navigate this difficult time in life.

Stay connected to all the loved ones you have in life. Be grateful for having them in life. Frequently call and talk to friends and family members that are living far away.

Also, consider seeing a relationship expert to work on the most challenging relationships.

12. Try new experiences

To get through the separation phase with as less pain as possible, experts often advise trying out new things in your life.

Take up new hobbies or try things that you have never tried before, such as sky-diving. The more novel things you experience, the new kind of perspectives and ideas will emerge in your life.

13. Seek professional help

When things get too tough in your love life, do not shy away from seeking professional help.

No matter how reluctant you feel to get to a relationship counselor or a therapist, force yourself on this one and thank me later.

14. Become a soulmate without romance

Tried everything in your power to get your soulmate back? It’s still not happening? Maybe this is what life had planned for you all along. Maybe being romantically together is not in store for you.

So, why not get the next best thing?

Yes, a soulmate without romance is a very real possibility and a chance for soulmates to preserve and enjoy the soulmate companionship of a kindred spirit when romantic involvement is made impossible by life factors.

Read this recent article, where I talk about all the crucial aspects of a soulmate without romance. In reality, a soulmate can be a number of different things; it doesn’t have to be the romance you see in the movies.

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If your soulmate left for some reason or the other, there’s a high chance that they will come back, and you won’t have to pass the rest of your life without them.

However, sometimes fate has something special for you in store, and to get there, you have to suffer soulmate separation. Such as, a karmic soulmate might not come back after the karma-level purposes have been fulfilled. It can also happen in twin flame relationships. In these cases, the only way forward is to surrender to life.

Accept what better things life has in store for you with open arms and bear through the temporary suffering toward the light at the end of the tunnel.

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