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Manifest Your Ex Back (Law of Attraction Success Stories)

Manifesting your ex back using the power of the law of attraction may seem too good to be true sometimes. But hearing the success stories of others also help to boost belief in the manifestation process. So below, I’ve compiled some great law of attraction getting an ex back success stories.

The law of attraction getting an ex-back success stories often involve the powerful tools of creative visualization, maintaining a positive attitude and thoughts, reciting positive affirmations daily, removing negative beliefs, and learning to let go of attachment to outcome.

Really knowing this can and will happen is crucial for manifesting it!

So in this article, we will highlight a few easy and inspiring law of attraction stories about getting an ex back that exemplify the use of these very powerful laws of the universe so that you can get inspired and use them to get your ex back.

But beyond the stories, I’ll also give you some simple, actionable tips about exactly how to go about manifesting your ex back. And I’ll also cover a few pitfalls to avoid!

Let’s dive in!

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Table of Contents:

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How to visualize manifesting a specific person

Visualization is the best way to manifest anything. If you read the law of attraction success stories below, you will see all of the stories have one thing in common. They all have used visualization practices to feel exactly how they would have felt if their ex actually came back.

To manifest a specific person, you have to visualize a life with that person using the power of imagination, focus, and attention.

The first thing you need is a clear perception of the person. How do they look? How do they smile? How do they walk? What are their characteristics? How would you feel living with that person?

Once, you have a clear mental image of the person and their personality, it’s time to deploy them in your visualizations. Imagine both of you living the dream life and enjoying all the stuff you would like to do with them.

It can be everything from watching a movie together, having breakfast, sleeping together, having an exotic vacation, and everything else that you want to do together. The most important thing is to generate the exact intense feeling during visualizing as if you are actually living in that reality of your imagination.

Repeat these visualizations as often as you can and for as long as you can. Gradually, you will notice that your visualization is getting more and more vivid. The more vivid they become, the nearer the manifestation.

Using a vision board and a manifestation journal is a great way to aid the process of visualization. With a vision board and scripting on the journal, you will be able to add an extra layer of reality to your visualization process.

Annie’s story of manifesting their ex back

Here’s a story that very easily demonstrates how detailed, vivid visualization can get an ex back like a charm.

Annie shares her story on Reddit. It’s a fascinating story of how joyfully you can approach the manifestation process and make anything you want into a reality.

Annie simply relies on the very intense feelings of already having what she wants. “I imagine how good it feels to have what I want,” she says.

She goes on to say, “I imagine myself with the person I’m manifesting and I imagine exactly what we do, how we do it, where, etc.” Notice her emphasis on detailed visualization.

She wanted to manifest her ex back and live a dream life on the beach. So, she started visualizing life on the beach.

“I’ll get cozy, close my eyes in bed, and open my mind up to a beautiful scene where we’re sitting on a beach, laughing about something, I’m holding his right hand and I’m smiling and I feel the salty cold air on my face. I take a deep inhale of the fresh ocean air and when I look over, he’s smiling at me, and I’m appreciating how handsome he is, and that makes me smile.”

Isn’t it fascinating how clear and detailed the visualizations are? She is feeling the salty cold air on her face and even knows exactly which hand she is holding. Just reading her story makes you live the moment. And that’s the right way to do it!

Her story also points to another crucial element – gratefulness. Annie also felt a deep sense of gratefulness for living the moment as if she is not living it in her imagination but in real life. “So, the whole scenario is very enthusiastic and satisfying and brings me gratefulness,” she says.

No wonder she has success every time she wants to manifest something. With strong enough manifestation energy, you can even manifest a new partner to be obsessed with you! Click to read how you can do that on my site!

The power of scripting to manifest someone

Earlier, I mentioned scripting in a manifestation journal to help you visualize more effectively. Let’s shed more light on the power of scripting to manifest someone, as it can really be an effective way to success.

  • Scripting makes it real. By scripting, you are making your desires a little bit more real by putting them on paper. Now, your visions are not only living in your mind, but they are also very much real on another plane. So, it’s a massively powerful tool.
  • Scripting helps you to be detailed, specific, and realistic. While writing your desires and visualizations down, you will automatically see the gaps and feel the need to be more detailed and realistic.
  • More vivid visualization. While writing down your visualizations, you will also enact the visualizations more vividly in your mind and start to feel the reality of your desires a bit more intensely. It’s also natural to feel goosebumps while writing down your dream life.
  • Scripting will also keep you on the right path by not letting you forget your most important visualizations and elements that give you more potent feelings.
  • Positive energy reinforcement. By writing down your affirmations, gratefulness, and positive statements, you get to reinforce the positive energy and good luck that multiplies your power to manifest.

So, you should, in no way, take scripting lightly when you are manifesting your ex back into your life. And I strongly suggest you use a pen and paper version manifestation journal instead of any digital notebook.

Ally’s story of manifesting their ex back

This is a story that demonstrates how scripting really is a good idea. What truly helped Ally was scripting, affirmations, meditation, visualizing, and living in the end. Let’s hear her inspiring true story of getting her ex back using the law of attraction techniques!

Ally went through a horrible breakup with her boyfriend last year. It was so heartbreaking that she couldn’t even get her to share the details of the breakup. It really took her to a bad place internally. Then, there was a no contact period of three months.

In the meantime, she was learning about law of attraction from a relevant YouTube channel. She tried all the most important things, from scripting to visualizing, but nothing seemed to be working. She also used to have occasional anxiety attacks.

Although she manifested things before, she was having a hard time as she considered getting her ex back as a very big manifestation. Which it is, and it can take a long time. But it’s important to keep working on your dream love life.

To break out of the cycle of anxiety and frustration, she started to live in the end and completely disregarded the breakup. She continued her practices of affirmation, scripting, and visualizations.

She shares:

“I would tell myself that he is obsessed with me, that he’s constantly thinking about me, and obviously I am a goddess, everyone wants to be with me,”

Gradually, she started to become more and more confident and have good feelings about it. She even put a date on when her ex would text her.

Do you want to know the good news? It happened on that exact date!

And a few days later, she got the messages from him saying exactly what she affirmed to herself. Isn’t it wonderful!

“Don’t give up, you already came so far, believe, live in the end, tell yourself that it’s happening, set an intention that it’s happening. I even put a date when he’d be back, and just let it be.” She says.

How to let go of attachment to outcome to draw people’s attention

Another very intriguing common thread that many of the successful law of attraction stories have is that it started to manifest when they could let go of the attachment to the desired outcome. It sounds counterintuitive, but it has a deeper truth ingrained within.

When you stay too attached to the outcome, you become more driven by the feeling of lack instead of feeling like already having the desired thing. But that’s exactly what creates negativity and bad things.

For successful law of attraction states, you need to feel the presence of the thing you desire, not the lack of it.

When the thing is already with you, there’s no attachment to the outcome, there’s only peace, calm, and bliss. That’s why you have to learn to let go of the outcome when you are trying to manifest something.

In the case of manifesting your ex back using the law of attraction, it’s easy to get lost in the intense attachment to your romantic partner. Staying away from them can simply be so tormenting that the desire to get them back become like a fire burning. But this is a hotbed for all negative energy, thoughts, and emotions.

To fix this, you need to let go of the outcome in the first place. You have to accept happiness with or without your ex. You need to learn to love yourself enough to be calm and collected. That’s the only way you will be able to start to feel the joy of already having them in your visualizations and imagination. Soon, you will start to live in the end result in your real life even though they are not here yet.

Robert’s story of manifesting their ex back

This story I’m about to tell you perfectly explains why strong attachment bars the law of attraction from working in your favor and how letting go is the best thing to do.

Robert’s ex girlfriend broke up with him as he was an alcoholic and hid the fact from her. When she found out, she became furious and broke up with Robert.

But Robert knew he did a mistake by not being honest with her. He started to improve himself. “I don’t blame her. I put myself in detox and haven’t drank since,” he states.

He also tried the no contact rule for 30 days but couldn’t resist contacting her for more than 21 days. But breaking the no contact worked against his favor. She got even more furious.

Out of desperation, Robert even contacted her dad and best friend, which made the matter far worse. It seemed as if it was the end of his loving relationship forever, and his soul mate would never come back to him.

But then, he started to practice law of attraction. He did meditation, affirmation, and visualization by watching many related videos online. But it all started to work only when he could manage to let go of the strong attachment to the outcome.

“I realized I needed to be happy for myself with or without her.” He says. And that’s exactly when the magic started to unfold. Letting go was the right thing that truly made everything work.

During this time, his ex’s brother decided to visit Robert. This was a bridge to the ultimate manifestation for Robert.

Although he was totally convinced that she would never write him again and thanked god for having her in his life for whatever time he had her, the very next morning, he gets reconciliatory text messages from her. And the long story short, he becomes certain that she is coming back for a better relationship this time!

If you are also someone like Robert manifesting for the first time and want to start with small manifestations, I suggest starting with manifesting a text message first. Click the link to read the comprehensive guide on my site!

How To Manifest Your Ex Back (step-by-step)

So, from the above success stories of getting an ex back using the law of attraction, we can definitely create a solid step-by-step plan.

Here’s what a standard step-by-step entire process to manifest your ex back looks like:

Detailed and specific visualization is the first step. You have to have a clear idea about the person and how your life together will look like and visualize that to make it a reality.

Feeling or living in the end. While carrying out your visualizations, it’s of utmost importance that you feel like already getting your ex back. You must always feel as if you are together again in a new relationship.

Removing negative thoughts, beliefs, and emotions. Negative thoughts like anxiety, worries, and other negative emotions are very detrimental and slow the process down heavily. It can also produce negative outcomes. You must stay away from these as much as possible.

Positive affirmation in the present tense. Uttering positive statements in the present tense exudes positive energy, takes you on a higher frequency, and suggests your subconscious mind to attract the reality you want.

Scripting and vision boards. Another very important step is to write down your visualizations, desires, and daily affirmations to make them a reality. You should also design a vision board as a direct visual representation of your desired outcome.

Above all, learn to let go. Letting go is of paramount importance for manifesting your ex back. If you can’t let go of the strong attachment to the outcome of getting them back, you will be in the lack-consciousness. By letting go, you allow yourself to be in the have-consciousness.

Ruby’s story of manifesting their ex back

Here’s another great success story that explicitly shows how Ruby manifested her ex back using all the steps described above.

After being in a happy relationship with her boyfriend, things started to drift on different frequencies due to Ruby’s thoughts of unworthiness and fights with her boyfriend in her head. Gradually, her negative thoughts started to manifest in reality, and they experienced a breakup.

As she had previous experiences with the law of attraction, she knew she had to take control and do something about her situation.

For the first two to three weeks, she completely focused on herself, her self-concept, and generating a strong belief that she is the source of everything going on in her life.

Then, she decided to work on her beliefs about her boyfriend and their relationship. She went on a strict mental diet to get rid of all the negative emotions, beliefs, and thoughts. She practiced deep visualizations for her desired outcome before going to bed every night.

After about two weeks, things started to manifest. Her boyfriend reached out to her, although not entirely as she imagined, as two weeks is really not that much time.

So, she decided to take things with caution. She replied politely and ignored that version of him as she was being shown. She wanted the perfect image of a relationship that she was trying to manifest.

A week later, he asked for a date, told her how stupid he’d been and how much of an idiot he was. He also professed his love for her very dearly. Now things were getting closer to the exact reality Ruby was trying to manifest.

She shares in her story:

“It actually freaked me out at one point, as on one evening, he kept repeating all my affirmations and lovely things I’d said to myself,”

Even after that, she didn’t stop there. She continued to use the law on herself and always wanted to move in with him. So that’s what she continued to imagine and visualize having a great time.

And guess what? The very next Christmas, she finally finished moving all her things into his house! She has had a good time with him since then.

“It all happened so fast when I really focused on the reality I wanted in my head and ignoring everything else that was in my current reality,” she says.

Signs from the universe that your ex is coming back

Now that you know how to manifest your ex back into your life and are inspired enough by all the success stories, it’s time to prepare for the future. You should also be aware of the signs to look for when manifestation is working, and your ex is coming back.

Here are the major signs that your ex is coming back:

  • Your imaginations and visualizations are getting more vivid, clear, and life-like.
  • You are seeing your ex more in your dreams.
  • The dreams are positive and fill you with renewed hope and positive emotions.
  • Your yearning for romantic relationships starts to become more intense.
  • You are driven to take inspired action toward them, like sending a text message.
  • New persons or mutual friends who are connected to your ex enter your life.
  • You suddenly bump into your ex at unlikely places.
  • You start to feel more and more calm and confident.
  • You start to know for sure that they are going to come back to your life soon.
  • You start to let go of the attachment due to your certitude in the desired outcome.
  • You start to feel more worthy of getting your ex back into your life.
  • Your self-love, self-image, and mental health improve significantly.
  • And the last thing, your worry, anxiety, and desperation for getting them back start to make way for the best version of yourself.

Now, start your journey of manifesting your ex back into your life with full confidence and positivity. Also, read this complete article on my site on how to manifest someone back to solidify your knowledge and a few more tips on the most powerful laws.


Good things come to those who believe in it. That’s right! If you believe you can get something, you will surely get it sooner or later. Just have to keep at it with all your positivity and hard work.

Follow your heart, dream big, and throw all your energy into achieving it. Constantly express gratitude for all the positive things you have and get rid of the negative self-talk at the back of your head trying to bring you down.

The stories above are a strong testament to the fact that by staying on course with a positive outlook, human beings can conquer any mountain that bars their way from true love!

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