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19 Proven Steps to Manifest Someone to Text You (Your crush)

A text message from your crush might seem like a small thing to manifest in the first place, but it can also mean the start of a lifelong romantic relationship. That’s why we have to take it seriously. So here’s how to manifest a text from your crush!

Here’s how to manifest a text message:

  • Focus on the exact message you want.
  • Write down and visualize getting the exact text.
  • Feel the excitement and joy of receiving the message.
  • Meditate to raise your mindfulness, blissfulness, and energy vibrations.
  • Use the whisper, pillow, and two-cup methods.

The above point only covers the major steps in manifesting a text from someone. However, to make it faster with more certainty, you have to follow all 19 easy steps of manifesting someone to text you. Read on the master the entire process!

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So now let’s review the . . . 

19 Proven Steps to Manifest Someone to Text You

1. Focus on exactly what you want

Having total clarity, as if you can see it in front of you, is the first step of manifesting anything.

That’s why the most important thing here is the power of focus. You have to be very clear about your desires. Exactly what do you want to manifest?

You want a specific text message from a specific person.

Have a crystal-clear mental image of that person and the exact text you want from them. Create a precise mental image of how the text you want to be, how it will appear on your phone screen, and how you will feel when you get the text.

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You will be surprised how easily you can manifest your boyfriend in your life.

2. Use a manifestation journal

Writing your desires down on a piece of paper is a powerful tool in the manifestation process. That’s why it’s a very good idea to use a manifestation journal like this great one on Amazon while trying to manifest anything.

In your case of manifesting a text from your crush, by using the power of writing, you will be able to have the mental image documented and crystalized in your mind. Write down the exact text you want, along with the name of the person.

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3. Visualize getting the text

After knowing and writing down exactly what you desire, the third step is to visualize your desires precisely.

Intense, passionate, and vivid visualization is the best way to turn your manifestations into realities. Sit down and visualize your phone ringing and you reading the text from the person. Imagine as vividly as possible as if you are truly living the moment in real life.

Feel the exact mental and physical sensations you would feel when you actually receive the text.

4. Feel what it’s like receiving the text

Apart from replicating the feelings of fulfillment while visualization sessions, it is also important to feel the joy of fulfilling your desires whenever you can think of it.

Mimic getting the message by sending it to yourself from your own number or any other phone number. Save the number using the person’s name on your phone. This will help you replicate the exact feeling of seeing the message from the person on the phone screen.

5. Hold your attention for as long as possible

Here’s some good news – “whatever you pay attention to grows”.

That means if you can hold your attention for a long time on the things you desire the most, they will become a reality. Now, it’s time to use your inherent power of attention to manifest the text you crave to receive.

If you have followed the steps so far, you already have all that you need to pay attention to – the exact mental image and written text messages.

Now, frequently allot as much time as possible to give steadfast attention to that written message in your journal or on the phone screen. Hold your attention on the image for as long as you can comfortably can.

6. Use affirmations

Simply uttering your own affirmations might sound among the very easy ways of manifesting things, but do not underestimate this powerful tool.

Uttering positive statements to yourself or affirmations has been used for ages to bring out successful manifestation in life.

The first thing to remember about using affirmations is to always use them in the present tense. Create a list of positive affirmations and keep it with you until you have them memorized by heart. Feel free to use the following affirmations as templates:

“[person’s name] loves me”

“I have a loving relationship with [person’s name]”

“I’m beautiful and attractive”

“I get romantic messages from [person’s name] all the time.”

7. Meditate Regularly

Along with the action steps described so far, there are some deeply inward actions that are also necessary.

So, the next step is incorporating meditation into your everyday life. Meditation is the only thing that will help bolster every other strength of your life.    Even if you find it difficult in the beginning, it’s important to persevere. Just find a quiet place and sit in solitude for a few moments. Even sitting alone for a few minutes is a good thing.

Also, while meditating, try to follow the next three steps.

8. Stay blissful

Blissfulness is among the highest law of attraction states as it creates very high vibrations within you.

And we all know that the higher and subtler vibrations you can emanate out of you, the more powerful manifestations you can materialize. To get into a state of blissfulness, meditation is the most important step.

During normal waking hours, it’s hard to be fully blissful, but during the calm meditative time, you can easily let yourself slide into bliss.

9. Be mindful

The same is also true for mindfulness. Like blissfulness, mindfulness is also another booster of manifestation power.

Mindfulness means being grounded in the moment with your awareness plugged into a complete, 360-degree view of your inner and outer existence. You can easily guess how immensely beneficial it can be for your focus, attention, and visualization practices if you can add mindfulness into the mix.

10. Be intuitive

Intuition is another very potent spice that you need to add to the recipe of manifestation.

Intuition is the subtlest of all human powers, yet the mysterious effects it can have on our life is beyond everything else. Normally, we think of intuition as a facet of knowledge, but in reality, intuition is the force that excavates manifestations from the deep into reality.

Unfortunately, there is no fixed formula that you can use to sharpen your intuition. But being aware of the concept while doing all the other steps of meditation and mindfulness automatically activates intuition.

11. Uplift your energy

Due to the power of attraction, the best things come to those with a high energy level and a positive mindset. So naturally, manifestations will take a long time to become a reality with low-vibe energy.

You must raise your vibrational frequency in different ways to reach the end goal of your desire.

One of the ways to sustain good energy levels is to harbor positive thoughts and positive emotions about yourself and life as a whole. Refrain from negative thinking at all times.

12. Remove negative thoughts

The amount of time you allow negativity to reside within you, that much time is lost from the manifestation process.

“The world is a mirror, forever reflecting what you are doing, within yourself.”

– Neville Goddard.

Such is the power of your thoughts. So whenever faced with anxiety or negative emotions, do not forget to take deep breaths, and you will automatically start to relax. Do things you enjoy. Hang out with a best friend. Do whatever works to get you out of the spells of negative energy vibrations.

13. Get rid of limiting beliefs

Self-limiting negative beliefs form very early in life due to negative experiences as a child. That’s why they reside deep within the subconscious mind and often obstruct our free will.

Some common limiting beliefs, like “I don’t deserve to manifest love” and “nothing good ever happens to me”, can bar you from achieving the end result of your manifestation practice.

No matter how much we try to get into that high-vibe energy required for quick manifestations, these negative beliefs hold us back from behind.

It’s important to guard against such negative beliefs within you and dispel them the moment you catch hold of one.

14. Trust the process

Along with negative beliefs about yourself, another dangerous ailment is having doubts about the manifestation process.

It’s common for manifestation practitioners to have lingering doubts like “manifestations do not work in real life”.   But for the manifestation technique to work, you must have complete trust in the process.

Failing to manifest something the first time is natural. It needs continuous practice. But no matter how many times you fail, if you continue for a little bit longer, the results will surprise you.

Remember that you are the creator of your life. You have innate power from the time of birth to influence the universe’s plan. You can manifest anything – from a new job to a completely new life!

15. Try to get noticed by your crush

If you can get near them when you are emitting positive energy, your desire is likely to attract them toward you. As a result, your manifestations can even produce greater results, like a phone call instead of a message. Or, they can even obsessively fall in love with your instantly.

Yes, it’s totally possible! Read about how you can do this in a recent article on my site.

If you can’t be in front of them in real life, try social media. Join the groups they are in or become friends with their friends. Start to be active in their circles by commenting on posts they are likely to see.

16. Try the whisper method

The whisper method is a great way to reach the inner subconscious mind of your crush and plant suggestions.

Although it might sound a bit too esoteric, many people have found it to be effective. It’s one of the most powerful visualization techniques suggested by experts.    To use this method, you simply have to imagine yourself walking up to your crush and whispering to their ear that they are going to text you.

Try to repeat the process both while imagining they are asleep and awake for better effects.

17. Use the pillow method

Many law of attraction experts suggests that the pillow method is not a bad idea when it comes to manifesting something specific like the person in your current situation.

The pillow method involves writing your desire on a piece of paper and placing it under your pillow when you go to sleep. Also, do not forget to visualize and meditate on your desire before going to sleep using the pillow method.

18. Two-cup method

Here’s another popular manifestation method called the two-cup method. This visualization exercise involves transferring your desired reality into your current reality by using two cups and water.

Write down the desired reality — getting the message from your crush, and place it under an empty cup. Now pour water into the cup.

Get another empty cup and visualize it to be your current reality. Pour the water from the desired reality cup into your current reality cup. This is a powerful tool because it lets you play your visualizations out with physical elements.

19. Let go

This is the final step in manifesting a text from someone. When it comes to manifesting a specific outcome, there’s a balance between holding on and letting go.

While focusing so much on the object you desire, it’s easy to feel pressure, anxiety, or worry.

While you have to be passionate about the thing you want to manifest, it’s also important to have a certain level of detachment from your desires. You also have to learn to let go of your desires sometimes. If you hold on too strongly, things can turn negative due to sheer pressure or worry.

While we are already talking about letting go, do you know what else we all should let go of?

It’s unrealistic expectations we often have from each other in a relationship. Know about the unrealistic expectations that destroy relationships in this recent article on my site, and guard yourself against such misfortune.


Now you know how easy simple steps can help you manifest a text message from someone.

At first, firmly plant the formula of the law of attraction in your mind — ask, believe, feel, and receive. This means you have to ask the universe with love what you desire, believe fully that you are going to get it, feel like you already have it, and the last step is to be ready to receive it.

Manifesting love has to be done with love. Follow these simple steps and different methods described above lovingly, and you are good. The message is not far from you!

Image by Niek Verlaan from Pixabay and Image by Clker-Free-Vector-Images from Pixabay

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