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I have always used to-do lists, but as technology has moved towards app-based ways of using those, I wanted to write a detailed GQueues review for anyone that might be considering using it.

Here is my quick assessment:

GQueues is a task management system for Android and iOS, and also web-based. You create tasks, assign due dates, share with others & set notifications. It also connects with Google Calendar. It’s easy to use & has thousands of 4 & 5-star reviews on the app stores, making it among the most popular to-do list systems.

But there’s a lot more to know about GQueues, how it works, how to share tasks or queues with others, and, more importantly, what the 1 big flaw is that still bugs me.

So keep reading and let’s dive in!

What is GQeues?

Plain and simple, as you’ll see in my GQueues review, GQueues (click the link to learn more on their site) is a to-do list task organizer.

It is both a desktop website program you can access on any desktop or laptop. But it’s also available as a mobile app.

In case you’re wondering, on both the Android Play Store and the iTunes App Store, the app ranks about 4.5 stars with thousands of reviews.

So I’m not alone in my assessment that this IS the tool you need to keep yourself (and maybe your team) on track, organized and productive!

GQueues review Middle Class Dad install app from store

I use GQueues as I would the old fashion pen and paper to-do list.

I create tasks and assign due dates. I also create different categories for the tasks.  Some repeat daily, weekly, monthly or on a custom basis.

I can also create task lists shared with others.

That way they can see what I’m working on and I can see what they are working on. When a task is completed, it gets checked off the list.

Once checked off, it still appears in a separate archived list. That way I can always review whether or not something got done.

I can also have any task send me an email reminder or a pop up notification.

But, I can click what they call Smart Views and select “due today” “due tomorrow” “overdue” and other viewing options.

Lastly, I can have 1 topic and have a number of smaller related tasks that nest under the 1 main one.

How much does GQeues cost per month?

That’s great news in this GQueues review! 

You can get started today on GQueues for FREE!  Log in from any desktop or laptop and get access to everything you need to stay on track and it won’t cost you a dime!

GQueues review Middle Class Dad program pricing

Want it as an app on your mobile device?  Need it for your business? There are VERY inexpensive plans for those needs too.

Even if you think you need the paid plan you can still try GQueues free for 2 weeks so you can try before you buy!

GQueues vs todoist

Before settling on GQueues, I literally looked at about a half dozen other options, including Todoist.

To be fair to Todoist, I did not use them for long. They too are free for the basic level and are well rated in the app stores.

I just found the interface to be clumsier and less intuitive.  Sometimes less is more and simple is just easier to learn and use.

The free version, however, is more limited than GQueues in that they make you pay to set up notifications for tasks.

But I think the video on the home page sums it up.

If you watch that video you never once actually see the program or even people using it. You just see a bunch of actors running around looking happy and productive.

If someone wants me to buy their program but makes it difficult for me to actually see it in use, that says a lot.

GQueues Chrome Extension

Use the Chrome web browser?

If so, then you can install the GQueues Chrome Extension and easily create tasks without having to open up GQueues itself.

As they say, “It’s a great way to capture tasks that pop into your head or create tasks from web pages you are visiting.”

Just click HERE to grab the free Chrome extension, but don’t forget to sign up for GQueues first (link takes you to their page to learn more) !

GQueues App for Mobile

GQueues review Middle Class Dad mobile view

The mobile version doesn’t work much different than the desktop version. But it’s great to be able to add tasks on the fly and in the moment when you’re on the go.

Full disclosure; on my Android phone, I do sometimes find that the smart view for “overdue” sometimes shows way old tasks long since archived.

It’s a definite bug and I’m not sure when they plan to fix it. I do, however, believe it does not affect the Apple version of the mobile app.

But this, for sure, is my #1 beef with GQueues, especially since the mobile version ISN’T free.

How do you use GQueues?

No GQueues review would be complete without giving you a good understanding of how you can use it.

First, you will want to create some queues.

I have one for Home, 1 for Work and a few others for in-related projects including this blog website.

Under “Home” for instance, I simply clicked the little down arrow to the right of My Queues and selected “Add Queue” to create the additional folders you see underneath.

GQueues review Middle Class Dad add queue drop down

Then to add a task to a specific queue, click on the queue where you want the task and click the add task button on the top right.

GQueues review Middle Class Dad add task button

Assign a due date or make it a repeating task by clicking the little calendar icon on the far right of the new task.

GQueues review Middle Class Dad calendar button

From here a new pop up window will open.

It will default to today’s date, but you can select any date in the future by clicking on the date you want. Set up reminders, repeats or set a specific time if you wish.

GQueues review Middle Class Dad calendar feature

Check out this video overview to learn more.

Is GQueues owned by Google?

No is the short answer.

But they are a Google Cloud Premier Partner. They also offer seamless integration with several Google products including Google Calendar.

But GQueues is not owned or developed by Google.

My other beef with GQueues

I know they created this feature to be smart and to be helpful. But, let’s say I want to create a task named “Budget in oil change on Chevy for next Tuesday”.

Guess what GQueus does automatically without asking?

It gets rid of the word Tuesday and shifts the task due date to next Tuesday. 

In this case, I wanted to remember to budget in for the oil change I need to get done next Tuesday. I don’t want to wait till the day of to get reminded that I needed to budget for it.

My workaround, which is mildly annoying, is to intentionally misspell days or months so it doesn’t do that.

I complained about that long ago, but I’ve never seen a solution brought forth.  It would be great if this was simply a feature I could turn on or off in the settings.

Want to get GQueues?

You can sign up for GQueues (click to here to go to their site) right now through my affiliate link. 

An affiliate link doesn’t cost you anything extra; they just pay me a small percentage for sending you to them.

In this case, it costs you nothing unless you opt to pay the small annual fee for the mobile app version.

Did I cover everything you wanted to see in a GQueues review? 

In this article, I did a complete assessment and tutorial on the web and app-based task management system known as GQueues.

I went into great detail on how to use it, with screenshots for every step.

But I also talked about my 2 big beefs with the program. Those don’t prevent me from using it, and I still prefer GQeues over every other similar program I tried. But no GQueues review would be complete without mentioning them.

Have you tried GQueues?

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