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Top 10 Things to Pack When Traveling with Your Dog

You have got your wallet, car keys, reservations, itinerary, and gas in your tank, and some snacks for you. Well, you believe that you and your dog are ready for your journey into the world of adventures. The main question is, what to pack when traveling with your dog?

The problem with pet owners is selfish even without you realizing it. As long as you have your essentials ready, most of us believe that we can do whatever our hearts desire. Unfortunately, we end up hurting our dogs for leaving behind their favorite toys, snacks, and the likes.

You may also want to consider getting a heavy duty dog crate, so it’s a bit more robust when traveling.

This article has made your work easier this holiday by listing down all the items you need for your dog while traveling.

1. Poop bags

It is very easy to remember a poop bag during packing.

It also becomes very easy to forget the same. If this happens, you will remember once you get yourself on the roadside in the process of relieving. Additionally, you have to get to the nearest pet store once you get to your destination.

I am sure you don’t want to cut down your fun and go looking for stores in new towns.

2. Bed and crate

If you love your pooch, why let him sleep in the back of your car or on the floor?

Make his sleeping easier by carrying their beds and crates. It will be fun once they sleep on something they are already familiar with. The worst experience will be making your furniture or hotel sheets a new sleeping bed for your dog.

3. Vaccination records

If you plan to cross an international border, it is a requirement that you hand in your pet’s vaccination records. Forgot your papers? You’ll have to leave the dog in quarantine at the border crossing which any pet lover would desperately like to avoid.

In addition to this, you need all your dog’s paperwork in case of an emergency in your new country.

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4. First aid kit

A first aid kit comes in handy for you and your dog. After all, if you’re doing any outdoor activity or camping, you will experience once in a while bruises, cuts, or even scratches.

That is the reason why you need your fully packed kit ready for any misfortunes along the way.

5. Anxiety supplements

Have you ever noticed that your dog always curls up in a corner once you get to a new place, house, or when you meet new people?

Well, your pooch is very typical in that he suffers from anxiety at such moments. Fortunately, you can calm him down by giving c60 supplements once you notice this kind of behavior.

6. Seat covers and blankets

Most of us have all been in a car, with the seats covered up in fur.

Getting out of a car with your clothes covered in dog hair isn’t fun! As long as your dog spends hours in the car, he will leave hair behind, regardless of whether it is the shedding season or not.

Luckily, if it’s too late, there are some good remedies for getting rid of dog hair on furniture and your car.

But even better is to carry some comfortable seat covers.  For their naptime, bring some blankets to give them some sound and warm sleep.

7. A favorite toy

Being a pet lover, you already know what toy he loves most. How would he survive in a different environment for all those days without his toy? Don’t make his life any harder; give him what provides the best company.

8. Grooming supplies

Grooming your dog does not stop at home. In your vacation, you will engage him in many activities which will leave his fur dirty. For this reason, he will require washing or even brushing. This is why you need to pack all his grooming supplies.

Carrying teeth cleaning tools as well will save you dog teeth cleaning cost.

9. Favorite Treat

Besides packing their regular food, you need to get their favorite treat. Remember that he is still looking forward to those random snacks once in a while to buy his loyalty.

10. Water bowls

Don’t get yourself in a situation whereby all you carried were disposable cups and forgot that your dog needs a drink as well. Carry collapsible travel bowls since they are lightweight.

For a happier fog experience, find out what your pooch enjoys most, and put it down on a list. A day before departure, tick your packing list to ensure that no essential is left behind. The list above will make your work easier.

Jeff Campbell