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How to Plan a Trip to Germany to Surprise Your Girlfriend

Planning a trip to surprise your loved one can be an unforgettable memory that you’ll cherish forever. From the bridge of love locks to the museum of feelings, Germany has a lot to offer couples a romantic getaway. However, there are always a few things to remember during the planning process that will make this trip run smoothly. This article will discuss a few pointers to help you plan the perfect couple’s trip and suggest a few places to try out in Germany. 

How to keep the plan a secret getaway

1. Plan well in advanced

The first step to planning a surprise trip to Germany is planning well in advance, about 3 to 6 months before departure is a decent timeline. This will give you enough time to get any visas or documents together, save money on booking flights early, chartering a yacht on Samboat, or booking accommodation. 

2. Figure out if just the destination or the entire trip’s plans will be a surprise

The next thing to determine is whether the entire trip’s plans will be a surprise or if it’s just the destination. For example, you’ll need to see if the dates you choose will match your girlfriend’s work or personal schedule to ensure she has nothing planned for those days. Will she need to take time off work? It will be a little less challenging if they know the destination because then you can build anticipation for the surprise activities you have planned.

3. Consult with a travel agent instead of family & friends

To avoid any chances of the news spilling, don’t involve any family or friends in the surprise. Instead, consult with a travel agent and have them do all the planning for you. This travel consultant will be able to offer advice on the most ideal time to travel and will have local expertise so they can help plan activities while considering your and your girlfriend’s interests. 

4. Avoid using a shared credit card & email address

Last but not least, do not use a shared credit card or email address to plan this trip. For any flight confirmations or trip-related communication with your travel agent, use a personal email account or create a new one specifically for planning secret trips. In addition, use a private bank account to pay for any travel arrangements instead of finding out through a bank statement or bill that comes in. 

What to remember when booking flights

When booking your flights to and from Germany, make sure you understand the visa and travel requirements. If you need to apply for a Schengen visa, do so at least 30 days in advance of the trip. In addition, you should compare prices between flights and consider connecting flights before you book them since this will save you some bucks in the long run. Furthermore, travel insurance will be a good investment to cover any damage or loss of items during the trip time. Finally, try to understand the baggage policies that each airline provides and work with the allowed weight for checked-in and carry-on luggage to avoid any extra charges or having to disregard some baggage. 

Things for couples to do in Germany

With so many fun things available for couples to do in Germany, here are a few treasured options. First on the list is visiting the bridge of 40,000 love locks on the Hohenzollern Bridge in Cologne and engraving their initials and anniversary date on the lock before attaching it to the bridge. This is a charming tradition that has carried over from Italy not too long ago. 

In addition, visiting the Liebes Leben Museum, or the Museum of Feelings showcases the feeling of love in the air which might be a sweet spot to propose to your girlfriend (if that’s on your itinerary).

Most popular of all, Heiligenhafen in Germany is a popular yacht charter location that is situated in the Baltic Sea. In addition, this location offers a sunny climate, diverse water activities, and a divine dining experience.

Moreover, take a drive to see the Fairy Grottoes or Saalfeld known as an underground world of shimmering lakes where most visitors have seen stalactite formations. This stargazing spot inspires a fairy-tale world of love or mysterious magic. 


From the fairytale gasp of the Fairy Grottoes to the Hohenzollern bridge of love, Germany has enough to offer you and your girlfriend the perfect trip together. By carefully planning out the details, keeping the biggest secrets to yourself and your travel agent, as well as syncing the activities you plan with the interests of your girlfriend, you can pull off this trip and make it an incredible experience you’ll always treasure and reminisce on together. 

Jeff Campbell