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5 Career Options for the Extrovert

If you are an outgoing person with excellent communication skills, this opens many career doors, which is an enviable position to be in. A people person is someone who can thrive in any environment and if you are preparing to finish your education, here are a few career choices that you might like to consider.

  1. Sales & Marketing – There will always be a high demand for a good salesperson and with the help of sales training courses from a leading Thai company that works in your sector, you can hone your skills. Real estate is a great business to get into and there are some stunning developments all over Thailand. If you are into tech, choose a company and send them your resume and who knows? They might hire you. If you approach selling like it’s a science and learn the techniques, you can have a very successful career.
  2. Hospitality – This would include PR, hotel and resort management; if you would like a career in the hospitality sector, there are online courses that you can take and job offers will surely follow. Of course, you have to start as a trainee, that is to be expected and after a few years, you should be in a position to apply for managerial positions. A hotel or resort manager is an obvious goal and that demands about 10 years of work experience, which isn’t that long to reach such a high position. Click here for how to get certified as a yoga instructor.
  3. Tour Guide – This is the perfect career for a person who likes meeting people and there are online courses that you can take to gain essential certification; there are so many opportunities in Thailand regarding tour guide work and with the pandemic over and restrictions lifted, there will be a growing demand for tour guides and people in the hospitality business. A good tour guide has a friendly manner, communicates well and loves to please and every day is different when you work as a tour guide.
  4. Social Media Influencer – If you have a large social media following, businesses will pay you to talk about their product/service; this is working for yourself and there are agencies that you can list with to find clients. Why not launch your own YouTube channel? It costs nothing and because you love to be the centre of attraction, vlogging should be natural for you. The more subs you get, the more YouTube will pay you; admittedly, there are so many YouTubers, but if your content is good, you will get the views. Success doesn’t happen overnight; it might take a few years before you make any money.
  5. Journalism – If you have an enquiring mind and love to interview people, why not enroll in a BA course with communication and politics? If you have a talent for writing, this will stand you in good stead in this career and you might turn towards investigative journalism. There are a lot of Thai media companies who are looking for the right people and you might want to check out the Tourism Authority of Thailand.

Whatever career you choose, make sure that you have a genuine interest and with some hard work and commitment, you will enjoy a long and rewarding career.



Jeff Campbell