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Who Couldn’t Use a Little Help Getting Their Online Business Off the Ground?

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I struggled for 2.5 years, making almost nothing from my blog.

So I get working tirelessly for small if any results. If you’re like me at the time, I was bouncing from so-called guru to guru, listening to all the spammy guys on YouTube, and every internet marketing podcast I could find while on my daily 2-hour roundtrip commute.

I listened to everyone who claimed to know internet marketing!

I tried Facebook ads, I tried posting links to my articles EVERYWHERE on social. I was working insane hours and getting very little results.

I joined every affiliate network, I tried posting links in Facebook groups, I tried buying backlinks and other grey and black hat stuff that I should have known better than to do.

Then, and I still remember the day, I discovered a YouTube channel that changed everything.

That channel was called Income School, and I still follow those guys! In fact, they even interviewed me on their channel recently for being one of their many success stories!

I had just quit my day job (Sept 2020) and bought an RV and traveled with my family for a month. I literally did that interview in my RV just before we went to Disney World.

You can watch that on YouTube right here!

Now, they do have a paid course. But like me at the time, you might not have $449 hanging around burning a hole in your pocket. If you do, great! Buy their course as I did eventually!

Just CLICK HERE to check it out.

But at the time, this was December of 2018, it was a little over 2 years since I started this blog. I made $1,882. that month.

Now many of you may be saying you’d LOVE to make that kind of money blogging. But $1,700 of that was publishing spammy sponsored posts that don’t provide any real value to the world or take any real skill. And they are ANYTHING but passive.

No, I wasn’t really succeeding in online marketing.

And even if you’re OK with publishing spammy sponsored posts, it’s a lot of work, a lot of emails, a lot of low-ballers who want to pay you $10 bucks to do that. So it’s maximum effort for small returns just multiplied dozens of times per week.

By comparison, in Oct 2020, I made almost $17,000 without any of those spammy sponsored posts. Check out my most recent income statements to see the details on that –

So why am I telling you about my success?

Because I’m not a genius, and if I can do it, I know you can too. You can quit your job and have the freedom and flexibility to work:

  • When you want
  • Where you want
  • How much you want

Just imagine traveling around the country for a month as I just did. In truth, I didn’t put in as many hours as I would have at home. But the money keeps coming in anyway.

steps to plan a vacation Middle Class Dad Jeff Campbell reading the Systema Strikes book on the beach in Costa Rica

Passive income is a lie

It shouldn’t be called passive.

What it is though, is income that comes in tomorrow for the work you do today. And then it comes in the day after, the month after, and the year after.

But it does require work and effort like anything else. BUT you’re in charge. You get to set the hours you work. YOU decide if you want to take a 2-hour break in the middle of the day. 

Financial freedom and flexibility to see my family more, and to build our lifestyle are why I do what I do. And I know if I can achieve that, then anyone can.

I don’t claim to be an expert and I’m learning every day. And I do want to give credit where credit is due to Income School for showing me a better way. 

So don’t worry. I am not selling a course! If you want to buy an internet marketing course, buy their course, Project 24!

I bought it in April of 2019 and was able to quit my day job 1.5 years later, and I quit it after making $10,000/month for 3-months in a row. That was my target I set for myself to be comfortable enough to quit my job (which was paying me about half that).

In short, I’m available for consultations to help you and to see if there’s something you’re doing that is obviously (to me) holding you back.

I do 30-minute consultation meetings. These can be over the phone, Zoom, Skype, or email. Zoom probably works best as we can screen share and talk about things in real-time. But you also just email me your website and I’ll take a look and give you a 15-minute video critique of what I’m seeing and what I would change if I were in your shoes.

And, I offer discounts for booking repeat sessions.

But I suggest starting with 1 just to make sure my style is a good fit, and to see if I can help you. To get started, just CLICK HERE to book your appointment with me.

I charge $100 for a 30-minute session or to prepare and email you a 15-minute video of my feedback on 1 website. I ask for payment within 4 hours of when you book the appointment, so just remember your appointment isn’t confirmed until I see that.

Again, here’s the link to book the appointment, and payment info is there too –

Here’s to your success!