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Hire Me!

Confused about how to create your own website?

Don’t have time to make your own site?

Need it up and running yesterday?

The time to get going on your website is passing quickly and new sites go up every day!  If you need help getting your website up and running and looking great, I can help!


While I’m always happy to help answer questions or comments and you can email me anytime, sometimes you just need lengthier or more in-depth help and that’s where hiring me for a job comes in handy.

I am happy to work freelance wherever needed in terms of helping you with your website or other needs.  This can include handling website set up from start to finish or be consulting phone calls or in depth email consultations.

The card number on the form will be used to cover hosting and a theme and any additional requested expenses.  You will pay me (based on the options you select) by using Paypal.


50% of the total selected on the form is due at the time of submission.  The balance is due within 48 hours of completion to your satisfaction.  Login credentials will be supplied for all accounts after balance is paid in full.