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How To Become A Fashion Influencer On TikTok: 5 Examples

The fashion and fashion industries can never die, but it keeps evolving with the change in times and situations. Even though there are many fashion influencers all over social media, TikTok is the best place to start. To be a fashion influencer on TikTok, you need not be a well-known fashion designer. You can express your fashion style and sense to your audience through TikTok videos. Create original and raw content to get noticed by the audience on TikTok.

Now that you have decided to become a fashion influencer on TikTok, you must choose the niche that suits you perfectly. Some fashion influencers even buy TikTok views to reach new audiences in a short time. As a fashion brand or a fashion Influencer, you will have to decide on an interest and target your audiences accordingly. Select a specific fashion niche so your target audience can find you easily. Here are some fashion niches you can choose for becoming a TikTok influencer.

The Styling Guru

You must have enough styling sense to be a successful fashion influencer on TikTok. If you have always been looked upon for your fabulous style sense, you must be a natural “Style Guru.” To get started, share all the basics you think everyone should have in their wardrobe. Additionally, share the uses of basics in your wardrobe and how your audience can style them uniquely. Finally, share essential accessories and footwear collections on your TikTok for your audience to refer to later. For instance, share episodes of “how to style for a particular event” videos to help your audience style themselves.

Fashion Reviewers

You must have already come across many influencers on TikTok reviewing new collections from different stories online and offline. Reviewing is also a route you can take to become a fashion influencer on TikTok. For example, you can review fashion brands and how it fits your body type. Make videos exclusives for curvy, plus size, short, or even tall people by reviewing fashion brands. Your target audience can easily find you on top if you are the only influencer sharing content for a specific body type. As a result, your competition decreases, and your TikTok videos perform better.

Recreate Celebrity Outfits

You always find celebrities rocking their outfits, even if it’s just loungewear. Stars are always going to a function or a party wearing fabulous clothes. As an audience, you might also want to try the same designer fashion your favorite celebrity is wearing. Being a fashion influencer, you can make TikTok videos recreating celebrity outfits at affordable rates. Recreating can also focus on a specific body type, like showing how a particular outfit will look on a curvy body. Additionally, reviewing sites where celebrity outfits are available at affordable prices can be content for your TikTok videos.

DIY Old Clothes

Are you passionate about repurposing old clothes lying unused for years in your wardrobe? If the answer is yes, you can teach your audiences how to DIY their old cloth. For example, show your audience how to make a jumper from your dad’s old shirts. Ensure your DIY TikTok videos reach the target audience. You can also use Trollishly to land on different FYP pages. . Keep your DIY videos short and easy to follow, and use on-screen captions for better understanding.

Hand Painting On Clothes

If you have a passion for art but don’t like painting on paper or canvas like an ordinary person but love painting on clothes. Create videos where you paint on different dresses

like shirts, jackets, and jeans. These videos are usually aesthetically pleasing, and many artists create the same content. For example, take a jacket, paint a sunflower, and end the video by styling the jacket for your audience. You can also create short tutorial videos of painting, encouraging your audience to try it.

Be Your Fashion Designer

You can become a fashion designer by designing and stitching dresses for yourself:

  1. You should know how to operate a sewing machine and create patterns with a dummy.
  2. Create videos for your audience showing your design and the working process. For example, get inspired by a Disney princess and recreate a princess gown. Since you cannot complete the process in one video, create parts urging your audience to return for more.
  3. End the series with a modeling session to show your audience how it looks on you.

Instead, focus on customizing corsets and making corsets from your favorite t-shirt. In addition, customize corsets for your audience and make videos about it on TikTok.

You can also opt for enamel pins to make a fashion statement like never before. They can be worn on clothes, bags, and shoes. The best thing about enamel pins is that they are easily available in the market, and you can design them according to your requirements. So, give your audience some tips on how to make fashion statements with enamel pins.

To further amplify your presence as a fashion influencer on TikTok, tap into the vast opportunities available to you by fostering meaningful connections with your followers. Engaging with their feedback and considering their preferences, here you can find some TikTok comments to buy, allowing you to enhance your content and build a loyal community of fashion enthusiasts.


Fashion is a never dying industry, and you can flourish as a fashion influencer on TikTok without fear. There are many other ways you can make fashion videos on TikTok. First, find the niche that suits you the best and keep creating videos on the same topic. Be consistent in your niche, so your audience will not get confused. If you have any particular skills, show them off in your videos. Teach your audience a skill or two so they find watching your valuable content on TikTok. Lastly, enjoy creating videos as becoming a top influencer on TikTik can be long and tiring.























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