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The Best Rock Climbing Pants: Design, Material, Fit and More    

Rock climbing is a sport that requires gear like no other. The variety of “gear” needed for rock climbing is possibly less than other sports but still more than most.

Rock climbers need at least the following items: Climbing Shoes (durable, comfortable, sticky rubber soles), Harness (organized webbing belt with carabiner attachments), Chalk Bag (to hold their chalk to absorb moisture), Climbing Helmet (for safety), Protection Equipped with Carabiners and Slings (and quickdraws for multi-pitch routes), Climbing Clothing.

The variety of rock climbing clothing is wide, but there is always more to learn. According to reports, the global hiking gear and equipment market size was estimated at $4.5 billion in 2019.

Here are a few features to check while buying the best rock climbing pants.

1) Fabric:

Rock Climbing pants don’t need to be very loose and baggy, as most of these pants are made for specific climbing activities. Rock climbers usually wear what is known as “tight” or very close-fitting clothing so that their movement is not inhibited in any way. When it comes to the material, you should go for a breathable and stretchy fabric that wicks away moisture from the body, so you stay calm, fresh, and comfortable throughout your adventure.

2) Pockets:

Rock climbers need to carry their essentials with them while climbing rocks or participating in outdoor activities. These activities can be extreme at times and demand a lot of accessorizing. Climbers need a lot of stuff with them, either to systemize their process or just for comfort. You should have gear loops and other organizing systems in your rock climbing pants for the former. The best rock climbing pants will have compression straps to keep things tight and secure when not in use.

3) Fit:

There are two kinds of fit categories for rock climbing pants.

  1. a) Tight Fit: If you want the best, most durable, and long-lasting pair of rock climbing pants, you must consider going for a tight fit. You can wear these pants comfortably with or without a harness as they don’t have any loose material that could get in the way.
  2. b) Loose Fit: On the other hand, if you are looking for rock climbing pants that are not too tight or restrictive, go for a loose fit. These pants are easier to wear with a harness and can also be worn when climbing is not on the cards. Rock climbers who practice bouldering usually opt for this kind of fit.

4) Breathability:

Breathable materials are an absolute must for rock climbing pants. Climbers need to stay fresh at all times, and breathable pants will let them do just that. Choose the best rock climbing pants with ventilated material so you can reduce sweat while climbing. Choose fabrics like nylon or polyester because these materials are comfortable, lightweight, and durable.

5) Durability:

When you opt for the best rock climbing pants, opt for a durable fabric capable of withstanding the test of time. The market offers countless options to choose from, but not all can be considered stable. When you invest in this crucial piece of attire, it should last years on end without giving up on its integrity.

6) Closure:

Rock climbing pants can either be cinched or zipped; your choice will depend on personal preference and the type of rock climbing you want to do. Climbers who engage in big wall climb, for instance, will need their rock climbing pants to stay put and tight throughout their journey.

By keeping these features in mind with respect to your need and preference, you can find rock climbing pants that fit your purpose and give you maximum utility.


Jeff Campbell