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Is an Electric Golf Trolley Better Than a Push Golf Trolley?

If you’ve had your eye on a new golf bag or, even better, a golf trolley, why not take the plunge and treat yourself? We all need a pick-me-up from time to time and investing in a golf trolley is sure to benefit your body and game when golf clubs reopen after lockdown.

The question is, do you opt for a simple push trolley or an all-singing, all-dancing electric model? For the most part, the answer lies in how much you can afford to splurge on new kit – but try asking yourself what matters most.

Is it…

  • A trolley that folds and unfolds quickly

Most golf trolleys are incredibly easy to use out on the links, but a trolley that can be folded and unfolded in a few simple movements is favorable.

Whilst many electric trolleys have a surprisingly compact folded footprint, most push trolleys are lightweight and come with a fast assembly process – making it a doddle to lift in and out of the car boot. Add to that the fact that there’s no battery to be connected, and you’ll be on your way (on to the green or home) in no time with a push trolley!

Motocaddy offers some of the best compact trolleys on the market and a lot of their models fold down to ridiculously small sizes.

  • A trolley that’s easy to use on undulating courses

If you regularly play flat courses, a push trolley is a great choice and will glide blissfully across the links – taking the weight of your bag for you.

Although any golf trolley is going to be far more beneficial to your game and body than carrying your kit, a push trolley will prove more strenuous than an electric trolley on hilly courses. That’s because electric trolleys are battery-operated and do the arduous work for you. Some Motocaddy trolleys also come with a Downhill Control (DHC) function which ensures they maintain a constant speed on the steepest of slopes.

However, if you’ve got your heart set on a push trolley, make sure you opt for one that has a decent brake – you don’t want it to roll away as you take your shot! A four-wheeled model is also preferable as it will ensure extra stability on tricky lies.

  • A trolley packed with all the latest tech

The beauty of using a golf trolley is that it allows you to take more with you onto the green – without worrying about the extra weight. As much as it depends on the brand and model, the best push trolleys have holders for an umbrella, drink and scorecard included. These are all handy features that make your round of golf a whole lot easier.

However, PowaKaddy has produced some wonderful electric trolleys over the years – including models that feature fully integrated GPS, providing accurate distances to the greens and hazards on-screen. There are also many additional features that can be purchased separately for electric trolleys, including phone holders, rain covers, winter wheels, and more.

  • A trolley that doesn’t cost the earth

While a push trolley is better than carrying a golf bag, an electric trolley lightens the load even further. However, if you’ve only got a limited budget to work with, there are some really affordable push trolleys on the market today – costing a few hundred pounds less than their electric counterparts.

Clarkes’ Golf Centre offer a fantastic range of golf trolleys – both push and electric – from leading brands such as Motocaddy, Powakaddy and Big Max. They provide push trolleys from as little as £99.00 right the way up to £269.00, and they regularly provide special offers across their entire range – allowing you to purchase the ideal trolley for your needs without breaking the bank.

If you would like to know more about the trolleys they stock, or for expert advice choosing a golf trolley, call 01744 885 294.

Jeff Campbell