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Fantasy Football League Payout and Prize Structure

Approximately 75 million people play fantasy football across the United States. At times, it’s hard to tell whether people like watching actual football more or competing with their friends in fantasy. When it comes to fantasy football, it’s not just the victory that they enjoy but also the cash that comes with it.

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As the fantasy football season arrives, fantasy football leagues all across the country start holding draft parties. According to a survey conducted to study the spending habits of fantasy football players, fantasy football players tend to spend very responsibly with a median league buy-in of $50.

With its arrival, many football-loving players and fans are very excited. If you’re hosting this fantasy football season, you can opt for custom soccer medals to give to your players as souvenirs. It can be engraved with their names, favorite numbers or photos and so on. For players, this symbolizes a moment of victory.

The same survey also reported that players who spend more responsibly make less money i.e. a median first place prize of $350. Though this may suggest that money is not the primary incentive behind playing fantasy football, there’s certainly more to the story.

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Fantasy football league payouts are not based on a one-size-fits-all system. They can be modified in multiple ways. Payout structures in fantasy football are greatly customizable. Based on the number of participants in each league, there are different payout structures. Additionally, the payout structure can also be based on where each team finishes at the end of the playoff series.

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Payout Structure

The prize payout structure is normally set by the fantasy football commissioner. The payout structure shows the award categories and the payout amounts assigned to each category. Once the award categories are determined, the price amount for each category is set. Some league commissioners also include bonus payouts in the payout structure. Some non gamstop sites have good payout structures for fantasy football players. You can check out non-Gamstop casinos at

Payout Variations

Some leagues opt for payouts that reward the winners with the best record at the end of the regular season and the final series. However, some opt for a pity amount payout to the team that has the lowest total point at the end of the playoffs. Some leagues choose to give a small payout for each game won. This method keeps up the enthusiasm of teams even if they don’t make it to the final playoffs. Some leagues go for multiple divisions so that the winner of each division receives a payout along with champions and runner-ups in the final playoffs.

Bonus Payouts

In addition to normal fantasy football payouts, some league commissioners choose to add bonus payouts to the payout structure. Bonus payouts are given for different reasons throughout the season. Some most-frequently given bonus payouts are:

High Score Bonus – Regular Season Point Total

This bonus is given to the team that has the highest total regular-season point i.e. the team that has gained most points during the season.

Highest Weekly Score

This bonus payout is a small amount awarded to the team that has obtained the most points in a specific week, regardless of the total score of the team. The highest weekly score bonus is given at the end of the week to the team that has the highest score in that particular week.

Survivor Bonus

Survivor bonus is given to the team that survives after the team with the lowest total point is eliminated. The survivor bonus is for the last team standing after a team is eliminated at the end of the week. If the number of teams in the league is greater than the number of weeks in the regular season, a cut-off week is opted for.

Largest Margin of Victory

The team that has the largest margin of victory is awarded this bonus. This bonus can be awarded both at the end of each game or at the end of the season. The team that wins by the largest margin of points grabs this bonus either at the end of a game or the season.

Streak Bonus

This bonus is awarded based on consecutive wins. The team that wins most games consecutively throughout the season is given the streak bonus.

Longest QB, RB, WR Touchdown

This bonus payout is given to the team that has the QB/RB/WR touchdown during the season.

Pity Payout 1

This payout is given to the team that has the most points scored against them. This can be given on a weekly basis or at the end of the season.

Pity Payout 2

This is another type of pity payout that is given to the team that finishes last at the end of the season.


The skins bonus is mostly given in the place of the weekly high score bonus. The skin bonus is given to any team that outcompetes any other team by 10 scores in a particular week. If no team scores 10 points against another team during any given week, the pot can be rolled over to the next week. Once this margin is covered, the payout resists for the coming week. Though the skin bonus usually comes with a greater amount than the weekly high score bonus, players prefer the latter because scoring 10 points against another team is harder than having the highest total point in a given week.

Highest Scoring Non-Playoff Team

This bonus is for the team that fails to enter the playoffs. This is a consolation prize awarded to the team that didn’t make it to the playoffs despite having the highest total point.

Top Scoring Bench Week

This bonus is given to the team whose bench players scored the most points during any week of the season.

If you are looking for big payouts, you should enter a money league that offers a massive grand prize. However, the entry fees of these leagues are usually extortionate. Another way to enter big money leagues is through cheapter satellites.

These leagues require players to finish well in a standard league (either as a champion or a runner-up) to enter the final playoffs. The grand prize is given to the team that has the highest point in the championship round or the final playoffs. Final playoffs run for three weeks i.e. weeks 14,15, and 16.





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