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Gift Ideas for People Who Have Everything


Shopping for gifts for a friend or family member isn’t easy under the best of circumstances, but when your friend has everything, the task can be even harder. You want to get something new and fresh and exciting, but it can be difficult to find just the right thing, whether it’s gifts for grandma or your best friend.

Even when you know the person really well, finding just the right gift for someone who has everything can be tricky. Here, let’s look at a few gift ideas that can inspire you to find the perfect present for someone who has it all.

A Gift for a Specific Occasion

One way to make sure your gift stands out and is valuable to someone who has everything is to attach the gift to a special occasion.

For example, you can give jewelry like Akoya pearls for a wedding or a specialized picture frame for a milestone birthday. The important thing for this gift is not the object itself, but the memories and occasions that the object helps the recipient to recall.

Or, for instance, as Easter fast approaches, you can buy, wrap, and give non-chocolate Easter gifts to your friends and family who have soft spots for creative crafts. These magical and personalized Easter baskets have been meticulously crafted for this special occasion. And perhaps, you can also give something unique such as Easter customized bamboo pots to the plant-loving members of the family. 

These gifts will remind the receiver of the happy day that the object is connected to, and that is a huge addition to their lives even if they seem to already have it all.

If you’re running out of ideas, GiftFinder can help give some suggestions on what type of gifts to buy.

An Experience They’ll Never Forget

Another great gift for people who already have everything is an experience instead of an object.

This could be a class, a trip, a ticket to an event, or a membership or subscription. You could give them tickets to see their favorite band or pay for their first skydiving session. There are plenty of websites that offer help finding the perfect class or experience to gift to a loved one.

For a unique gift, consider giving them an experience at The Auburn Rodeo. From the heart-pounding excitement of watching bull riding and racing to the thrilling entertainment of a live country music concert, the event will undoubtedly have something for everyone. With the exciting atmosphere and entertaining events, it will certainly be a memorable gift they’ll never forget.

Or, if you want to do it yourself, you could organize a staycation experience for them in their home. For instance, you can give your partner a relaxing 30-minute home massage session or cook his or her favorite restaurant dish and set up a candle-lit table for two or with the whole family.

Remember, the experience or trip you’ll organize doesn’t have to be extreme or expensive for it to be special and memorable; just make sure that it’s definitely something that they’ll enjoy before you get it.


A Donation in Their Name

There are a lot of people who don’t have it all, and you can donate to charities and organizations in your friend or family member’s name to lend a helping hand.

First, find out what kind of social issues or causes they’re interested in or passionate about. For instance, they may be environmental advocates and they’re passionate about promoting sustainable practices. From there, there are a lot of things you can do already. You can look it up and then, do some research about the trustworthy foundations that are working towards solving these issues. Finally, make the donation in your friend’s name and make a certificate that explains what they’ve donated towards.

Or perhaps, you can also create and run a social media campaign or paid ads to promote and encourage other people to support their advocacies. You can also print out branded merchandise and give it away in community activities where your loved one wants to sponsor. Volunteering can be another memorable gift, showing your love and support for their worthwhile causes.

Something Delicious

Another great option is to gift consumables, especially food or drink.

Your friend who has everything can still enjoy a great steak, a nice box of upscale chocolates, or a fancy bottle of wine. Or, you can find something exotic that might not be easily available to them, like snacks from another country or a special flavor of soda that you think they’d like. This way, your gift will certainly be enjoyed – and maybe even shared!

Practical Everyday Items

This suggestion isn’t very glamourous, but it is useful.

Even close friends and family members, who may appear to have everything, have practical needs that arise throughout the day. For example, suppose you have a family member trying to reduce their carbon footprint. You can give them sensible gifts like a reusable shopping bag, eco-friendly dinnerware, or a compost bin. 

Even though these aren’t flashy gifts, the recipient will use them every day and such gifts can really improve their daily lives. Plus, they’ll think of you each time that they make good use of that object.

Something in Bloom

No matter what a person already has in their home or workspace, flowers and plants can add to the beauty. You can gift a bouquet of cut flowers very easily, especially if you use a fresh flower delivery service. You could also opt to go to the local florist and pick them out together for a fun afternoon out.

Or, if your friend or family member has a bit of a green thumb, you can give them a live and growing plant.

Before you commit to giving a live plant, though, you should check out the care instructions and necessary conditions for that plant to thrive; you might even check with the recipient to make sure that a live plant is something they’re willing to take care of.

An Investment

An investment has the potential to be the gift that keeps on giving, as long as you make a wise choice when making the initial put. You could invest in a company or crypto that your friend really believes in, or you could opt for something a bit more concrete like gold or silver.

Either way, the goal of this gift is to watch its value grow over time, rather than just bringing the instant gratification of getting a new object wrapped in pretty paper. Make sure to do your research, though, because you don’t want to give something that will lose value over time.

Look for something that has grown consistently – even if slowly – for the past several years.

Custom-Made Décor

One way to make sure you’re giving your friend something new is to have it personally made just for them. For example, you could have a quilt made with all of their favorite old t-shirts, or you could hire an artist to make a bespoke painting of them, their family, or even their pet.

These kinds of personalized and one-of-a-kind gifts are a perfect addition to the home or workplace of someone who already has everything.

A New Take on Something Classic

There are several classic gifts that people like to give: jewelry, candles, stationary, clothes, and the like. These aren’t bad gifts, but they’re probably something that your friend or family member already has plenty of. So, instead of getting a standard version of any of these, opt for a new or out-of-the-box version.

For example, there are tons of quirky new candle scents or novel designs for stationary out there. Or, you can go against the grain and get them some vintage and one-of-a-kind clothing or an accessory like an old-fashioned pocket watch that symbolizes our connection with time and spending it the way we want to.

Jeff Campbell