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6 Hobbies That Have Business Potential 

Many people like to play games, collect things, and find their own diversions in a variety of ways. Of course, there are some specific hobbies that you can turn into a business. The following are hobbies that have business potential:

Playing Games

If you like to play games, not just an hour or two of free time, but there is a lot of spare time and want to make some extra money, then this business may be right for you. Games are a fantastic hobby for those short of time. 

There are several options: organize contests, offer lessons and training sessions, and even take the role of the bookmaker. The games can range from video games to collectible card games. You can sell the games that you own or the things that people want to buy.

Beer Making

For those who like to drink beer, this hobby has business potential. If you are brewing your own beer, then you can sell it commercially. Starting a bar is one way that you can turn your hobby into a business.

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You will need to consider various factors, including location, pricing, and staffing. The beer menu, in particular, is vital so consider the Untappd beer menu. It is a great idea to create small batches of alcohol that people want to buy.

You do not have to worry about distributing the product because there are many channels to distribute it directly.


If you are passionate about baking, then you can turn it into a business. Baking is also a hobby your kids will love. You can bake and sell the goods that you make at fairs and festivals. 

Baking also has a lot of flexibility that it is not necessary to run a food truck which may be the option for small groups of people who enjoy different types of baked goods. You can create a more professional image of the products and offer more money than you usually make at home.

Fixing Machines

Fixing things around the house is a skill, and also a hobby most dads engage in. If you know how to fix things, then this can be an excellent business for you. There will always be someone who needs their machines fixed from time to time. 

If you have a knack for repairing various items, you may even be able to make it into your primary source of income. You can offer service contracts or rent space in an area where people are looking for this service. You can also go back to school to learn more skills and expand what you can do by the day.

Collecting Things

Collecting things is a particular hobby, but it has a lot of potential as a business. For example, if your collection is in comic books, you may want to consider selling them as a society. There are sites where you can sell used comics, including eBay and Amazon. 

If you have an extensive collection, then this may be ideal for your business model. In many cases, the old collectibles that people value more as the popularity of specific brands rise. You can establish a website for your business and sell online or even through retailers.


When you think of photography, this may not be your first thought when it comes to business. However, if you have a knack for taking beautiful pictures, some opportunities can be very rewarding. 

You can sell your photographs on stock photo sites and possibly even get the attention of companies who want to use them for promotional purposes.

There are many different hobbies that you can turn into businesses, including stamp collecting, coupon clipping, and more. The key is to find something you like doing often and make sure there’s a market for it.

Of course, your hobby should have the potential to generate revenue, but if you are passionate about it, you are more likely to succeed.


Jeff Campbell