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How Much Does Child Care Cost? A Quick Guide

The cost of daycare and other kinds of child care ballooned by 41% during the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s increased so quickly that many families with young children are left wondering, “how much does child care cost?”

The answer varies between different situations, types of care, and the number of children that need to be watched. One thing is consistent — child care services are incredibly expensive. The cost is usually too high for people, and finding a place to take children can be a challenge.

Keep reading below to learn more about the cost of child care.

Traditional Child Care Services Can Be Expensive

Most families with young children want to find a good daycare. That way, young children will be able to socialize with other people their age. Traditional daycares may also offer tutoring services or other kinds of activities to help their young minds.

However, all those benefits of traditional child care can come at a cost. It can cost $1,230 per month for a child to be enrolled in a child care center. That’s thousands of dollars that families won’t be able to spend on other things to enrich their young child’s lives, like toys or day-trips.

Now that daycares are seeing a staffing shortage too, prices may rise. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, it can also be harder for people to find a center able to take their children. Fewer spots are open, and the demand is far higher than it was before the pandemic.

In-Home Care Can Be Challenging for Some, a Solution for Others

Some people don’t like the thought of a nanny or another kind of person entering their home while they’re not there. However, it can also be exactly what families need. In-home care can be less costly than traditional childcare, and it may be safer.

However, they will likely miss out on socialization and learning opportunities from traditional child care. Instead, young children will stay at home, which can make them more comfortable. If they have unique needs, families actually need to choose in-home care so nannies can focus exclusively on them, instead of a whole class.

These kinds of services can charge up to $900 per month. It’s less than a traditional daycare, but still exceeds the income of most people in the U.S.

People Are Working to Make Child Care Affordable

There are groups actively trying to make child care more affordable for families. They realized families trying to shoulder the burden of child care may not be able to meet other necessities. They may not be able to buy as many groceries or even start skipping bills.

These groups advocate for state and national-level change, writing cheaper child care into law. They also have resources to support families that can’t afford child care. You can click here to find more information about those resources.

How Much Does Child Care Cost

When families start having children, they always end up having to wonder, “how much does child care cost?” It’s an important part of raising children; they need to understand what it’s like to go to daycare before going to school. They also need to see people in their lives with a job, taking care of themselves.

If families can’t afford child care, they may choose to simply stop working and instead raise their children themselves. It’s a tough decision that can affect children for the rest of their lives. Keep reading our website to learn more about what families can do to find child care, and how to afford it.

Jeff Campbell