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How to Qualify for A Gold IRA Rollover

It is challenging in difficult societal times to maintain a retirement plan, but it’s critical to do so. Most companies in each industry offer 401K plans for their employees. If not, people try to work with financial advisors to create retirement accounts.

Of great interest to many individuals are precious metals, particularly gold. Investors prefer to have this in their portfolio in some capacity, with those looking at retirement opting for a gold IRA rollover. That is something you’ll want to choose a company to help you move one of your existing retirement plans over to an IRA for physical metals.

With a gold IRA, the owner has exclusive advantages with these held in an independent depository (third-party custody). The accounts deem Self-Directed operating in the same capacity as a traditional IRA except that traditional options cannot hold physical assets like gold or other precious metals.

Transferring an Existing Retirement Plan to A Physical Metal (Gold) IRA

Saving for retirement in today’s world is mandatory. It is no longer a suggestion. There are so many expenses to contend with as age progresses. Not having a “nest egg” to help stave costs can be detrimental in numerous ways, particularly with health and well-being.

That is why companies throughout most industries provide retirement incentives to their employees with options like 401K plans. These get individuals interested in investment strategies and lead to other opportunities like IRA, with some venturing into IRA rollovers to include physical assets.

In order to achieve a physical metals IRA rollover, you need to find a reputable gold dealer with whom you can work. The right supplier should have a list of custodians with whom they have authorization from whom you can select. The dealer assists in completing the rollover transition so that the process is straightforward and seamless.

It can be tricky and somewhat complex maneuvering through the investment processes. It is wise to receive guidance in addition to the precious metal dealer like a financial advisor who can set you up with the right sorts of accounts that will ultimately qualify for rolling over. Is a gold IRA something you should aspire to achieve – find out at Some of these include:

  • Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs): IRAs can transition to a physical metal IRA. These include Roth, Simple, Traditional, Self-Directed, SEP.
  • 401(k): Most businesses offer their staff 401(k) plans for retirement endeavors. These alone provide no investment into physical assets but more into stocks, mutual funds, things of that nature. When you stop working with a company, you can either cash these out or roll them over.

That is one way you are eligible for a Gold option. Another way is for those nearing 60, working with an employer holding a 401(k). These circumstances qualify you for what is known as an “in-service distribution,” which ultimately means you can do a partial rollover.

  • 403(b)s: Tax-exempt organizations and public-school systems offer the 403(b)s retirement plan, compared to other investment options that businesses offer to employees.

You would again need to terminate employment to do a full rollover or be at the age of nearly 60 in order to do a partial rollover option – in some cases.

  • 457(b)s: State and local government employees can qualify for rolling over this retirement option into a gold IRA under particular circumstances. These employees include civil servants, fire personnel, and the police.

The only way for an employee to be eligible is to no longer work with the employer, with no further contributions to the plan. There is also the possibility for eligibility if working after the age of 70, but only in specific cases.

  • TSP(s): A government-sponsored account known as The TSP(s) or Thrift Saving Plan qualifies Federal workers, including military and civil servants. Again, once you’re no longer actively working, you can do a full rollover from this type of retirement plan.

As with the other situations, there is also the opportunity to do a partial rollover if you reach the age of (near) 60 as an “in-service distribution” under specific circumstances.

With each scenario, however, you become separated from the employer is irrelevant. The money you invested, and the company matched is yours regardless, and you can do with it what you choose. The guidelines to qualify simply are that you are no longer actively employed with the business where the account was initiated.

Again, to roll these over into a gold IRA, it takes a reputable precious metal dealer whom you will likely be able to find based on recommendations from a financial advisor. You might currently have a consultant if you have any one of the mentioned plans here. Otherwise, working through investments for the average person can be somewhat intimidating.

Final Thought

Retirement saving isn’t what it was in the not-so-distant past, where you merely opened a savings account and “socked money away” for your nest egg. Current times require a modern savvy that many people lack even when it comes to the primary 401(k) handed out for your company’s benefits.

It requires assistance from financial advisors and experts to make sense of what money to put where for the greatest return. Many people want something solid that they can for their dollars, a physical asset, like a precious metal. Most choose gold.

One of the common ways people are incorporating a gold option into the retirement portfolios is through IRA rollovers, where they take an existing qualifying plan and roll into a gold IRA asset. Read about these here.

It might sound cut-and-dry, but something like this takes the knowledge of a physical metal specialist who carries out the transition for you in a similar fashion as a financial consultant or teams of experts advising on retirement options. But with this specific account, you will have an exclusive physical asset in custody meant solely for you. That is unusual in comparison to any other sorts of IRAs. If you qualify and hold an interest in a precious commodity, this is the ideal path to follow.

Jeff Campbell