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5 Steps to Improve Your Chances of Winning on Online Slot Games

Slot machines are the backbone of many casinos, and it’s no wonder that they have taken the modern world of online gaming and gambling platforms by storm. 

While they are considered to be the most challenging to win big on and secure a jackpot, there are some factors that can lead to a higher rate of success that improves your chances of winning online slot games. 

If you want to play online slot games for real money, these are five steps that can allow you to generate a bigger payout. 

Use The Bonuses

Firstly, it is worth acknowledging that there is a range of bonuses available with every online casino. Make the most out of these in order to see a higher payout over time. Compare the different bonuses offered by each platform and online slot game, and find one that works best for you. 

Bonuses work by adding a predetermined amount on top of your winnings that is provided by the online casino. Compare your options and see whether a particular bonus is consistent to regular players or it is only applicable to newcomers. 

Know When To Stop

It may be tempting to spend a longer period of time on a slot game in order to generate a higher payout, but it is important that you know when to call it a day. Once you have secured yourself a jackpot or payout, the chances of you winning big again in the same session are significantly lower. 

Online slot games are highly immersive, and knowing when to stop can allow you to set reasonable boundaries with your money and time spent online. 

Choose The Right Slots

Another step to know about is comparing the main statistics of each slot game. They are not all made the same, and you should try to find online slots with higher Return To Player (RTP) ratings. These games typically have some of the best odds. 

RTP refers to the percentage of the total wagered money that is fed back to the players. A game with a higher RTP is therefore more likely to generate a higher payout, or increase the chances of securing any type of payout. 

Try to focus on ‘loose slots’, which is the name given to slot games with an RTP of 96% and above. While there are fewer tactics involved with online slot games, being selective and cautious about the specific platforms used and types of games chosen can be a highly effective way to win big on slot games. 

Avoid Progressive Slots

It is also worth being mindful of progressive slots which tend to dominate the world of online slots. Do not be fooled by the mass marketing and high amount of choice, because these typically have some of the lowest RTP values of all online slot games. 

While progressive slots encourage players to reach higher jackpots, and advertise their higher total amounts than other games, they normally require players to place maximum wagers. It is easy for players to be drawn in by the possibility of a high payout, but this is typically done as a marketing strategy to gain more money for the site. 

This is the main contributor to the higher payout, as you will be asked to deposit a much higher amount than other slot games. It is therefore generally recommended that you avoid progressive slots if you can. Ensure that you focus on an online slot games’ RTP rather than the prospect of a high jackpot. 

Compare With Other Players

Unlike other online casino games, online slots can be used to interact with other players. Consider joining a forum where you can compare your notes on specific games with people from around the world. This can be a highly beneficial way to secure a higher payout overall. 

Interacting with other players allows you to learn from other people’s experiences and acknowledge what you should look out for. It can also be a highly valuable way to create lasting friendships with people who would have never crossed paths otherwise. 

Another way that you can use other players’ experiences to your advantage is by reading reviews and seeing how popular an online slot game is. This can allow you to decide whether a particular site or platform is worth using or not. Because of this, you can save a great deal of time spent comparing different sites and online slot games. 


There are a lot of things to be aware of when you are playing online slot games to win big. Ensure that you avoid games with a low RTP, and consider previous players’ experience. Make the most out of the range of bonuses and most importantly have fun. 

Unlike other online casino games, slots are highly entertaining, immersive, and offer a range of unique themes that make them exciting and appealing to many. 


Jeff Campbell