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Is Cleaning Your House Everyday Bad?

Trying to keep your house clean is a big part of adulthood, and there are plenty of people who feel like they are failing at it! There’s no real instruction on how often things need cleaning, or what your cleaning to do list should look like. Do you clean your house every day? Or should you do it less? What’s right? Well, here’s how often you should be cleaning your house. Try this cleaning schedule we grabbed from the Cleanup Team to give yourself a lovely clean house without having to clean the whole house every day!

Which house cleaning tasks need doing on a daily basis?

Unless you’re doing a big spring cleaning, you do not need to clean your entire house every day. Doing so would be exhausting, and trying to find the time would probably prove quite difficult! You’re better off picking a few tasks that only take a few minutes and doing those on as your daily cleaning tasks. These should be tasks that really matter; things that stop dust mites, unwanted pests or prevent breathing problems, for example. These tasks should be in high traffic areas, as they are likely to gather dust and get dirty faster than other areas of your home.

To keep an orderly home, try to do these tasks as part of your daily cleaning:

  • Clean your kitchen floor
  • Clean your kitchen counters
  • Clean your bathroom sink
  • Clean your dining room tables
  • Sweep or vacuum the floor around your dining room table (or wherever you eat)
  • Make your bed

Why those tasks?

It is important to have a clean and organized home for a few reasons, one being that it prevents things like dust mites, pests, allergies and shame, but also because it can prevent negative emotions and help to keep you in a positive headspace. Cleaning has a direct effect on our mental health. However, even with the most diligent cleaning routine, pests can still find their way into your home. That’s why it’s important to have regular pest control services from a reliable provider like With their expertise and professional services, you can ensure that your home or business is protected from the harmful effects of pests, allowing you to maintain a clean and healthy living environment.

These tasks are essential on a daily basis, as they clean up the messes we make daily by eating and cooking, and provide us somewhere comfortable and clean to sleep at the end of the day. Making your bed can also help to make the rest of your bedroom feel much tidier!

Which tasks should you do on a weekly basis to keep a clean house?

If you’re trying to keep on top of your house cleaning, these are the weekly cleaning tasks that you should do to help you clean your house.

  • Declutter
  • Vacuuming
  • Clean the shower walls
  • Clean the shower curtains
  • Clean your bathroom (including the toilet)
  • Empty your shower drain
  • Change your bed linen (fabric headboard cleaning is less regular)

Why those tasks?

These tasks are relatively simple when it comes to house cleaning, and can be done with a bit of baking soda, a damp rag and soapy water, and yet, they can make a huge difference when they are done on a regular basis. Regular cleaning of these areas can help you to feel more clean in yourself, as you will not be washing yourself in a dirty bathroom. It can also help to prevent build up of limescale!

Which tasks should you do every few weeks?

These are the kind of tasks that you might do in a deep clean or a spring cleaning. They aren’t necessarily big projects, but they do take a bit more effort to clean and do not necessarily need cleaning regularly. Missing them out every now and then will not affect your well being.

Every few weeks, you should:

  • Clean your microwave
  • Clean your dishwasher
  • Clean your carpets (more regular carpet cleaning if you have pets)
  • Dust your home (from the light fixtures to the bathrooms to the bedroom, the living room, the kitchen – the whole lot!)
  • Clean your fridge (remove any expired food and wipe down the shelves to remove any odors; you can purchase items to put in your fridge that will absorb odors to make cleaning easier)

Why those tasks?

Every house will collect dust, and it is unlikely to build up so quickly that you have to do it too often, but it can trigger allergies and so should be done every couple of weeks. Dusting can also help to prevent dust mites from entering your home, and can help to remove pet dander from your home which can be another trigger for those with allergies. Cleaning your carpets will also help to remove these items.

Cleaning your dishwasher allows it to better do its job, as does cleaning your fridge. It also ensures that you are not going to accidentally eat expired food.

Which tasks should be reserved for deep cleaning?

You should, every now and then, do a deep clean. You might choose to hire someone to do your deep clean for you, but if you want to clean your house yourself, these are the cleaning tasks that are generally safe to be saved for when you have the time to do some really deep cleaning. Deep cleaning will involve:

  • Cleaning the oven
  • Cleaning your wardrobe and throwing out unwanted clothes
  • Cleaning light fixtures
  • Cleaning curtains
  • Deep cleaning carpets
  • Cleaning underneath and behind appliances
  • Cleaning the windows
  • Cleaning the baseboards and crown molding

Why should you clean regularly?

Cleaning regularly is important for a few reasons. For tenants, it helps to keep your house nice and will ensure that you get your deposit back when you move out. It helps to prevent damage to the home, and can also help to reduce health issues like allergies, but, perhaps more importantly, it can really boost our mental health!

A cluttered space can really impact your mental health. Removing the clutter and tidying up can not only help you to gain control of your space, but it can reduce anxiety and drastically improve your mood. In fact, removing clutter and making sure that you clean your house can help you to improve your focus!

So, is cleaning your house every day bad? The short answer is no. So long as you aren’t wearing yourself out trying to deep clean your whole house on a daily basis, cleaning your house every day is not a bad thing.


Jeff Campbell