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Is the slot machine RTP higher at online casinos?

The introduction of online slot gaming casinos has led to many players being torn between visiting the physical casino or the online casino. Many believe that playing at the physical casino allows for a more authentic atmosphere and increases your chances because you are tackling a real slot machine whilst igamers argue that the RTP is higher when playing slots at online casinos.

Which is it? Are online slot game RTPs actually higher at online casinos or is that just a myth? In-house slot machines tend to follow a smaller RNG pattern since they are limited physically, meaning that the average Vegas RTP is 92-95%, however, online casinos are not constrained by this limit and their RTP can vary massively – play now at paybymobile casino.

What does RTP mean and does it matter?

For the small fry who have just begun their igaming career and do not know whether to play on slot machines in the physical casino or should be playing online slots, it is important that you know that jargon that goes with the topic first.


  • RTP is the acronym for return to player. This is the ratio that all decent online slot machines will portray to players in their description and it essentially means the average amount that a gamer will get back from a wager.
  • So, an online slot game with an RTP of 90% will give igamers who bet £100, £90 back from that spin, on average of course.
  • We cannot stress enough that the RTP of an online and physical slot machine is an average and takes into account when players win big, when they lose it all, and when some money is generated.

While RTP does act like an average, for many it is deemed as the factor that you should go off of when selecting your online slot game because the higher the RTP, the more you will potentially get back.

Why is RTP higher when playing on an online slot machine or the best online pokies NZ?

  • Online slot machines display their RTP more clearly, and while that makes it easier for them to display, they have the capability to vary their odds.
  • Because real slot machines have physical boundaries, their RTPs (on average) tend to be in a lower ball park… online slots it is then!

Should you play on physical slot machines or should you play on online slot machines?

Unfortunately, there is no definitive way of finding out whether online slot RTPs or online pokies are higher than physical slot machines, however, which should you play?

Play online slot machines Try the physical slot machines
Why would you not want to be able to see if the RTPs are higher on your slot games more easily? You get the authentic experience of being in a real casino with other players
You get to tackle those pesky slot machines any time of day Nothing beats the real sound of hearing those coins smack into your slot tray
You get to choose, with more ease, the limits of your slot game RTP When at the real casino, you do not just have to stick to the slots


Jeff Campbell