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7 Tips For Making Homemade Toys For Your Kid

One of the best things about being a kid is the toys. Toys are a child’s very first friends. Toys are also a great way to improve your child’s imagination. You could buy your kids toys, but if you are handy with tools, you could make toys for your kids yourself.

This is a great way to let out your skills. It will also show your kids that you care for them. Here are 7 tips for making homemade toys for your kids.

1.   Make Plastic Figurines

If your kid loves to play with plastic figurines, you could make plastic figurines for them. This is a fun and easy way to create toys for your kids. All you need is a mold, and you could mass produce toy soldiers, and animals for your kids.

The best way to make plastic figures is to invest in molding technology. This might seem like a big investment, however, with companies like RYD tooling, you could take advantage of short run plastic injection molding technology. This will ultimately allow you to produce beautiful figurines for your child.

When you make these models in your workshop, it is important that you have the windows open. During the molding process, there might be the smell or fumes of burnt plastic. Just to be safe, it is a good idea to invest in an air purifier. By having an air purifier, you will be able to work on your models without the danger of plastic fumes in the air. If you want to invest in a good quality purifier, you should invest in a HisoAir purifier. Their air purifiers are very sturdy, efficient, and affordable.

2.   Carve Wooden Blocks

If you are skilled at woodworking, you should make hand carved wooden blocks for them. Wooden blocks are a safe and constructive way to develop your child’s building ability.  These types of toys are relatively easy to make.

All you need are basic woodworking tools, and equipment. When you make the blocks, it is also a good idea to round out or rubberize the edges and points of the books. This will lessen any potential hazards for your child.

3.   Knit Plush Toys

If you are good with needle work, you might want to knot plush toys for your little one. It is a fun way to try out knotting, and give your kids a comforting gift at the same time.

When you make your plush toys, you should make sure that the materials you use are durable and are not made of allergic materials. Remember that your child could potentially make this plush toy into his or her favorite toy, so you should be particularly careful with what materials you use.

4.   Woodwork Dollhouses

One of the most difficult, yet rewarding toy projects you could make for your child is a wooden dollhouse. These are very complex structures because you will need to build them up to scale.

If you are going to build a dollhouse, you will need to be as detailed as possible. You will also need quality woodworking tools, such as a razor saw, miter boxes, miniature drills,just to name a few.

You will also need to invest in various paints amd brushes. Some dollhouses even have electricity features, so it is a good idea to invest in wiring, miniature light bulbs, and switches. This might seem like a lot of work, however, this is understandable because dollhouse making is one of the most meticulous toy making projects you could ever take up.

While you are working on your dollhouse, you should use an air purifier as well. Building a dollhouse usually involves cutting a lot of wood. This causes wood shavings and other particles to get it in the air. Having an air purifier will help get rid of these impurities. If you want top quality sit purifiers, you should invest in HIsoAir purifiers. Their purifiers are very efficient, and affordable as well.

5.   Wooden Shapes And Numbers

This is a lot easier than the wooden dollhouses. With just basic woodworking skills, you could create a collection of wooden shapes and numbers that entertain your kids. If you are going to create wooden shape and number pieces for your little one, it is a good idea to invest in sealable plastic containers. By using these types of containers, you could at least  be assured that your wooden pieces are safe from damage or loss. If your want to invest in these types of packaging you should try out china packaging manufacturer Logospack. The company is very efficient at manufacturing and selling packaging options at very affordable prices.

6.   Jigsaw Puzzles

Jigsaw puzzles are relatively easy to make. All you need to do is create an illustration, and then cut them up into jigsaw puzzle shapes. These toys are great because they will help your child develop brain power. These puzzles are easy to make. Just make sure that you round the edges, and don’t make the puzzle too complicated. Remember that you want your child to enjoy the toy, not dread it.

7.   Coloring  Books

If you are into drawing, you could also  create a coloring book for your child. You could draw beautiful illustrations of fairy tales and other fantastical drawings. Make sure that the drawings are elaborate, and beautiful. Afterwards, you could give the drawings leather bound, and have beautiful designs etched on the front cover.  These coloring books are fun to make, and will become a more meaningful gift for your child, the older he or she gets.


If you are going to make homemade toys for your kids, you should know what you are doing. With these tips, you will be able to make homemade toys for your kids without any trouble.

Jeff Campbell